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Jersey wills index


This index to wills held by Jersey Archive now contains all wills from 1660 to 1978

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Family name Given names Details Date of will Probate date Archive index
Mabey Cecil Louise widow of Frank Helier Luce, of Ville au Veslet, St Lawrence 1/Apr/1968 1/Apr/1968 D/Y/B1/118/24
Mabey Garnet Francis of Overdale Hospital, St Helier 1/Dec/1969 1/Dec/1969 D/Y/B1/139/16
Mabon Richard ... 26/Jan/1694 3/Feb/1694 D/Y/A/2/55
Mabson Nicholas of St Helier 9/Mar/1687 19/Mar/1687 D/Y/A/3/64
Macantagart Catherine of Gas House Place, St Helier, spinster 25/Jun/1869 20/Jun/1870 D/Y/A/35/42
Macartney Robin Halliday of Tapada do Falcao, Caia de Urra, Portalegre, Portugal 8/Jul/1970 20/Sep/1974 D/Y/B1/211/23
Macartney Sylvia Theodora of East Hill Lodge, Charminster, Dorset 4/May/1948 30/Jun/1951 D/Y/B1/10/35
Macaulay Alistair Frank of 1, Queensway, Saltburn-by-the Sea, Cleveland 21/Mar/1975 21/Mar/1975 D/Y/B1/220/16
Macauley Jessie Eleanor wife of Percy Douglas Woods, also known as Woods, of the Grand Hotel, St Helier 21/Dec/1961 13/Apr/1970 D/Y/B1/144/5
MacAuslan Isabella Thomson of Castle Park, Lanark and Melrose, La Moye, St Brelade and formerly of 40, Marine Drive, Bridlington, in the East Riding of Yorkshire 14/Aug/1947 9/Jul/1960 D/Y/B1/60/12
MacBean Alex James of Fort Regent Cottage, No 13, Regent Road, St Helier 27/Aug/1953 10/Jul/1979 D/Y/B1/303/18
MacCormick Ada Fanny Hare nee Cropper, wife of Sir Alexander MacCormick, of Le Val, St Brelade 7/May/1949 28/May/1957 D/Y/B1/42/14
MacCormick Alexander KCNG, MD, Thornhill, St Peter 18/Jul/1933 12/Dec/1947 D/Y/A/118/117
MacCormick Charles Malcolm Campbell of 185, Macquarie Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 17/Mar/1958 28/Jul/1972 D/Y/B1/178/7
MacCurrach Walter of 5, Windsor Crescent, Val Plaisant, St Helier 1/Oct/1959 6/Aug/1963 D/Y/B1/75/50
MacDermott May Winifred also known as Winifred May MacDermott, widow of Osmond Thomas MacDermott, of Close-By, Wellington Road, St Saviour Bequeaths to the Reverend Canon Kenneth Holland MacDermott, the set of table and other silver marked with the MacDermott crest 17/Aug/1950 15/Apr/1955 D/Y/B1/29/41
MacDermott Osmond Thomas of Kamolet, 4, Wellington Road, St Saviour 19/Jul/1939 4/Jul/1945 D/Y/A/113/141
Macdonald Alison Blanche widow of Luigi Ricardo Pagano, of Le Victoria, 13, Boulevard Princesse Charlotte, Monte Carlo, Alpes Maritimes, France 23/Jul/1958 16/Nov/1972 D/Y/B1/183/1
Macdonald Archibald William of Main Street, Methven, Perthshire, Scotland and fomerly of Post Office House, Fordoun, Scotland 4/Dec/1959 17/Nov/1972 D/Y/B1/183/2
MacDonald Florence Margaret of Victoria, 13, Boulevard Princesse Charlotte, Monte Carlo, Monaco, Alpes Maritimes, France, widow of Angus MacDonald, daughter of the late Alfred Rice 3/Jul/1957 25/Jul/1958 D/Y/B1/49/42
MacDonald Frederick Weston Peile of 19, Rue Guimard, Brussels, Belgium 19/Jan/1954 17/Feb/1956 D/Y/B1/34/27
MacDonald Isabella Paterson widow of Alexander Campbell Currie, of 14, Marywood Square, Glasgow, Scotland and formerly of 2, Craiglea Road, Perth, Scotland 8/Oct/1967 4/Mar/1975 D/Y/B1/219/1
Macdonald James Andrew of No 95, Anglesea Road, Dublin, Ireland 5/Feb/1970 12/Apr/1979 D/Y/B1/298/15
MacDonald Norman of Ikoyi, Grouville 29/Apr/1954 10/May/1957 D/Y/B1/41/58
Macdonald Ronald Gladstone 5 Clapham Court Terrace, Clapham Park, London, 21/11/1929 Bequeaths to Dora Agnes Whipp a bust of his mother by John Henry Foley, R A , a copy of the oil painting of the Madonna and child by Van Dyke and an oil painting of the Madonna and child by Murillo Will does not apply to property outside the United Kingdom 20/Mar/1940 D/Y/A/106/76
Macdonnell Mary Anne 2 Hautbois Terrace, St Helier 2/Apr/1909 3/Jun/1910 D/Y/A/69/54
MacDonnell Raoul Esme Commissioner of the French Red Cross, 33 Rue St Dominique, Paris 25/06/1921 Bequeaths to Offley Hale Porter Golfers Club £10 27/Nov/1933 D/Y/A/95/50
MacDowall Charles Wilson of Straven, formerly Bansha, Plat Douet Road, St Clement 3/May/1967 29/Jan/1975 D/Y/B1/217/13
Mace Francoise Marie wife of George Peter Kezourec, of 42, Val Plaisant, St Helier 1/Apr/1974 1/Apr/1974 D/Y/B1/203/28
Mace Rose Francoise Lydia wife of Thomas Brinley John, of Sandybrook Hospital, Grouville Annexe, Grouville 20/Oct/1968 30/Aug/1969 D/Y/B1/135/45
Mace Rose Marie St Lucia, Chestnut Avenue, Maufant, St Saviour, widow of Gilles Marie Guegan 22/Sep/1939 21/Nov/1945 D/Y/A/114/150
Macey Arthur Edwin son of William George, of 9, Devonshire Place, St Helier Bequeaths to his wife Esther Violet Dorothy Moss, the house 9, Devonshire Place 6/Feb/1935 20/Aug/1954 D/Y/B1/26/8
Macey Mary Ann Jane nee Blampied, widow of William James Macey, of The Nest, Roussel Street, St Helier Bequeaths to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Jersey, all the Masonic Regalia and Masonic Jewellery that belonged to her late husband 8/Apr/1958 11/Mar/1960 D/Y/B1/58/39
Macey William James residing at the Masonic Temple, Stopford Road, St Helier 14/Nov/1917 24/Jul/1946 D/Y/A/116/75
MacFarlane David Evans Les Carrieres, St Mary, Engineer Lieutenant Commander, retired, Royal Navy 24/Nov/1921 10/Oct/1932 D/Y/A/93/93
MacFarlane Sylvia Johnstone widow of Robert Goodenough Sherwood-Hale, of Maison du Haut, Handois, St Lawrence 18/Jul/1980 17/Oct/1980 D/Y/B1/332/35
MacFarlane Violet Kerr widow of Alfred Cyril Curtis, of 4, Don Terrace, Don Road, St Helier 11/Aug/1972 8/Apr/1975 D/Y/B1/220/53
MacFarlane William Angus of 33, Ragged Hall Lane, St Albans, Hertfordshire, chief executive of the National Industrial Fuel Efficiency Service 1/Jan/1955 6/Dec/1961 D/Y/B1/66/72
Macfarlane William Henry of 29, Seafield Avenue, Millbrook, St Lawrence 23/Apr/1956 8/Jan/1971 D/Y/B1/154/14
MacGillivray Christine Agnes Cullen widow of John Cunningham, of No 285, Le Marais, Samares, St Clement 27/Sep/1979 27/Jul/1979 D/Y/B1/304/23
Macgilvray Lilian Coburg, New St Johns Road, St Helier 5/Feb/1937 24/Feb/1943 D/Y/A/110/72
MacGowan Catherine widow of George Bartlett, of No 9, Hampshire Gardens, Aquila Road, St Helier and formerly of No 2, Queen's Road, St Helier 15/Sep/1967 20/Nov/1978 D/Y/B1/289/33
MacGregor Ewan Gentleman, Lieutenant of the Company of Invalids in Jersey 29/09/1778 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £32 of the order of the King 7/Nov/1778 D/Y/A/12/112
MacGregor Kathleen Mary wife of George Mason, of PO Box 814, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 2/Sep/1977 2/Sep/1977 D/Y/B1/265/7
Macgregor Samuel ... 12/Jul/1899 30/Jan/1900 D/Y/A/59/29
Macguire Mary Kathleen wife of Issac Cooper, of 54, Everard Road, Southport, Lancashire 8/Aug/1972 8/Aug/1972 D/Y/B1/178/34
Machan George Robinson of Mont Sohier Court, St Brelade's Bay, St Brelade 8/May/1970 13/Jan/1975 D/Y/B1/216/27
Machell Walter Granville of Les Augerez Farm, St Peter 5/Sep/1975 15/Sep/1978 D/Y/B1/286/4
Machenny Jane Susan nee Chatel, St Aubins 6/Apr/1943 7/Jul/1944 D/Y/A/112/140
Machin Stanley of Sherwood, Rue du Friquet, Castel, Guernsey 20/Nov/1970 8/Oct/1976 D/Y/B1/247/36
Machon Agnes Jane nee Laventure, of 1, Chambord Villas, Pontac, St Clement 3/May/1948 10/Apr/1958 D/Y/B1/47/44
Machon Anne widow of Pierre 4/May/1695 23/Nov/1695 D/Y/A/2/57
Machon C J Bagot 14/Sep/1917 4/Sep/1918 D/Y/A/78/67
Machon Charles Trinity 9/Jun/1905 20/Apr/1921 D/Y/A/81/55
Machon Charles ... 11/Jul/1741 21/Jan/1751 D/Y/A/8/64
Machon Clement of St Helier 16/10/1894 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £30 tournois of the order of the King , to the two daughters of Jean Vicq and Jeanne Machon, his niece, £100 in 3% consoldiated funds in England each - makes further bequests of the same funds 7/Mar/1795 D/Y/A/15/90
Machon Clement son of Clement and Marie Guille of Guernsey his wife 9/Oct/1732 23/Dec/1732 D/Y/A/6/80
Machon Clement ... 17/Dec/1728 20/Aug/1729 D/Y/A/6/34
Machon Edward Walter of Manora, St Clement 13/May/1960 8/Mar/1971 D/Y/B1/156/23
Machon Elizabeth ... 9/Dec/1719 22/Feb/1720 D/Y/A/5/45
Machon Elizabeth St Helier, widow of Guilleaume Queree 24/Jan/1924 5/Nov/1926 D/Y/A/86/132
Machon Elizabeth Mary nee Prevel, Bristol Villa, Georgetown, St Saviour, widow 4/Nov/1926 16/Nov/1938 D/Y/A/103/72
Machon Emelie Hope Cottage, Rondin, Trinity, widow of Charles Josue Marett 13/Dec/1928 25/Jun/1930 D/Y/A/90/88
Machon Esther widow of Joseph Bishop of St Helier 20/02/1798 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, St John, and St Lawrence, £133 6 sous 8 deniers of the order of the King for each parish, and to the Methodist Society, £266 13 sous 4 deniers of the order of the King 17/Aug/1799 D/Y/A/15/193
Machon Esther Marie Trinity, widow of Paul du Jardin 17/Apr/1907 9/Apr/1910 D/Y/A/69/35
Machon Ethel Maud widow of Francis Charles Colligny, of No 6, Dicq Road, Georgetown, St Saviour 26/Jan/1977 28/Apr/1978 D/Y/B1/278/24
Machon Fanny Elizabeth of Byron Cottage, Elizabeth Place, St Helier, widow of Joseph Smith 15/11/1895 Bequeaths to John Michael Smith the properties Normandy Cottages (three cottages), Albert Street, St Helier 1/Jan/1896 D/Y/A/55/1
Machon Francoise of St Martin 30/05/1827 Desires to be buried in St Martin's cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Martin, £48 of French currency 6/Nov/1828 D/Y/A/21/25
Machon Harry Laventure of 4, Hampton Place, The Parade, St Helier 10/Jul/1973 17/Mar/1975 D/Y/B1/219/31
Machon Jean of St Helier 28/May/1761 24/Aug/1761 D/Y/A/10/70
Machon Jean of Trinity 20/02/1796 Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity, £10 of the order of the King 7/Jan/1825 D/Y/A/20/21
Machon Jean son of Clement of St Martin, now of St Helier 07/04/1777 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £100 tournois of the order of the King 22/Jun/1782 D/Y/A/13/68
Machon John of Kimari, Petit Port, St Brelade and formerly of 3, Kensington Place, St Helier 25/Jul/1953 18/Feb/1970 D/Y/B1/142/21
Machon Josua Charles Ville-a-l'Eveque, Trinity 18/Apr/1894 15/May/1903 D/Y/A/62/61
Machon Josue ... 5/Nov/1898 17/Apr/1901 D/Y/A/60/27
Machon Laurens of St Saviour 4/Aug/1760 28/May/1763 D/Y/A/11/14
Machon Lydia daughter of Philip, of Villiers, Bagot Road, St Helier 28/Apr/1930 29/Apr/1968 D/Y/B1/119/24
Machon Lydia Ann widow of Francis Le Druillenec, of St David, Petite Route des Mielles, St Brelade 13/Jun/1958 12/Jul/1977 D/Y/B1/261/33
Machon Marguerite 05/11/1850 Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, £1 4/Oct/1851 D/Y/A/27/141
Machon Marguerite Parquet, Trinity 26/09/1916 Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity £10; £40 each to the following institutions: The National Waifs Association, London, The Home for Aged & Infirm Women, The Jersey Orphanage, The Jersey Society for the Blind, The British & Foreign Bible Society, The Foreign Mission of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Ebenezer, the funds of the said chapel, religious work in Trinity and the Salvation Army 6/Apr/1918 D/Y/A/78/5
Machon Marguerite Ellen widow of Charles Robert Pain, of Tamaris, Samares Coast Road, St Clement 16/Jul/1975 28/Apr/1978 D/Y/B1/278/7
Machon Marie ... 19/Feb/1744 22/Jul/1745 D/Y/A/7/103
Machon Rachel of St Brelade 09/12/1839 Desires to be buried in St Brelade's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade, 1s 4/Jan/1840 D/Y/A/24/96
Machon Sophie Marie Greendale, Grouville 18/Mar/1902 17/Dec/1902 D/Y/A/61/110
Machon Thomas ... 20/Jan/1727 31/May/1732 D/Y/A/6/71
Machon Whitby Harold of La Folie Inn, Old Harbour, St Helier 14/Jun/1963 28/May/1965 D/Y/B1/87/16
Machon William Frederick of Harbour View, South Pier, St Helier 25/Jan/1954 29/Aug/1956 D/Y/B1/37/32
Maci Jean Francois of 16, Charles Street, St Helier 30/Mar/1927 21/May/1928 D/Y/A/88/92
MacIntosh John of 18, Stirling Drive, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow 4/Apr/1962 10/Oct/1972 D/Y/B1/181/16
Macintosh Margaret Ann Sime wife of David Craik Guthrie, Les Chenolle, St John 29/04/1927 Bequeaths to the Library in St Helier the residue of her books 8/May/1940 D/Y/A/106/111
Macintyre Duncan of British Aircraft Corporation, PO Box 3843, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and care of Osborne and Grace W S, No 83, Market Street, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, formerly of Carnegie Clinic, Sunnyside Royal Hospital, Montrose, Angus, Scotland and No 10, Hope Street, St Andrews 20/Oct/1975 28/Mar/1979 D/Y/B1/297/3
Macintyre Duncan Charles 2 Rochbey, Plaisance, St Lukes, St Saviour 15/Oct/1926 7/Apr/1932 D/Y/A/92/122
Macintyre Elizabeth Fraser Bree wife of Sidney Albert Denyer, of Fraser Brae, Thakeham, Pulborough, West Sussex 28/Aug/1975 29/Jan/1979 D/Y/B1/292/45
Macintyre Moira Fay wife of William Murray Inglis, of 9, Sunnyside Place, Wimbledon, London 8/Nov/1962 28/Feb/1972 D/Y/B1/171/15
Macintyre Violet Frances nee Biggs, of 2, Rocheby, Plaisance Road, St Luke, St Saviour 19/Sep/1932 27/Oct/1962 D/Y/B1/71/8
Mackay Agnes Crosley widow of Francis James Patrick Lilley, of Dumbreck, Golf Lane, Grouville 6/Oct/1971 23/Sep/1976 D/Y/B1/247/3
Mackay Annie Isabella nee Lamb, Mont Orgueil Villa, Gorey, St Martin 26/Oct/1926 18/Jul/1931 D/Y/A/91/132
Mackay Donald Asire of 2, Sydney Court, Beaumont, St Peter 26/Jul/1973 30/Aug/1974 D/Y/B1/210/24
Mackay Margaret Edwards widow of Sidney Hughes Salmon, of 4, The Cloisters, Mont Millais, St Helier and formerly of Primrose Hill, Bon Air Lane, St Saviour 22/Jan/1951 12/Jan/1970 D/Y/B1/140/41
Mackay Mary Ann of Egremont House, Val Plaisant, St Helier, widow of Jean Howard 31/Jul/1901 31/Dec/1901 D/Y/A/60/92
Mackay Victor Campbell of Fauvic Nursing Home, Fauvic, Grouville and formerly of Brackenvale, St Brelade 30/Apr/1962 28/Jun/1966 D/Y/B1/98/56
Mackay William James Mont Orgueil Villa, Gorey, St Martin 8/02/1927 Bequeaths Mont Orgueil Villa to Annie Isabella Mackay 18/Jul/1931 D/Y/A/91/133
Mackenzie Alexander of Brixton Hill, Co Surrey 21/09/1825 Bequeaths to George Urquhart Gillespie Mackenzie all his leasehold estate at Brixton Hill Recites that he has sold all of his leasehold estate at Brixton Hill at Reading, Berkshire 21/Dec/1831 D/Y/A/22/39
Mackenzie Ann otherwise McKenzie, widow of James Moodie, of 28, Kadoorie Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong 2/Jul/1971 11/Dec/1972 D/Y/B1/183/53
Mackenzie Barbara Rose Mackay wife of Hubert Gervais Lennox Brain, of Belvedere, Pont Marquet, St Brelade 19/Aug/1972 2/Oct/1974 D/Y/B1/212/7
Mackenzie Dorothy Eva of 6, Regency House, St Helier 21/Feb/1968 11/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/149/27
Mackenzie Edward Alfred Greenwood Lodge, Roseville Street, St Helier, cigar merchant and tobacconist 6/06/1923 Bequeaths to Reginald Edward Mackenzie the stock and tobacco business at 27 Halkett Place, St Helier, the bungalow Deauville at Fauvic, Grouville; to Harold Montague Mackenzie all stock and the tobacco business at 43 King Street and the house and shop 33 King Street To Dorothy Eva Mackenzie the property Belle Vue, 32 Havre des Pas, St Helier, 2 Greenwood Villas, Roseville Street, St Helier and Greenwood Lodge, Roseville Street Revokes the legacy of Deauville, Fauvic, Grouville Bequeaths to Reginald Edward Mackenzie the property 3 Green Road, St Clement 4/Nov/1940 D/Y/A/107/66
Mackenzie Elizabeth Bligh of Milverton, Warwick, spinster 13/Aug/1889 23/Dec/1893 D/Y/A/52/97
Mackenzie Eva Edith nee Shave, widow of Edward Alfred Mackenzie, of Greenwood Lodge, Roseville Street, St Helier 8/Nov/1952 10/Feb/1956 D/Y/B1/34/18
Mackenzie Harold Montague Shave son of Edward Alfred, of St Clement 19/Mar/1941 14/Jan/1959 D/Y/B1/52/24
MacKenzie Hector La Glinette, St Aubin, St Brelade 28/Jan/1092 29/Jul/1916 D/Y/A/75/90
Mackenzie James Spowart of Priestlands, Mont Millais, St Helier 28/Jan/1972 27/Mar/1972 D/Y/B1/172/25
MacKenzie Jean widow of Ernest Edgar Richmond, of the Home of Rest, Ramsey, Isle of Man and formerly of Cranford, Richmond Road, Ramsey 30/Jan/1973 14/Jul/1980 D/Y/B1/326/34
Mackenzie John A at 26, Somerset Street, Portman Square, London, on 22/May/1837 3/Nov/1847 D/Y/A/26/119
Mackenzie John Francis of St Helier 13/Feb/1896 2/Mar/1898 D/Y/A/57/25
Mackenzie Margaret Isobel widow of Horace Scott Shield, of 10, Old St John's Road, St Helier and formerly of 115, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 14/Nov/1961 13/Nov/1974 D/Y/B1/214/2
Mackenzie Murdoch of El Roba, No 58, Bridgewater Road, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire 28/Apr/1966 18/Oct/1978 D/Y/B1/288/2
Mackenzie Norman of No 1 Cottage, Longueville Farm, St Saviour 24/May/1978 24/May/1978 D/Y/B1/279/38
Mackenzie Reginald Edward of Springbank, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier 2/Aug/1968 2/Aug/1968 D/Y/B1/123/15
MacKenzie William Owen The Dorset Tavern, Dorset Street, St Helier 22/Nov/1920 16/Jan/1933 D/Y/A/94/14
Mackie Charles William of Lawn House, Mont a L'Abbe, St Helier 1/Feb/1968 20/Aug/1968 D/Y/B1/123/32
Mackie James of Deptford, now of Jersey 21/03/1822 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £2 24/Sep/1824 D/Y/A/20/15
Mackie Jessie Jane 3 Lothian Street, Maori Hill, Dunedin 27/07/ 1920 1 paper; seal 31/Oct/1923 D/Y/A/83/127
Mackinnon Donald John of 1, Luib, Broadford, Isle of Skye, Inverness-shire, Scotland 30/Jan/1975 30/Jan/1975 D/Y/B1/217/18
Mackinnon Kenneth Wulsten also known as Wulstan, of 9, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, London and formerly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 7/Aug/1947 18/Nov/1965 D/Y/B1/91/50
Mackinnon Marion widow of Norman Edward Gladwell, of Sea Fever, La Robeline, St Ouen and formerly of Diani, St Catherine, St Martin 30/May/1962 31/Dec/1979 D/Y/B1/311/58
Mackinnon Osborne Alexander of 41, Overton Court, West Kilbride, Scotland and formerly of 281, Nithsdale Road, Dumbreck, Glasgow 12/Aug/1935 22/Jul/1971 D/Y/B1/162/12
Mackintosh Charles Edward of Le Val House, St Brelade, 04/06/1894 Includes papers relating to the appointment of Peter P Guiton as executor in Jersey 10/Feb/1896 D/Y/A/55/11
Mackirdy James Joseph Lambert of 2, The Fairway, Barton on Sea, Lymington, Hampshire and formerly of 50, Hintonwood Avenue, Highcliffe on Sea, Christchurch, Hampshire 18/Oct/1966 17/Jul/1974 D/Y/B1/208/21
Mackley Leopold Anderson of Grove Street, East Retford and later of West Winds, Bure Lane, Friar's Cliff Mudeford, Christchurch, Hampshire 10/Jul/1953 D/Y/B1/20/12
Macklin Dorothy wife of Alfred Frederick Bates, of High Noon, Quennevais Park, St Brelade 15/May/1968 15/May/1968 D/Y/B1/120/12
Macklin Roderic William of Les Bardeaux, Rue de Haut, Bel Royal, St Lawrence 31/Oct/1958 20/Apr/1959 D/Y/B1/54/22
Macklin Ronah Eileen wife of Roderic William Macklin, of the Grand Hotel, formerly of The Old Hall, Guilden, Sutton, Cheshire and 32, Lulworth Road, Birkdale, Lancashire 23/Dec/1938 11/Mar/1959 D/Y/B1/53/40
Macksey Joseph Grey of Victoria Club, St Helier and formerly of National Provincial Bank Limited, 23, Broad Street, St Helier Desires to be cremated 2/Feb/1962 15/Nov/1962 D/Y/B1/71/24
Mackusick Douglas Montague of Dalory, Balmoral Terrace, Trinity Hill, St Helier and formerly of Dalory, St Lawrence 8/Mar/1971 19/Jun/1979 D/Y/B1/302/6
MacLaren Allan Stewart described in his will as Allan MacLaren, of 45, Tinto Road, Newlands, Glasgow, Scotland 10/Dec/1947 16/Nov/1971 D/Y/B1/167/2
Maclean Daniel of Cyder Cottage, Mont au Pretre, St Helier 22/Feb/1957 20/Jul/1960 D/Y/B1/60/18
Macleod Alethea Lucy of Royal Victoria Children's Hospital, Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 11/Nov/1966 11/Nov/1966 D/Y/B1/102/21
MacLeod Alexander of Shepherds Close, Stockbridge, Hampshire 28/Apr/1967 14/May/1975 D/Y/B1/222/39
MacLeod Dorothy Hilda widow of Albert James Ross, of Grenville, Wellington Road, St Saviour 4/Jan/1973 6/Apr/1977 D/Y/B1/256/35
MacLeod Grace Stuart wife of Lionel Langdon Paterson, of La Tapera, Bagatelle Lane, St Saviour Desires to be cremated Bequeaths to Stuart Langdon Paterson, her mother's gold watch and gold chain, a large silver rose bowl, a diamond and ruby engagement ring, a smaller diamond and ruby ring and bracelet, a writing desk and an alabaster vase; to Joan Paterson, an embroidered black cantonese shawl and silver fitted dressing case; to George Lionel Paterson, a diamond pendant, diamond earrings, a diamond and pearl bar brooch, a gold coin brooch, a copper tea pot and coffee pot, a samovar, a jade ashtray, a silver ashtray, a sapphire bracelet, his four christening sets, two silver plated entree dishes and a small silver cabinet 8/May/1951 20/Dec/1957 D/Y/B1/45/38
