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Jersey wills index


This index to wills held by Jersey Archive now contains all wills from 1660 to 1978

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Family name Given names Details Date of will Probate date Archive index
Iannuccelli Laura Elvira Eliza widow of Vincent Panico, of No 8, La Petite Ruette, St Brelade 5/May/1972 18/Oct/1978 D/Y/B1/287/39
Ibbitson Thomas Clifford of Lezardrieux, Le Hocq, St Clement 29/Nov/1968 1/May/1975 D/Y/B1/222/2
Ichet Fanny 3 Salvandy Terrace, St Saviour 31/07/1909 Desires to be buried in Green Street Cemetery Bequeaths to Florence Kemble Ichet the oil painting "Vraicking Cart" by Le Cappelain; to/05/Ichet the oil painting "St Aubins" by Le Cappelain; to both the above named legatees all Le Cappelain drawings 28/Aug/1915 D/Y/A/74/108
Ikeson William Charles of 53, Melstock Avenue, Upminster, Essex 20/Jul/1960 6/Dec/1973 D/Y/B1/198/39
Ilderton Mary/Maria of Northumberland, England now of Jersey, widow 02/07/1819 , at Bagot 23/May/1820 D/Y/A/19/39
Iles Lilian Rosina widow of John Ernest Cox, of Sligachan, Le Feugeral, La Moye, St Brelade and formerly of Crag Head Hotel, Manor Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire 28/Sep/1966 10/Dec/1971 D/Y/B1/168/4
Iles Reginald John Carter of 4, Shepherd Close, Highcliffe, Hampshire 20/Jan/1956 25/Jul/1967 D/Y/B1/110/3
Ilesley Charles Samuel of Hazeldene, Green Street, St Helier 16/Sep/1942 4/Aug/1961 D/Y/B1/65/26
Ilesley Marjorie Lilian nee Cooper, The Rest, Green Street, St Helier 21/Mar/1930 12/Sep/1933 D/Y/A/95/7
Ilett Edmund George of Cherry Farm, St Peter 26/Aug/1933 10/Mar/1965 D/Y/B1/84/54
Ilett Florence widow of Clarence Montague Landick, of Villa d'Or Hara, Millbrook, St Lawrence and formerly of Bayfield, Millbrook 10/Feb/1960 19/May/1977 D/Y/B1/258/48
Ilett Mabel Maud wife of Elie John Bisson, of Marsannay, Rue du Galet, Millbrook, St Lawrence 9/Jun/1976 9/Jun/1976 D/Y/B1/241/30
Iliff William Angus Boyd of New Lake House, Gasper, Stourton, Warminster, Wiltshire 1/Apr/1971 4/May/1973 D/Y/B1/190/7
Illien Raymond Claude of 2, Roadside Villas, St Aubin's Road, St Helier 3/Feb/1962 10/Jul/1969 D/Y/B1/134/18
Ilsley Phyllis Muriel widow of Leonard Basil Helder, of 56A, Kidbrooke Park Road, London and formerly of 58, Vanbrugh Park, Blackheath, London 12/Feb/1968 3/Feb/1977 D/Y/B1/253/7
Imbert Ethel Mary -Terry, widow of Lieutenant Colonel Claude Henry Maxwell Imbert-Terry, of Brewers Wood, Shorne, near Gravesend, Kent 6/Jul/1962 17/Aug/1964 D/Y/B1/80/60
Infield Harry of 4, Victoria Avenue, St Helier 10/Jan/1967 27/Mar/1968 D/Y/B1/118/14
Ingerson John Norton of Devonport, co Devon, now of St Helier 03/06/1858 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £5, and to Grace Bryant 2 houses in Jersey 20/Jul/1858 D/Y/A/29/91
Ingham Alfred of 131, Clifton Drive, South Lytham St Annes, Lancashire 10/Aug/1965 5/Jun/1969 D/Y/B1/133/1
Ingham Harry of No 11, Union Street, St Helier 26/Jul/1978 26/Jul/1978 D/Y/B1/283/19
Ingham Isabel widow of Sir Walter Shepherd, of Flat 1, Mare Jean Bott, Alderney 16/Apr/1971 31/Dec/1971 D/Y/B1/168/44
Ingham Pauline Beatrice wife of Horace Robert Watt, of No 5, La Haule Court, St Brelade 13/Dec/1971 9/Jan/1979 D/Y/B1/291/48
Ingham Thomas commonly known as Timothy Myers of Bradford, Co York, now of Albert Villa, St Aubin's Road, 7/Apr/1876 6/Jun/1877 D/Y/A/39/108
