Descendants of Jean de Gruchy and Sara Le Masurier

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Descendants of Jean de Gruchy



Jean de Gruchy (1834-1892) of La Profonde Rue, Trinity; Cider Manufacturer and Captain, RJM and his beloved wife, Elizabeth Adelaide de Gruchy, née Gwyer (1835-1875)


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  • 1 Jean de Gruchy (1584- ) [1] m (1616, Tr) Sara Le Masurier d of Léonard and Noëlle Bisson of Trinity
    • 2 Jean de Gruchy ( -1695) [2] m (1650, Tr) Mabel Gallichan ( -1656) d of Jacques and Marie Baudains
      • 3 Thomas de Gruchy (1650 -) m Sara Picot
        • 4 Jean de Gruchy (1680?- ) m (1703, Tr) Susanne Le Quesne d of Jean and Esther Mollet
          • 5 Sara de Gruchy (1704-1777) m (1727, Tr) Edouard de la Lande (1703- )
          • 5 Jean de Gruchy (1706- ) m (1730, Tr) Jeanne Le Quesne d of Jean and Jeanne Barette
            • 6 Jean de Gruchy (1731-1733)
            • 6 Jeanne de Gruchy (1733-1733)
            • 6 Jeanne de Gruchy (1735-1791) m (1760, St Mt) Michel de Gruchy
            • 6 Thomas de Gruchy (1737-1806) [3] m (1764, St J) Susanne de Gruchy of Le Catel, Rozel
              • 7 Susanne de Gruchy (1766-1843) [4] m (1786, Tr) Jean de Gruchy
              • 7 Marie de Gruchy (1768- ) m (1789, Tr) Matthieu Noel
              • 7 Jeanne de Gruchy (1771-1861) m (1792, Tr) Thomas de Gruchy
              • 7 Anne de Gruchy (1774- ) m (1798, Tr) Laurens du Feu
              • 7 Thomas de Gruchy (1776-1779)
              • 7 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1785-1794)
            • 6 Philippe de Gruchy (1738- ) [5] m (1783, Tr) Susanne Le Riche
              • 7 Susanne de Gruchy (1784-1864) m (1804, Tr) Francois Amy
              • 7 Jeanne de Gruchy (1787-1831) m (1817, Tr) Jean Le Breton
              • 7 Marie de Gruchy (1790-1853) m (1816, St H) Philippe de Gruchy [6]
              • 7 Philippe de Gruchy (1792-1868) [7] m (1825, Tr) Marie Gaillard ( -1885) of Croiserie, Trinity
                • 8 Philippe de Gruchy (1827-1835)
                • 8 Jean de Gruchy (1829-1829)
                • 8 Marie de Gruchy (1831- ) [8] m Francois de Gruchy
                • 8 Jean de Gruchy (1834-1892) of La Profonde Rue, Trinity [9] m (1867, Gloucestershire) Elizabeth Adelaide Gwyer (1835-1875) d of Edmund of Bristol, Merchant and of Mary, his wife
                  • 9 Mary Gwyer de Gruchy (1868-1868)
                  • 9 Adelaide Gwyer de Gruchy (1870-1935) [10]
                  • 9 James Gwyer de Gruchy (1871-1961) (U.S.A.) [11] m (1/1897, St H, Jersey) Mary Ball d of John
                    • 10 Mary Adelaide de Gruchy (11/1897-1936) m (1915, Columbus, Ohio) Thomas George Parker
                    • 10 James Henry Ball de Gruchy (1900-1987) Ph.D., M.Sc. [12] m (1923, USA) Lillian Marie McFall (1903-1992) d of William J.