Macleod Katherine of Gorey House, St Martin, widow 21/Aug/1832 20/Apr/1839 D/Y/A/24/75
Macleod Margaret Vera widow of James Edwin Black, of Dalgoma, Quennevais Gardens, St Brelade, formerly of Almorah Hotel, Almorah Crescent, St Helier 7/Jul/1969 23/Jan/1978 D/Y/B1/272/25
MacLeod Peggy formerly wife of James Fisher, of St Saviour's Hospital and formerly of 28, Murray Road, Wimbledon, London 24/Dec/1949 28/Dec/1970 D/Y/B1/153/31
Maclure Mabel Francis nee Giffard, The Limes, Green Street, St Helier, widow Desires to be buried in the family Sepulchre in St Clements cemetery Bequeaths to the Animal Shelter £25 25/Sep/1946 D/Y/A/116/114
MacMahon Helen of The Limes, Green Street, St Helier 4/Dec/1963 1/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/269/42
Macmillan Donald of Eastwood, Knockbreck Road, Tain, Scotland 28/Nov/1967 22/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/271/12
MacNabb Francis David of 36, Budges Road, Wokingham, Berkshire 13/May/1951 30/Mar/1973 D/Y/B1/188/29
MacNeaney John Joseph of 57, Linden Road, Ashford, Kent 6/Oct/1972 16/Jul/1975 D/Y/B1/225/22
Macon Clara St Helier 12/May/1936 25/Sep/1942 D/Y/A/109/173
Macon Harold George of 6, Clos du Roncier, Roquier, St Clement 8/Nov/1968 8/Nov/1968 D/Y/B1/126/7
Macon John Clifford also known as Clifford John Mason, of 16, St Luke's Crescent, St Clement 19/Jun/1967 19/Jun/1967 D/Y/B1/109/12
Macpherson David of Toft House, Beaumont Hill, St Peter 17/Feb/1975 27/Aug/1975 D/Y/B1/227/30
MacPherson Eric Reginald retired Major in the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, of Thornton Hall, Jersey 26/Jan/1951 31/Oct/1959 D/Y/B1/56/54
Macpherson Hugh Malcolm of 26, Samares Avenue, St Clement 13/Jan/1938 15/Jul/1949 D/Y/B1/2/10
Macpherson Roderick Charles of Brookhill, St Saviour 25/Feb/1947 15/Apr/1965 D/Y/B1/85/58
Macpherson the Right Honourable Nina Marion -Grant, Baroness Deramore, widow of Stephen de Yarburgh-Bateson, Lord Deramore, of 15, Kylestrome House, Cundy Street, London 15/Aug/1974 28/Apr/1980 D/Y/B1/321/29
MacPherson William of 11, Old Street, St Helier 16/Dec/1965 27/May/1969 D/Y/B1/132/41
MacQuarrie Alexander of Rene Street, Blenheim, New Zealand 11/Dec/1978 20/Feb/1980 D/Y/B1/316/5
MacQueen Hugh James of Singer Sewing Machine Company, India Management, Singer Building, 207, Dadabhoy, Nowroji Road, Bombay, India 9/Oct/1972 5/Feb/1980 D/Y/B1/314/46
Macready Louie Marguerite widow of Alfred Edwin Cross, of Les Mouettes, No 37, Clos Paumelle, Five Oaks, St Saviour 2/Nov/1976 18/Jul/1978 D/Y/B1/282/32
Macready Louisa Ada nee Bisson, widow of Lawrence Charles Macready, of 4, Verulam Villas, Clairvale Road, St Helier 9/Nov/1965 18/Feb/1966 D/Y/B1/95/2
Macreight Caroline of Hauteville, widow : 13/Sep/1881 17/Apr/1884 D/Y/A/44/23
Macreight Daniel Chambers written at St Marylebone Infirmary 7/Sep/1845 31/Dec/1856 D/Y/A/28/203
MacRobert Lady Rachel Workman widow of Sir Alexander MacRobert, of Douneside, Aberdeen of Douneside House, Tarland, County of Aberdeen 13/May/1943 30/Nov/1954 D/Y/B1/27/22
MacWhirter Dudley Parbutpore Tea Estate, Sylhet, India 12/Oct/1943 26/Apr/1944 D/Y/A/112/103
MacWhirter Dudley Parbutport State, India 18/02/1935 Bequeaths to Doris Maud Roberts all livestock, harnesses, saddles, trap, hay chaff cutter and root cutter found on the property of St Ewolds, Trinity Hill, St Helier 1/Feb/1946 D/Y/A/115/39
Madden John of St Helier, sail-maker 10/06/1859 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 5s 18/Jun/1861 D/Y/A/30/114
Madden Robert John Seth -Gaskell, of No 3, St Andrew's Court, Qawra, Salina Bay, Malta 7/Apr/1978 7/Apr/1978 D/Y/B1/277/7
Maddox Ralph Henry of Grouville Hall Hotel, Grouville 13/Apr/1956 22/Aug/1956 D/Y/B1/37/27
Maddy Myra Nellie wife of Arthur Thompson Saunders, of Tamarix, Chemin du Moulin, St Ouen 20/Apr/1976 20/Apr/1976 D/Y/B1/238/24
Madelaine Celestin Frederic Jean St Saviour 14/Jul/1920 8/Oct/1921 D/Y/A/81/115
Madelaine Marie of St Brelade, now of St Helier, widow of Clement Becquet 27/09/1841 Desires to be buried in St Brelade's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 3 livres of old French currency 8/Apr/1842 D/Y/A/25/50
Madeley William Yorke of the Indian Civil Service, United Provinces of India, care of Lloyds Bank, Oxford 20/Jun/1930 4/Jul/1963 D/Y/B1/75/8
Maeso David of 55, Lesley Drive, Pinetown, Durban, South Africa 7/Nov/1970 24/Jan/1980 D/Y/B1/313/39
Maffia Anthony John of 38, Roebuck Lane, Buckhurst Hill, Essex 13/Oct/1967 16/Oct/1968 D/Y/B1/125/21
Maffre Frederick Edward of 20, Simon Place, Belmont Road, St Helier 28/Sep/1971 28/Sep/1971 D/Y/B1/164/49
Magee Alice Mary widow of William James Coker, of 9, Magnolia Gardens, Bel Royal, St Lawrence 22/Jul/1976 20/Dec/1976 D/Y/B1/251/5
Maggs William Harold of Myrtle Cottage, Samares Lane, St Clement 26/Nov/1969 30/Jan/1974 D/Y/B1/200/25
Magnent Eugenie Marie Le otherwise Lemagnent, widow of Jean Francois Caro, of La Reverie, St Mary 14/Apr/1954 11/Jan/1967 D/Y/B1/103/52
Magner Thomas of 26, Lake Lawn, Well Road, Cork, Republic of Ireland 23/Dec/1969 3/Sep/1974 D/Y/B1/210/28
Magnus Dudley Haywood of Pembroke Lodge, Patier Lane, St Saviour 27/Mar/1946 1/Dec/1948 D/Y/A/120/82
Magnus Theodore Allingham of La Rosiere, Grands Vaux, St Saviour 20/May/1950 21/Jun/1955 D/Y/B1/31/23
Maguire Archibald William of 12, Dumaresq Street, St Helier 12/Mar/1960 3/Mar/1966 D/Y/B1/95/29
Maguire Henry Charles of Locksley Cottage, Highlands Lane, St Saviour 2/Jan/1954 21/Aug/1979 D/Y/B1/305/19
Maguire William Edmund of Sandybrook Hospital, Grouville Annexe 24/Jan/1968 24/Jan/1968 D/Y/B1/115/41
Mahault Thomasse ... 19/May/1675 22/May/1675 D/Y/A/1/64
Mahaut Jean of St Lawrence 18/05/1784 Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence, £33 6 sols 8 deniers of the order of the King 26/Aug/1786 D/Y/A/14/20
Mahaut John planter of Harbour Grace, below Bears Cove, Newfoundland 9/Apr/1762 15/Nov/1762 D/Y/A/10/94
Mahaut Marie Henriette widow of Alfred Clozier, of 12a, Don Street, St Helier 30/Jan/1948 7/Mar/1956 D/Y/B1/34/48
Mahaut Rosina Julia of St Augustine's Home, New St John's Road, St Helier and formerly of 7, Victoria Steret, St Helier 10/Feb/1947 30/Mar/1968 D/Y/B1/118/21
Maher Mary also known as Mollie Maher, of 7, Overstrand Flats, Greve d'Azette, St Clement 10/Mar/1975 5/Feb/1976 D/Y/B1/234/49
Maher Peter Francis 10 Lewis Street, St Helier 20/Mar/1023 30/Jul/1926 D/Y/A/86/99
Mahier Eileen Clara wife of Henry Sewell, of Le Moulin, Grouville 11/Feb/1956 12/Apr/1978 D/Y/B1/277/19
Mahier Eileen Clara wife of Henry Sewell 19/Oct/1978 19/Oct/1978 D/Y/B1/288/8
Mahier Louisa of Rest Haven, St Saviour 4/Nov/1953 25/Nov/1955 D/Y/B1/33/5
Mahier Mary Louisa widow of William John Arthur 19/Mar/1934 19/May/1934 D/Y/A/96/53
Mahier Philippe Millbrook, St Lawrence, 11/Jul/1911 9/Dec/1942 D/Y/A/110/36
Mahier Richard ... 22/Nov/1710 6/Jul/1721 D/Y/A/5/67
Mahoney Nora widow of Philip Samuel Le Quesne, of Le Hurel Cottage, Trinity 1/Nov/1977 1/Nov/1977 D/Y/B1/268/1
Mahoney Rhoda Blanche wife of Henry George Pinwell, of Portelet, Highfield Estate, Trinity 25/May/1965 25/May/1965 D/Y/B1/87/10
Mahoney Victor James of 5, The Elidyr, Llanover, Abergavenny, Gwent, Wales 17/Jun/1974 17/Jun/1974 D/Y/B1/206/47
Mahoney William James of 12, King George V Memorial Homes, St Aubin's Road, St Helier and formerly of 12, Hill Street, St Helier 23/Feb/1935 26/Sep/1968 D/Y/B1/124/29
Mahony Jane Mary Fitz of The Limes Nursing Home, Maison St Marculf, 27, Green Street, St Helier 28/Jun/1961 28/Mar/1963 D/Y/B1/73/34
Mahood Thomas Verner also known as Thomas Vernon Mahood, of 372, The Esplanade, Speers Point, New South Wales, Australia 5/May/1961 26/Apr/1969 D/Y/B1/131/31
Mahrer Ernest of 21, Devonshire Place, St Helier 28/Apr/1966 28/Apr/1966 D/Y/B1/97/18
Mahy Elsie of the Hostel of St John, Saumarez Park, Castel, Guernsey and formerly of Sunny Corner, Queen's Road, St Helier 28/Oct/1959 27/Apr/1966 D/Y/B1/97/16
Mahy Francis Thomas 4 Saville Street, St Helier 13/11/1933 Bequeaths to Charles Francis Mahy, William John Mahy and to Elsie Mary Mahy in equal shares the property 4 Saville Street, St Helier 11/Feb/1942 D/Y/A/109/36
Mahy Henry of St Helier 14/12/1849 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 10s 11/Apr/1850 D/Y/A/27/72
Mahy Maria Pauline Savile Villa, Savile Street 12/Sep/1940 18/Sep/1940 D/Y/A/107/45
Mahy William John The Mayz, Hounsdown Avenue, Totton, Hampshire 22/Nov/1942 17/Dec/1945 D/Y/A/114/180
Maiden Stanley of 1, Le Vallon Court, Maupertuis Lane, St Clement and formerly of Sussex Hotel, Mulcaster Street, St Helier 3/Oct/1962 14/May/1976 D/Y/B1/240/3
Maidens Richard Godfrey of Flat 2, Westend, Route de Noirmont, St Brelade 18/Oct/1979 18/Oct/1979 D/Y/B1/307/43
Maidment Frederick George 86 Hereford Road, Bayswater, Middlesex, Major, Indian Medical Service 1/Jun/1905 17/Apr/1913 D/Y/A/72/28
Maigat Jean Francois Baptiste Le also known as John Frank Le Maigat, of 4, Edith Cottages, Millbrook, St Helier 13/Apr/1967 13/Apr/1967 D/Y/B1/107/9
Maigat Paul Marcel Le of 3, La Mielle Villas, First Tower, St Helier 14/Feb/1963 29/Mar/1963 D/Y/B1/73/40
Maignan Pierre Le of St Martin de Conde, Normandy, refugee in Jersey because of religion 03/12/1799 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor, £6 sterling 29/Jun/1801 D/Y/A/16/51
Maigne Jean Pierre of France, now of Moulin de la Ville, St Helier 26/5/1862 Bequeaths to the French poor in Jersey a sum of money at the discretion of his executors 13/Oct/1862 D/Y/A/31/41
Maillard Alice Mary of St Peter, now of Trinity 25/Jan/1894 22/Aug/1894 D/Y/A/53/80
Maillard Beryl Marjorie of Biltmore, Coin Motier, St Lawrence 20/Aug/1974 20/Aug/1974 D/Y/B1/210/7
Maillard Delphine Florence wife of Thomas John Cabot, of Le Carrefour, Trinity 17/Jul/1963 16/Oct/1972 D/Y/B1/181/33
Maillard James John St Helier Bequeaths to Hedley James Maillard the property Fitzroy House, St Peter and the field known as Clos Gatebois 17/Aug/1928 D/Y/A/88/157
Maillard Mary Ann St Peter 23/03/1888 Bequeaths to the poor of St Peter 10 shillings 11/Mar/1910 D/Y/A/69/23
Maillard Maud Mary nee Machon, Bay View House, First Tower, St Helier 18/02/1939 Bequeaths to Sidney James Maillard the property Fitzroy House, St Helier, the field called Le Clos Nord de la Preterie, St Ouen; to Hedley William Maillard the property Augerez Farm, St Peter, and Bay View House, First Tower, St Helier 31/Mar/1939 D/Y/A/104/90
Maillard Sidney James of White Cot, St John 13/Jan/1950 12/Dec/1951 D/Y/B1/12/21
Maillet Helene Anna of Maldives, Mahe, Seychelles 12/Feb/1976 12/Feb/1976 D/Y/B1/235/26
Main Cecil Rycroft of 9, Elizabeth Close, St Brelade 1/Feb/1920 10/Aug/1965 D/Y/B1/89/9
Main Emily Emma nee Lamare, Valletta, Beach Road, St Saviour, widow 10/11/1939 Residue of personal estate bequeathed as follows: 1/4 to The Jersey Blind Society; 1/4 to The Little Sisters of the Poor; 1/4 to the Home for Aged & Infirm Women, and 1/4 to The Jersey Merchant Seamens Benefit Society 15/Mar/1940 D/Y/A/106/67
Main Jane Margaret of First Tower, St Helier, widow of Auguste Francois Le Boutillier 2/Feb/1897 2/Oct/1899 D/Y/A/58/70
Main Kathleen Dick wife of William Henry Bowers, of 2, Les Banques, Gorey, St Martin 15/Aug/1972 26/Oct/1972 D/Y/B1/182/10
Main Louisa widow of George Hansford, of 2, Tranquil Place, Clearview Street, St Helier 17/Mar/1966 17/Mar/1966 D/Y/B1/96/11
Main Reuben Valletta, Beach Road, St Saviour 10/05/1937 Bequeaths the residue of his personal estate to The Jersey Blind Society, The Little Sisters of The Poor, The Home for Aged and Infirm Women and The Jersey Merchant Seamen's Benefit Society in 4 equal parts 23/Jun/1937 D/Y/A/100/125
Maindonald Susan Diana of 17, Seale Street, St Helier 26/May/1976 26/May/1976 D/Y/B1/240/34
Maine Charles Thomas St Helier 15/04/1939 Desires to be buried at Mont a l'Abbe Cemetery Bequeaths to the Jersey Blind Society £50; to the Little Sisters of the Poor £50; to Brig-y-Don £100 28/Feb/1940 D/Y/A/106/53
Maine Percival Frederick of Capri, La Rocque, St Clement 11/Feb/1964 22/Apr/1971 D/Y/B1/158/9
Maine Robert Ian of Toi et Moi, Route Orange, St Brelade 19/Dec/1978 19/Dec/1978 D/Y/B1/291/27
Maine Thomas Charles of Gilderoy, Green Road, St Clement 4/Jul/1964 27/Jan/1969 D/Y/B1/128/29
Maingay Charles ... 4/Mar/1848 13/Sep/1871 D/Y/A/36/10
Maingay Emily widow of Robert Malcolm Roberts, of Chiaia Borough, Naples, Italy 20/Feb/1965 20/Feb/1965 D/Y/B1/84/25
Maingay Harriet Elizabeth wife of John Nicholas Robin, of Naples, Italy 24/Mar/1965 24/Mar/1965 D/Y/B1/85/14
Maingay Marie Antoinette wife of Thomas Richard Guppy, of 75, Via Gennaro Serra, Naples, Italy 2/Feb/1906 23/Apr/1965 D/Y/B1/86/4
Mainland Alice Maria daughter of George Edward Mainland, of Braeside, St Saviour Bequeaths to the Society of the Sacred Mission, £3000; to the Royal United Kingdom Beneficient Association, £1000; to the Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, £200; to St Mark's Church, £500 27/Feb/1951 15/Dec/1958 D/Y/B1/51/58
Mains Elisabeth Jeanne Marie Le widow of Francois Marie Rimeur, of La Retraite, St Mary and formerly of South House, St Mary 28/Mar/1960 23/Oct/1970 D/Y/B1/151/12
Mains Ernestine Marie Le Mont-a-l'Abbe, St Helier, widow of Pierre Arsene Houiellebecq 24/10/1896 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier one shilling 20/Jan/1921 D/Y/A/81/14
Mains Francis Le ... 27/Apr/1922 1/Dec/1923 D/Y/A/83/148
Mains Jeanne Marie Le also know as Le Main, of South House, St Mary 9/Nov/1970 26/Jan/1973 D/Y/B1/185/35
Mainwaring Edwar Charles Lovell Thursby ... 16/Dec/1940 17/Jan/1941 D/Y/A/107/112
Mainwaring Frederick of St Helier, late Lieutenant Colonel in the 59th Regiment of Foot 20/Sep/1858 12/Oct/1858 D/Y/A/29/103
Mainwaring John of St Helier, late Lieutenant of Her Majesty's 21st Foot 20/Nov/1862 21/Sep/1863 D/Y/A/31/103
Mair Alexina Scorgie widow of Percival Hannaford, of Alexandre House, Longueville, St Saviour 10/Apr/1972 10/Apr/1972 D/Y/B1/173/6
Mair Elizabeth Felicity widow of Philip Edward Vaux, of Corner House, Nelson Place, Lymington, Hampshire 2/Aug/1976 6/Nov/1978 D/Y/B1/288/44
Mair Jane widow of Hugh Macdonald Berry, of The Creek, Le Hocq, St Clement and formerly of 18a, Church Terrace, Turriff, Aberdeen, Scotland 14/Mar/1969 28/Sep/1971 D/Y/B1/164/50
Maistre Elise La Ancient House, Leoville, widow of Peter Fequet 30/Nov/1937 30/Jun/1943 D/Y/A/111/16
Maistre Mary Eliza La of 2, Palmyra Road, St Helier 02/10/1896 Bequeaths ? of residue of personal property to the Jersey General Dispensary and ? to the Infirmary 5/Jan/1897 D/Y/A/56/4
Maitland Alice of The Cottage, 33, Fidra Road, North Berwick 12/Apr/1960 26/Feb/1964 D/Y/B1/78/24
Maitland Ethel Clare -Dougall, widow of Evelyn Twysden Wickham, of Wychwood, Drift Road, Whitehill, Bordon, Hampshire 13/Sep/1976 17/Jun/1980 D/Y/B1/324/41
Maitland Frances Mary Fuller 16/10/1918 Bequeaths to the Church Missionary Society £700 26/Apr/1928 D/Y/A/88/80
Maitland Francis Gordon of Les Teurs Champs, Grouville 10/Mar/1975 27/Oct/1978 D/Y/B1/288/22
Maitland Francis Peake 3 Bel Royal Villas, Bel Royal, retired medical practitioner 23/06/1939 Does not include Jersey real estate 12/Aug/1944 D/Y/A/112/160
Major Alice C 3 Romney Place, St Aubins Road 23/Jun/1902 14/May/1921 D/Y/A/81/67
Major Anna Maria 3 Romney Place, Millbrook 8/05/1922 Bequeaths to Dr Barnardos Homes £500 and to The Jersey Dispensary and Infirmary £200 Bequeaths to Horace Major her share of 3 Romney Place 12/Nov/1924 D/Y/A/84/130
Major Ellen Elizabeth 3 Romney Place, Millbrook 28/Mar/1925 27/Sep/1927 D/Y/A/87/137
Major Eveline Talavera Henniker nee de St Maur, 10 Havre des Pas, St Helier, widow 13/Jan/1925 31/May/1926 D/Y/A/86/76
Major Horace Dixie 5 Belvedere Terrace, St Aubins Road, St Helier 22/01/1925 Bequeaths to Dr Barnardos Homes, London £100; to the Jersey General Dispensary £50; to the JSPCA £25 4/Feb/1925 D/Y/A/85/28
Major James Marcus Forest Hill, Beaumont, St Peter 15/Mar/1886 3/May/1902 D/Y/A/61/44
Major William James No Mans Land, New Forest 5/Sep/1925 11/Jan/1927 D/Y/A/87/6
Makin Constance Joan widow of Arthur Raymond Rowe, of 21, Hilary Street, St Helier 21/Jun/1973 21/Jun/1973 D/Y/B1/192/6
Makins Joyce Henderson wife of Cecil Stanley Le Ruez, of Torwood, Pontac, St Clement 21/Jun/1978 5/Jun/1980 D/Y/B1/324/8
Malcolm Henry Reid also known as Harry Reid Malcolm, of 59, Berkeley Court, Don Road, St Helier 30/Jul/1954 30/Nov/1966 D/Y/B1/102/49
Malcolmson Bateman John Forbes of Garden Hill Cottage, Steep, Petersfield, Hampshire 12/Sep/1947 27/Jul/1971 D/Y/B1/162/23
Malden Francis Richard Eustace of Salt Dykes, Sea Road, Winchelsea, Sussex and formerly of Carisbrook, Rotherfield, Sussex 20/Nov/1956 31/Aug/1972 D/Y/B1/179/30
Male Edward of 6, Maison de la Croute, La Moye, St Brelade 21/Mar/1977 8/Apr/1980 D/Y/B1/320/15
Male Edward Robert Francis of 6, Pier Road, St Helier 26/Jun/1933 12/Nov/1957 D/Y/B1/45/6
Male George of Trinity 7/Aug/1937 4/Nov/1950 D/Y/B1/7/12
Male George Francis Fletcher of Oakham, 3, St Aubin's Road, St Helier 17/Oct/1955 10/Dec/1973 D/Y/B1/198/48
Male Nelly Ann widow of John de Louche, of La Petite Fallaize, Trinity 20/Sep/1967 20/Sep/1967 D/Y/B1/111/45
Male Walter of 4 Flat, Roseville Street, St Helier 28/Jul/1951 12/Jan/1957 D/Y/B1/39/36
Malegeant Yves of the Limes Nursing Home, Maison St Marculf, 27, Green Street, St Helier 18/Feb/1958 21/Nov/1958 D/Y/B1/51/27
Malem Robert Henry of 6, King George V Homes, St Aubin's Road, St Helier 11/Nov/1966 13/Sep/1973 D/Y/B1/194/57
Malenfant Mary Francoise of 1, Old Street, St Helier Bequeaths to Captain F Le Sueur all monies, furniturem pictures, china, and silver plate 23/Apr/1938 16/Feb/1949 D/Y/B1/1/33
Malestroit Jules Marie of Karanna, St Aubin 18/Dec/1954 22/Mar/1956 D/Y/B1/35/4
Malet Beatrice Anne Sibella widow of Eric Tristam Harper, of 18a, Abercorn Place, London and formerly of 2, Alma Studios, Stratford Road, London 8/Jun/1959 27/Sep/1965 D/Y/B1/90/31
Malet Elizabeth of St Saviour, widow of Major Charles De Carteret 09/11/1866 Bequeaths to the Jersey Dispensary £100, to the Church Missionary Society £20, to the Jersey Ragged School £30, to Edward Charles Malet de Carteret 4 engravings of the Seasons by Bartolozzi 8/Jan/1867 D/Y/A/33/72
Malet Leonard de Carteret The Homestead, Grouville 19/Nov/1934 15/Jun/1938 D/Y/A/102/128
Malet Robert Philippe of St John, now of St Saviour : 02/04/1873 Deires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the Jersey Dispensary £5 Codicil added: bequeaths to Clara Malet, a bible in 3 volumes by D'Oyly and Mont 27/Aug/1884 D/Y/A/44/55
Malet Thomas Jean Patier Farm, Vingtaine de Sous L'Eglise, St Saviour 28/11/1914 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour 5 shillings 29/Aug/1918 D/Y/A/78/64
Malet de Carteret Amy Ann Frances nee Armstrong of St Ouen's Manor, St Ouen, widow of Jurat Reginald Malet de Carteret Desires to be buried in St Ouen's Parish Cemetery and that soon after her death her dog be taken to the Animal Shelter and put to sleep Bequeaths to her son Guy Malet de Carteret her furniture, a Limerick lace shawl, her miniatures and two oil portraits of her mother and herself to her daughter Ella Marie Phillips, nee Malet de Carteret the rest of her lace and her water-colour paintings, to her granddaughter Genette Malet de Carteret her collection of Venetian glass, 2 bracelets and a brooch, to her granddaughter Alison Douce Phillips one half of the books that she owned, to her grandson Philip Malet de Carteret the other half of her books, to her grandson Philip Malet de Carteret a writing table and to her grandson Reginald Malet de Carteret all plate, silver and oil paintings not already bequeathed 17/Jun/1936 13/Apr/1950 D/Y/B1/4/59
Malet de Carteret Charles Edward Horizon View, First Tower, St Helier 1/07/1939 Desires to be cremated and his ashes scattered into the sea at St Ouens Bay between L'Etacq and Corbiere Lighthouse Bequeaths to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Freemasons his collar as Provincial Grand Master and all other masonic regalia; bequeaths to the Charity Fund of the same provincial Grand Lodge £100 guineas; to the Lodge of Freemasons known as the Yarborough Lodge the centenary jewel and the Past Masters jewel; to the Charity Fund of the said Lodge £50 guineas; numerous other bequests to Freemasonry Lodges in the United Kingdom; to the Jersey Blind Society £50 4/Feb/1942 D/Y/A/109/26