Ingham William Rushton of Haddon House, No 47, Clifton Drive, Lytham St Annes, Lanchashire 20/Nov/1974 12/Jul/1978 D/Y/B1/282/20
Ingleby Helen nee Bailey, 3 Rockstone Terrace, Stopford Road 10/Apr/1913 19/Nov/1913 D/Y/A/72/80
Ingleson Frank of 98, Le Marais, St Clement 12/Jul/1977 12/Jul/1977 D/Y/B1/261/29
Inglis Margaret Graham widow of Edward Hurry, of Le Clos du Fief, Mont Felard, St Lawrence 27/Oct/1970 18/Mar/1971 D/Y/B1/156/43
Ingouville Charles of St Saviour 11/03/1785 Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, 10 shillings sterling 16/Apr/1785 D/Y/A/13/115
Ingouville Elizabeth of St Peter, now of St Helier 2/Aug/1726 2/Dec/1726 D/Y/A/6/5
Ingouville George of 71, St George's Square, Pimlico, Co Middlesex and of Jersey 5/Oct/1870 10/May/1871 D/Y/A/35/119
Ingouville Isabel Frances of 8, Victoria Crescent, St Helier 14/Apr/1880 28/Mar/1898 D/Y/A/57/30
Ingouville Jean ... 23/Jan/1725 6/Feb/1725 D/Y/A/5/110
Ingouville Jeanne of St Helier, now of St Martin 31/08/1866 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths residue if movable goods to the poor of St Saviour and St Martin 29/Mar/1871 D/Y/A/35/108
Ingouville Maria ... 21/Jun/1880 23/Jul/1881 D/Y/A/42/5
Ingouville Pierre of Jersey, now of Hyeres 17/Dec/1840 4/Sep/1860 D/Y/A/30/66
Ingram Alexander Clifford of 29, Copsey Grove, Farlington, Portsmouth, Hampshire 5/Mar/1974 5/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/201/43
Ingram Edna Ellen wife of Harold Richard Lamerton, of Sherwood Lodge, Claremont Avenue, St Saviour 1/Sep/1970 11/Apr/1978 D/Y/B1/277/15
Ingram Elaine Christine divorced wife Albert William Rabet, of No 4, La Croix Flats, Ann Street, St Helier 30/Sep/1979 30/Jul/1979 D/Y/B1/304/25
Ingram Eric Arthur of No 82, St Saviour's Road, St Helier 16/Jul/1979 16/Jul/1979 D/Y/B1/303/27
Ingram Georgina Ann of 2, Richmond Villas, Richmond Road, St Helier, spinster 20/2/1892 Bequeaths to Dr Barnado's Homes £100, to the Victoria Street Society for the Protection of Animals from Vivisection £100, to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, to the Temporary Home for Lost and Starving Dogs and Cats, Battersea £100, to the Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals £25 To the Asylum for Infirm and Aged Women £25, to the Ragged School, St Helier £25 19/Mar/1892 D/Y/A/51/39
Ingram Henry Stanislaus son of Joseph Thomas, of Laura Cottage, Ouaisne, St Brelade Bequeaths to Ellen Ada Ingram, nee Gray, the tea room and catering business at Ouaisne 22/Nov/1950 9/Mar/1960 D/Y/B1/58/37
Ingram William James 7 Duhamel Street, St Helier 18/Feb/1914 22/Jul/1918 D/Y/A/78/48
Ings Joan Violet wife of William Greaves, of 5, Hewett Road, North End, Portsmouth, Hampshire 6/Dec/1977 6/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/270/7
Ings Peter David Moseley of St Michael's Cottage, Chilbolton, Hampshire 6/Sep/1973 6/Sep/1973 D/Y/B1/194/42
Inman Audrey wife of John James Thomas Inman, of 9, Rossett Drive, Harrogate, Yorkshire 2/Apr/1953 24/Apr/1956 D/Y/B1/35/46
Inman Frank Percy of Elysee, St Peter 21/Nov/1963 8/Feb/1966 D/Y/B1/94/48
Inman James Wilson of 41, St Martin's Approach, Ruislip, Middlesex 21/Dec/1951 8/Sep/1954 D/Y/B1/26/27
Inman Lucy widow of Phillip Henry Hunter, of Botfield Nursing Home, Glyne Ascent, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex 19/May/1976 22/Feb/1977 D/Y/B1/253/50