                      • 11 James Arthur de Gruchy (1926-1965), no issue
                      • 11 Marilyn de Gruchy (1931-2017) m (1951, USA) Ernest Murry DeCorte (1925-2016) Major [13] (descendants in female line)
                      • 11 James Gwyer de Gruchy (1933-1974), no issue
                      • 11 Married daughter, still living
                    • 10 Ida May de Gruchy (1903-1985) m Franklin Clawson Fuqua (1886-1944) of Pampa, Texas
                    • 10 Miriam Emily de Gruchy (1906-1991) m (1929, USA) Carl Luedders of Coldwater, Michigan
                  • 9 William Vaudin de Gruchy (1872-1954) [14] m (1897 W. Aus) Frances Elizabeth Bennett (1877, Eng-1957)
                    • 10 John William de Gruchy (1898-1973) [15] m (1935, Aus) Mavis Annie Pannell [16]
                    • 10 Eleanor Adelaide Gwyer (1899-1930) [17] m (1923, Aus) Andrew Bennett
                    • 10 Catherine Mary de Gruchy (1901-1943) [18] m (Aus) Sydney Alfred Keirle
                    • 10 Lincoln Bennett de Gruchy (1903-1905)
                    • 10 Esther Bennett de Gruchy (1905-1906)
                    • 10 Constance Elizabeth de Gruchy (1908-1991) m 1 (1929, Aus) William Ernest Stevens; 2 (1957, Aus) John Hugh Linnane
                    • 10 Margaret Frances de Gruchy (1911-1992) m (1941, Aus) George E. Hollis
                    • 10 Clifton Robert de Gruchy (1913-1988) [19] m (1947, Aus) Sylvia Hill [20]
                    • 10 Walter James de Gruchy (1915- ) m (1948, Aus) Patricia George [21]
                    • 10 Philip Vaudin de Gruchy (1919- ) m (1947, Aus) Margaret Fay Smith [22]
                  • 9 Robert Campbell de Gruchy (1873-1941) [23] m (1897, St L) Alice Jane Le Riche ( -1937) d of Philip, Farmer
                    • 10 Campbell Gordon de Gruchy (1898-1963) unmarried
                    • 10 Edmund Garnet de Gruchy (1901-1980) [24] m (1932, St P) Doris May Messervy (1909-1999) daughter of Edgar Philip [25]
                      • 11 Derek John de Gruchy (1934- ) [26] m Rozelle Cabot (with living issue)
                    • 10 Clarence de Gruchy (1904-1904)
                    • 10 Lucille Gwyer de Gruchy (1906- ) m (1930, Tr) George Clifford Michel [27]
                    • 10 Lincoln Philip de Gruchy (1911-1997) [28] m (1941) Kathleen Amy Romeril ( -1999) of Coin Varin [29] (no issue)
                    • 10 Herbert Gwyer de Gruchy (1913-1999) [30] m (1940, St O) Amy Brocq Alexandre ( -2001) d of Philippe Brocq Alexandre (St O) [31]
                  • 9 Mary Gwyer de Gruchy (1874-1940)
                • 8 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1838-1923) m 1 (1868, Tr) James Thomas Campbell [32]; 2 (1876, Tr) Philippe Gallichan; 3 (1890, St H) Francis Jean Le Masurier, Farmer
                • 8 Philippe de Gruchy (1842-1887) Revd. [33] m (1869, St J) Adelaide Carcaud d of Daniel (St J) and of Ann Jane Le Boutillier
                  • 9 Adelaide Philippa de Gruchy (1870-1922, ae 52) m (1892, Granby, Can.) George Arthur Vittie (Can. > Melrose, Mass.) [34]
                  • 9 Alfred William Philip de Gruchy (1872, Milton- ) (Can.) [35]
                  • 9 Clarence Charles de Gruchy (1874-1927, NY) (Can. > NY) [36] m 2 (1923, Manhattan) Violet N. Williams (no issue); 1 (1897, Manhattan) Emma Jane Scott (1875-1920) d of Robert and Emma J. Parkhurst (USA)
                    • 10 Clarence Charles de Gruchy (1900-1966) (NY) [37] m (1934, NY) Rhea Lilyan Rogers, née Beaudoin, (1894, Chicoppee-1964), d of William and Delima (no issue)
                    • 10 Robert Scott de Gruchy (1905-1969) (NY) [38] m (1932, NY) Florence E. Flannery
                      • 11 Naomi de Gruchy (1934- ) (NY) m (1953, NY) George Lake