Malet de Carteret Guy Seigneur of St Ouen, of St Ouen's Manor, St Ouen 13/Jul/1972 23/Nov/1972 D/Y/B1/183/14
Malet de Carteret Marie Bon Air, First Tower, St Helier 17/Jan/1925 15/Aug/1931 D/Y/A/91/141
Malet de Carteret Reginald St Ouens Manor, Seigneur of the Fief Haubert and Seigniory of St Ouen, one of the Jurats of the Royal Court 11/12/1934 Bequeaths to Guy Malet de Carteret all family portraits at St Ouen's Manor, parchments, documents, manuscripts and books 4/Feb/1935 D/Y/A/97/19
Maletroit Celestine Pelagie wife of Arthur William Francis Hale, of Kungsater, St John, formerly of Le Couvent, St Lawrence 26/Oct/1945 25/Aug/1978 D/Y/B1/285/10
Maletroit George Alexandre of Roscrea Cottage, St John 29/Oct/1980 29/Oct/1980 D/Y/B1/333/36
Maletroit Joseph Marie of No 43, de Quetteville Court, Ann Street, St Helier 16/Oct/1975 3/Apr/1978 D/Y/B1/276/36
Maletroit Joseph Marie Puits de Leoville, St Ouen 24/Sep/1928 17/Dec/1928 D/Y/A/88/183
Maletroit Rene Francis of Le Mourier Farm, Douet, St John 29/Mar/1978 29/Mar/1978 D/Y/B1/276/19
Malewewski Joseph of Poland, now of St Helier 20/May/1893 17/Apr/1894 D/Y/A/53/42
Malfilastre Catherine Alphonse Charlotte Sophie of the town and department of Calvados, France, now of St Helier 08/02/1847 Desires to be buried according to the rites of the Catholic Church Bequeaths to the poor of 48 francs of currency 28/Apr/1852 D/Y/A/27/183
Malherbe Laura Emma widow of George Alexander Hall, of 13, Old Street, St Helier 18/Aug/1965 22/Sep/1971 D/Y/B1/164/40
Malherbe Lydia Celina wife of John Philip Bisson, Vernon Villa, Beaumont, St Peter 12/Oct/1945 11/Nov/1946 D/Y/A/116/145
Malherbe Suzanne Alberte Eugenie of Carola, Beaumont, St Peter 29/Aug/1955 9/Mar/1972 D/Y/B1/171/37
Malicat Jean Baptiste of Nouzon, Archennes, France, now of 1, Plaisance Terrace, St Saviour : 24/Nov/1887 10/Jan/1888 D/Y/A/47/3
Maligne Marie Louise widow of Guillaume Joseph Mathurin Oeillet, of 1, Perree Villas, Grands Vaux, St Saviour and formerly of 17, Sand Street, St Helier 5/Aug/1958 11/Feb/1969 D/Y/B1/129/1
Malins Edith Mary widow of Philip Reynolds Lewis, of 7, Teighmore Park, Grouville 8/Dec/1950 11/Feb/1970 D/Y/B1/141/56
Malins Joseph of Glenburnie, Lonsdale Road, Dorking, Surrey, retired schoolmaster 3/May/1940 23/Sep/1950 D/Y/B1/6/43
Malkin Dorothy of Glanville Home, St Mark's Road, St Helier and formerly of Harrias House, Hedgerley Lane, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire 28/Oct/1967 27/Jun/1974 D/Y/B1/207/18
Malkin Henry Smith St Johns Villa, 68 New St Johns Road, St Helier, retired master mariner 7/03/1922 Bequeaths to Rose Emily Malkin nee Keal the property St Johns Villa, 68 New St Johns Road, St Helier 25/Mar/1938 D/Y/A/102/61
Malkin Rose Emily Smith nee Keal, widow of Henry Smith Malkin, of White Lodge, Grosvenor Street, St Helier and formerly of Ashton House, 113, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 27/Feb/1962 2/Aug/1966 D/Y/B1/99/42
Mallalieu Alexandra Dorothy widow of James William Inman, of West Wing, Beauvoir, Mont Cochon, St Helier 12/Jul/1976 24/Nov/1976 D/Y/B1/249/31
Mallandaine John Colonel in the East India Company 3/Oct/1855 28/Feb/1857 D/Y/A/29/10
Mallard Richard Henry of St Saviour's Hospital, St Saviour 6/Apr/1976 6/Apr/1976 D/Y/B1/237/50
Malle Gladys Henrietta Le Breton t 21/Apr/1967 D/Y/B1/107/30
Mallet Ada Jane widow of Elias Cabot, of Verona, Rue du Pont, La Rocque, Grouville 27/Apr/1974 26/Nov/1974 D/Y/B1/214/32
Mallet Adele Louise of the Home for Aged and Infirm Women, Regent Road, St Helier 19/Feb/1952 19/Dec/1964 D/Y/B1/83/1
Mallet Adolphus John Mont Mallet, St Martin 20/Jan/1938 16/Nov/1940 D/Y/A/107/73
Mallet Albert Ernest 71 Val Plaisant, St Helier 16/Dec/1935 4/Jan/1936 D/Y/A/98/55
Mallet Alfred Frederick Prince Albert of Anne Port 13/Dec/1930 2/Sep/1949 D/Y/B1/2/61
Mallet Alfred Philip Peardon Place, St Clement 16/Oct/1929 9/May/1935 D/Y/A/97/69
Mallet Alice Agnes widow of John Albert Le Mercier, of Glanville, St Mark's Road, St Helier and formerly of Maison des Croix, Trinity 22/Jul/1969 18/Dec/1972 D/Y/B1/184/12
Mallet Alice Ann St Helier 14/Apr/1931 9/Jul/1932 D/Y/A/93/53
Mallet Alice Jane nee Noel, widow of Charles Major Mallet, of Dunell Villa, Dunell Road, St Saviour 26/Aug/1957 22/Apr/1958 D/Y/B1/47/59
Mallet Alice Mary Theresa nee Murphy, widow of William James Mallet, of 26, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 18/10/1954 Note Added 21/Feb/1955 28/Jul/1959 D/Y/B1/55/52
Mallet Alice Matilda widow of Emile Hocquard, of No 12, Windsor Road, St Helier 17/Apr/1978 17/Apr/1978 D/Y/B1/277/33
Mallet Ann Jane of St Helier, spinster 26/10/1814 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £10 sterling, to Lewis Mallet and Esther Mallet the interest on £300 in 5% funds of the Navy each - after his/her death the interest and capital to Thomas Mallet her nephew - makes further bequests of funds of the Navy to family members 10/Feb/1815 D/Y/A/18/135
Mallet Anne widow of Walter George Armstrong Cropp, of St Saviour's Hospital, St Saviour and formerly of 12, Windsor Road, St Helier 8/Sep/1961 23/Dec/1974 D/Y/B1/215/53
Mallet Annie Florence of No 21, Miladi Farm Estate, Longueville, St Saviour, formerly of Quatre Vents, Quennevais Road, St Brelade 30/Aug/1973 28/Jul/1978 D/Y/B1/283/36
Mallet Annie Payn of The Limes Nursing Home, Green Street, St Helier and formerly of Summerfield, La Rocque, Grouville 3/Jun/1964 18/Nov/1969 D/Y/B1/138/36
Mallet Arthur of La Davisonnerie, St Saviour 3/Aug/1972 24/Jan/1973 D/Y/B1/185/27
Mallet Charles Major Dunell Villas, Dunell Road, St Saviour 22/Dec/1924 19/Apr/1939 D/Y/A/104/101
Mallet Charles Payn of St Helier 9/Feb/1880 22/Jun/1881 D/Y/A/41/118
Mallet Clement of St Helier 23/Nov/1881 10/May/1882 D/Y/A/42/78
Mallet Clement native of St Lawrence, of The Hollies, St John Bequeaths to Clarence Clifford Mallet, the property known as 10, Wharf Street, St Helier; to Clifford Clarence Mallet, the property known as Constantia, Trinity; to Patricia Noel, wife of Douglas Legg and Carol Wendy Noel, the property known as Sunset Lodge, formerly Phoenix Cottage, Georgetown, St Saviour; to Gladys Stella Grandin, nee Mallet and her husband Philip John Grandin, the life-enjoyment of the property 5, Conway Street, St Helier; to Clarence Clifford Mallet, the reversion of the aforesaid 5, Conway Street 4/Jun/1960 14/Sep/1963 D/Y/B1/76/7
Mallet Clement George of St Lawrence, now of St John 10/Oct/1893 11/Aug/1898 D/Y/A/57/62
Mallet Clement John St Helier 30/Nov/1932 13/Feb/1935 D/Y/A/97/23
Mallet Clement Pinel St John 30/Mar/1900 3/Dec/1919 D/Y/A/79/132
Mallet Dolphus of Lendol, St Nicholas Avenue, Greve d'Azette, St Clement Bequeaths to Leonard Lester Mallet, the aforesaid property Lendol 30/Mar/1957 6/Jun/1963 D/Y/B1/74/43
Mallet Edith Lydia widow of John Alfred Medland, of Grouville Hospital, Grouville and formerly of Le Rivage, La Rocque, Grouville 5/Dec/1975 5/Sep/1980 D/Y/B1/330/8
Mallet Eliza Delia widow of Frederick Vincent Le Gatios, of 4, Cleveland Avenue, St Helier Bequeaths to Walter Philip Benest, his house situated in St Helier 7/Dec/1956 8/Jan/1958 D/Y/B1/46/4
Mallet Elizabeth of Grouville 23/08/1794 Desires to be buried in Grouville Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville, £8 tournois of the order of the King 4/Oct/1794 D/Y/A/15/175
Mallet Elizabeth of St Helier, wife of Jasper Powell 09/10/1851 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery 20/Jan/1852 D/Y/A/27/161
Mallet Elizabeth Sarah nee Cass of Barima, Roussel Street, St Helier 8/May/1929 14/Apr/1948 D/Y/A/119/75
Mallet Elsie Mary also known as Elsie May Mallet, wife of Joseph Richard FitzGerald, of Sandybrook Hospital, Beaumont, St Peter and formerly of 1, Brighton Cottages, Clairvale Road, St Helier 2/Oct/1953 4/Jan/1967 D/Y/B1/103/38
Mallet Elvina Marie widow of Nicolas Falla, of Tywardreath, 9, Ryburn Avenue, St Clement 23/Feb/1955 20/Jan/1969 D/Y/B1/128/4
Mallet Elvina Susannah 55 St Saviour's Road, spinster 9/Dec/1915 18/Sep/1917 D/Y/A/77/16
Mallet Ernest Alexandre of Bonair, St Clement 16/Apr/1958 29/Jan/1960 D/Y/B1/57/60
Mallet Ernest John of Barima, Roussel Street, St Helier 2/Feb/1967 2/Feb/1967 D/Y/B1/104/57
Mallet Esther of St Helier, spinster 24/Jun/1833 19/Jun/1834 D/Y/A/23/19
Mallet Ethel Blanche widow of Algernon Sidney Taylor, of Archirondel Villa, Gorey 30/Sep/1951 11/Jul/1952 D/Y/B1/15/14
Mallet Francois La Rocque 25/Jan/1913 5/Aug/1938 D/Y/A/103/27
Mallet George Grouville 8/Aug/1891 4/Jan/1919 D/Y/A/79/1
Mallet George of St Helier 24/11/1864 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier £1 29/Jan/1873 D/Y/A/37/6
Mallet George Payne Hurst House, First Tower, St Helier 21/Feb/1927 21/Dec/1934 D/Y/A/96/150
Mallet Georgette wife of Philip Edmund Cabot, of St Clement 31/May/1949 5/Oct/1961 D/Y/B1/65/78
Mallet Gladys Louisa of 5, Broad Street, St Helier 22/Jul/1954 12/Aug/1954 D/Y/B1/26/4
Mallet Harriet Ann 24 Seale Street, St Helier, widow of John Colin 8/11/1918 Bequeaths to Helena Mallet the property 33 The Parade, St Helier 28/Aug/1920 D/Y/A/80/102
Mallet Helena 11 Colomberie, St Helier 8/Jan/1921 25/Oct/1932 D/Y/A/93/98
Mallet Helier Grouville 26 1890 Bequeaths to the poor of St Martin £1 31/Dec/1909 D/Y/A/68/140
Mallet Hilda wife of Harold Francis Addenbrooke Kent, of Le Branquage, St Martin 24/Nov/1966 24/Oct/1968 D/Y/B1/125/32
Mallet Ida Annie wife of John Francis Darcel, of Featherstone, 3, Beaufort Square, St Clement 11/Nov/1965 17/Jan/1966 D/Y/B1/93/48
Mallet Jane daughter of Philip, of 6, St Saviour's Crescent, St Saviour's Road 24/Mar/1948 22/Apr/1953 D/Y/B1/19/22
Mallet Jean of Grouville 03/06/1862 Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville £1, to the poor of the Independent Church, St Clement £1 18/Jun/1866 D/Y/A/33/37
Mallet Jean of Grouville, now of St Helier 04/04/1864 Desires to be buried in St Helier's General Cemetery Bequeaths to the Jersey Home for Aged and Infirm Women 10 shillings 13/Jan/1875 D/Y/A/38/7
Mallet Jean of La Croix au Maitre, St Martin 31/Jul/1899 18/Jan/1900 D/Y/A/59/20
Mallet John 1 Hampton Villas, Parade, St Helier 16/Dec/1932 6/Feb/1934 D/Y/A/95/107
Mallet John Edward St Lawrence 16/Dec/1918 4/Jan/1921 D/Y/A/81/2
Mallet John Frederick St Helier 6/Jan/1883 12/Aug/1920 D/Y/A/80/98
Mallet John Gedeon of 2 Tranquil Place, Clearview Street, St Helier 21/Jan/1947 18/Feb/1948 D/Y/A/119/30
Mallet John Gedeon of Noirmont View, St John 27/Feb/1960 1/Aug/1972 D/Y/B1/178/17
Mallet John Philip of Bel Air, La Moye, St Brelade 10/Dec/1932 30/Nov/1976 D/Y/B1/250/1
Mallet John Robert 35 Broad Street, St Helier 16/Dec/1925 1/May/1929 D/Y/A/89/94
Mallet Julie Marie of St Helier, widow of George Vincent 25/1/1864 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier £20 13/Jun/1871 D/Y/A/35/129
Mallet Laura Clara wife of John Albert Pinel, of 3, Gloucester Street, St Helier 30/May/1968 30/May/1968 D/Y/B1/120/50
Mallet Laura Emma widow of George Alfred Bisson, of The Huriaux, Don Bridge Road, St Brelade 2/Jun/1969 2/Jul/1980 D/Y/B1/325/43
Mallet Lilian Maud widow of Frank Quinquis, of 27, Providence Street, St Helier 12/Dec/1972 12/Dec/1972 D/Y/B1/184/2
Mallet Lilian May widow of Josue Dorey, of Druid's View, Faldouet, St Martin 30/Jan/1974 31/Oct/1977 D/Y/B1/268/2
Mallet Lily Gertrude of Mandylee, Rue de Trachy, St Lawrence and formerly of Barima, Roussel Street, St Helier 28/Oct/1955 3/Sep/1973 D/Y/B1/194/34
Mallet Louis of St Helier 02/03/1815 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £24 of French currency, to Elizabeth Mallet, his niece, £100 in funds in 5% annuities in the Navy - further bequests of annuities are given to other members of his family 20/Apr/1816 D/Y/A/18/158
Mallet Louisa of Bon Air, St Lawrence 8/May/1939 29/Jun/1945 D/Y/A/113/138
Mallet Lydia daughter of Philippe and widow of John Clarence Amy and Alfred Le Couteur Bisson, of Terra Firma, St John Bequeaths to Ronald Philip Le Herissier, the house known as Terra Firma 26/May/1942 2/Mar/1962 D/Y/B1/68/10
Mallet Marjorie Le Marinel wife of Leonard Frank Clive Watts, of 14, Richelieu Park, Tower Road, St Helier 17/Jan/1975 17/Mar/1975 D/Y/B1/219/32
Mallet Mary Ann Belle Vue, Coin Hotain, St Lawrence 18/Mar/1935 30/Jan/1936 D/Y/A/98/75
Mallet Nicolas of St Helier 05/10/1796 Bequeaths to the poor of the General Hospital, £20 tournois of the order of the King - makes bequests of monet in funds in England 5/Nov/1796 D/Y/A/15/120
Mallet Nicollas of St Helier 15/Apr/1719 28/Sep/1719 D/Y/A/5/36
Mallet Percy William of No 21, Miladi Farm Estate, Longueville, St Saviour 10/Oct/1978 10/Oct/1978 D/Y/B1/287/18
Mallet Philippe of St Martin 31/Dec/1759 28/Jan/1760 D/Y/A/10/37
Mallet Philippe son of Jean 13/Jan/1683 D/Y/A/4/23
Mallet Philippe son of Jean 7/Jul/1675 24/Jul/1680 D/Y/A/4/13
Mallet Philippe The Homestead, St John 26/Oct/1920 19/Sep/1921 D/Y/A/81/106
Mallet Pierre ... 20/Dec/1723 21/Feb/1724 D/Y/A/5/100
Mallet Pierre of St Helier 27/11/1806 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 10 gold Louis - makes bequests of funds of 3% consoli annuities in the Bank of England 3/Feb/1807 D/Y/A/17/33
Mallet Stanley St John 12 Old Bagot, Manor Avenue, St Saviour 20/May/1946 6/Jun/1947 D/Y/A/118/7
Mallet Susanne Elizabeth Rachel of St Helier, widow of George de Faye 14/08/1890 Bequeaths to the poor of the Independent Chapel in Victoria Street £5 28/Sep/1901 D/Y/A/60/68
Mallet Wesley John of 103, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier Bequeaths to Hooper Pelgue Mallet, the property known as 29, Windsor Road, St Helier; to Arthur Anley Mallet, the property known as 103, Rouge Bouillon 25/Sep/1953 22/Mar/1957 D/Y/B1/41/8
Mallet William James son of John, of St Helier Bequeaths to his wife Alice Mary Theresa Mallett, nee Murphy, all his linen; to Thomas Mallet Le Seelleur, a framed photograph of his mother, two books 'The Life of Christ' and 'The Pilgrim's Progress', a silver cigarette case and a fountain pen; to Major Frederick C Murphy, all his wearing apparel, a gold ring, a gold chain, 2 engraved silver spoons and a collection of foreign stamps; to Eileen Mary Murphy, two framed photographs of his late daughter 10/Jan/1950 23/Jul/1951 D/Y/B1/10/52
Mallett Alice Ann 23 James Street, St Helier 10/Dec/1940 5/Apr/1944 D/Y/A/112/75
Mallett Anne Marie wife of Harry John Mauger, of Springbank, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier 15/Sep/1971 15/Sep/1971 D/Y/B1/164/17
Mallett Constance Nellie Louise wife of Frank Leslie Mitchell, of 36, Highlands Close, Maison St Louise, St Saviour 7/Jul/1971 7/Jul/1971 D/Y/B1/161/18
Mallett Douglas John of 2, Ann Place, Ann Street, St Helier 17/Feb/1972 20/Sep/1974 D/Y/B1/211/22
Mallett Frederick William Lewinsmead, Victoria Avenue, First Tower, St Helier 17/Aug/1940 17/Jan/1947 D/Y/A/117/20
Mallett Grace of 30, Roseville Street, St Helier 23/Sep/1963 8/May/1968 D/Y/B1/119/47
Mallett Leonard Henry of Mayeun, Maupertuis Crescent, St Clement 19/Feb/1974 26/Feb/1980 D/Y/B1/316/25
Mallett Mary Elizabeth of Pension Raglan, 18, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 18/Jan/1937 24/Dec/1949 D/Y/B1/3/32
Mallett Tina Anne of 17, Grasett Park, St Saviour 29/Mar/1977 29/Mar/1977 D/Y/B1/256/10
Malley Mabel Hopping widow of Richard Francis Bliaux, of St Saviour's Hospital, St Saviour 20/Dec/1966 10/Sep/1971 D/Y/B1/164/9
Mallia Albert Victor of 17, Guardamangia Hill, Pieta, Malta 26/Jun/1940 20/May/1976 D/Y/B1/240/19
Mallinson George Henry of 2, Marina Avenue, St Clement 25/May/1977 25/May/1977 D/Y/B1/259/6
Mallowen Max Edgar Lucien of Winterbrook House, Wallingford, Oxfordshire 23/Aug/1977 14/Dec/1978 D/Y/B1/291/11
Mallows William of 37, Clos des Sables, St Brelade and formerly of 4, Norfolk Terrace, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 5/Sep/1962 23/Sep/1977 D/Y/B1/266/15
Maloret Louis Philip Mont-les-Vaux, St Aubin, St Brelade 27/Feb/1922 6/Jul/1938 D/Y/A/103/5
Malpas Alice of 6, Queen's Road, St Helier, widow of Colonel Henry Isham Wheler Bequeaths to Jane Margaret Collins, nee Le Vavasseur dit Durell, her piano 27/Jun/1950 5/Oct/1950 D/Y/B1/6/52
Malpas Mary of 169, Dominion Road, Worthing, Sussex 17/Jul/1942 18/Aug/1951 D/Y/B1/11/13
Maltby Bessie Margery wife of Edward James Stuart, of Homelands, York Road, Wollaston, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire 6/Feb/1957 17/Apr/1969 D/Y/B1/131/13
Maltby Hersey Elizabeth widow of George Douglas Hugh Pigot, of Seabright, La Rocque, Grouville and formerly of Flat 2, Fauvic Court, Grouville 20/Jan/1964 3/Feb/1970 D/Y/B1/141/31
Maltwood Alice of the Empress Hotel, British Columbia Desires to be cremated 31/Dec/1949 23/Jul/1951 D/Y/B1/10/51
Maltwood Blanche Gordon nee Rice, Baymont, St Aubin 24/Sep/1928 25/Jul/1932 D/Y/A/93/66
Maltwood Marion Meek Baymont, St Aubin, St Brelade, spinster 30/09/1936 Desires to be buried in St Brelade's Churchyard 15/Apr/1937 D/Y/A/100/80
Maltwood Thomas Robert Baymont, St Aubin 20/01/1938 Bequeaths £500 to Brig-y-Don 23/May/1938 D/Y/A/102/111
Maltzahn Millicent von of Arklyns, Beaumont and formerly of Cherry Burton, St Aubin 22/Sep/1961 19/Jun/1962 D/Y/B1/69/54
Malzard Anna Rachel of Portsmouth 5/Aug/1940 26/Aug/1949 D/Y/B1/2/56
Malzard Anthony James of 11, Clos des Ormes, La Rue Verte, St Lawrence 21/May/1975 21/May/1975 D/Y/B1/223/3
Malzard Bernard Manning L'Abri, Beaumont, St Peter 9/Jan/1935 27/Apr/1936 D/Y/A/98/124
Malzard Beryl Bowen wife of Alexandre Matiatoff, of Buisson d'Or, La Petite Ruette, St Brelade and formerly of Yellow Sands, St Brelade 21/Sep/1948 3/Jul/1970 D/Y/B1/147/12
Malzard Charles Frederick St Helier 3/May/1940 5/Jul/1940 D/Y/A/107/2
Malzard Daniel Philip of La Patrimoine Farm, St Lawrence 3/May/1952 27/May/1953 D/Y/B1/19/43
Malzard Edouard of St Lawrence, now of St Helier 7/9/1863 Desires to be buried in St Lawrence Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence, 5s, and to Henry Malzard a house in Chevalier Road, St Helier, Fief de Colette des Augres 20/Nov/1863 D/Y/A/31/111
Malzard Elie ... 29/Oct/1887 30/Apr/1894 D/Y/A/53/46
Malzard Elizabeth of St Brelade 13/07/1833 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade 10 shillings 14/Jul/1865 D/Y/A/32/110
Malzard Elizabeth of St Ouen, widow of Jean Francois Le Brun : 14/Aug/1890 6/Sep/1890 D/Y/A/49/52
Malzard Elizabeth Anne of St Brelade, now of St Helier : 3/Feb/1865 7/Feb/1885 D/Y/A/44/97
Malzard Elizabeth Esther 6 Royal Parade, St Helier, widow of Clement Henry Noel Brown 10/Nov/1915 24/Jan/1917 D/Y/A/76/10
Malzard Ernest John of Les Tours Farm, St Clement 28/Jan/1958 24/Apr/1958 D/Y/B1/47/63
Malzard Esther Ann Vingtaine de Faldouet, St Martin, widow of Elias Bree 7/Jan/1903 13/Jan/1903 D/Y/A/62/2
Malzard Francis Mauger St Lawrence 13/Apr/1925 23/Nov/1938 D/Y/A/103/77
Malzard Francois ... 25/Jun/1890 3/Oct/1903 D/Y/A/62/89
Malzard George of 1, Havelock, Beach Road, St Saviour 10/Dec/1917 12/Feb/1955 D/Y/B1/28/39
Malzard Gordon Prospect House, St Peter 14/May/1902 17/Apr/1936 D/Y/A/98/114
Malzard Helier ... 14/Jul/1709 20/Aug/1709 D/Y/A/4/63
Malzard Henry 12/05/1828 Desires to be buried in St Lawrence cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence, £12 of French currency 2/Jan/1830 D/Y/A/21/46
Malzard Henry of St Lawrence, now of St Helier 22/2/1862 Desires to be buried in St Lawrence Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence, 10s, and to Esther Le Brocq, a house in Chevalier Road, St Helier, Fief de Colette des Augres 14/Aug/1863 D/Y/A/31/95
Malzard Irene Gracie widow of Albert William Pontius, of 2, Lower King's Cliff, St Helier 9/Mar/1954 4/Nov/1974 D/Y/B1/213/20
Malzard Isaac of St Brelade 10/04/1805 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade, £24 of French currency 6/Jan/1821 D/Y/A/19/52
Malzard Isaac of St Brelade, now of St Helier : 08/10/1880 Bequeaths to the Society for the propogation of the Bible amongst the Jews £50, to the British and Foreign Bible Society, to the Pastoral Aid Society, to the Jersey General Hospital, to the hospital at St Aubin £25 each 9/Jan/1885 D/Y/A/44/85
Malzard Isaac L'Abri, Beaumont, St Peter 7/May/1895 26/Mar/1935 D/Y/A/97/48
Malzard Jean of St Ouen 30/03/1857 Bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen, 5s 20/Oct/1860 D/Y/A/30/74