Inman Wilfred Bickerdyke of 2, Oakley, Carrefour Selous, St Lawrence and formerly of 34, Plough Street, Oldham, Lancashire 11/Nov/1939 20/Jan/1968 D/Y/B1/115/31
Innes Alexander care of National Provincial Bank Limited, 11, Royal Square, St Helier 4/Mar/1960 16/Oct/1963 D/Y/B1/76/32
Innes Catherine Elizabeth nee Allen, care of National Provincial Bank Limited, 11, Royal Square, St Helier 5/Oct/1963 31/Jan/1966 D/Y/B1/94/24
Innes Josiah Rees Stamp of Sunyani, Colborne Road, St Peter Port, Guernsey 22/Jun/1968 2/Aug/1974 D/Y/B1/209/4
Innes Marian Dorothea wife of Sir Richard Christopher Brooke, of Oaklands, St Saviour 5/Jan/1961 22/Feb/1965 D/Y/B1/84/26
Innes Mortimer -Kerr, of Wimbledon Hotel, Grouville Desires to be cremated 9/Sep/1948 26/Sep/1952 D/Y/B1/15/55
Inwards Charles Winchester of No 188, Onewa Road, Birkenhead, New Zealand 9/May/1979 22/Aug/1979 D/Y/B1/305/23
Iredale Mollie Ena wife of Allan Mathieson, of 7, Runnymede Court, Roseville Street, St Helier 15/Oct/1968 15/Oct/1968 D/Y/B1/125/16
Ireland Charlotte Elizabeth Richmond House, Clifton Crescent, Folkestone, Kent, widow 16/05/1914 Formerly known as Charlotte Elizabeth Rumble Bequeaths to The Poor Clergy Relief Corporation £100; to The Church of England South Staffordshire Deaf & Dumb Mission £50; to The United Sufferagists, The Votes for Women Fellowship and The Church League for Women Sufferage £100 each To Amy Chesshire the silver badge and illuminated address presented to her by The Womens Social & Political Union and the bound volume of the "Votes for Women" newspaper, 1911 - 1912 Now residing at Ommaroo, Havres des Pas Revokes the bequest to The United Sufferagists 27/Oct/1919 D/Y/A/79/115
Ireland Denis Joseph of Blackthorn, School Lane, Great Budworth near Northwich, Cheshire and formerly of No 19, Woodland Avenue, Widnes, Cheshire 24/Feb/1966 19/Jul/1979 D/Y/B1/303/39
Ireland Elizabeth Marianne of Dinan 09/02/1843 Includes a certificate from Hugh Thomas Oxenham, Minister of the Church of England Chapel, Dinan, Dept of Cotes du Nord, France, to say that was buried in the cemetery at Dinan 17/Dec/1843 D/Y/A/25/122
Irvin Iris Violet Dorothy widow of Walter James Philip Pigeon, of St Saviour's Hospital, St Saviour 23/Oct/1980 23/Oct/1980 D/Y/B1/333/16
Irvine the Right Honourable Violet Laird Countess of Ypres, widow of John Richard Lowndes French, Second Earl of Ypres, of Stables, Burrswood, Groombridge, Tunbridge Wells, Kent 28/Apr/1962 10/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/149/21
Irving William of 1, Teighmore Park, Grouville 23/Jan/1969 23/Jan/1969 D/Y/B1/128/22
Irwin Elizabeth nee Smythe of St Helier, widow at Cambridge 15/Nov/1832 17/Mar/1834 D/Y/A/23/12
Irwin Helen Alexandra (otherwise Alexandra Aubrey, otherwise Helen Alexandra Aubrey) Kahn, wife of George Fox Bagshawe, of Fairways, Stammergate Lane, Linton, Wetherby, West Yorkshire 9/Dec/1975 25/Jul/1979 D/Y/B1/304/16
Irwin Sarah Pratt Rocqueville, Mont Cantel, St Helier, widow 20/12/1915 Bequeaths to George Irwin the presentation plate given to his father by the West Regiment of the Royal Militia 16/Nov/1910 D/Y/A/80/131
Irwin Thomas Cuthbert OBE, 29 Shepherds Lane, Caversham, Reading, Berks Late of Avon Lodge, St Saviour 9/Apr/1941 22/May/1946 D/Y/A/116/27
Irwin William Arthur late Captain in the 5th Regiment at Weymouth, Dorset, 20/Mar/1820 27/Apr/1822 D/Y/A/19/79
Isaac Thomas Bunbury Robert of Salvandy Terrace, St Helier 15/May/1854 24/Aug/1854 D/Y/A/28/80
