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Bailiff of Jersey 1961-1962
Cecil Stanley Harrison


Cecil Harrison was already very ill when he was appointed Bailiff to succeed Lord Coutanche and died within a year

Cecil Harrison became Bailiff on his 59th birthday, 17 November 1961, but was already seriously ill and he died five months later. He was appointed Solicitor-General in 1936 and served through the Occupation under Bailiff Lord Coutanche and Attorney-General Charles Duret Aubin. He succeeded Aubin in 1948, and ten years later became Jersey's first Deputy Bailiff when the position was created to cope with an increasing workload in the Royal Court and to provide a second full-time judge so that one could hear appeals from the other's decisions.

Cecil Harrison was born in 1902. He studied at the Middle Temple and was called to the Jersey Bar in 1925. He accompanied the Bailiff and Attorney-General to the German surrender aboard HMS Beagle in 1945.

As Attorney-General he represented the Island’s interests when taking the dispute over the sovereignty of the Minquiers and the Ecréhous to the International Court of Justice at the Hague. He received the OBE in 1951.

In 1959 he had the dubious distinction of presiding as Deputy Bailiff over the trial of Francis Joseph Huchet, the last person to be executed in Jersey for murder.

By the time Lord Coutanche's early retirement, to allow him to take up his seat in the House of Lords, approached, Cecil Harrison was already seriously ill, and Attorney-General Robert Le Masurier was created Lieut-Bailiff to provide extra support. Eventually Cecil Harrison was able to become Bailiff, with Le Masurier as his Deputy.

Cecil Harrison was the son of Arthur Harrison and Annie Guiton. He married Eva Reid in 1927, and they had a daughter Sally, who eventually became a Jurat, and in 2004 one of only two women to hold the office of Lieut-Bailiff. She followed her father in being awarded the OBE in 2009.

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