Malzard Jean Edouard St Saviour 3/Mar/1900 6/May/1903 D/Y/A/62/55
Malzard John of Burin, Terre Neuve, America Newfoundland, Canada now of St Aubin, St Brelade 25/Jan/1892 16/Feb/1899 D/Y/A/58/14
Malzard John of St Lawrence 20/5/1893 Also papers relating to the appointment of Edward Voisin as executor of the 16/Nov/1894 D/Y/A/53/101
Malzard John Edgefield, St Ouen 19/08/1933 Bequeaths to Louisa Vibert the property Edgefield, St Ouen and 2 houses in St Helier for life, reversion to John Clifford Malzard 29/Aug/1941 D/Y/A/108/70
Malzard John of St Ouen 29/Oct/1932 10/May/1950 D/Y/B1/5/27
Malzard John Charles Tuynam 17 Matham Grove, East Whitchurch, London 4/Jun/1927 4/Sep/1942 D/Y/A/109/161
Malzard John George of Les Ormes, St Peter 12/Jul/1929 7/May/1960 D/Y/B1/59/34
Malzard John William of Elizabeth Villa, Elizabeth Street, St Saviour 23/Mar/1945 31/May/1955 D/Y/B1/31/7
Malzard Lilian L'Abri, Beaumont, Jersey, now residing at Wray Lawn, Wray Park Road, Reigate, Surrey, widow 30/Mar/1944 8/Aug/1945 D/Y/A/114/19
Malzard Mabel Eliza nee Bisson, widow of George Malzard, of Victoria, Beach Road, St Saviour 11/Jan/1955 22/Apr/1961 D/Y/B1/64/6
Malzard Mabel Mary of L'Abri, Elizabeth Street, St Saviour 17/May/1957 21/Dec/1965 D/Y/B1/92/51
Malzard Nicollas ... 17/Feb/1676 15/Apr/1676 D/Y/A/3/30
Malzard Olive Alexandrine of 7, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 6/Apr/1970 9/Dec/1976 D/Y/B1/250/20
Malzard Philip Edward of Les Corvais, St Lawrence and formerly of Mont Gavey, St Lawrence 13/Sep/1944 7/Nov/1972 D/Y/B1/182/30
Malzard Philip George son of Thomas, of Grouville and now residing in St Helier 28/Apr/1942 22/May/1958 D/Y/B1/48/30
Malzard Phoebe of Sylvana, 7, Seafield Avenue, Millbrook, St Helier 6/Sep/1966 5/Jan/1967 D/Y/B1/103/40
Malzard Pierre and Catherine Perree, his wife of St John 13/08/1791 Bequeaths to the poor of St John, £50 tournois of the order of the King , to Phillis Malzard, their sister, widow of Edouard Chevalier, £50 sterling of funds in 4% annuities in the Bank of England - make further bequests of the same funds 12/May/1792 D/Y/A/15/24
Malzard Pierre son of Jean of St Ouen 19/09/1818 Bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen, £8 of the order 19/Sep/1818 D/Y/A/19/12
Malzard Pierre son of Pierre of St Ouen 11/03/1801 Desires to be buried in St Ouen's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen, £10 tournois of the order of the King 26/Dec/1801 D/Y/A/16/58
Malzard Robert George of No 14, St Anne's Terrace, St Helier 9/Feb/1965 16/May/1978 D/Y/B1/279/16
Malzard Susan of St Helier 17/10/1845 Desires to be buried in St Lawrence Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence, £16 6/Dec/1845 D/Y/A/26/40
Malzard Susanne Mauger daughter of Philippe Jean, native of St Lawrence and living at 4, Rue Rollon, Rouen, France 19/Mar/1929 17/May/1957 D/Y/B1/42/3
Malzard William John Thomas of Chellow Dene, Plar Douet Road, St Clement 15/Aug/1974 5/Mar/1979 D/Y/B1/295/37
Mandler Emanuel Gusti of 29, Denham Lodge, Uxbridge, Middlesex and formerly of 21, Walnut Way, South Ruislip, Middlesex 22/Jan/1966 6/Nov/1968 D/Y/B1/126/3
Manek Jayantilal Liladhar of 30, Tulip Court, Nursery Road, Pinner, Middlesex 29/Apr/1973 2/Apr/1976 D/Y/B1/237/38
Mangan Helga care of National Westminster Bank Limited, Colomberie, St Helier 26/Nov/1976 29/Mar/1977 D/Y/B1/256/9
Mangan Laurence Augustin of Gardner House, Clarence Road, St Helier 13/Dec/1977 13/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/270/34
Mangan Reginald James of 21, St James Street, St Helier 26/Jan/1963 17/Nov/1965 D/Y/B1/91/47
Maniart Elizabeth widow of Abraham Journeaulx 9/Feb/1668 14/Mar/1668 D/Y/A/1/103
Manley Barbara Joan widow of Frederick William Gates, of Meadowlands, Rue a la Dame, St Saviour and formerly of 2, Belgreve Terrace, Dicq Road, St Saviour 13/Sep/1967 1/Nov/1971 D/Y/B1/166/5
Manley Edgar Norman Prospect Farm, St Peter, retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Royal Engineers 29/Jul/1936 5/Feb/1938 D/Y/A/102/20
Manley Frederick William of Grove House, Grove Mount, Ramsey, Isle of Man 29/Apr/1974 27/Mar/1975 D/Y/B1/220/34
Manley John Charles Medland of 77, Great Union Road, St Helier 31/Jan/1950 22/Jun/1950 D/Y/B1/5/62
Manley Reginald Harewoood Sentosa, Portelet 18/Jun/1940 6/Mar/1946 D/Y/A/115/75
Manley Richard of Rew, Devon, now of St Aubin, St Brelade : 11/06/1887 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade £1 23/Jun/1888 D/Y/A/47/43
Mann George of 3, Grouville Arsenal, Grouville and formerly of 19, Married Quarters Bungalow, Green Street, St Helier 22/May/1963 29/Sep/1969 D/Y/B1/136/48
Mann Graham Charles of Le Plat Courtil, St Andrew, Guernsey 4/Mar/1968 4/Mar/1968 D/Y/B1/117/23
Mann Jean wife of Alfred Henry Holland, of St Augustine's Home, New St John's Road, St Helier 9/Mar/1966 9/Mar/1966 D/Y/B1/95/43
Mann Patricia May widow of George Albert Jackson, of La Botellerie Cottage, St Ouen 6/Jan/1967 6/Jan/1967 D/Y/B1/103/41
Mann William Rowland The National Banks of Australasia, 7 Lothbury, City of London Masseur 21/Aug/1923 16/Oct/1937 D/Y/A/101/76
Mannan Mary Ann Mont Felard, Cottage, St Lawrence, widow of Charles Le Grand 4/Feb/1899 12/Sep/1910 D/Y/A/69/79
Manners John Maxfield of St Helier 23/Feb/1872 18/Mar/1872 D/Y/A/36/57
Manning Charles Anthony Woodward of Westcliff, Constantia, Cape, South Africa 23/Feb/1978 14/Sep/1978 D/Y/B1/286/1
Manning Dewi Aeron of 3, Chimneys, Over Norton, Chipping, Norton, Oxfordshire 11/Mar/1970 11/Mar/1970 D/Y/B1/143/13
Manning Doris Alice wife of Albert Victor Alexander Bovington, of Kenilworth, 83, Miladi Farm Estate, Longueville, St Saviour 4/May/1973 26/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/203/15
Manning Elsie Blanche of Bel Air Cottage, St Martin 25/Jun/1949 15/Nov/1977 D/Y/B1/269/8
Manning Ernest Frederick Charles of Cartref, St Saviour 25/Feb/1964 11/Aug/1980 D/Y/B1/328/26
Manning Hedley James of Walnut Farm, St Saviour 4/May/1966 4/May/1966 D/Y/B1/97/27
Manning James of 1, Windsor Cottage, Gorey, Grouville 24/Oct/1970 24/Oct/1970 D/Y/B1/151/13
Manning James of Guernsey, now of St Helier 28/02/1862 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier 10 shillings 31/Mar/1866 D/Y/A/33/24
Manning James La Coupel, Rozel, St Martin 27/Jun/1936 13/Mar/1946 D/Y/A/115/82
Manning Laura Susanna nee Le Gresley, of Walnut Farm, St Saviour 5/Sep/1949 3/Feb/1953 D/Y/B1/17/54
Manning Raymond Bernard St Mary 25/Nov/1933 4/Apr/1936 D/Y/A/98/109
Manning Stephen Edward of 20, Westmount Park, St Helier 3/Feb/1972 3/Feb/1972 D/Y/B1/170/16
Manning Violet Emma widow of Jean Le Flem and of Philip Charles du Heaume, of No 2, Victoria Cottage Homes, St Saviour and formerly of No 11, Poonah Road, St Helier 23/Nov/1971 6/Jul/1979 D/Y/B1/303/16
Mannix Patrick of 12, Green Street, St Helier 2/Mar/1976 2/Mar/1976 D/Y/B1/236/18
Mannoury Leonore Emma 24 Commercial Buildings, St Helier 17/May/1938 20/Jul/1938 D/Y/A/103/16
Manquez Susanne Le widow of Daniel Hormen 8/Feb/1671 8/Apr/1671 D/Y/A/3/87
Mansell Eleanor Minnie wife of Stanley Hamilton Russell, of 4, Highview Villas, Manor Park Road, La Pouquelaye, St Helier 13/Jun/1975 13/Jun/1975 D/Y/B1/224/3
Mansell Lilian Ellen widow of Colin Wragg, of 28, Byron Lane, St Helier 25/Nov/1980 25/Nov/1980 D/Y/B1/336/8
Manson Nicollas refugee in Jersey because of the protestant religion 10/Nov/1735 22/Dec/1735 D/Y/A/6/108
Mantle Arthur of 72, New Street, St Helier 29/Jan/1980 29/Jan/1980 D/Y/B1/314/21
Manton Dorothy of Fore Street, Probus, near Truro, Cornwall Bequeaths to Peter Geoffrey Kevitt Manton, her gold watch and ruby ring; to Joyce Mabel Kevitt Manton, the remainder of her jewellery 8/Dec/1944 27/Mar/1953 D/Y/B1/19/1
Manuel Charles of Portbail, France, now of Anne Port, St Martin : 7/Jan/1884 23/Sep/1885 D/Y/A/45/22
Manuel Elizabeth Jane of St Helier 05/03/1896 Desires to be buried in Green Street Cemetery Bequeaths to the Benevolent Fund of the Industrial School of Jersey £50, to the Girls Orphanage £50, to the Home for Aged and Infirm Women 22/Jun/1896 D/Y/A/55/54
Manuel Francois of St Brelade 11/04/1811 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade, £3 of French currency 6/Sep/1832 D/Y/A/22/52
Manuel Henry of St Helier 03/06/1847 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £1 30/Apr/1850 D/Y/A/27/77
Manuel Mary Ann 46 Val Plaisant, St Helier 16/Nov/1897 28/Jan/1904 D/Y/A/63/5
Manuel Matilda 33 Midvale Road, St Helier 13/05/1904 Desires to be buried in Green Street Cemetery 25/Feb/1905 D/Y/A/64/28
Manzi Louis of 68, Mayflower Lodge, 124/154, Regents Park Road, London 21/Dec/1977 21/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/271/4
Mao Alain St Marys House, Roussel Street, St Helier 18/Jul/1936 12/Feb/1937 D/Y/A/100/44
Maple Alice widow of William Shaw, of Gilmur House, 66, St Mark's Avenue, Salisbury, Wiltshire 2/Jul/1970 14/Apr/1971 D/Y/B1/157/35
Maples Ernest Edgar of 49 Stopford Road, St Helier, Doctor of Medicine and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons 21/Apr/1947 19/Nov/1948 D/Y/A/120/74
Maples Florence Isabel nee Reeves, of 7, Windsor Crescent, St Helier, widow of Dr Ernest Edgar Maples Bequeaths to Mary Isabel Peterson, nee Maples, her diamond necklace, her diamond hexagonal ring with large diamond and her gold and diamond bracelet with central ornament; to Glenys Maples wife of Dr Antony Maples, her diamond and turquoise ring with large diamond 6/Mar/1950 31/Dec/1957 D/Y/B1/45/49
Marais Peter Thomas Michel de la Fevre de St Peter 8/Dec/1934 1/Feb/1935 D/Y/A/97/16
Marceau Theodore Auguste of The Evergreens, Strentham Place, Strentham, Surrey 5/Mar/1881 1/Dec/1900 D/Y/A/59/118
March Mary Jane 7 Belmont Road, St Helier, spinster 30/03/1912 Bequeaths to Priscilla Gale the property 7 Belmont Road, St Helier on the Fief de Collette des Augres 22/Oct/1919 D/Y/A/79/113
March Stuart Gordon of 78, Layer Road, Colchester, Essex 14/Feb/1967 18/Apr/1980 D/Y/B1/321/4
Marchand Elvina Celine Marie wife of Henri Maurice Gedet, of No 39, Village Way, Dulwich, London 3/Aug/1978 3/Aug/1978 D/Y/B1/284/2
Marchant Edith May widow of Charles James Miles, of 34, John Street, Brighton, East Sussex and formerly of 34, Sussex Terrace, Brighton 9/Aug/1979 21/May/1980 D/Y/B1/323/23
Marchant Joyce widow of John Dickinson, of Fauvic Nursing Home, Grouville and formerly of 11E, Grange Mews, Grange Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex 15/Jul/1975 23/Aug/1977 D/Y/B1/264/17
Marche Jean ... 23/Apr/1745 1/Jun/1745 D/Y/A/7/102
Marcher Henning Friis of Amiandos, Cyprus 21/Nov/1969 16/Aug/1976 D/Y/B1/245/14
Marcheron Alice Jane daughter of Auguste John, of Grouville 28/Feb/1958 12/May/1960 D/Y/B1/59/38
Marcheron Auguste Jean Grouville 28/Mar/1908 22/Jul/1921 D/Y/A/81/91
Marcu Joseph Edward s 24/Aug/1957 7/Dec/1960 D/Y/B1/62/3
Marcus Anne Elizabeth of Campbell Terrace, 87, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 3/Jul/1958 27/Oct/1961 D/Y/B1/66/19
Marcus Clarice Maud widow of Herbert Philip de Ste Croix, of 87, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 20/Jul/1970 18/Feb/1975 D/Y/B1/218/22
Marcus Joseph Edward son of Joseph Edward, of Durban, Brighton Road, St Helier Bequeaths to his son, , 8, Windsor Road, St Helier; to his daughter, Mary Kirby, nee Marcus, 30, Great Union Road and 20, Garden Lane, St Helier; to his daughter Clarice Maud de Ste Croix, nee Marcus, wife of Herbert de Ste Croix, the aforesaid property Durban, formerly known as Arthur Cottage, situated in Brighton Road 14/Mar/1951 9/Jun/1954 D/Y/B1/25/16
Marcus Joseph Edward Durban, Brighton Road, St Helier 22/Jul/1932 16/Mar/1938 D/Y/A/102/52
Marcus Marjory Kathleen widow of Roderic O'Neill MacAndrew, also known as Marjorie, of Umdloti Beach, Natal, South Africa 20/Dec/1976 3/Nov/1977 D/Y/B1/268/7
Marcus William Charles son of Joseph Edward, of Hetherington, Georgetown Park, St Clement 20/Feb/1948 16/Mar/1951 D/Y/B1/8/68
Mardel Joseph Stanley of La Mothe, Duras, Lot et Garonne, France, formerly of No 11, Glencairn Crescent, Edinburgh 6/Aug/1974 1/Mar/1978 D/Y/B1/274/46
Mardling John Trevers of 2, Capuchin Road, Kalkara, Malta 16/Nov/1971 16/Nov/1971 D/Y/B1/167/3
Mardorf Glyn Godson of 3, Dumarais Flats, St Ouen and formerly of Kenilworth, Five Oaks, St Saviour 6/Dec/1973 10/Jul/1980 D/Y/B1/326/28
Maret Charles son of Jean son of Charles of Trinity 2/Aug/1666 23/Nov/1666 D/Y/A/1/119
Maret Jean son of Jean 15/Dec/1675 22/Jan/1676 D/Y/A/4/5
Maret Philip or Philippe t 5/Jan/1972 D/Y/B1/169/6
Maret Philippa Laetitia t 28/Jun/1958 D/Y/B1/49/12
Maret Philippe of St Lawrence 26/Jan/1676 23/Oct/1676 D/Y/A/3/16
Maret Philippe son of Jean 07/04/1779 Desires to be buried in St Mary's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Mary, £10 tournois of the order of the King 6/Jul/1781 D/Y/A/13/33
Maret William Thomas t 4/May/1957 D/Y/B1/41/49
Marete Lucille Annie nee Le Lucus, 37 La Motte Street, St Helier 1/May/1946 29/May/1946 D/Y/A/116/32
Marett Abraham St Mary 3/02/1900 Bequeaths 5 shillings to the poor of St Mary 16/Sep/1914 D/Y/A/73/95
Marett Albert Edwin of 26, Windsor Road, St Helier 24/Mar/1964 4/May/1970 D/Y/B1/144/55
Marett Alfred Edwin of 5a, David Place, St Helier 22/Sep/1933 1/Oct/1952 D/Y/B1/16/1
Marett Alfred Francis Junior, of Military House, St Peter 2/May/1925 5/Jan/1965 D/Y/B1/83/6
Marett Alfred Francois Military House, near St Peters Arsenal 9/Sep/1919 D/Y/A/89/61
Marett Alfred George of 4, Fairfield Avenue, La Pouquelaye, St Helier 31/Mar/1948 23/Feb/1963 D/Y/B1/72/65
Marett Alfred James of 9, Beaulieu Park, St Helier 20/Sep/1966 20/Sep/1966 D/Y/B1/100/42
Marett Alice Collie nee Starck, Rose Cottage, College Hill, St Helier, widow 3/06/1946 Bequeaths to the Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals £300; to Jersey Blind Society £100; to the Benefit Society for Jersey Merchant Seaman £100 14/Nov/1947 D/Y/A/118/104
Marett Alice Jane widow of Francis Le Cras, of 56, Le Squez, St Clement 12/Feb/1974 11/Dec/1975 D/Y/B1/232/27
Marett Amelia Elizabeth nee Smith of 14, Providence Street, St Helier 18/Mar/1897 19/Aug/1897 D/Y/A/56/83
Marett Amice of St Helier 15/05/1768 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier and St Brelade, £20 of the order of the King for each parish - makes bequests of stock 23/Nov/1776 D/Y/A/12/87
Marett Ann widow of John Le Maistre, of Cyrano, First Tower, St Helier and formerly of Les Croix House, St Ouen 7/Apr/1956 31/Aug/1971 D/Y/B1/163/45
Marett Anne wife of Francois Fauchon of St Helier : 20/08/1878 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier 5 shillings 14/Jul/1888 D/Y/A/47/48
Marett Anne Elizabeth La Haule Manor, St Brelade, spinster 15/04/1898 Bequeaths to St Aubins Church Chapel of Ease £100; to the parochial authorities of St Brelade £25 for the restoration of St Brelade's Church 6/Nov/1905 D/Y/A/64/99
Marett Annie Oriana St Helier 4/May/1923 19/Jun/1926 D/Y/A/86/83
Marett Anthony James of Lloret de Mar, Maupertuis Lane, St Clement 2/Dec/1975 2/Dec/1975 D/Y/B1/232/10
Marett Arthur Samuel native of Edinburgh, of 26, Seaton Place, St Helier 21/Aug/1948 16/Apr/1966 D/Y/B1/96/57
Marett Blanche Mary Josephine nee Laurent, wife of John George Marett, of Lenowen, Sunshine Avenue, St Saviour Bequeaths to Frederick Charles Dailey the medals belonging to her first husband Frederick Charles Robert 24/Oct/1947 19/May/1951 D/Y/B1/10/3
Marett Charles of St Saviour 17/05/1824 Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, £20 of the order of the King , and to Maley Romeril, his wife, consols in the Bank of England Desires to be buried in St Saviour's cemetery 21/Apr/1826 D/Y/A/20/63
Marett Charles of St Saviour 24/09/1839 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, 150 livres of old French currency 24/Oct/1839 D/Y/A/24/88
Marett Charles of Trinity 11/08/1821 Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity, £8 of the order of the King 14/May/1827 D/Y/A/20/88
Marett Charles son of Jean of St John 17/May/1748 8/Aug/1760 D/Y/A/10/53
Marett Charles Trinity 25/Jun/1926 16/Mar/1927 D/Y/A/87/47
Marett Charles ... 5/Feb/1884 13/Apr/1921 D/Y/A/81/51
Marett Charles 2 Vimeira Place, Stopford Road, St Helier, Clerk in Holy Orders and former rector of St Saviour 11/01/1896 Bequeaths to Emily Jane Marett and Rose Sarah Marett a large photograph of himself by Tynam 31/Mar/1904 D/Y/A/63/26
Marett Charles Dewall 2, Boyne Terrace, St Helier 15/Jan/1941 10/Jan/1945 D/Y/A/113/42
Marett Charles Durell of No 3, Yaralla Villas, First Tower, St Helier 17/Apr/1979 31/Aug/1979 D/Y/B1/305/44
Marett Charles Herbert 12 Seaton Place, St Helier, presently in the Jersey General Hospital 6/Feb/1943 8/Mar/1944 D/Y/A/112/50
Marett Charles Le Cornu St Helier 18/03/1924 Bequeaths to Hilda Le Seelleur the property 17 King Street Bequeaths to Hilda Le Seelleur a plot of land called Muttons Field with the house known as Hilmar, Fief de la Fosse, St Helier 14/Jul/1943 D/Y/A/111/27
Marett Clara Louisa St Saviour 14/08/1926 Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour £5 22/Jul/1930 D/Y/A/90/97
Marett Clifford Henry of Marbret, 6, Havre des Pas Gardens, St Helier 7/Oct/1969 28/Nov/1977 D/Y/B1/269/36
Marett Clifford Raymond of Springvale, St Aubin, St Brelade 27/Oct/1975 27/Oct/1975 D/Y/B1/230/20
Marett Edward George of 4, Fairfield Avenue, La Pouquelaye, St Helier 6/Feb/1970 3/Mar/1972 D/Y/B1/171/24
Marett Edward George Rose Cottage, College Hill, St Helier 28/Feb/1922 1/Jul/1924 D/Y/A/84/85
Marett Edward George of 6, Royal Crescent, St Helier 8/May/1885 28/Dec/1899 D/Y/A/58/95
Marett Edward Nicholas of 1, Clairvale Villas, Clairvale Road, St Helier and formerly of 50, Stopford Road, St Helier 14/May/1965 26/Jan/1970 D/Y/B1/141/9
Marett Edwin Francis Weigelia House, St Saviour 16/Dec/1899 5/Apr/1902 D/Y/A/61/35
Marett Elie Philippe formerly of Avranche and later of St Catherine's, Westmount, St Helier, doctor of medicine 3/Apr/1959 16/Mar/1962 D/Y/B1/68/21
Marett Elise nee Pallot, widow of Philip Marett, of 12, Clarence Road, St Helier 28/Apr/1959 23/Jan/1960 D/Y/B1/57/49
Marett Eliza of St Helier 1/Jan/1898 3/Feb/1898 D/Y/A/57/10
Marett Eliza Mabel of St Luke's Lodge, Elizabeth Street, St Saviour 1/Sep/1951 24/Oct/1970 D/Y/B1/151/14
Marett Elizabeth Mary St Brelade 10/Jul/1911 2/Jun/1913 D/Y/A/72/44
Marett Emelie Manor View, Trinity 26/Sep/1927 19/May/1943 D/Y/A/110/147
Marett Emily Jane Eliza 2 Vimeira Place, Stopford Road, St Helier, spinster 17/07/1926 Bequeaths to The Jersey Society for the Blind £100; to The Home for Infirm & Aged Women £50; to The Jersey Dorcas Society £50; to The Jersey District Nurses Associatin £50; to The Jersey General Dispensary & Infirmary £50; to The Royal UK Beneficent Association for granting annuities to ladies in reduced circumstances, for the "Jersey Annuity" £100; to the Rector and Churchwardens of St Clement £50 for the upkeep of the Family Burial Place in St Clement's Cemetery 18/Dec/1937 D/Y/A/101/113
Marett Emmeline Julia also known as Evelyne Julia Marett, widow of Thomas Le Blancq, of White House, St John and formerly of Caen Lodge, St John 16/Dec/1951 14/Dec/1966 D/Y/B1/103/19
Marett Ernest John of Kilda, La Rocque, St Clement 2/Feb/1967 2/Feb/1967 D/Y/B1/104/53
Marett Ernest Snowdon of Meadow Vale, Grands Vaux, St Saviour 14/Oct/1959 6/Apr/1964 D/Y/B1/79/1
Marett Ethel Mary widow of Albert Francis Benoit, of Grouville Hospital, Les Marais, Grouville 8/Apr/1980 8/Apr/1980 D/Y/B1/320/13
Marett Florence Maud Richelieu, Bagot, St Saviour 24/04/1935 Desires to be buried in St Saviours cemetery Bequeaths to the Churchwardens of St Saviour £100 for the upkeep of her grave; to the poor of St Saviour £5; to the Jersey Society for the Blind £25 29/Mar/1939 D/Y/A/104/87
Marett Francis St Helier 30/12/1901 Bequeaths to Charles Marett and Elizabeth Marett the stock in trade of his business as butcher 18/Apr/1905 D/Y/A/64/47
Marett Francis of St Lawrence : 5/Jul/1886 12/Jul/1890 D/Y/A/49/43
Marett Francis George St Helier 2/Jul/1930 31/Jan/1945 D/Y/A/113/56
Marett George of St Helier 14/Oct/1857 30/Jul/1878 D/Y/A/40/53
Marett George of Trinity, Sailor 18/Oct/1878 31/Mar/1882 D/Y/A/42/66
Marett George St Mary 25/11/1892 Bequeaths to Riley all property in Brookland, New York, America 29/Sep/1915 D/Y/A/74/118
Marett George 28 James Street, St Helier 15/Dec/1899 10/Feb/1927 D/Y/A/87/24