Isaacs Eugen otherwise Eugene Isaacs, of 50, Cotswold Gardens, London 26/Jan/1979 21/May/1980 D/Y/B1/323/19
Isaacson Ann Mitchell of Constantia Lodge, St Clement, widow : 30/11/1885 Bequeaths to Tresa Davidson books of Shakespeare's plays, books of 'Punch' and 'Highways and Byeways' 2/Jun/1888 D/Y/A/47/40
Isaacson Anna Aurora nee Moriz, widow of George Isaacson, of Hauteville, St John Desires to be buried in her late husbands grave in St Saviours Cemetery, Row 11, no 104 The undertaker to be George E Croad Bequeaths to the Little Sisters of the Poor all clothing and personal effects Bequeaths to the Little Sisters of the Poor, one third of her estate, and two thirds to her daughter Elsbeth Stamer, nee Manche 2/Aug/1949 D/Y/B1/2/33
Isaacson George Shiraz Lodge, Belvedere, St Saviour 21/Jan/1932 28/Aug/1937 D/Y/A/101/37
Iserbyt Jeanne Eugenie widow of Alexandre Sergeievitch de Petrovsky, of Villa Belga, Westbourne Avenue, Bagatelle Lane, St Saviour 24/Jan/1974 24/Jan/1974 D/Y/B1/200/17
Isherwood John Francis of 1, Byron Road, St Helier 6/Dec/1969 6/Dec/1969 D/Y/B1/139/34
Isherwood Philip Henry of Sandybrook Hospital, Grouville Annexe, Grouville, formerly of No 1, The Halt, Pontorson Lane, St Clement 5/Apr/1978 5/Apr/1978 D/Y/B1/276/45
Isherwood Richard Vernon of Les Champs, Trinity 10/May/1972 8/Oct/1975 D/Y/B1/229/36
Isherwood Walter Jacob of 9, Victoria Cottage Homes, St Saviour and formerly of 17, Victoria Cottage Homes, St Saviour 16/Nov/1965 18/Apr/1973 D/Y/B1/189/24
Island Charles Binnie Harbour Bahama Islands 5/06/1945 Bequeaths: the money to build a memorial tower in Botannical Gardens, Sydney, New South Wales, the money left over to be used to set up Childrens Wards in Australia Seal of the Supreme Court of the Bahamas 3/Dec/1948 D/Y/A/120/88
Islip Frederick John of Flat 3, Lindridge Hall, La Pouquelaye, St Helier and formerly of 3, Le Jardin du Cure, Route des Maltieres, Grouville 6/Aug/1964 10/Mar/1971 D/Y/B1/156/27
Ismay Edith Sarah of 5, Beauregard, Rue de Haut, Millbrook, St Lawrence 8/Aug/1968 11/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/149/25
Ismay John of 10, Boulevard de Belgique, Monaco 28/May/1976 28/May/1976 D/Y/B1/240/39
Israel Alfred of No 49, Ornan Road, London and of Moor House, London Wall, London 23/Aug/1973 17/May/1978 D/Y/B1/279/25
Isseau Marie of St Helier 27/09/1820 Desires to be buried in Trinity cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £12 of French currency, and to the Methodists Society, £12 of French currency 25/Sep/1827 D/Y/A/20/99
Ives William Basil of Crofton Dawcross Rise Pannal in the Country of York Bequeaths to Nathaniel Hess £500, to Jack Turnbull £500, to Roland Lister £350, to Rene Ray £500, to his sister Gladys Mary Pattinson £50, to his sister Kate Gwendolen Emily Alexander £50 and to Elizabeth Waltham £50 11/Dec/1947 24/May/1950 D/Y/B1/5/40
Ivey Hilda widow of Sydney Featherstone Cawley, of Cranworth, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier 17/Feb/1972 17/Feb/1972 D/Y/B1/170/54
Ivey William John Lanhume, Croydon Road, Beddington, Surrey 19/Jan/1920 24/Apr/1942 D/Y/A/109/94
Izzard Doris widow of William Lamont, of 1, Glassford Street, Milngavie, Scotland 13/Oct/1959 10/Apr/1980 D/Y/B1/320/24
Izzard Winifred May wife of Edward Alfred Wise-Williams, of 4, Park Lane, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire 30/May/1969 14/Jun/1973 D/Y/B1/191/35
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