                      • 11 Robert Scott de Gruchy 11 (1937- ) (NY) m (1958, Brooklyn) Catherine Loftus
                        • 12 Robert Scott de Gruchy 111 [39] m (2006, Boston, Mass.) Susan Elizabeth Brennan [40] d of Paul and Alice
                    • 10 Alfred Oliver de Gruchy (1909-1977) (NY) [41] m Ida F. Cohane (1908-1968) d of Irvine and Catherine Jane (issue: 2 children)
                    • 10 Margaret E. de Gruchy (1915-1965) (NY) m (1935, ) Robert E. Singleton (USA)
                  • 9 Adolphus Ireneus de Gruchy (1877-1937) (Can > NY) [42] m (1901, Manhattan) Gertrude Lee (USA)
                    • 10 George C. de Gruchy (1904-1972) (NY) [43] m (1930, NY) Julia F. Perdue, d of Thomas and Catherine (NY)
                      • 11 Julie F. de Gruchy (1937- ) (NY) m (1956, NY) Lloyd E. Poulsen (with issue)
                    • 10 Philip Adolphus de Gruchy (1908-1967) (NY) [44] m (1932, USA) Anna Marie Perdue, sister of the above (NY)
                      • 11 Nancy A. de Gruchy (1939- ) [45] m (1960, NY) William L. Eriksen
                    • 10 William Alfred de Gruchy (1915-1990, ae 74) (NY) [46] m Elinor Barham, d of Everett and Viola, née Allen (no surviving issue)
                  • 9 Louisa Eveline Matilda de Gruchy (1880, Milton- ) (Can.)
                  • 9 James Campbell de Gruchy (1882-1944) (Can. > Mass.) [47] m (1903, Melrose, Mass.) Elise Louise Thayer (1881-1954), d of George W. and Florence, née Cushing (USA)
                    • 10 Frances L. de Gruchy (1904-c.1965) (Melrose, Mass.) [48] m (1932, North Adams) Andrew Sinclair Flagg (1907-1981) [49]
                    • 10 James Campbell de Gruchy (1906-1939) (Melrose, Mass.) [50] m (7/1933, Mass.) Constance Allen ( -1939) d of George (Portland, Mass.) (no issue)
                    • 10 Margaret Elizabeth de Gruchy (1908-1988) (Mass.) [51] m William Irving Easson (Melrose, Mass.)
                    • 10 Marian Phillips de Gruchy (c.1911- ) (Mass.) [52] m Horace Morse Chase (1910-2002) (Stoneham, Mass.) [53]
                  • 9 Percival Victor de Gruchy (1885-1888) (Can.)
            • 6 Susanne de Gruchy (1741-1812) m (1764, Tr) Nicolas Le Quesne
            • 6 Jean de Gruchy (1743- )
            • 6 Marie de Gruchy ((1746-1789) m (1780, Tr) Charles Cabot
          • 5 Thomas de Gruchy (1708- )
      • 3 Jacques de Gruchy (1652- ) [54] m Rachel de Gruchy
        • 4 Thomas de Gruchy (1690-1721) [55]
        • 4 Rachel de Gruchy (1691- ) m (1712, Tr) Hugh de Gruchy
        • 4 Matthieu de Gruchy (1694- ) no issue
    • 2 Leonard de Gruchy ( -1621)
    • 2 Anne de Gruchy ( -1622)
    • 2 Jeanne de Gruchy ( -1623)
    • 2 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1624- )
    • 2 Thomas de Gruchy (1628- )

Notes and references

  1. Of Le Câtel, Rue de la Falaise, Trinity -This house and most of its land is on the Fief de Gruchy
  2. Of Le Câtel, Trinity
  3. Vingtenier of Rozel, 1800
  4. Of Le Câtel
  5. Of La Profonde Rue, (bought from another de Gruchy)
  6. Of Le Câtel, Rozel
  7. Of La Profonde Rue, Trinity
  8. Schoolmistress
  9. Cider Manufacturer until 1886, (Jersey Bank crashes), Registrar of Trinity and Capt. RJM
  10. Of La Profonde Rue. Attended London University (-1898). School Teacher, in 1911 living in Lewisham, with her aunt, Miss Mary Ann Gwyer
  11. James Gwyer de Gruchy settled in the United States of America, in Columbus, Ohio, in 1897 and removed to Kiowa, Oklahoma, in 1913; Farmer and Nurseryman. J.G. de Gruchy was a man of considerable patriotism. On the 21st August, 1941, a local newspaper described how, in response to Britain`s appeal for scrap iron, de Gruchy had collected and donated 27,000 pounds of such iron. He also donated to the U.S. war effort, cotton from his own land in Kiowa. He had finally became an American citizen in 1912
