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Jean Dorey, (1831-1872) writer

Of a family of La Blanche Pierre in the parish of St Lawrence, Jean Dorey wrote under the pen names of JD, JDR and Jean des Ruettes, in Jèrriais, French and English. He wrote sometimes in a phonetic version of Jèrriais. A number of his short poems were published in the Nouvelle Année around 1870. He was also the author of a book. A number of sayings, nursery rhymes, and poems were left in a manuscript which passed to Frank Le Maistre and is today in the library of La Société Jersiaise.

He was an author in French and English of historical, genealogical and art articles on various subjects. During the course of his life he worked with the Chronique de Jersey, Jersey Independent, l'Imprimerie de l'International in London and also in France for the paper, Le Phare de la Loire.

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