Marett George St Saviour 19/Jun/1922 4/Dec/1922 D/Y/A/82/149
Marett George Dowell ... 17/Aug/1923 9/Feb/1926 D/Y/A/86/23
Marett George Francis 43, St Saviours Road, St Helier 8/Oct/1926 17/Mar/1927 D/Y/A/87/48
Marett George James of 32, Caesarea Court, Windsor Road, St Helier 14/Jan/1975 5/Oct/1977 D/Y/B1/266/40
Marett George Pierre of St Clement 11/07/1846 Bequeaths to the poor of St Clement, 2s 18/Dec/1846 D/Y/A/26/81
Marett George Walter St Saviour 14/12/1901 Bequeaths to the Poor of St Saviour £5 27/May/1914 D/Y/A/73/55
Marett Hedley John of St Luke's Lodge, Elizabeth Street, St Saviour 29/Mar/1971 29/Mar/1971 D/Y/B1/156/59
Marett Henriette Mary wife of Edwin Francis Le Droit, of Vernon Villa, Beaumont, St Peter 29/Mar/1969 29/Mar/1969 D/Y/B1/130/40
Marett Henry ... 7/Jul/1858 10/Jul/1858 D/Y/A/29/89
Marett Herbert Arthur of St Luke's Lodge, Elizabeth Street, St Luke's 18/Jan/1947 6/Jul/1964 D/Y/B1/80/25
Marett Hilda nee Le Seelleur, widow of Charles Le Cornu Marett, of 4, The Cloisters, Mont Millais, St Helier 28/Sep/1959 25/Jun/1960 D/Y/B1/59/81
Marett Ida May widow of Percy James Burton and Philip Charles Renouf Houguet, of 16, Royal Crescent, Don Road, St Helier 16/Sep/1964 26/Nov/1974 D/Y/B1/214/31
Marett James Francis of Barbados 14/Oct/1856 22/Jul/1858 D/Y/A/29/92
Marett James Richard The Priory, La Chasse, St Helier, Colonel, unemployed list of the Indian Army 9/Oct/1912 24/Feb/1915 D/Y/A/74/34
Marett Jane St Helier 16/Mar/1915 4/Oct/1928 D/Y/A/88/148
Marett Jane widow : 19/Apr/1880 13/Sep/1884 D/Y/A/44/60
Marett Jane of St Helier 26/Aug/1878 17/Dec/1878 D/Y/A/40/76
Marett Jane of St Helier, spinster 16/Mar/1898 13/Apr/1898 D/Y/A/57/38
Marett Jane Elizabeth nee Le Sueur, 26 West Park Avenue, St Helier, widow of Thomas Marett 3/11/1921 Bequeaths to Edward Marett the property 3 Gwendoline Villas, Bellozanne Road, St Helier; to Sydney Marett the property 2 Gwendoline Villas 24/May/1924 D/Y/A/84/72
Marett Jane Mary daughter of Charles and wife of Josue Marett Queree, of Trinity 21/Apr/1948 2/Apr/1954 D/Y/B1/24/4
Marett Jean ... 1/Jan/1761 10/Feb/1766 D/Y/A/11/61
Marett Jean ... 5/Mar/1765 12/Nov/1768 D/Y/A/11/117
Marett Jean of St Brelade 02/04/1814 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade, £16 of the order of the King 5/May/1821 D/Y/A/19/59
Marett Jean of St John 20/09/1856 Bequeaths to the poor of St John, 5s 10/Nov/1860 D/Y/A/30/79
Marett Jean of St Martin 26/06/1840 Desires to be buried in St Martin's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor, 100 livres of old French currency 6/Jul/1840 D/Y/A/24/110
Marett Jean of St Clement, now of St Helier 13/Apr/1860 2/Sep/1863 D/Y/A/31/97
Marett Jeanne widow of Thomas Bandinel 16/10/1782 Bequeaths to the poor of the General Hospital, £800 sterling of funds in south sea annuities, to the poor of St Aubin's hospital, £600 of funds in the same annuities 25/Mar/1786 D/Y/A/14/11
Marett Jeanne of St Brelade, now of St Helier 12/10/1853 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade, 10s 6/Sep/1856 D/Y/A/28/194
Marett Jeanneton of St John, now of Trinity 23/01/1874 Bequeaths to the poor of the Independent Church of St John 5 shillings 28/Nov/1874 D/Y/A/37/124
Marett Jessie Beatrice wife of Peter George Dubois, of Southlands, Pontac, St Clement and formerly of Auckland Private Hotel, First Tower, St Helier 2/Nov/1962 16/Dec/1968 D/Y/B1/127/11
Marett Joan Frances widow of William Robert Cobden Gee, of Como, Elizabeth Avenue, St Brelade and formerly of 111, Don Road, St Helier 28/Jan/1946 1/Apr/1977 D/Y/B1/256/19
Marett John of St Mary 21/10/1847 Bequeaths to the poor of St Mary, £12 of the order of the King 11/Nov/1850 D/Y/A/27/98
Marett John George of St Helier : 18/04/1878 Bequeaths to Anne Adelaide Marett, 43, St Saviour's Road, St Helier and to Julie Susanne Marett 49, Chemin Neuf, New Street, St Helier 14/Sep/1885 D/Y/A/45/15
Marett John Nicolle of Les Hannieres, St Martin 15/Feb/1928 9/Feb/1951 D/Y/B1/8/35
Marett John Touzel St Saviour 28/Aug/1940 31/Dec/1943 D/Y/A/111/124
Marett Josue of Trinity 08/06/1853 Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity, 5s 18/Jul/1853 D/Y/A/28/26
Marett Joyce Elizabeth wife of Walter Goodwin Prince, of Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States of America 19/Apr/1979 13/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/318/13
Marett Julia Mary of La Mielle, St Brelade 29/May/1942 1/Feb/1958 D/Y/B1/46/34
Marett Julie Susanne St Helier 11/Dec/1891 16/May/1925 D/Y/A/85/85
Marett Letitia Helen of St Brelade 19/Sep/1868 19/Oct/1872 D/Y/A/36/104
Marett Louisa Desperques widow of Daniel Le Gros, of Mon Plaisir, Faldouet, St Martin 1/Mar/1939 9/Mar/1956 D/Y/B1/34/54
Marett Lydia Susan 33 Poonah Road, St Helier, widow of Thomas John Hamon 10/Jul/1944 1/Apr/1947 D/Y/A/117/98
Marett Marguerite of St John, widow of Nicolas Poingdestre 06/12/1847 Bequeaths to the poor of St John, 5s 6/May/1848 D/Y/A/26/140
Marett Maria Selena La Haule Manor, St Brelade 12/Jun/1887 23/Jun/1911 D/Y/A/70/62
Marett Marie of St Brelade, now of St Helier, widow of Josue Le Manquais 17/11/1864 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade 10 shillings 3/Feb/1869 D/Y/A/34/77
Marett Marie of St Saviour 24/5/1855 Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, 5s 2/Apr/1863 D/Y/A/31/76
Marett Mary Ann nee Sarre, of 8, Elizabeth Lane, St Helier 31/May/1893 17/May/1900 D/Y/A/59/67
Marett Mary Ann Jane St Clement 24/05/1922 Bequeaths to the Jersey Red Cross Society £15; to the Jersey Female Orphans Home £15 17/Oct/1924 D/Y/A/84/117
Marett Mary Jane St Helier 2/09/1895 Bequeaths to the Jersey Female Orphans Home £10; to The Home for Infirm & Aged Women £10; to the Jersey Dorcas Society £10; to the Jersey National School for Girls £5; to the Infirmary Fund of the Jersey General Dispensary £5 26/Nov/1912 D/Y/A/71/106
Marett Muriel Ida Barbara nee Hassell, widow of Alfred Edwin Marett, of The Bond Hotel, Bond Street, St Helier 30/Dec/1961 1/Nov/1962 D/Y/B1/71/10
Marett Nellie de Carteret widow of Edward Ashort Mossop, of Clinique Pinel, St Saviour's Hospital, St Saviour 20/Sep/1973 18/Jan/1978 D/Y/B1/272/20
Marett Nora nee Kirk, of West Lodge, St Aubin, St Brelade 25/Sep/1946 15/Oct/1954 D/Y/B1/26/53
Marett Peter Daniel 1 Romney Villas, St Aubins Road, St Helier, retired Colonel in Her Majesty's Royal Artillery 14/10/1899 Bequeaths to Sarah Jane O'Neil all plates bearing the crest or initials of the Marett or Pipon families 2/Feb/1905 D/Y/A/64/16
Marett Philip St Helier 31/Oct/1936 22/Oct/1941 D/Y/A/108/92
Marett Philip Charles of Green View Farm, St Martin 30/Sep/1971 30/Sep/1971 D/Y/B1/164/52
Marett Philip Janvrin Lieutenant Colonel, Norfield Lodge, Bagatelle Road, St Saviour 26/Apr/1937 11/Aug/1939 D/Y/A/105/35
Marett Philippa Laetitia La Mielle, St Aubin, St Brelade 8/03/1946 Bequeaths the gold seal with the Janvrin crest engraved upon it to Robert Hugh Kirk Marett Her portrait in pastel, her mother's portrait on glass and the black silhouette of her grandmother Maria Janvrin she gives to La Haule, as interest to the Marett family To the general fund of St Aubins Church £50; to the Home for the Aged and Infirm Women £50; to the Societe Jersiaise General Fund £10 Desires to be cremated and ashes deposited in the ground where her mother and father are buried without further ceremony 31/Dec/1948 D/Y/A/120/115
Marett Philippe La Vingtaine de Herupe, St John 19/Mar/1935 30/Dec/1936 D/Y/A/99/145
Marett Philippe of St Helier 15/07/1841 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 5s 21/Sep/1841 D/Y/A/25/30
Marett Philippe son of Philippe of St Martin 22/11/1822 Desires to be buried in St Martin's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Martin, £20 of the order of the King 26/Nov/1823 D/Y/A/19/115
Marett Richard of St Saviour 26/05/1849 Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, 5s 4/Jul/1849 D/Y/A/27/28
Marett Richard Hollies, Vingtaine de Samares, St Clement 16/Jan/1925 6/Feb/1929 D/Y/A/89/33
Marett Robert Ranulph La Haule Manor, St Brelade 19/01/1927 Bequeaths La Haule Estate including the following lands: the cotils on both sides of Mont au Roux, La Corderie, Le Pre de la Fontaine, Le Pre du Pendant, Le Clos de la Fosse, Le Clos de Proutillier, Le Neuf Jardin, Le Clos de dessus les Cotils, La Pranque sur la Grande Route de St Aubin, Le Clos des Monts, Le Clos des Simones, a portion of Clos de la Mielle and the peice of land to the west of West Lodge to John Ranulph de la Haule Marett; to Robert Hugh Kirk Marett the property Mont-a-l'Abbe Plaisir; to Philippa Suzanne Marett La Mielle house; to Joyce Elizabeth Marett Beauvoir House bordering in High Street, St Aubin and a portion of Le Grand Pre de L'Ecluse, St Aubin All the above properties in the Fief du Roi or other fief, St Brelade 18/Aug/1943 D/Y/A/111/52
Marett Robert Ranulph ... 18/Aug/1943 30/Jul/1947 D/Y/A/118/38
Marett Rose Sarah 2 Vimeira Place, Stopford Road, St Helier, spinster 4/03/1920 If Emily Jane Eliza Marett predeceases her, bequeaths to The Jersey Society for the Blind £300; to The Home for Infirm and Aged Women £100; to the Jersey Dorcas Society £100; to Jersey District Nurses Association £100; to the Jersey General Dispensary £100; to the Royal UK Beneficient Association for the benefit of the Jersey Auxiliary Branch £200; to the Rector and Churchwardens of St Clements £50 in trust to upkeep the family grave 14/Mar/1925 D/Y/A/85/52
Marett Stanley de Carteret of Brantwood, St Peter 20/Nov/1943 4/Apr/1952 D/Y/B1/14/1
Marett Susanne widow of Thomas Whittel 23/Oct/1779 26/Nov/1779 D/Y/A/12/128
Marett Susanne 08/03/1864 Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour 5 shillings Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Also including papers relating to and requesting the appointment og John Francis Gifford as executor of the testament 19/Mar/1869 D/Y/A/34/90
Marett Susanne Ann widow of Jonas Matthew Sheppeck, of St Clement 27/May/1950 17/Jun/1953 D/Y/B1/19/58
Marett Sydney of 26, West Park Avenue, St Helier 12/Aug/1946 23/May/1967 D/Y/B1/108/32
Marett Sydney Stoodley of 11, Victoria Crescent, St Helier 10/Jan/1936 12/Sep/1950 D/Y/B1/6/35
Marett Theophile George 4, Woodville Avenue, St Helier 25/Jun/1936 6/Sep/1939 D/Y/A/105/46
Marett Thomas 1 York Street, St Helier 23/Jan/1891 24/Jun/1907 D/Y/A/66/75
Marett Thomas of Gibraltar House, St Martin 29/Mar/1967 29/Mar/1967 D/Y/B1/106/32
Marett Thomas Philip St Clement 25/Aug/1924 27/Dec/1924 D/Y/A/84/144
Marett Violet of Holmside, Longueville, St Saviour 31/Jul/1972 31/Jul/1972 D/Y/B1/178/9
Marett Walter Ernest 5 Commercial Buildings, St Helier, master mariner 11/12/1920 Bequeaths to Alice Maud Mary Le Breton the property 5 Commercial Buildings 29/Feb/1932 D/Y/A/92/99
Marett Walter George 5 Commercial Buildings, St Helier, commission agent 21/Aug/1933 22/Feb/1946 D/Y/A/115/59
Marett Walter George of 2, Walton Villas, First Tower, St Helier 3/Jul/1971 31/Dec/1971 D/Y/B1/168/45
Marett Walter James of No 81, Great Union Road, St Helier 28/Sep/1979 28/Sep/1979 D/Y/B1/306/46
Marett Walter Touzel Richelieu, St Saviour 22/01/1934 Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour £1; to the Vicar of St Paul's Church £20 to be divided between the choir boys 1/Nov/1934 D/Y/A/96/124
Marett William Thomas ... 28/Jun/1924 24/Feb/1943 D/Y/A/110/73
Margrie Florence Amelia wife of Thomas James Houguez, of Elmside, Langley Avenue, St Saviour 12/May/1970 11/Jun/1973 D/Y/B1/191/29
Marguerie Marie Desiree widow of Louis Pratt 2/Jul/1915 12/Mar/1919 D/Y/A/79/29
Marguerie Martha Mary nee Gaudin, formerly of 12 The Terrace, 1 Grosvenor Street, St Helier, now of Fantaisie, Albecq, Guernsey, widow 19/06/1936 Bequeaths 1, 2 & 3 Gaudin Villas, Eden Place, Ann Street, St Helier to Dora Frances Gaudin 27/Dec/1940 D/Y/A/107/96
Marguerie Philip Thomas son of Philip, of St Peter 2/Jul/1948 16/Mar/1956 D/Y/B1/34/63
Margueris Josue of St Mary 28/01/1779 Bequeaths to the poor of St Mary, £20 of the order 15/May/1784 D/Y/A/13/103
Marie Albert Edward Paquerette, St Malo 24/12/1902 Oral Will written by Public Notary l 11/Feb/1903 D/Y/A/62/16
Marie Alice Laura nee Walker, wife of John Robert Marie, of 3, Windsor Villas, Val Plaisant, St Helier 26/Aug/1939 14/Apr/1953 D/Y/B1/19/10
Marie Anastie Virginie Justine widow of Percy Edward Elias Baudains, of Fauvic Bungalow, La Rocque, Grouville 3/Feb/1972 21/Feb/1973 D/Y/B1/186/37
Marie Catherine daughter of Francois, of Grouville at St Clement 03/12/1811 Bequeaths to the poor of St Clement, £6 of French currency 19/Dec/1812 D/Y/A/18/77
Marie Elie Charles Les Rivages, La Rocque, Grouville 15/Dec/1941 31/Dec/1947 D/Y/A/118/128
Marie Elizabeth Mary St Clement 9/Oct/1902 27/Apr/1905 D/Y/A/64/50
Marie Elvina Victoria nee Andre, 3 Temple Villas, Stopford Road, St Helier Should her husband and son predecease her without leaving issue she divides all real estate in perpetuity to the Home for Infirm & Aged Women and 1/2 of her personal estate to the Constable of St Saviour to be applied for the poor, and 1/2 to the Treasurer of the Jersey Blind Society 21/Mar/1932 19/Sep/1945 D/Y/A/114/74
Marie Eugene Charles of Canton de Lessay, Coutances, Dept de la Manche, France, now of 29, Hilgrove Lane, St Helier 22/Aug/1889 31/Dec/1892 D/Y/A/51/108
Marie Florence Emma Elizabeth nee Freeman, widow of James Edwin Marie, of Territet, 18, Savile Street, St Helier Bequeaths to Beryl Gaudin Marie and James Francis Marie 26/Sep/1945 16/Mar/1953 D/Y/B1/18/36
Marie George Grouville 21/Mar/1914 6/Jul/1938 D/Y/A/103/7
Marie Heloise Leonie Ambroisine widow of Charles Roslyn Davis, of Sandybrook Hospital, Grouville Annexe, Grouville 5/Sep/1979 5/Sep/1979 D/Y/B1/305/51
Marie James Edwin Bequeaths to Florence Emma Elizabeth Freeman the property 6 Devonshire Lane 16/Jan/1930 D/Y/A/90/13
Marie James Francis of 18, Savile Street, St Helier and formerly of 79, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 30/Aug/1954 22/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/203/4
Marie John alias Browne 12/11/1833 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 5s, and to the Minister of the Catholic Chapel in Hue Street, all his books now in the possession of Hugh Noel 3/Jan/1834 D/Y/A/23/1
Marie John of St Helier 08/02/1873 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier 5 shillings 9/Oct/1878 D/Y/A/40/64
Marie Joseph Helesbeux ... 6/Oct/1954 6/Jan/1961 D/Y/B1/62/30
Marie Joseph Stanley of La Niche, Green Island, Samares, St Clement 25/Apr/1968 15/Sep/1969 D/Y/B1/136/18
Marie Jules of 3, Halkett Street, St Helier 8/Nov/1894 17/Sep/1897 D/Y/A/56/90
Marie Lilian Alma wife of Henry George Gaudin 8/Jul/1931 5/Apr/1944 D/Y/A/112/74
Marie Louis Auguste St Saviour 13/Aug/1938 20/Oct/1943 D/Y/A/111/79
Marie Louise Cyprienne Lary widow of Jules Albina, of 20, Place de la Republique, Fleurance, Gers, France 14/Sep/1966 14/Sep/1966 D/Y/B1/100/39
Marie Nancy of Grouville, now of St Clement 09/10/1871 Bequeaths to the poor of St Clement 5 shillings 14/Nov/1871 D/Y/A/36/25
Marie Percy of 13?, Old Street, St Helier 5/Sep/1963 6/Mar/1967 D/Y/B1/106/1
Marie Violet Mourant widow of Osmond Philip Hamon and of Thomas Philip Reginald Gallichan, of No 4, Harbour View, La Rocque, Grouville 17/Nov/1978 17/Nov/1978 D/Y/B1/289/32
Marie William Charles of 3, Temple Villas, Stopford Road, St Helier 22/Mar/1932 11/Mar/1963 D/Y/B1/73/1
Marie Le Gros Edmond Louis of Les Ormes, St John 1/Feb/1979 1/Feb/1979 D/Y/B1/293/19
Marie Le Gros Florence wife of Alfred Francis Le Potier, of Rozel Farm Cottage, Trinity 24/Jan/1968 24/Jan/1968 D/Y/B1/115/45
Mariette Charles John Louis of Mon Desir, New Road, Gorey Village, Grouville 30/Jun/1970 30/Jun/1970 D/Y/B1/147/4
Mariette Francis Louis St Bernard, Gorey Village, St Martin 23/08/1929 Bequeaths to Elizabeth Rose Ann Sadler the property St Bernard for life, reversion to his heirs jointly 3/Aug/1938 D/Y/A/103/25
Mariette William Henry of 6, Patriotic Street, St Helier 2/Jul/1952 15/Jan/1955 D/Y/B1/28/7
Marigo Francois Marie of Fairview, Rondin, Trinity 19/Apr/1971 19/Apr/1971 D/Y/B1/157/47
Marin Betsy Elizabeth Dorset House, First Tower 12/Apr/1913 18/Jun/1913 D/Y/A/72/46
Marindin Charles Randal Platte Rocque, La Rocque 20/Jun/1921 19/Jul/1929 D/Y/A/89/134
Marindin Isalen Dorothea Mercedes widow of James Sharrer Hungerford Morgan, of Les Poidevins, St Andrew, Guernsey 27/Oct/1964 12/Feb/1970 D/Y/B1/142/2
mariner John Phillips ... 2/Nov/1741 12/Jan/1754 D/Y/A/8/103
Marinier Jesse Le ... 4/Jun/1700 28/Nov/1707 D/Y/A/4/35
Marion Francois Eulalie of Pontfarcy, dept of Calvados, France, now of 17, Charles Street, St Helier, widow of Prosper Lepileur 25/May/1877 4/Jun/1877 D/Y/A/39/107
Marita Marie Jacqueline -Hubin, widow of Joseph Stanley Kellett Smith, of 5, Regency House, St Helier 20/Mar/1970 6/May/1975 D/Y/B1/222/17
Mark Hans John ... 15/Oct/1888 11/Feb/1892 D/Y/A/51/19
Markey Harriet Sarah 4 Bond Street, St Helier, widow 18/Oct/1932 4/Feb/1938 D/Y/A/102/19
Markham Beatrice Emily wife of Richard Murning, of Windsor Villa, Beaumont, St Lawrence Bequeaths all her jewellery to her sister, Dorothy Muriel baker, nee Markham, wife of Wilfred Baker, all her furniture, household and personal effects are bequeathed to her husband The residue of the estate is bequeathed to her sons Richard Henry Murning and Roderick Frank Murning 28/Nov/1946 20/Apr/1949 D/Y/B1/1/74
Markham Frank of 87, Las Cuevas, La Orotava, Tenerife, Canary Islands 7/Nov/1974 5/Nov/1975 D/Y/B1/230/37
Markham Leslie Albert of Greenways, La Vielle Charriere, Les Landes, St Martin 16/Oct/1975 17/Jul/1978 D/Y/B1/282/28
Markham Richard James of Phaleron, Mount Bingham, St Helier 7/Mar/1950 4/Mar/1968 D/Y/B1/117/21
Markland Thomas Henry of Cardington Lodge, St Aubin, St Brelade 16/Jul/1976 9/Aug/1977 D/Y/B1/263/37
Markram Raymond of 95, Harewood Road, Oakworth, Keighley, West Yorkshire 23/May/1977 28/Sep/1977 D/Y/B1/266/23
Marks Arthur Francis of Union Inn, Mont a L'Abbe, St Helier 17/Jul/1950 8/Jun/1963 D/Y/B1/74/47
Marks Ephraim 11 Wiltshire Road, Brixton, London fruit buyer 21/Sep/1920 24/Sep/1920 D/Y/A/80/110
Marks Harry Leopold of The Beacon, St Brelade Desires to be cremated 21/Jan/1953 22/Jan/1954 D/Y/B1/22/41
Marks Lewis The Bristol Hotel, St Helier, merchant 1/Apr/1916 15/Feb/1917 D/Y/A/76/26
Marks Louisa Amabel nee Le Lievre, wife of William Frederick Marks, of 5, Rosemount Cottages, St Saviour 19/Sep/1942 10/May/1963 D/Y/B1/74/9
Marks Ruby Ellen widow of Alfred Bertie Still, of Springbank, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier and formerly of Kenton, Victoria Road, St Clement 10/Nov/1964 19/Aug/1971 D/Y/B1/163/17
Marks William Frederick of the Gardner Home, Clarence House, Clarence Road, St Helier and formerly of 5, Rosemount Cottages, St Saviour 18/May/1917 8/Dec/1965 D/Y/B1/92/35
Markus Erich otherwise Erich Martin Markus, of 402, Drake House, Dolphin Square, London 14/Dec/1978 16/Nov/1979 D/Y/B1/309/36
Markus Ruth Elizabeth wife of Ernest Loewenstein, otherwise Ruth Elizabeth Lowenstein, of Abbotswood Cottage, St George's Hill, Weybridge, Surrey 8/Sep/1966 2/Nov/1970 D/Y/B1/151/29
Markus Susanne Sarah otherwise Suzanne Markus, otherwise Susanne Markus, otherwise Susan Marcus, of 93, Wellesley Court, Maida Vale, London 11/May/1964 19/Mar/1971 D/Y/B1/156/48
Marles Charles Wright of 11, Regency House, Regent Road, St Helier, formerly of 55, The Avenue, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex 20/Sep/1948 5/Apr/1955 D/Y/B1/29/33
Marles Jane Mitchell nee Hill, widow of Charles Wright Marles, of 22, Berkeley Court, Don Road, St Helier 8/Mar/1961 16/Dec/1964 D/Y/B1/82/48
Marleyn Roland of 223, Beach Road, Campbells Bay, Auckland, New Zealand 24/Aug/1971 3/Jul/1980 D/Y/B1/326/5
Marling Helen Mary Strickland Lakefield, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, widow 13/Aug/1947 D/Y/A/118/48
Marlow Harriet of Sandybrook Hospital, St Peter 4/Apr/1966 4/Apr/1966 D/Y/B1/96/39
Marlow Ivy of Overdale Hospital, Westmount, St Helier and formerly of the General Hospital 15/Apr/1967 5/Apr/1968 D/Y/B1/118/33
Marples Ruth widow of Charles Harold Simpson Stephenson, of Bulwark Cottage, St Aubin, St Brelade 11/Apr/1963 20/Aug/1976 D/Y/B1/245/27
Marquand Bernard Charles 61 Ann Street, St Helier 23/Nov/1937 22/May/1946 D/Y/A/116/21
Marquand George William St Saviour, currently in the General Hospital 22/Jan/1914 6/Feb/1914 D/Y/A/73/12
