Descendants of Abraham Le Geyt

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Descendants of Abraham Le Geyt


Pigneaux branch of Le Geyt dit Le Maillier

We always had our suspicions about the accuracy of this tree in its original form, and they have been confirmed by a review in 2019 by Guy Dixon.

A section of the tree, which did not fit here, has been removed, and we are now fully confident in what remains.

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  • 1 Abraham Le Geyt (1690-1749) [1] m 1 (1716, St S) Elizabeth Ahier ( -1729) daughter of Jean (Ville Patier) and Thomasse Le Tubelin
    • 2 Abraham Le Geyt (1717-1790) [2] m (1741, St H) Anne Alexandre ( -1796) [3]
      • 3 Abraham Le Geyt (1743-1806) [4] m (1763, St H) Jeanne Simon
        • 4 Abraham Le Geyt (1766-1847) [5] m (1788, St S) Marie Mourant daughter of Philippe and Marthe Dolbel [6]
          • 5 Abraham Le Geyt (1790- 1856) [7] m (1819, St H) Jeanne Esnouf [8]
            • 6 Jeanne Rachel Le Geyt (1820-1869) [9] m (1842, St S) Philippe Le Templier [10]
            • 6 Marie Le Geyt (1823-1889) m (1844, St S) Jean Gallichan [11] (St Mt)
            • 6 Abraham Le Geyt (1825-1849) [12]
            • 6 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1827-1846) unmarried
            • 6 Josué Le Geyt (1830-1852) m (1850, St S) Jeanne Fauvel (Gr) daughter of Clement and Marie Esther Ahier
          • 5 Jean Le Geyt (1792-1875) [16] m (1840, St S) Marie Anne Perchard ( -1880), heiress of James Perchard [17]
            • 6 Marie Ann Le Geyt (1842-1892) m (1876, St H) Charles John Renouf
            • 6 Eliza Le Geyt (1845-1920)
          • 5 Philippe Le Geyt (1795-1815) unmarried
          • 5 Marie Le Geyt (1798-1863) m (1829, St S) George Gavey (Tr)
          • 5 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1800-1869)
          • 5 George Le Geyt (1802-1841) unmarried
          • 5 Josué Le Geyt (1805-1867) [18] m (1830, St S) Marie Anne Cabot
            • 6 Marie Anne Le Geyt (1833-1867) daughter and heiress m Jean du Heaume [19] of Le Coin (St O)
              • 7 Mary Ann Le Geyt du Heaume (1862- ) m John Le Brocq junior [20]
              • 7 Emma Laura du Heaume (1864- )
              • 7 John Le Geyt du Heaume (1867-1966) B.A. (Cantab.) [21] m Unknown Herivel
                • 8 Cecil Cabot du Heaume (1904-1997) [22] m (1945, Jordan) Diana Mary Beyts (1909-1970) d of C.A. Beyts, O.B.E., I.C.S., (with issue)
        • 4 Jean Le Geyt (1771-by 1810) [23]
      • 3 Jean Le Geyt (1744-1744)
      • 3 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1745-1826) m (1766, St S) Philippe de Gruchy of Maufant [24]
      • 3 Anne Le Geyt (1751-1778)
      • 3 Jean Le Geyt (1755-1756)
      • 3 Jean Le Geyt (1757-1844) [25]
    • 2 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1719-1783) m (1746, Gr) Jean Noel (St Mt) [26]
    • 2 Jeanne Le Geyt (1721-1792) m (1765, St S) Moïse Gibaut (Gr)
  • by the 2nd wife of Abraham Le Geyt, (1734, St S) Rachel Philippe
    • 2 Anne Le Geyt (1735-1738)
    • 2 Rachel Le Geyt (1737-1787) m (1762, St Mt) Guillaume Le Boulanger ( -by 1785) [27]
    • 2 Anne Le Geyt (1741-1742)