  12. An Ecologist and Scientist, James Henry Ball de Gruchy had a Ph.D. in zoology, specializing in ecology; a Master`s degree in botany and a Bachelor`s degree in organic chemistry. He was employed at the Oklahoma State University in 1939-1940 and then became a member of the Air Corps research team perfecting the B-29 bomber. After WW2, he and Mrs de Gruchy worked for some years in Tokyo, Japan, helping to rebuild that country`s fishing industry. A newspaper quoted him as saying "That was probably the most ironic phase of my life. I helped perfect the plane that destroyed Japan, then I helped rebuild what I`d helped destroy". He devoted the remainder of his life to lecturing and writing on environmental issues
  13. Major, U.S. Army Counter Intelligence. DeCorte and his wife, Marilyn de Gruchy, were buried at Arlington Cemetery, Washington D.C.
  14. On passing in 1892 his Competency Examination for 2nd Mate, he became an Officer in the Merchant Navy. He finally settled in Western Australia, where he had a large family and has many descendants
  15. Of Fremantle, Australia
  16. Issue: 2 sons and 1 daughter, with descendants in Australia
  17. Lived in Irwin, Australia
  18. Lived in Perth, Western Australia
  19. Lived in Subiaco, Australia
  20. Issue: 2 sons and 2 daughters, with descendants in Australia
  21. Issue: 2 sons and 1 daughter, and descendants in Australia
  22. Issue: 1 son and 1 daughter, with descendants in Australia
  23. Of La Croiserie, Trinity, having formerly lived for some years in Canada; Inspecteur des Chemins, Croiserie. La Croiserie had become in 1783 a Gaillard property, Robert Campbell being the grandson of Marie Gaillard
  24. Of Les Prairies Farm, Trinity; Registrar of Trinity; Procureur du Bien Public -1967-1980
  25. Of Le Carrefour, Trinity; son of Alfred Messervy, Jurat and Lieut-Bailiff and Mary, née de Gruchy, his wife
  26. Of La Croix, Croiserie, which remains in his family
  27. Of The Firs, St Peter, Farmer, s of George Thomas, Landed Proprietor
  28. Of La Croiserie, Trinity, in 1941, this having been his father`s property
  29. Formerly of Surville, St Helier
  30. Of Les Hêches, St Ouen
  31. Issue: 3 daughters
  32. M.A. Rector of Tilston, Cheshire, s of General Sir Colin Campbell, Baronet, (see Memorial Inscription, Trinity)
  33. Settled in Canada; attended Sabrevois` College, Quebec. Ordained Deacon, 1869 and Priest, 1872. Assistant at St George`s Church, Montreal. SPCK Missionary, Curate at Berthier, Quebec, and then Rector of Milton Sheppard, Quebec. He died there leaving a family of six children, including a son born on the 12th December 1872
  34. Rubber Bootmaker. The Vitties settled in the United States in 1893 and were living in Melrose, Massachusetts, at the time of the 1910 and 1920 U.S. Censuses. With them, was living Adelaide`s widowed mother, née Carcaud, and in 1910, George`s sister Gwendoline, a Stenographer
  35. His godparents were represented by proxies. They were Alfred and William Carcaud, Esquires, and Helena Carcaud
  36. Insurance, then Commercial Clerk in New York, having settled there in 1891 and become a citizen in 1902: U.S. Federal Census, 1920. Clarence`s godparents were proxies for Joshua and Matilda Blampied of Jersey
  37. Electrical Engineer, New York Central Railway: 1930 and 1950 U.S. Federal Censuses, New York