Marquand Jane wife of Philippe Le Boutillier of St Ouen 31/Dec/1892 16/Mar/1899 D/Y/A/58/21
Marquand Mary Mahier of 35, Pier Road, St Helier 1/Oct/1920 11/Apr/1928 D/Y/A/88/70
Marquant Jane Le of 20, Columbus Street, St Helier, Widow of George Amy 20/Nov/1893 29/Dec/1893 D/Y/A/52/101
Marquer Marie Louise wife of Henry Eugene Albert Le Chevalier, of, La Valette, St John 19/Mar/1974 19/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/202/38
Marquer Pierre Marie living near Six-Rues, St Lawrence 23/Jan/1904 25/Jan/1905 D/Y/A/64/11
Marquer Pierre Marie Hamptonne, St Peter 11/Sep/1920 11/Sep/1940 D/Y/A/107/43
Marquerie Alfred Woodlands Farm, Grouville 31/May/1902 10/Jun/1902 D/Y/A/61/54
Marquis Bertha Florence nee Dene, of 18, Midvale Road 13/Jun/1955 22/Oct/1963 D/Y/B1/76/34
Marquis George Edward Stevens of West View, Westmount Road 28/Sep/1960 10/Dec/1962 D/Y/B1/71/58
Marquis James 14 Library Place, St Helier, hair- dresser 29/Jul/1899 22/Feb/1930 D/Y/A/90/30
Marquis Madeleine Louise widow of Walter Frederick Rumfitt, of Aldersey, Longueville Road, St Saviour 24/Apr/1972 15/Apr/1976 D/Y/B1/238/23
Marquis Raymond Reginald of Raywyn, Langley Avenue, St Saviour 10/Jan/1964 7/Oct/1971 D/Y/B1/165/17
Marquis Reginald Ogier of St Helier 29/Sep/1927 12/Feb/1955 D/Y/B1/28/40
Marrec Juliet widow of John Frederick Falla, of No 160, Le Geyt Flats, St Saviour 8/Oct/1974 16/Jul/1979 D/Y/B1/303/22
Marriage Samuel James of the Gardner Home, 15, Clarence Road, St Helier 15/Jun/1964 5/Mar/1968 D/Y/B1/117/26
Marriatt Leslie Hawthorne Moorlands, Ashtead, Surrey, Lieutenant Colonel, Indian Army 22/03/1924 Desires a vital vein to be opened before burial 2/Feb/1945 D/Y/A/113/60
Marrie Charles of Adelaide, South Australia, now of 16, Pomona Road, St Helier, retired storekeeper and 29/9/1879 Bequeaths to Mary Ann Bisson 20 shares in the Masonic and General Life Assurance Co To Ada Elizabeth Grigriy Marrie , A Boyer and Johnson's Dictionaries To James Baudains 20 shares in the Masonic and General Life Assurance Co To John Le Cronier, Boileau in 2 Volumes To John Styles, Pope's works in 1 Volume and W Taley's works in 1 Volume 29/Apr/1882 D/Y/A/42/73
Marriner John Taylor of Box House, St Peter 18/Jun/1940 14/Jun/1945 D/Y/A/113/127
Marriott Bernard John of The Firs, Stamford Road, Kirby, Muxloe, Leicestershire 1/Sep/1939 11/Apr/1980 D/Y/B1/320/27
Marriott Dorothy Eileen nee Dibben, widow of Leslie Hawthorne Marriott, of Le Saie House, Rozel, St Martin 24/Nov/1947 25/Feb/1965 D/Y/B1/84/32
Marriott Edwin ... 1/Jan/1870 10/Sep/1870 D/Y/A/35/57
Marriott Frank Frederick of Murlyn, Holly Bank Road, Hook Heath, Woking, Surrey 11/Apr/1969 13/Oct/1969 D/Y/B1/137/26
Marriott John George of Blue Stones, Clos des Genets, St Brelade 12/Oct/1970 24/Sep/1973 D/Y/B1/195/27
Marriott Ralph Scott of Petit Clos, Mont au Pretre, St Helier 13/Oct/1976 13/Oct/1976 D/Y/B1/248/1
Marris Richard Geoffrey of 28, George Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham 13/Mar/1958 5/Nov/1964 D/Y/B1/81/68
Marryat Katharine Bethune of Alix, Alberta 27/Oct/1945 15/Jan/1963 D/Y/B1/72/11
Mars Lionel Jackson of Villa Pont Marquet, St Brelade 6/Apr/1954 21/Jul/1964 D/Y/B1/80/35
Marsden Arthur Edward Beulah, Gorey Village, carpenter 10/Sep/1913 17/Feb/1919 D/Y/A/79/19
Marsden Charles of 19, Ellesmere Close, Caversham, Reading, Berkshire 17/Oct/1969 5/Jul/1974 D/Y/B1/207/36
Marsden William of Tideway, St Brelade's Bay, St Brelade 30/Aug/1949 27/Jan/1958 D/Y/B1/46/28
Marsh Alice Rebecca nee Burston, widow of William Marsh, of Bagot Manor, St Saviour 12/Oct/1949 18/Oct/1952 D/Y/B1/16/12
Marsh Gladys Emily Rebecca widow of Harold William Penseney, of Beauhurst, Elizabeth Avenue, St Brelade 13/Aug/1969 26/Sep/1969 D/Y/B1/136/42
Marsh Lilian Edith widow of Francis Charles Le Cornu, of Mont Surat, 75, Don Road, St Helier 1/Aug/1967 1/Aug/1967 D/Y/B1/110/19
Marsh Malcolm Ready The Spinney, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier 10/Aug/1945 26/Feb/1947 D/Y/A/117/63
Marsh Stanley Bruce of The Croft, 4, Barrells Down Road, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire 26/Jul/1972 26/Aug/1980 D/Y/B1/329/19
Marsh William Thomas Cromwell of Waverley, 27, Seafield Avenue, St Aubin's Road, Millbrook, St Helier Desires to be cremated and for his ashes to be scattered 12/Apr/1954 30/Jun/1956 D/Y/B1/36/27
Marshall Alice Lydia 35 Aquila Road, St Helier 11/12/1923 Bequeaths to Alice Emma Marshall the property 35 Aquila Road 22/Aug/1935 D/Y/A/97/132
Marshall Amy widow of Arthur Plant, of 13, Miladi Farm, Longueville, St Saviour 8/Jun/1970 8/Jun/1970 D/Y/B1/146/12
Marshall Clarice Maud nee Amy, wife of Major John Marshall, of Greystones, Bagatelle Road, St Saviour Bequeaths to Nora Warhurst, a three stone diamond ring, a yellow enamelled dressing case set and a manicure set 3/Jul/1933 16/Jan/1958 D/Y/B1/46/14
Marshall Edith of 35, Aquila Road, St Helier 8/Dec/1884 12/Oct/1897 D/Y/A/56/98
Marshall Erskine Hinderwell of 6, Grosvenor Road, Scarborough, Yorkshire 9/Aug/1954 15/Feb/1956 D/Y/B1/34/25
Marshall Fred of 40, Pied du Cotil, First Tower, St Helier 1/Oct/1979 28/Jan/1980 D/Y/B1/314/10
Marshall Frederick of Rockvale, Millbrook, St Lawrence, 15/02/1892 Bequeaths to the Jersey General Dispensary £50 22/Oct/1897 D/Y/A/56/104
Marshall George Lawrence of 32, Plantation Road, Hong Kong, formerly of Jardine Matheson and Company Limited of Hong Kong 2/Nov/1959 4/Mar/1966 D/Y/B1/95/31
Marshall Henry John Morgan of 21, Walliscote Road, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset 30/May/1945 22/Jan/1960 D/Y/B1/57/44
Marshall Herbert Percival of La Baule, Grouville 1/Sep/1978 1/Feb/1979 D/Y/B1/293/16
Marshall Howard Murray Haute Place, St Peter 22/Dec/1941 29/Dec/1944 D/Y/A/113/36
Marshall James Thomas Hauteville, St Johns Road, St Helier 2/Aug/1921 24/Jan/1922 D/Y/A/82/11
Marshall John of The Dell, Rue de Galet, St Lawrence and formerly of Greystones, Bagatelle Road, St Saviour, major and engineer retired Desires to be cremated and to have ashes laid in the same grave as his late wife Clarice Maud Marshall, nee Amy, in St Saviour's Cemetery 3/Jul/1933 6/Dec/1961 D/Y/B1/66/71
Marshall John Hutton of 7, Nea Road, Highcliffe, Christchurch, Dorset and formerly of PO Box 30023, Nairobi, Kanya 9/Aug/1978 17/Jul/1980 D/Y/B1/326/42
Marshall John William of 6, The Cloisters, Mont Millais, St Helier 25/May/1955 26/Nov/1974 D/Y/B1/214/33
Marshall Lilian May widow of George James Le Masurier, of Sandybrook Hospital, St Peter and formerly of Callao, Beach Road, St Saviour 19/Dec/1959 3/Sep/1979 D/Y/B1/305/46
Marshall Margaret 23 Colomberie, St Helier, widow 10/02/1916 Desires to be buried in Almorah Cemetery 21/Feb/1917 D/Y/A/76/30
Marshall Mary Augusta of Beverley, 3, Clarendon Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire Desires to be cremated and for the funeral arrangements to be carried out by Messrs J J Allen Limited 4/Dec/1953 20/Jan/1959 D/Y/B1/52/32
Marshall Monica Augusta widow of Valentine Goold McArthur, of La Moye Lodge, St Brelade and formerly of Fairways, St Brelade 18/Sep/1961 5/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/270/3
Marshall Reginald Charles of Hillcroft Steep, near Petersfield, Hampshire 1/Nov/1939 27/Jun/1956 D/Y/B1/36/24
Marshall Reginald William of Belvedere House, St Saviour 18/Oct/1960 20/Feb/1967 D/Y/B1/105/28
Marshall Steve of Cotswold, 1, Tudor Close, Route Orange, St Brelade 26/Apr/1977 27/Jul/1977 D/Y/B1/262/27
Marshall Terence Alfred Anthony of 8, Athenauem Street, Plymouth, Devon 6/May/1971 10/Sep/1975 D/Y/B1/228/13
Marshall Thomas of Claremont House, Storrs Bridge, Loxley, near Sheffield 20/Sep/1951 25/Jun/1965 D/Y/B1/87/56
Marshall William Frank St Helier, grocer 10/Feb/1915 7/Nov/1916 D/Y/A/75/126
Marshall William Simpson Dolphinton, 10 Bodorgan Road, Bournemouth, Colonel, retired (Indian Army) 24/Nov/1926 D/Y/A/86/142
Marshman Henry of Bali Ha'i, Westmount, St Helier 25/Apr/1967 25/Apr/1967 D/Y/B1/107/36
Marsouin Henry Francis Victor of Flat 131, Le Marais, St Clement and formerly of St Helier 13/May/1947 24/Nov/1980 D/Y/B1/336/3
Marsouin Lily Annie Maud of 1, Apsley Villas, Apsley Road, St Helier 15/Mar/1977 18/Oct/1977 D/Y/B1/267/15
Marsouin Marie Francoise Victorine daughter of Pierre of St Helier 18/Feb/1946 21/Mar/1951 D/Y/B1/9/2
Marsouin Pierre Marie of 47, Medwood Court, Acutt Street, Durban, South Africa and formerly of Trafalgar Hotel, St Aubin, St Brelade 2/Dec/1967 23/Aug/1973 D/Y/B1/194/18
Marston Mary Henrietta of Victoria Place 22/May/1847 15/Aug/1862 D/Y/A/31/32
Marston Mary Henrietta of Victoria Place 22/May/1847 24/Feb/1863 D/Y/A/31/65
Marston William of St Helier, householder 08/06/1864 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier £1 22/Jul/1865 D/Y/A/32/112
Marta Consuelo -Trillo, wife of James Hughes, of 26, La Collette Flats, St Helier 9/Dec/1977 9/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/270/28
Marteau Jean ... 6/Nov/1741 12/Apr/1743 D/Y/A/7/70
Martel Jean ... 17/Feb/1744 1/May/1744 D/Y/A/7/85
Martel Jean of St Brelade 10/01/1822 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade, £8 of the Order of the King 2/Dec/1840 D/Y/A/24/119
Martel Nellie Kathleen widow of Stanley Thomas Binet, of 9, Cheapside, St Helier 19/Mar/1953 17/Jan/1968 D/Y/B1/115/25
Martha Mary [or Martha Mary] Josephine Phillips, wife of Thomas Roland Antony Noond, of 7, Adeyfield Gardens, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire 20/Jan/1948 28/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/150/18
Martin Ada Francoise nee Lenoir, of Ernest Bertie Martin, of Stella Marais, Victoria Avenue, St Helier Bequeaths to Philip Antoino Poch the sum of £100 and the residue of the estate to her sister Helene Maud Ann Ford, nee Lenoir 4/Oct/1948 23/May/1950 D/Y/B1/5/36
Martin Albert Auguste of Ville au Bas Farm, St Lawrence 1/Aug/1936 4/Aug/1954 D/Y/B1/25/59
Martin Albert Edward of La Falaise, Gorey Hill, St Martin and formerly of Wrentham Hall, St Martin 12/Nov/1953 19/Jun/1963 D/Y/B1/74/58
Martin Albert Jules Theophile of St Luke's Lodge, Georgetown, St Saviour 16/Sep/1892 12/May/1894 D/Y/A/53/53
Martin Alfred Davies of Sundown, Bellozanne Road, St Helier 4/Apr/1973 4/Apr/1973 D/Y/B1/188/40
Martin Alfred John Grande Vingtaine, St Peter 18/Aug/1923 2/Jul/1943 D/Y/A/111/19
Martin Anne of St Peter, now of St Brelade, widow of Josue Henry 1870 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade 5 shillings 4/Jun/1870 D/Y/A/35/40
Martin Annie nee Angel, of Montague Place, Candie Road, St Peter Port, Guernsey 19/Oct/1943 7/Apr/1952 D/Y/B1/14/5
Martin Annie Gertrude 7 Peel Terrace, St Helier, spinster 8/07/1930 Bequeaths to St Lukes Church £10 11/Dec/1942 D/Y/A/110/38
Martin Arthur Reginald of 3, The Parade, St Helier 14/Feb/1955 17/Nov/1959 D/Y/B1/56/69
Martin Catherine ... 1/Mar/1762 15/Mar/1762 D/Y/A/10/82
Martin Charles George William of 2, Boulevard Villas, St Aubin's Road, St Helier 9/Feb/1972 3/Dec/1979 D/Y/B1/310/33
Martin Clarence John of Homestill, St Peter 17/Nov/1958 4/Oct/1966 D/Y/B1/101/6
Martin Clifford William of 62, Mount Road, Lanesfield, Wolverhampton, West Midlands 23/Sep/1980 23/Sep/1980 D/Y/B1/331/6
Martin Clovis Arnold Henri of Gralyn, Route Isabelle, St Peter Port, Guernsey and formerly of Richmond Lodge, College Hill, St Helier 9/Jul/1964 26/Mar/1969 D/Y/B1/130/37
Martin Daisy nee Burbage, wife of Leonard Martin, of 23, Dorset Street, St Helier and formerly of Lenville, Georgetown Park Estate 12/Jul/1955 26/Jun/1959 D/Y/B1/55/20
Martin Dorothy Maud of Homestill, St Peter 29/Sep/1959 10/Feb/1961 D/Y/B1/63/4
Martin Edith Margaret widow of Frederick William James, of Fauvic House Nursing Home, Grouville and formerly of No 32, La Pouquelaye Gardens, Nomond Avenue, St Helier 5/Feb/1964 15/May/1979 D/Y/B1/300/10
Martin Edward Victor 45 Rouge Bouillon, St Helier, Lieutenant Colonel, Indian Army 11/Aug/1927 20/Aug/1935 D/Y/A/97/130
Martin Eliza of Telegraph Lodge, West End, Southampton 05/02/1848 Should she die within 4 miles of Southampton desires to be buried in All Saints parish cemetery Bequeaths to William Webber Martin, a D'Oyly and Mants Bible 29/Aug/1859 D/Y/A/30/9
Martin Eliza Sneath 7 Peel Terrace, St Helier, spinster 8/Jan/1919 31/Jan/1919 D/Y/A/79/14
Martin Elizabeth Amy daughter of John Martin, of 35, Ann Street, St Helier 22/Jan/1953 3/Feb/1953 D/Y/B1/17/56
Martin Elizabeth Marguerite daughter of David of St Peter Port, Guernsey, now of Mont au Pretre, St Helier 30/10/1822 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 10s sterling, Elizabeth Du Jardin daughter of Thomas £100 in 3% 'consolides' in the Bank of England Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery 11/Jan/1823 D/Y/A/19/90
Martin Elizabeth Sinel wife of Ernest William Le Gros, of 6, Croydon Terrace, Bellozanne Road, St Helier 16/May/1931 13/Nov/1962 D/Y/B1/71/22
Martin Ernest Bertie Liverpool House, St Aubins Road, St Helier 7/Aug/1908 27/Apr/1938 D/Y/A/102/88
Martin Esther of Trinity 08/10/1851 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 5s 15/Apr/1852 D/Y/A/27/181
Martin Etienne of St helier 30/06/1862 Bequeaths to the poor £8 4/Feb/1867 D/Y/A/33/79
Martin Florrie Eva nee Pellant, of Bijou, Patier Lane, St Saviour Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Church Cemetery in the grave that her infant son Patrick George Martin is buried with a suitable memorial stone erected 14/Jul/1948 27/Jan/1960 D/Y/B1/57/55
Martin Frank of Killua, Clonmellon, Westmeath, Republic of Ireland 7/Jul/1972 9/Oct/1978 D/Y/B1/287/15
Martin Frank St Kilda, La Rocque, St Clement, Lieutenant-Colonel in the Indian Army 15/Dec/1923 12/Jan/1934 D/Y/A/95/86
Martin Frank Angel of the Phoenix Hotel, Church Street, Staines, Middlesex 9/Jan/1961 22/Jul/1963 D/Y/B1/75/22
Martin George Arthur of Fauvic Nursing Home, Les Marais, Grouville and formerly of the Pomme d'Or Hotel, St Helier 9/Dec/1963 18/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/318/34
Martin George Thomas Harbour Works, La Collette 10/Sep/1941 D/Y/A/108/73
Martin George William Harbourworks House, La Collette 20/Apr/1927 13/Nov/1930 D/Y/A/90/139
Martin Gertrude Le Quesne widow of Frederick Harold Johnson, of Westfield, 140, Old Church Road, Clevedon, Somerset and formerly of 16, Fairholme Road, London 18/Jul/1929 4/Jun/1971 D/Y/B1/160/6
Martin Grace of St Peter, widow Broad 25/Feb/1876 10/Jul/1878 D/Y/A/40/49
Martin Gwendoline Martha nee Morris, wife of Colonel William Beavan Martin, of 3, Le Grand Pre, Grouville and formerly of 2, Cowdray Drive, St Brelade 9/Dec/1957 17/Jan/1966 D/Y/B1/93/47
Martin Harriet 53 Clearview Street, St Helier 21/Apr/1893 29/Nov/1910 D/Y/A/69/97
Martin Harry Brodhurst Martin otherwise known as John formerly Harry Brodhurst Vaughan of Vine Villas, Stopford Road, St Helier, silk manufacturer 9/08/1946 Desires to be cremated Bequeaths to Cecil Fowler all interest in the properties 25 & 27 Salisbury Road, Harringay, Middlesex leaving life assurance policy to Millie Martin 29/Sep/1948 D/Y/A/120/45
Martin Jacques of Freone, Normandy, now of Trinity 21/02/1785 Bequeaths to the poor, £4 tournois of the order of the King 2/Jan/1800 D/Y/A/16/1
Martin Jane Shillaber widow of Sir Francis Oppenheimer, of Flat 11, 20, Lowndes Square, Westminster, London 8/May/1973 8/May/1974 D/Y/B1/205/7
Martin Jane Wabb widow of Thomas Fort 16/Nov/1877 26/Nov/1877 D/Y/A/39/135
Martin Jean of St Helier 14/Dec/1749 14/Mar/1750 D/Y/A/8/46
Martin Jean Cherie wife of Angus Alexander MacDonald, of Millstones, Egypt Lane, Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire 1/Dec/1975 17/Jan/1977 D/Y/B1/251/45
Martin Jean Elie ... 6/Mar/1923 17/Jul/1923 D/Y/A/83/84
Martin Jean Philippe of St Helier 27/09/1832 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 6 livres of old French currency 31/Oct/1832 D/Y/A/22/59
Martin Jeanne Marie nee Boulaire, widow of Pierre Marie Martin, of Ravenna House, St John 10/Jan/1958 30/Dec/1959 D/Y/B1/57/23
Martin John Arthur Pethebridge of Le Val Lodge, St Brelade 9/Nov/1971 1/Mar/1979 D/Y/B1/295/26
Martin John Eldershaw of 98, Marett Court, St Helier 26/Nov/1979 26/Nov/1979 D/Y/B1/310/17
Martin John Leal de Vismes of 11, Kings Avenue, Carshalton and formerly National and Grindlays Bank Limited, 54, Parliament Street, Whitehall, London 13/Sep/1961 23/Nov/1966 D/Y/B1/102/37
Martin John Matthieu of St Lawrence 17/Dec/1888 25/Feb/1899 D/Y/A/58/18
Martin Josephine Anne Mathurin wife of Francois du Bois 26/Nov/1939 28/Nov/1939 D/Y/A/105/99
Martin Josue of St Brelade 21/09/1876 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade £100, to the poor of St Peter £50 24/Apr/1878 D/Y/A/40/32
Martin Julia Rachel St Peter 13/Jun/1916 11/Dec/1920 D/Y/A/80/138
Martin Lasca Louisa widow of Arthur Francis Falle, of Roseleigh, Grande Vingtaine, St Peter 3/Jan/1979 3/Jan/1979 D/Y/B1/291/42
Martin Louis Marie Plaisance Cottage, St Saviour 5/Apr/1902 6/Apr/1904 D/Y/A/63/28
Martin Mabel Louisa wife of Stanley Lewis Smith, formerly of Nitnam, St Peter 11/Dec/1937 25/Mar/1938 D/Y/A/102/64
Martin Malcolm Vivian of 1, Pier Avenue, Tankerton, Whitstable, Kent 20/Dec/1978 6/May/1980 D/Y/B1/322/14
Martin Margaret Doreen of Park Lodge, No 13, Peirson Road, St Helier 26/Oct/1979 26/Oct/1979 D/Y/B1/308/10
Martin Margaret Frances nee Le Jeune, widow by second marriage of George Thomas Martin, of 5, Blenheim Avenue, St Saviour 8/Jul/1948 11/May/1955 D/Y/B1/30/19
Martin Marguerite Marie Therese of 46, Epsom Road, Palmerston North, New Zealand and formerly of Chantilly, St Aubin's Road, First Tower, St Helier 23/Jun/1948 11/Jul/1972 D/Y/B1/177/19
Martin Marie of St Peter 09/10/1893 Bequeaths to the poor of St Peter 10 shillings 1/Jun/1901 D/Y/A/60/37
Martin Marie Louise Houguillon, Trinity, widow of Francois Marie Jegu 28/Jan/1924 21/Oct/1927 D/Y/A/87/143
Martin Marie Therese nee Genee, widow of Albert August Martin, of Maltina, St Peter and formerly of Les Montagnes, St Lawrence 11/May/1956 27/Jul/1965 D/Y/B1/88/50
Martin Mary Ann nee Sneath, 10 Peel Terrace, St Helier, widow 20/Feb/1903 24/Dec/1904 D/Y/A/63/97
Martin Mary Ann Gertrude nee Baker, of 11, Hilary Street 15/Apr/1942 20/Dec/1960 D/Y/B1/62/20
Martin Mary Elizabeth 7 Peel Terrace, St Helier, spinster 8/Jan/1919 5/Jul/1930 D/Y/A/90/89
Martin Mary Jane widow of George Huelin, of Sandybrook Hospital, Grouville Annexe, Grouville and formerly of Belle Vue Cottage, St Mary 9/Jan/1969 3/May/1974 D/Y/B1/204/51
Martin May Doris of Springbank, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier 28/Oct/1975 28/Oct/1975 D/Y/B1/230/21
Martin Nathaniel of Sandmoor, Old St John's Road, St Helier and formerly of 499, Harrogate Road, Alwoodley, Leeds 14/Feb/1961 4/Sep/1965 D/Y/B1/90/1
Martin Nellie Florence nee Ryan, wife of Arthur Reginald Martin, of 3, The Parade, St Helier 14/Feb/1955 23/Oct/1963 D/Y/B1/76/35
Martin Nicolas of Trinity 14/08/1800 Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity, £4 of the order of the King 7/Dec/1802 D/Y/A/16/81
Martin Peter William St Brelade 7/06/1913 Bequeaths to Alice Jane Seal for life a house and piece of land called Le Clos dessuou La Ville, et La Buttiere, St Brelade on the Fief de Noirmont 10/Jun/1919 D/Y/A/79/64
Martin Philip Arthur of L'Hermitage, Les Varines, St Saviour 15/Mar/1967 13/Nov/1973 D/Y/B1/197/29
Martin Philip John of Sea View, St Peter 21/Sep/1978 21/Sep/1978 D/Y/B1/286/21
Martin Philippe Francois Les Cotils Farm, St Lawrence 10/Apr/1922 30/Apr/1935 D/Y/A/97/64
Martin Pierre of St Lawrence : 12/Jan/1884 5/Sep/1885 D/Y/A/45/18
Martin Pierre of Berjou, near Conde sur Noireau, Orne, France, now of St Lawrence 2/Jan/1879 5/Feb/1879 D/Y/A/40/86
Martin Pierre Marie of Fernside, St Saviour, grower 8/Oct/1924 29/Sep/1950 D/Y/B1/6/45
Martin Reece son of Willie Augustus, of Idle Rocks, Albecq, Castel, Guernsey, formerly of Nic au Corbin, Grandes Rocques, Castel 31/Oct/1958 9/Nov/1960 D/Y/B1/61/56
Martin Selina 9 Trinity Road, St Helier, spinster 8/Feb/1921 31/Dec/1932 D/Y/A/93/131
Martin Stanley Charles of 112, St Saviour's Road, St Saviour 25/Jun/1976 24/Nov/1976 D/Y/B1/249/32
Martin Stephen of La Colombelle, St Martin, Guernsey 18/Apr/1881 9/Sep/1899 D/Y/A/58/63
Martin Susan nee Tostevin, widow of Charles Henry Martin, of 2, Jubilee Villas, Hansford Lane, Millbrook 2/May/1950 16/Nov/1957 D/Y/B1/45/8