Notes and references

  1. Abraham Le Geyt, second son of Abraham Le Geyt and Rachel Benest, of La Guillaumerie in Maufant, settled at La Croix de Bois, later anglicised to Five Oaks, in the Vingtaine of Pigneaux, in about 1716, as there was engraved upon an outhouse on the property: "ALG.EAH 1716". Note: This stone was missed by Joan Stevens, in her list of dated and initialled stones, which included other stones from the site
  2. Of La Croix de Bois, (anglicised in the 19th century to Five Oaks), Pigneaux, St Saviour, Farmer of 38 vergées. There was engraved on the older of two farmhouse at La Croix de Bois: "ALG.AAL 1773". The two houses on the site comprised the older of the two farmhouses and the newer south-facing house that will have replaced the former as the main house in the late-18th century. A chimney and part of the tiled roof of this building can be seen to the left, behind the old farm, in both pictures. It was a fine example of a late 18th century house, with five bays on the first floor and four bays, two on each side of the front door, on the ground-floor. The house had a decorative ashlar frontage. Standing in the garden, facing the front of the house, one saw on the right, a conservatory forming the corner between the garden wall and the house. In front of this, against the same wall, which separated the garden from the main road, was a fig tree. Behind the two houses, was a cobbled yard consisting of sea-worn former beach cobbles. When standing with one`s back to the newer house, outside the back door, the left side of the yard was bordered by the outhouse used as a tackle/harness house. Located on this building, a little to the left of the man holding a hoe (see Le Geyt Farm picture), in the far background, was the 1716 engraved stone. Court Records, in the form of partages and 19th century censuses, show the farmland consisted of 38 vergées. The property was sold by the last of its Le Geyt owners in 1873. It was subsequently farmed by Mr Philippe Le Templier and then by an English family named Blake. After the Second World War, the farmland was sold away from the farm, to J.W. Huelin and Company, whose premises were increased to include part of this former Le Geyt land, which lay to the south of Le Geyt Farm, as it had by then come to be called. The house and farm buildings were sold to Jersey Dairies. When the author of these notes visited the property in 1970 the buildings stood empty but in good condition, only to be demolished by the purchasors, without any trace left of any of the buildings, not long afterwards. As Joan Stevens wrote: "It is a sad reflection on current [1977 and to this day] economic affairs that it paid better to demolish the whole structure rather than to make use of it": Old Jersey Houses, 11, 126. It should be mentioned that Stevens was mistaken as to which house had the 1773 datestone. It is noteworthy that just as Abraham Perrin had given to his nephew, Abraham Le Geyt, his name, likewise the latter`s great-grandson, this Abraham Le Geyt, gave the name to his grandson, Abraham de Gruchy
  3. From Anne`s niece, Catherine Alexandre, wife of Edouard Vaudin of Bagot, was descended Jurat Clement Nicolle, a Director of the Jersey Banking Company in 1886. A fellow director was Anne`s great-great grandson, Jurat Laurence de Gruchy
  4. La Croix de Bois. For many years Abraham was Vintenier of Pigneaux. He was a zealous supporter of the Laurel Party in Jersey politices, which was then a conservative party, strongly represented in the east of the Island. Laurel newspapers described him as un grand patriot
  5. Vingtenier of Pigneaux, 1805- : C Sam 139/358. Owner of 38 vergées
  6. R.P.77/134
  7. Ensign RJM; Constable`s Officer 1819-20-; Vingtenier of Pigneaux, 1830- ; Farmer of 25 vergées in 1851 [St Saviour Census], having divided the farmland with his brother, Jean. The other siblings inherited rentes. Abraham`s Will was dated 25/08/1856 and proved the next month
  8. Engraved at La Croix de Bois (Le Geyt Farm): "ALG.IEN 1832"
  9. Named in the Will and Testament of her father as "Jane Rachel Le Geyt"
  10. Members of Mr Le Templier`s family subsequently lived at the former Le Geyt property and farmed there
  11. Their daughter, Anne Gallichan, married in 1877 Francis Balleine Le Feuvre, and settled in Canada, where they have descendants
  12. Died aged 24 years, unmarried
  13. Abraham Josué Le Geyt was, in 1871, the principal heir of his grandfather, his late father having predeceased the latter in 1852. Interestingly, after the sale by the heirs of Daniel Le Geyt, of Bon Air and most of its land, Abraham Josué was, despite owning merely 25 vergées instead of the former 38 vergées, in 1871 the Island`s principal Le Geyt landowner. He was also one of only two bearers of the surname to own more than 7 1/2 vergées!
  14. Brick and Lime Merchant at the Five Oaks, St Saviour, Brickworks
  15. The youngest Abraham Le Geyt and his parents lost their lives in tragic circumstances, on a voyage to New Zealand, where they intended to settle. The father, sold all he possessed or might inherit in Jersey to his mother in 1873. They sailed for Auckland aboard the ship Cospatrick, which caught fire and sank with the loss of 400 British emigrants and 41 crew members, including the Le Geyts, at latitude 30 15, longitude 12 25, about 100 miles off the west coast of South Africa, on the 17th November 1874. There were three survivors
  16. Of La Maison de Bas, on the north side of La Route de La Hougue Bie, as one leaves Five Oaks (La Croix de Bois), where he farmed the 12 vergées that, with the 25 vergées of his brother Abraham, made up the family`s 38 vergées. Several generations of the family had benefitted from this second, nearby farm
  17. Mons. James Perchard of Oakfield was the uncle of Mary Ann Perchard: RP 289/83
  18. Of 3 Elizabeth Terrace, St Helier, Master Mariner
  19. Jean du Heaume and his wife moved to Le Marais, St Mary
  20. L/C/231/A4/378 (1884) at the Jersey Archive
  21. OV; Curate of Porthkerry, Glamorgan; a Vicar in Cheshire: Du Heaume Genealogy, La Société Jersiaise Library (filing drawer)
  22. Clergyman in Amman, Transjordan (now Jordan)
  23. C Sam 143/304. Unmarried
  24. Parents of Abraham de Gruchy, who was named after his maternal grandfather
  25. Of La Maison de Bas, Pigneaux, Farmer; unmarried
  26. Later settled in Grouville
  27. Procurations: 18/113b
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