A Jersey family’s evacuation story

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From WW2 People’s War – An archive of World War Two memories, written by the public, gathered by the BBC

People in story: Berry Family Contributed on: 16 April 2005

"There were six of us children, the youngest being three weeks old, the eldest 16. Our father was at Dunkirk and mother did not have any information or know where he was, so decided to bring the family to England because she was English. The Salvation Army were very good to us. They took us to Manchester in the workhouse, my mother wrote to her mother, who arranged for us to go to Bournmouth, my mother had a sister who was in service, the lady she worked for managed to find us some furniture and we rented a house. Our father came home on a 48-hour pass and after that he went to Egypt, so we really did very well and were lucky that we came to England.
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