Martin Walter John Allandale, Bellozanne Road, First Tower, St Helier 9/10/1942 Bequeaths to Ethelwyn Violet Martin his Chesterfield suite 27/Nov/1942 D/Y/A/110/31
Martin William of Saint Medard en Jalles, Demaine de Bourdieu 3/Nov/1954 30/Apr/1960 D/Y/B1/59/19
Martin William of Flat 3, Scarsdale, Douglas Avenue, Exmouth, Devon 21/Dec/1975 8/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/270/25
Martin William Alfred Henry of 16, Duhamel Place, St Helier 22/May/1973 22/May/1973 D/Y/B1/190/41
Martindale Martha nee Barker, Yarcombe, Clarendon Road, St Helier 13/May/1925 13/May/1929 D/Y/A/89/102
Martindale Thomas Richard Yarcombe, Clarendon Road, St Helier 3/May/1914 19/Sep/1923 D/Y/A/83/107
Martindale Thomas Richard Yarcombe, Clarendon Road, St Helier 3/May/1914 19/Sep/1923 D/Y/A/83/108
Martineau the Henry Charles of Saham Hall, Saham, Toney Watton, Norfolk and formerly of 1, East 66 Street, New York 3/Apr/1970 28/Sep/1972 D/Y/B1/180/42
Martret Jean Marie of La Planque, Trinity 23/Oct/1943 16/Dec/1957 D/Y/B1/45/35
Martyn Josiah Tivoli House, First Tower, St Helier 7/Nov/1904 16/Nov/1904 D/Y/A/63/91
Martyn Walter Malachi of 89, Agincourt Road, Landport, Hants, ship's steward in the Royal Navy 14/Apr/1888 13/Jan/1897 D/Y/A/56/6
Mary Irene Laura Combe known as Sister Irene ... 16/May/1940 4/Jun/1945 D/Y/A/113/123
Mascart Montagn Charles 23 Wildcroft Manor, Putney Heath, London 15/Feb/1936 9/Mar/1937 D/Y/A/100/58
Mashiter William Edward of 30, Elizabeth Avenue, St Brelade 14/Oct/1965 18/Aug/1972 D/Y/B1/179/12
Maso Arthur n 20/Jan/1954 D/Y/B1/22/39
Mason Ada Noel Hamilton widow of Hurtle Fisher, of Beau Desert, St Saviour 6/Sep/1978 30/Apr/1979 D/Y/B1/299/1
Mason Anna Louisa nee Balfour, of The Nook, Greve d'Azette, St Clement Bequeaths to Joseph Gordon Harley Mason, an old fashioned bracket clock; to Evelyn Anna Woodcock, nee Mason, a watch and chain; to Sarah Grace Harley Mason, Mary Lisle Harley Mason and Lilian Irene Harley Mason, the house known as The Nook 9/Feb/1954 12/Jun/1956 D/Y/B1/36/13
Mason Arthur St Helier 3/Oct/1939 13/May/1942 D/Y/A/109/108
Mason Arthur Henry Alfred of Harbour View, South Pier, St Helier 25/Jan/1954 10/Mar/1956 D/Y/B1/34/55
Mason Bertha Winifred widow of Reginald Edward Burt, of Pontorson Cottage, St Clement and formerly of 24, Arundel Road, Worthing, Sussex 26/Apr/1966 26/Jun/1972 D/Y/B1/176/29
Mason Fanny nee Hordern, of Aynsley House, Mount Bingham, St Helier Desires to be buried with her husband in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to Jane Vivienne Mason, daughter of Robert Hugh Mason, her ruby ring; to Stella Mason, wife of Robert Hugh Mason, her sapphire ring; to her daughter, Nancy Adelina Lines, nee Mason, the remainder of her jewellery, including her gold wrist watch with bracelet, her large silver tea service, her two Venetian glass vases, her china gleaners handkerchief, her oak clock, three tablecloths and a large silver rosebowl; to Nancy Adelina Lines and Arthur Henry Alfred Mason, all her china 14/Nov/1952 6/Jun/1953 D/Y/B1/19/51
Mason Frederick Charles Ffitch Little Wind Street, Swansea 13/May/1927 7/Feb/1940 D/Y/A/106/36
Mason George 1 Dunell Road, St Saviour 3/Oct/1901 20/Jun/1903 D/Y/A/62/75
Mason George Edward son of George Edward, of Trinity 13/Apr/1943 7/Sep/1951 D/Y/B1/11/29
Mason Gerald Farrer of 2, Sweyn Place, London 20/Nov/1980 20/Nov/1980 D/Y/B1/335/34
Mason Gwendolen Alice Eilian -Parry, widow of Philippe Sainton, of No 30, Lytton Road, Oxford, formerly of No 4, Purley Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire 3/Nov/1972 7/Jun/1978 D/Y/B1/280/38
Mason Hugh Charles Lewis of The Manor House, Upton Gray, Basingstoke, Hampshire and formerly of Throwleigh, Ridgeway, Horsell, Woking, Surrey 20/Nov/1958 1/Feb/1979 D/Y/B1/293/22
Mason John Sidney of Quinta do Moinho, Guia, Algarve, Portugal 17/Jul/1970 23/May/1974 D/Y/B1/205/40
Mason Mary Ann widow of Arthur Braithwaite, of Montrose, St Martin 10/Jan/1967 2/Oct/1967 D/Y/B1/112/5
Mason Pearl Lily widow of John Robert Thornton, of 45, Rugeley Road, Burntwood, Staffordshire and formerly of 16, Cambrai Drive, Hall Green, Birmingham 12/Mar/1975 17/Jan/1980 D/Y/B1/313/14
Mason Stanley of Maufant Manor Cottage, St Saviour 14/Apr/1967 12/Mar/1968 D/Y/B1/117/38
Mason Vera Dorothy of Jupes Hill, No 3, Oaklea Avenue, Chelmsford, Essex 22/Mar/1972 11/Jan/1979 D/Y/B1/292/6
Massarik Paul of 31, Woodsyre, London 27/Sep/1973 5/Aug/1974 D/Y/B1/209/10
Massey Reginald James Woolley of St Helier House, Westmount Road, St Helier and formerly of 1, Maison du Coin, Cheapside, St Helier 26/Jun/1959 1/Nov/1974 D/Y/B1/213/16
Massey William of Felard House, St Lawrence 25/Apr/1892 28/Apr/1892 D/Y/A/51/47
Massop Charles Cambrai, St Lawrence 15/Apr/1929 7/Apr/1943 D/Y/A/110/108
Massurie Josue Le ... 15/Dec/1737 3/Sep/1744 D/Y/A/7/92
Massurier Nicolas Le ... 3/May/1675 15/May/1675 D/Y/A/3/86
Master Elizabeth Susan of 1, Vauxhall Street, St Helier 19/Oct/1895 10/Feb/1896 D/Y/A/55/9
Masterman Clair Mitchell wife of Clifford Charles Lake, of 72, Shakespeare Avenue, Bath, Avon 6/Jun/1975 17/Jul/1980 D/Y/B1/326/43
Masterman Lily widow of Sydney Robert Hyde, of St Helier House, St Helier and formerly of 16, Clos des Pas, St Helier 17/Mar/1975 19/Oct/1977 D/Y/B1/267/17
Masters Dorothy Bracebridge wife of Samuel Gordon Hooper, of 34, Orchard Close, Ringwood, Hampshire 3/Jan/1969 2/Aug/1972 D/Y/B1/178/20
Masters Florence nee Larg, of Les Silettes, St Helier 10/Jan/1954 22/May/1958 D/Y/B1/48/32
Masters Henry Pyne of Havarin Cottage, Jersey 15/Mar/1842 13/Jun/1849 D/Y/A/27/25
Masters John Henry Pomona Road, St Helier 15/Sep/1917 17/Feb/1930 D/Y/A/90/29
Masters John Thomas Mount House, Tower Road, St Helier 18/01/1943 Bequeaths to Florence Masters the property Whitnash, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire 10/Oct/1945 D/Y/A/114/98
Masters Walter Leonard David of Cafe de L'Aise, Gorey Village, Grouville 29/Apr/1975 29/Apr/1975 D/Y/B1/221/41
Masurier Thomas Le Massurier/Le of Trinity 22/02/1776 Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity, £4 tournois of the order of the King 16/Nov/1776 D/Y/A/12/86
Matalon Moses Isaac of 7-9, Harbour Street, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies 27/Jun/1973 31/Jul/1974 D/Y/B1/209/2
Mather Henry James , of 3, Christo Street, Chancery Lane, Middlesex : 27/10/1880 Bequeaths all personal estate to the Commercial Travellers Schools Pinner now of 84, St Saviour's Road, St Helier 26/Apr/1883 D/Y/A/43/47
Mather Percy Douglas of Mayfield, Petite Route des Mielles des Quennevais, St Brelade 8/Apr/1953 10/Jan/1962 D/Y/B1/67/29
Mathers Frances Ann nee Waller, of The Villa Isis Hotel, 87, Don Road, St Helier 20/Oct/1950 2/Jul/1964 D/Y/B1/80/23
Mathers Joe of Villa Isis Hotel, 87, Don Road, St Helier 10/Feb/1972 10/Jun/1975 D/Y/B1/223/50
Mathew Albert Frederick Arthur of Saskatchewan, Nelson Avenue, St Helier 2/Dec/1961 3/Nov/1966 D/Y/B1/102/9
Mathew Glenn Arthur of Glengarry, St Clement's Road, St Helier 27/Jun/1968 7/Aug/1979 D/Y/B1/304/39
Mathew Mabel Maud nee Jouan, wife of Albert Frederick Arthur Mathew, of Saskatchewan, Nelson Avenue, St Helier Bequeaths to Albert Frederick Arthur Mathew, the properties known as 46 and 48, Clearview Street, St Helier and the property known as Lorraine, Marett Road, St Helier Desires a memorial cross to be erected on the graves of her husband and herself at St Saviour's Cemetery 21/Nov/1951 18/Oct/1956 D/Y/B1/38/2
Mathewson Alfred Kenneth of Blanchard House, St Peter Desires to be buried in Jersey 12/Aug/1960 18/Dec/1961 D/Y/B1/67/2
Mathias Anthony Robert of 18, Astell Street, London 22/Feb/1973 8/Feb/1974 D/Y/B1/200/46
Mathias Mary of 32, Parade, St Helier : 15/Jan/1881 19/Mar/1888 D/Y/A/47/17
Mathias William of St Helier 28/11/1851 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, 1s 15/Dec/1851 D/Y/A/27/155
Mathieson Allan of Victoria Club, Beresford Street, St Helier 15/Oct/1968 2/Sep/1976 D/Y/B1/245/45
Matiatoff Alexandre of Buissons d'Or, La Petite Ruette, Route Orange, St Brelade 26/Mar/1971 2/Jan/1974 D/Y/B1/199/21
Matier Margaret Ann wife of Anthony Goss, of Flat 1, Mont Pinel Court, St Helier 13/Sep/1961 16/Jan/1967 D/Y/B1/104/14
Matondo Charles Chikomborero Cicil of Magwi Farm, Ndola, Zambia 18/Jul/1977 18/Jul/1977 D/Y/B1/262/7
Matson Arthur James of 5, Teighmore Flats, Grouville 26/Feb/1976 26/Feb/1976 D/Y/B1/236/11
Matson Elizabeth Lilian May widow of Frank Herbert Le Gros, of Maison de Ville, Upper Clarendon Road, St Helier and formerly of 23, Midvale Road, St Helier 18/Feb/1973 25/Apr/1975 D/Y/B1/221/36
Matson Emily Gabrielle widow of William Charles Wyatt, of Maison de Ville, La Pouquelaye, St Helier and formerly of St Augustine's Home, New St John's Road, St Helier 18/Jan/1973 1/May/1975 D/Y/B1/222/4
Matson Ernest Frederick of 31?, Dumaresq Street, St Helier 3/Oct/1953 2/Mar/1954 D/Y/B1/23/33
Matson Florence Maud widow of Charles Anatole Lucien Crosby, of 12, Southlands, Green Road, St Clement 28/Jan/1961 30/Jan/1973 D/Y/B1/185/42
Matson Madeleine Simonne nee Etiemble, wife of Henry George Matson, of 9, Blenheim Avenue, St Saviour 17/Jun/1965 4/Apr/1966 D/Y/B1/96/42
Matson Peter Charles Follet 1 Vauxhall Street , St Helier 18/Sep/1920 27/Nov/1933 D/Y/A/95/47
Matson Walter William of St Augustine's Home, New St John's Road, St Helier 4/Dec/1974 4/Dec/1974 D/Y/B1/215/3
Matson William Follett of 55, St Saviour's Road, St Helier 1/Jul/1958 9/Jul/1962 D/Y/B1/69/75
Matson William Follett St Helier 9/Dec/1911 1/Mar/1935 D/Y/A/97/31
Matson Winter St Helier 9/Jul/1941 13/Aug/1941 D/Y/A/108/64
Mattas Constantin of 92, Bath Street, St Helier 13/Jul/1977 16/Jan/1980 D/Y/B1/312/40
Mattau Jacques of St Anne, Poitou, France, refugee in Jersey because of the Protestant Religion 20/Feb/1720 3/Mar/1720 D/Y/A/5/46
Matterson Edith Elizabeth Pietermaritzburg, colony of Natal 17/Feb/1910 25/Sep/1919 D/Y/A/79/102
Matthew Ethel Mary of Millbrook Lodge, Millbrook 12/May/1954 2/Apr/1958 D/Y/B1/47/42
Matthew Sarah wife of Leopold Martin Broszkiewicz, of Venezia, Le Bourg, St Clement 28/Feb/1967 26/Feb/1969 D/Y/B1/129/29
Matthew Sarah wife of Leopold Martin Broszkiewicz 24/Nov/1980 24/Nov/1980 D/Y/B1/336/6
Matthews Ada nee Stonelake, The Mount, St Sampson 22/09/1923 Bequeaths to The Jersey Dispensary £50; to Dr Barnardos Homes £50; to The Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners Royal Benevolent Society £50 and to St Dunstans £50 4/May/1935 D/Y/A/97/67
Matthews Agneta Mary wife of Charles William Cardigan Stevens, of Brookfield, St Lawrence 14/Dec/1976 28/Feb/1980 D/Y/B1/316/36
Matthews Beatrice of 4, Cottage, 25, Clearview Street, St Helier 22/Feb/1960 25/Mar/1960 D/Y/B1/58/63
Matthews Charles of St Helier 04/10/1799 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £8 of the order of the King 16/Nov/1799 D/Y/A/15/197
Matthews Charles of St Helier, Plumber and Glazier 31/12/1783 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £10 sterling 17/Feb/1787 D/Y/A/14/29
Matthews Dorothy widow of Robert Gorman, of St Saviour's Hospital, St Saviour formerly of No 2 Cottage, No 21 Dorset Street, St Helier 7/Nov/1974 18/Oct/1978 D/Y/B1/287/35
Matthews Edwin 16 West Park Avenue, St Helier 19/Jun/1931 4/Jun/1936 D/Y/A/99/23
Matthews Elizabeth of St Helier : 16/Sep/1886 4/Aug/1888 D/Y/A/47/57
Matthews Elizabeth of St Helier 14/08/1823 Desires to be buried in St Helier's cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £24 of French currency 28/May/1825 D/Y/A/20/37
Matthews Elizabeth of St Helier 20/06/1833 Desires to be buried in St Helier's cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £4 currency of the country 2/Sep/1833 D/Y/A/22/88
Matthews Emily Eunice widow of Colin Atkins Rees, of Springside, 39, Stopford Road, St Helier 15/Dec/1965 31/Aug/1967 D/Y/B1/111/13
Matthews Emma of 47, Val Plaisant, St Helier 26/Feb/1949 10/Apr/1956 D/Y/B1/35/35
Matthews Ernest James Maurice of 37, Fisher Street, Paignton, Devon 13/Mar/1975 13/Feb/1975 D/Y/B1/218/9
Matthews Florence Mary nee Wallington, wife of Trevor Jenkins Matthews, of Cartref, St Saviour 22/Apr/1955 19/Jun/1956 D/Y/B1/36/18
Matthews Harry Reginald of 15, Irnham Road, Minehead, Somerset 11/Nov/1971 16/May/1974 D/Y/B1/205/26
Matthews James of Sabatia, St Clement 24/Jan/1967 21/Jun/1972 D/Y/B1/176/22
Matthews Jeanne widow of Jean Hubert of St Helier 13/06/1782 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £4 tournois of the order of the King , to Marie Luce, her mother, the life interest on her stock in public funds in England, reversion to Marie Matthews, her sister 29/Jun/1782 D/Y/A/13/69
Matthews John 04/02/1853 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £25 Desires that a small garden bordering on the Parade, at the back of Savile House is added to Savile House 4/Apr/1854 D/Y/A/28/61
Matthews John Henry of 50, Elysee Estate, Trinity Hill, St Helier 5/May/1975 5/May/1975 D/Y/B1/222/12
Matthews Joseph ... 24/Feb/1870 D/Y/A/35/21
Matthews Marcus Henry Beverley Lodge, Colomberie, St Helier 30/Jun/1917 11/Jul/1917 D/Y/A/76/109
Matthews Marjorie wife of Richard Samuel Quarrie, of 6, Grouville Park, Grouville 12/Jun/1964 20/Apr/1971 D/Y/B1/157/49
Matthews Marjorie Stuart widow of Alan John Wavish, of No 2, Vine Park, Beaumont, St Peter 3/Oct/1972 9/Mar/1978 D/Y/B1/275/16
Matthews Mary of St Helier 28/11/1866 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier 10 shillings 12/Aug/1871 D/Y/A/36/4
Matthews Mary Esther Borlase wife of Conrad Morris Saxon-Snell, of Oaklands, Felcourt, Lingfield, Surrey 7/Jul/1971 20/Jul/1972 D/Y/B1/177/40
Matthews Richard Herbert care of Contract Operations Limited, No 78, East Street, Epsom, Surrey 24/Jan/1978 24/Jan/1978 D/Y/B1/272/33
Matthews Sydney Edgar of Villa Trent, Samares, St Clement 18/Oct/1976 18/Oct/1978 D/Y/B1/287/42
Matthews Trevor Jenkins of Ridgeway, Mont Cochon, St Helier Bequeaths to Brig-y-Don Children's Convalescent and Holiday Home, £2000 20/Jun/1956 6/Jul/1959 D/Y/B1/55/27
Matthews William Knowles care of National Westminster Bank Limited, Rolle Street, Exmouth, Devon 3/Oct/1969 12/Jun/1973 D/Y/B1/191/32
Matthews William Robinson of St Helier 1/Feb/1842 14/May/1857 D/Y/A/29/27
Mattingley Clement ... 30/Apr/1740 1/Aug/1741 D/Y/A/7/43
Mattingley Clement of Trinity, gentleman 30/06/1854 Desires to be buried in Trinity Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity, £1 15/Jul/1854 D/Y/A/28/75
Mattingley Esther wife of Jean Ahier of Grouville, now of St Saviour 21/May/1881 31/Jul/1882 D/Y/A/42/99
Mattingley Jean of Grouville 07/08/1792 Desires to be buried in Grouville Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville, £10 tournois of the order of the King 11/Oct/1794 D/Y/A/15/79
Mattingley Madeleine of Grouville 15/09/1836 Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville, £15 of French currency 30/Apr/1841 D/Y/A/25/10
Mattingley Marie ... 29/Jun/1725 11/Sep/1725 D/Y/A/6/2
Mattingley Thomas ... 4/Mar/1754 10/Dec/1755 D/Y/A/9/13
Maude Emma Maria of St Helier 2/Jun/1840 8/Oct/1847 D/Y/A/26/115
Mauduit Augustine Victorie Marie 1 Springfield Crescent, Trinity Road, St Helier 28/08/1925 Desires to be buried in Almorah Cemetery Bequeaths residue of personal estate to two named legatees and after their deaths to The Little Sisters of the Poor All real estate to 1 named legatee and on his death to The Little Sisters of the Poor 2/Jul/1931 D/Y/A/91/123
Mauge Lillian Sophy Emma r 20/May/1955 10/Aug/1955 D/Y/B1/31/53
Mauger Ada wife of Charles John Hamon, of High View, St Peter 5/Jan/1966 13/Dec/1966 D/Y/B1/103/17
Mauger Ada Briard widow of Philip John Le Maistre, of Five Roads Farm, Millais, St Ouen 30/Aug/1967 30/Aug/1967 D/Y/B1/111/19
Mauger Adele Margaret widow of Walter Philip Daw, of Glenferrie Rest Home, No 24, Peirson Road, St Helier 22/Aug/1979 22/Aug/1979 D/Y/B1/305/22
Mauger Adolphus of The Yews, St Peter 19/Feb/1955 14/Apr/1958 D/Y/B1/47/49
Mauger Adolphus Cyril of Sunwin, St Peter 11/May/1967 2/Feb/1973 D/Y/B1/185/51
Mauger Albert Edward of Cornbrook, Bellozanne Road, St Helier 23/Jan/1975 3/May/1977 D/Y/B1/258/1
Mauger Alfred son of Elie, of St Ouen 28/Jun/1935 23/Sep/1964 D/Y/B1/81/31
Mauger Alfred Thomas of Highlands, St Ouen 18/Oct/1941 3/Feb/1970 D/Y/B1/141/32
Mauger Alice Maud Rushwick House, Rushwick, Worcester, Worcestershire 26/Nov/1940 17/May/1946 D/Y/A/116/19
Mauger Amelia St Brelade 10/04/1907 Bequeaths to Arnold John Mauger the property Le Bocage, St Brelade, Fief du Roi 18/Apr/1925 D/Y/A/85/69
Mauger Ann of St Helier 8/7/1887 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier £5 17/Aug/1892 D/Y/A/51/78
Mauger Anne widow of Peter Conway 10/Jul/1926 22/Oct/1926 D/Y/A/86/125
Mauger Anne Harriet of St Helier 10/08/1894 Desires to be buried in Mont a l'Abbe Cemetery 20/Jun/1899 D/Y/A/58/49
Mauger Arnold John of Le Bocage, St Aubin, St Brelade 25/Nov/1953 18/Aug/1954 D/Y/B1/26/7
Mauger Caroline widow of Philippe Le Feuvre 30/Apr/1842 8/Jul/1845 D/Y/A/26/25
Mauger Catherine of St Helier, widow of Noe Gautier 01/11/1852 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £4 9/Jan/1856 D/Y/A/28/157
Mauger Charles of St John, now of St Lawrence 17/Sep/1888 24/Jun/1891 D/Y/A/50/53
Mauger Charles Clifford of Sion House, St John 12/Oct/1963 5/Sep/1969 D/Y/B1/136/2
Mauger Charles Edward St Brelade 21/Oct/1922 19/May/1925 D/Y/A/85/87
Mauger Charles Francis 19 Duhamel Place, St Helier 7/Jun/1929 16/Dec/1938 D/Y/A/103/98
Mauger Charles Walter of Hibernia Lodge, La Pouquelaye, St Helier 3/Aug/1957 27/Mar/1972 D/Y/B1/172/27
Mauger Clarence Philip son of the late Albert Edward Mauger, of St Peter's Stores, St Peter 22/Jun/1954 21/Sep/1957 D/Y/B1/44/14
Mauger Cyril Walter 22 Duhamel Place, St Helier 17/Jun/1947 16/May/1947 D/Y/A/117/131
Mauger David of St Helier 11/08/1832 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 48 livres of French currency 15/Jan/1833 D/Y/A/22/68
Mauger Donald Geoffrey of Ethdon, Les Fourneaux Estate, La Moye, St Brelade 22/Jun/1972 10/Jan/1973 D/Y/B1/184/50
Mauger Doris Myfanwy otherwise Evans, widow of Duncan Alexander Ferries, of 20, Briavels Grove, Ashley Hill, Bristol 24/Oct/1973 21/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/202/44
Mauger Edmund Alfred Elias of 17, Hue Street, St Helier : 20/Jun/1883 4/Aug/1883 D/Y/A/43/64
Mauger Edouard of St Ouen 26/06/1869 Bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen 5 shillings 5/Jun/1871 D/Y/A/35/126
Mauger Edouard of St Helier 06/03/1794 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £16 tournois of the order of the King 16/Jun/1796 D/Y/A/15/113
Mauger Edouard Clarendon Grove, Clarendon Road, St Helier 8/Jan/1919 3/Oct/1934 D/Y/A/96/114
Mauger Edouard Marais, St Mary 4/Sep/1928 22/Jan/1929 D/Y/A/89/14
Mauger Edouard Jean of St Ouen, Sailor 14/10/1865 Bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen 3 shillings 23/Mar/1867 D/Y/A/33/88
Mauger Edward Pierre Ocean View, Noirmont, St Brelade 7/Jul/1923 6/Sep/1929 D/Y/A/89/161
Mauger Elizabeth widow Paulet of St Brelade, now of St Helier 30/01/1802 Bequeaths to the poor 1 shilling 21/Feb/1807 D/Y/A/17/34
Mauger Elizabeth ... 10/May/1708 5/Jun/1708 D/Y/A/4/41
Mauger Elizabeth 09/03/1815 Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity, £6 tournois, and £6 of French currency to the parish of St Helier 27/Mar/1827 D/Y/A/20/84
Mauger Elizabeth widow of Guilleaume Marie Le Tiec, of 1, Lucknow Villas, Dunell Road, St Saviour 15/Oct/1966 7/Dec/1968 D/Y/B1/126/42
Mauger Elizabeth Marie of St Helier 16/10/1871 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier £2 14/Nov/1871 D/Y/A/36/24
Mauger Elsie Annie wife of Clarence John Pallot, of Mon Plaisir, St Lawrence 22/Dec/1977 22/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/271/8
Mauger Emily widow of Ernest Daghorn, of 60, Don Road, St Helier 26/Sep/1949 19/Feb/1959 D/Y/B1/53/10
Mauger Esther of St Brelade, now of St Helier 29/01/1846 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £1 9/Mar/1847 D/Y/A/26/97
Mauger Esther of St Helier, widow of Clement Nicolle 07/11/1820 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 600 livres of French currency, and to the Methodist Society, 1200 livres of currency to be sent to the Committe of Finances called 'Le Fonds des Predicateurs dans la connection de feu Monsieur Jean Wesley a Londres' (The fund of preachers in the connection of the deceased John Welsey, in London) 21/Dec/1835 D/Y/A/23/77