  38. Warrant Officer, U.S. Navy; WW2 Veteran. In the 1930 U.S. Federal Census, when he was aged 25, he was a Salesman of Auto[mobile]s. He had joined the Home Guard in 1923, when aged 18, being assigned to the 2nd Division, 2nd Battalion, serving afterwards with various divisions between then and 1935. The 1940 U.S. Federal Census features him, for the first time, in the U.S. Navy, as an Armourer. He served on the USS Hopkins and USS Biddle, in the latter, being rated Chief Gunner`s Mate. With effect from 12/1/1951, he was a Chief Warrant Officer (CWO). He retired to Dade, Florida, where he died in 1969: New York, U.S.; New York National Guard Service Cards, 1917-1954; U.S. Select Military Registers, 1862-1985; U.S; World War 11 Navy Muster Rolls, 1938-1949
  39. B.Sc, MBA (Management and Marketing) (St John`s, NY); Director of Sales, Kimberly Clark Corporation (2006)
  40. M.Sc. (Nursing) (Boston); Nurse Practitioner
  41. In Banking, from school-leaving age: U.S. Federal Census, 1930: Bank Clerk, aged 20. He lived and worked in this capacity in Wayne, New Jersey, then at Bradenton. He was latterly Asst. Vice-President, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., New York City. He retired to Holmes Beach, Florida, where he was living at the time of his death
  42. Railroad Supplies Clerk, aged 52: U.S. Federal Census 1930
  43. Insurance Underwriter (1950). Insurance Clerk, aged 25 (1930) and Fire Insurance Examiner (1940): U.S. Federal Censuses, 1930, 1940, 1950
  44. General Agent, Fire Insurance: U.S. Federal Census, 1950. He had latterly been Assistant-Manager, North British and Mercantile Insurance Co., a firm which also employed his brother William: U.S., World War 11 Draft Cards, Young Men, 1940-1947, for the name of the company with which he was employed, and Massachusetts, U.S., Mason Membership Cards, 1733-1990, Philip Adolphus de Gruchy (1967), for his final position within that company
  45. An 18-year-old graduate of Mineola High School, New York
  46. Insurance Underwriter, who lived at Nassau, New York, and retired in 1971 to Tampa, Florida; WW2 veteran: Tampa Tribune (Tampa, Florida), 13/1/1990, Obituary; U.S., World War 11 Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946, which mention that he had 4 years of college, enlisting in 1943
  47. Occupation: Advertising Solicitor, Newspaper Industry
  48. Private Secretary (1930): U.S. Federal Census, 1930
  49. Dean of Art, Teachers` State College, Massachusetts. His obituary in the North Adams Transcript, (North Adams, Massachusetts, 1/4/1981) mentions his many years of employment by the State of Massachusetts Department of Education, with whom he was Lecturer in Art, Education and Travel. He was a trustee of the Regional Hospital; Hon. Member of the American Legion (1958); Chairman, Community Art Exhibition (1968) and was awarded an Hon. Doctor of Humane Letters degree from N.A.S.C. (sic)
  50. Industrial Chemist. He was a graduate from Stoneham High School and then of the Lowell Textile School. He was employed as a chemist at the Goodall Worsted Mills, Sanford. He, his wife, and a friend, the widow of Dr. Martin Sheehan of Stoneham, were drowned when on holiday, in a boating accident on the Sebago Lake, Maine, when their boat capsized, on 20th May 1939: The Boston Globe, (Mass.), May 1920, which gave career details of the three victims, who had been part of a holidaying group of six
  51. Nurse (1930): U.S. Federal Census, 1930
  52. Stenographer (1930): U.S. Federal Census, 1930
  53. Civil Engineer, Department of Waterways (1940): U.S. Federal Census, 1940
  54. Doubtless the " Gruchy" baptised 1652, Trinity
  55. A case at the Cour d`Héritage, 18th January 1721, shows that Thomas had died and his sister, Rachel, wife of Hugh de Gruchy, had been his heir. Had his brother Matthieu been alive or had heirs, he or they would, in Jersey law have inherited. Both had died without issue
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