Mauger Esther of St Lawrence 05/05/1769 Desires to be buried in St Lawrence Cemetery Bequeaths to poor of St Lawrence, £10 of the order of the King 4/Apr/1772 D/Y/A/12/37
Mauger Ethel Madeline wife of Francis Alfred Gicquel, of Mon Desir, Fosse au Bois, St Ouen 6/Sep/1979 6/Sep/1979 D/Y/B1/306/2
Mauger Eugenie Marie Victoire nee Rabaste, widow of Leon Jean Mauger, of 2, Belgrave Terrace, Dicq Road, St Saviour Bequeaths to her daughter Violette Louise Amelie Hamon, the right to plot 177 and 178 in St Matthew's Cemetery 28/Jan/1957 4/Jul/1959 D/Y/B1/55/24
Mauger Eunice Florence wife of Stanley John de la Cour, of Whitehorse Cottage, St Clement's Road, St Saviour 27/Sep/1976 27/Sep/1976 D/Y/B1/247/13
Mauger Eunice Marie of Clarendon Grove, Upper Claremont Road, St Helier 30/Nov/1948 3/Apr/1956 D/Y/B1/35/22
Mauger Florence May widow of Alfred Luce, of Maison St Brelade, St Brelade and formerly of Bon Air, Old Beaumont Hill, St Peter 21/Jun/1965 26/Feb/1979 D/Y/B1/295/2
Mauger Francis Frederick 1 Haevarden Villas, West Park Avenue, St Helier 27/Jan/1898 13/Jun/1906 D/Y/A/65/59
Mauger Francis John of No 35, Highlands Close, St Saviour 5/Nov/1974 31/Jan/1979 D/Y/B1/293/13
Mauger Francis Peter St Peter 29/Nov/1933 30/Jul/1935 D/Y/A/97/120
Mauger George son of Philippe of St Ouen : 31/Aug/1878 18/Dec/1889 D/Y/A/48/86
Mauger George of 10, Dorset Street, St Helier 22/Feb/1943 23/Mar/1956 D/Y/B1/35/7
Mauger George Alfred of 2, Walton Villas, First Tower, St Helier 6/May/1974 6/May/1974 D/Y/B1/204/55
Mauger George Edward Ste Claire, St Lawrence 10/Sep/1918 5/Dec/1918 D/Y/A/78/114
Mauger Gille/Gilles ... 14/Oct/1709 17/Nov/1709 D/Y/A/4/69
Mauger Gladys Ruby widow of Samuel John Edward Kingsford, of The Villa Rothnay, Victoria Crescent, Upper Midvale Road, St Helier 14/Jul/1972 14/Jun/1974 D/Y/B1/206/45
Mauger Hannah Jane St Helier 9/Jan/1931 20/Nov/1940 D/Y/A/107/76
Mauger Harriet of St Helier 04/08/1859 Desires to be buried in St Helier Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier £1 6/May/1868 D/Y/A/34/32
Mauger Harriet Esther widow of Philip Thomas de Veulle, of St Helier Bequeaths to Harriet Elizabeth de Veulle, the usufruct of the property 66, Stopford Road, St Helier and to Philip Mauger de Veulle the nue propriete of 66, Stopford Road 8/Aug/1935 2/Jul/1955 D/Y/B1/31/28
Mauger Harriet Jane Manor View, Trinity, widow of Josue Charles Machon 20/Apr/1910 23/May/1911 D/Y/A/70/53
Mauger Harry John also known as Henry John Mauger, of Douet de Lecq, St Brelade 21/Nov/1973 26/Aug/1975 D/Y/B1/227/29
Mauger Helier son of Andre 12/Apr/1666 28/May/1666 D/Y/A/3/4
Mauger Herbert Adolphus 6 Garden Lane, St Helier 3/Jul/1929 28/Apr/1930 D/Y/A/90/67
Mauger Isabella Maria nee Sprake, 2 Gwendoline Villas, Bellozanne Road, St Helier 1/Aug/1919 1/Nov/1919 D/Y/A/79/117
Mauger Jane of 117 Royal Crescent, St Helier : 29/03/1884 Bequeaths to the British and Foreign Bible Society £5, to the Jersey Dispensary £5, to Amelia Le Quesne 8 French shares, to Mary Ann Le Gallais £250 in Russian shares, to Laura and Ethel de Carteret 2 rentes of £100, one of :a Place de la Corbiere and the other on Les Havres et Chaussees, St Helier 19/Jan/1885 D/Y/A/44/89
Mauger Jane Julie of St Helier, widow of Helier Gaudin 13/Aug/1894 11/Mar/1901 D/Y/A/60/13
Mauger Jean of Carrefour Selous, St Lawrence : 06/11/1889 Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence £1 14/Dec/1889 D/Y/A/48/83
Mauger Jean ... 2/Oct/1730 27/Feb/1731 D/Y/A/6/57
Mauger Jean ... 6/May/1756 23/Apr/1757 D/Y/A/9/34
Mauger Jean ... 9/Jul/1728 6/Sep/1728 D/Y/A/6/25
Mauger Jean of St Helier 15/03/1787 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £4 of the order of the King 9/Sep/1809 D/Y/A/17/107
Mauger Jean of St Helier 30/01/1792 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £8 of the order 9/May/1792 D/Y/A/15/22
Mauger Jean of Trinity 3/Dec/1759 16/Jan/1760 D/Y/A/10/36
Mauger Joan Isolda widow of Raufe Grosvenor Taunton, of St Clair, Mont Cochon, St Helier Bequeaths to Hervey Raufe de Montmorency Taunton, her property St Clair, Mont Cochon, the outbuildings including the building that has been converted into two flats and the field known as Le Screaton, Mont Cochon; to Mervyn George de Salis Taunton, the property known as Le Coin, Le Couvent, St Lawrence and the interest in the contract of lease of the property known as Beren-Gaid, St Saviour's Road; to Kathleen Eleanor Seymour, nee Taunton, the field known as Le Jardin des Rues, St Lawrence and the land in cotil between the land sold to Vernon Harold Palmer and Gerald Arthur de la Haye 6/Jun/1958 29/Dec/1958 D/Y/B1/52/5
Mauger John Hotel de l'Europe, St Helier 12/Jun/1931 24/Aug/1933 D/Y/A/94/143
Mauger John Rosehill, Trinity 15/11/1930 Bequeaths to Florence Mauger for her life the property Rosehill, then to John Wesley Mauger 20/Nov/1946 D/Y/A/116/158
Mauger John Nicolle of Kelso House, Clairvale Road, St Helier 6/Apr/1954 8/Sep/1965 D/Y/B1/90/5
Mauger John Philip of Les Boules, Beaumont Hill, St Peter 20/Sep/1954 26/Aug/1977 D/Y/B1/264/42
Mauger John Philip Oxford House, Havre des Pas, St Helier 26/May/1910 10/Jul/1940 D/Y/A/107/7
Mauger John Philip Beaumont, St Peter 14/Nov/1930 28/Oct/1935 D/Y/A/98/27
Mauger John Philip St Ouen 29/May/1917 11/Aug/1917 D/Y/A/77/4
Mauger John Wesley of Rose Hill, Trinity 2/Apr/1946 11/Feb/1971 D/Y/B1/155/29
Mauger Josue son of Josue 22/04/1763 Desires to be buried in St John's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St John, £20 of the order of the King 24/Oct/1775 D/Y/A/12/69
Mauger Julia Trinity 4/Feb/1931 12/May/1932 D/Y/A/93/8
Mauger Julia Anne 95 St Saviours Road 13/Mar/1922 12/Jul/1946 D/Y/A/116/67
Mauger Laura Ada widow of George Deslandes, of 20, Peirson Road, St Helier 23/Dec/1960 10/Sep/1973 D/Y/B1/194/47
Mauger Leon Jean of Mont Gavey, St Lawrence 13/Dec/1935 20/Feb/1950 D/Y/B1/4/15
Mauger Lucille Florence wife of Sydney George Cordial, of Lynton, Upper Midvale Road, St Helier 3/May/1977 3/May/1977 D/Y/B1/258/4
Mauger Mabel Mary Ann widow of George Le Boutillier, of The Limes, Green Street, St Helier and formerly of Greenfield House, Vinchelez, St Ouen 13/Mar/1961 8/Oct/1971 D/Y/B1/165/23
Mauger Magdeleine ... 30/Apr/1748 2/Jun/1748 D/Y/A/8/27
Mauger Marie of St Clement 03/05/1870 Bequeaths to the poor of St Clement 2 shillings 9/Oct/1871 D/Y/A/36/15
Mauger Marie Anne of St Helier, widow of George Simon : 10/10/1882 Desire to be buried in Green Street Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier £5 28/Feb/1884 D/Y/A/44/12
Mauger Marie Elizabeth St Mary, widow of John Felix Dumaresq 28/03/1914 Bequeaths to the poor of the Bible Christian Chapel, Great Union Road, St Helier 2/Jan/1915 D/Y/A/74/1
Mauger Marie Louise Augustine also known as Mary Louisa, widow of Francis Peter Sorel, of Amateur Lodge, Pontac, St Clement 13/May/1957 17/Sep/1968 D/Y/B1/124/15
Mauger Mary Spinster 02/09/1800 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 25 shillings, to , her niece, £200 of stock in 3% consoli funds, to Ann Mary Kerby, her neice, £100 of the same stock 3/Jan/1801 D/Y/A/16/36
Mauger Mary widow of William Matthias 17/03/1860 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 5s 18/Aug/1860 D/Y/A/30/64
Mauger Mary ... 11/Jan/1869 12/Aug/1890 D/Y/A/49/48
Mauger Mary Ann St Helier, widow of John Smith 10/Apr/1890 14/Dec/1912 D/Y/A/71/113
Mauger Mary Elizabeth son of Philippe, of High Cliff, St Lawrence Bequeaths to Galaad Methodist Chapel, £50; to the Little Sisters of the Poor, £50; to the Home for Aged and Infirm Women, £100; to the Jersey Animal Shelter, £25; to the Church Pastoral Aid Society, £100; to the Colonial and Continental Church Society, £100; to the Mission Protestante Evangelique de Tremel, £50; to the Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews, £50; to the British and Foreign Bible Society, £100; to the Church Association, £100; to the Societe Centrale Evangelique de Paris, £50; Lord's Day Observance Society, £100; to the Bible Churchman's Missionary Society, £100 30/Aug/1940 5/Feb/1960 D/Y/B1/57/68
Mauger Maud Mary 38 Roseville Street, St Helier 9/Jun/1925 27/Oct/1944 D/Y/A/113/4
Mauger Nancy 3 Salvandy Terrace, St Saviour, spinster 18/07/1904 Bequeaths to the Jersey Female Orphans Home £50; to the Jersey Home for Infirm & Aged Women £10; to the Jersey General Dispensary £10 21/Aug/1905 D/Y/A/64/75
Mauger Nancy widow of Philippe Hamon of St Brelade 18/11/1816 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade, £48, and to the poor of St Lawrence £48 4/Jan/1832 D/Y/A/22/40
Mauger Nancy St Ouen, now of St Mary 02/02/1881 Bequeaths to the poor of St Mary 5 shillings 8/Apr/1895 D/Y/A/54/42
Mauger Nicolas of St Helier 19/08/1809 Bequeaths to the poor of the Methodist Society, £32 11/Jul/1837 D/Y/A/24/26
Mauger Nicolas of St Lawrence 08/08/1768 Bequeaths to poor of St Lawrence, £10 tournois of the order 11/Jan/1772 D/Y/A/12/33
Mauger Nicolas son of Nicolas of St Lawrence 05/10/1809 Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence, £8 of the order of the King 14/Apr/1810 D/Y/A/18/12
Mauger Philip John of Le Bocage, Rue du Bocage, St Peter 20/Oct/1972 20/Oct/1972 D/Y/B1/181/42
Mauger Philip Starck Highcliff, St Lawrence 1/03/1939 Desires to be buried in Mont-a-l'Abbe Cemetery Bequeaths to The Methodist Chapel of Galaad £50; to The Little Sisters of the Poor £50; to the Home for Infirm & Aged Women £100; to the Jersey Animal Shelter £25; to the Church Pastoral Aid Society £100; to the Colonial & Continental Church Society £100; to the Mission Protestante, Evangelique de Tremal (Brittany) £50; to the Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews £50; to the British & Foreign Bible Society £100; to the Church Association £100; to the Societe Centrale Evangelique de Paris £50; to the Lords Day Observance Society £100; to the Bible Churchmans Missionary Society £100 9/Aug/1940 D/Y/A/107/23
Mauger Philip/Phillip of St Helier 30/12/1783 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £4 of the order of the King 27/Apr/1786 D/Y/A/14/13
Mauger Philippe son of Jean of St Lawrence 03/06/1774 Desires to be buried in St Lawrence Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence, £40 tournois of the order of the King 11/Aug/1781 D/Y/A/13/35
Mauger Philippe of St Helier 05/02/1869 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier £1 28/Aug/1869 D/Y/A/34/119
Mauger Philippe of St Helier 24/11/1857 Desires to be buried in Green Street Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier 10s, to the National School 10s, to St Helier's Sunday School 10s, to the parish of St Helier 5s, and to the 'Benevolent' 5s 14/Feb/1862 D/Y/A/31/3
Mauger Philippe Highcliff, St Lawrence 13/Feb/1906 10/May/1906 D/Y/A/65/51
Mauger Philippe St Clement 28/04/1915 Bequeaths to the poor of St Clement 5 shillings 7/Feb/1916 D/Y/A/75/22
Mauger Pierre of St John, now of Trinity 6/Sep/1876 23/Aug/1877 D/Y/A/39/120
Mauger Pierre of St Lawrence 14/02/1775 Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence, £100 of the order of the King 15/Jan/1780 D/Y/A/13/2
Mauger Pierre son of Elie of St Ouen, now of St Aubin, St Brelade 25/12/1781 Desires to be buried in St Brelade's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade, £4 tournois of the order of the King 16/Feb/1782 D/Y/A/13/51
Mauger Pierre Francois of Chanteloup, Normandy, now of St Helier 06/11/1792 Bequeaths to the poor of the General Hospital, £16 of the order of the King 24/Feb/1800 D/Y/A/16/10
Mauger Rachel of St Lawrence, now of St Helier 05/02/1808 Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence, £6 of French currency 19/Mar/1808 D/Y/A/17/72
Mauger Rachel St John, now of St Helier, widow of Edouard Esnouf 17/May/1889 Bequeaths to the poor of St John £2 8/Feb/1894 D/Y/A/53/23
Mauger Rachel of St John, widow of Philippe Luce 26/Jan/1898 25/Aug/1898 D/Y/A/57/68
Mauger Rachel of St Ouen : 08/06/1888 Bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen 2 shillings 13/Dec/1888 D/Y/A/47/98
Mauger Rachel of St Ouen 03/12/1853 Bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen 10 shillings 25/Jan/1881 D/Y/A/41/79
Mauger Sara daughter of Josue son of Raulin 20/Jan/1762 2/Feb/1762 D/Y/A/10/77
Mauger Sara widow of Jean Mauger of St Helier 28/Feb/1765 21/Oct/1765 D/Y/A/11/57
Mauger Susanne widow of Thomas Herault of St Peter 7/Oct/1743 22/Aug/1753 D/Y/A/7/118
Mauger Theophile Philippe St Brelade 7/Jun/1906 27/Apr/1907 D/Y/A/66/53
Mauger Thomas Fremantle, Western Australia 31/Oct/1902 29/Aug/1910 D/Y/A/69/74
Mauger Thomas of Trinity 29/02/1844 Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity, 300 livres of old French currency 16/Jul/1859 D/Y/A/30/1
Mauger Thomas of St Clement 27/4/1850 Bequeaths to the Philip Mauger £250 of Jersey Savings Bank Company consoli stock 24/Feb/1862 D/Y/A/31/6
Mauger William Wilmot son of George William, of Warder's Lodge, HM Prison, Gloucester Street 15/Nov/1932 12/May/1951 D/Y/B1/10/1
Mauger Winifred Maggie of 16, Savile Street, St Helier Sums of money bequeathed to Ellen Louise Coward, Mary Anne Coward, Ethel Mary Marguerie, Lawrence Mauger and Maud Freake 15/Jun/1949 28/Nov/1949 D/Y/B1/3/11
Maugham Charles Ernest of 7, Albert Street, St Helier 22/Sep/1950 10/Jan/1951 D/Y/B1/7/66
Maugham Hilda Wollaston nee Greene, widow of Reginald Charles Fulke Maugham, of Spring Bank, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier 2/Feb/1957 19/Nov/1958 D/Y/B1/51/23
Maugham Reginald Charles Fulke of Spring Bank, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier 13/Oct/1950 19/Dec/1956 D/Y/B1/39/22
Maugier Helier of St Brelade 26/Feb/1674 1/Mar/1674 D/Y/A/1/53
Maugyer John of St Lawrence 02/10/1564 1564-10-14 D/Y/A/4/51 John Shoosmith 30/Jul/1707 10/Nov/1711 D/Y/A/4/50
Maule James of St Aubin's Road, formerly druggist of Coldstream 2/Nov/1872 21/Apr/1873 D/Y/A/37/23
Mauley William James 14 Charles Street, St Helier 27/Jun/1935 29/Sep/1937 D/Y/A/101/64
Maulini Fausto of Miasino, Province of Novara, Italy 2/Mar/1967 2/Mar/1967 D/Y/B1/105/55
Maundrell Arthur Goodall of St Elmo, Grouville 17/Feb/1970 15/Dec/1972 D/Y/B1/184/10
Maunoury Clara Hilda wife of Emile Eugene Dutertre, of 3, Bel Royal Gardens, Bel Royal, St Lawrence 26/Jun/1969 5/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/201/45
Maunoury Ivy May of La Pommeraie Cottage, Deloraine Road, St Saviour 8/Feb/1973 8/Feb/1973 D/Y/B1/186/6
Maunoury Jules Arsene Bienaime St Saviour 2/12/1913 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour 5 shillings 21/Oct/1914 D/Y/A/73/110
Maunoury Lily Alice of Sandybrook Hospital, St Peter 9/Jun/1969 9/Jun/1969 D/Y/B1/133/10
Maunsell Raymund John of La Maison Haute, Mont de la Rocque, St Aubin, St Brelade 23/Jan/1974 4/Nov/1976 D/Y/B1/248/44
Maurice Noel of Lengronne, Department de la Manche, now of Jersey 21/05/1836 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 2s 10/May/1837 D/Y/A/24/23
Maurice Valentin Bel Royal, St Lawrence 14/Dec/1917 28/Jan/1918 D/Y/A/77/72
Mauviel Violet Elsie Gertrude widow of John William Patch, of Sandybrook Hospital, St Peter and formerly of 4, St Luke's Crescent, St Clement 3/May/1977 3/May/1977 D/Y/B1/258/3
Mauvigner Ernest Marie Joseph Jean Baptiste of Lorraine, Marett Road, St Helier and temporarily of Overdale, Westmount, St Helier 29/May/1962 3/Jan/1964 D/Y/B1/77/29
Mauvigner Jean Marett Road, Havre des Pas, St Helier 20/Aug/1915 30/Mar/1931 D/Y/A/91/63
Mauvis Madeleine widow of Nicolas Patrick France Bonnetard, of PO Box 19, Mahe, Seychelles, formerly of 101, Lonsdale Crescent, Durban, South Africa 22/04/1971 and 10/Apr/1976 7/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/317/28
Mavius Charles George Frederic of Leicester, now of 2, West Park Villas, St Helier 7/Jul/1893 10/Jan/1899 D/Y/A/58/2
Mavrogordato Frances Vivian Mary widow of Guy Carleton Jones, of Kotagiri, Rue Maze, St Martin, Guernsey 16/May/1970 7/Jul/1971 D/Y/B1/161/19
Mavroleon Basil Manuel of 49, Grosvenor Square, London and formerly of 8, Balfour Place, Westminster 26/Jan/1966 29/Feb/1980 D/Y/B1/317/1
Mavromoustakis Georghios Costa of Limassol, Cyprus 10/Mar/1980 10/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/318/5
Maxted Louise Adelaide wife of Alfred Thomas Hill, of 2, Le Boulevard, La Rocque, Grouville 21/Dec/1971 21/Dec/1971 D/Y/B1/168/26
Maxwell Elizabeth otherwise Elsie , wife of Charles Cameron Courtenay Oulton, of Chale House, Chale, Isle of Wight, formerly of Killard, Nanyuki, Kenya 10/Mar/1960 31/Jul/1970 D/Y/B1/148/10
May Albert James of Newlands, Route de Noirmont, St Brelade 4/Dec/1974 25/Jul/1975 D/Y/B1/226/5
May Cyril Wight of 3, Les Arches, Mont Felard, St Lawrence and formerly of La Houguette, St Saviour 9/Jul/1948 15/Jun/1965 D/Y/B1/87/43
May Daisy Elizabeth of Medina Hotel, Seale Street, St Helier 6/Aug/1968 12/Sep/1978 D/Y/B1/285/46
May Ernest Richard Connard of Mount Edgecumbe, Queen's Road, St Helier 12/Aug/1971 12/Aug/1971 D/Y/B1/163/5
May Florence otherwise Barbara Chalk, widow of Harold Hindley, of 27, Monckton Court, Strangways Terrace, Addison Road, London 31/Dec/1974 3/Feb/1976 D/Y/B1/234/44
May Frederick Stansmore of Beulah, Gorey Village, Grouville 21/Feb/1947 16/Feb/1952 D/Y/B1/13/23
May John Henry of Springbank, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier and formerly of Maison St Brelade, St Brelade and Singamari Annexe, Park Estate, St Brelade and care of Barclays Bank Limited, 13, Library Place, St Helier 8/Jun/1964 28/Dec/1979 D/Y/B1/311/56
May Reginald Charles Howard of Valley Crest, La Marquanderie, St Brelade 22/Oct/1956 9/Nov/1967 D/Y/B1/113/35
May Robert Arthur of Nairobi, Kenya and formerly of Ruiru, Kenya 19/Oct/1956 12/Aug/1970 D/Y/B1/148/35
May Winifred Hilda widow of John William Moore, of Winfield, Rue des Vignes, St Peter 29/Mar/1972 27/Aug/1975 D/Y/B1/227/32
Maybey William George Leonard of Tingghi, Tower Road, St Helier 9/Sep/1968 9/Sep/1968 D/Y/B1/124/6
Maycock James Dottin of Linden House, Gorey, St Martin 4/Dec/1891 16/Apr/1896 D/Y/A/55/29
Mayer Francis Joseph 1 Mulcaster Street, St Helier 18/Dec/1933 13/Nov/1946 D/Y/A/116/147
Mayes Harry of 26, Mapledale Avenue, Croydon 30/Sep/1964 6/Sep/1967 D/Y/B1/111/20
Mayes Ruby Constance widow of Sidney Thomson Ditchburn, of 18, Gordon Road, London 15/Jan/1976 15/Jan/1976 D/Y/B1/233/52
Maylor Dora Marion widow of Noel Richmond Pickering, of Petit Zinj, Park Estate, St Brelade 31/Dec/1975 26/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/319/26
Maynard George Master Gunner at Elizabeth Castle 25/Jul/1698 6/Aug/1698 D/Y/A/2/102
Maynard Gerald St Clair of Atterdale, Les Landes, St Martin 15/Feb/1963 5/May/1964 D/Y/B1/79/41
Maynard John ... 24/Aug/1749 16/Dec/1749 D/Y/A/8/44
Mayne Emily Jane widow of James Symons, of 14, Dorset Street, St Helier and formerly of St Nazaire, Route des Genets, St Brelade 10/Nov/1967 1/Nov/1972 D/Y/B1/182/22
Mayo Constance Virginia of 3, St Kilda Villas, Bagot Road, St Saviour 7/Sep/1972 9/Feb/1973 D/Y/B1/186/15
Mayo Evelyn Violet -Robson, of 14A, Fore Street, Totnes, Devon 6/Dec/1979 4/Sep/1980 D/Y/B1/330/2
Mayo Iris Maude Mary widow of Henry Hope Buswell, of 3, St Kilda Villas, Bagot, St Saviour 7/Jan/1953 1/Oct/1971 D/Y/B1/164/54
Mayo Millicent Rebecca Boomer Windyrise, Beaumont, St Peter 14/Dec/1931 8/Mar/1932 D/Y/A/92/111
Mayo Thomas Beaumont, St Peter 1/Jul/1919 11/Mar/1924 D/Y/A/84/41
Mayston Ivan Edward George of 317, Sarnia Road, Durban, South Africa 2/Mar/1977 2/Mar/1977 D/Y/B1/254/17
Mayston Percival Joshua of St James, Cape, South Africa 3/Mar/1970 27/May/1975 D/Y/B1/223/13
Mazaudon Marie Catherine 40 Bath Street, St Helier, widow of Jules Parison 24/Apr/1926 4/Feb/1933 D/Y/A/94/41
Maze Irwin Strange of 4, Mont Sohier Close, St Brelade 4/Jan/1962 1/May/1969 D/Y/B1/131/50
MBE Robert Douglas of 18a, Arnison Road, East Molesey, Surrey, formerly of Green Bank, Hamilton Road, Whitefield, Lancashire 16/Jan/1951 19/Jan/1967 D/Y/B1/104/25
Mc Cloud Josue of St Helier 03/07/1857 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 2s 1/Aug/1857 D/Y/A/29/38
Mc Loud Anne of St Helier 25/08/1836 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 2s 6d 10/Mar/1853 D/Y/A/28/9
McAdam Ian Alexander of 337, Parkgate Road, Chester and formerly of 60, Lowther Street, Penrith, Cumberland 27/Sep/1962 13/Jul/1967 D/Y/B1/109/51
McAllen Elizabeth Mary 32 Green Street, St Helier, widow of George Laurens 17/Mar/1916 5/Nov/1923 D/Y/A/83/130
McAllen John Henry of St Helier : 23/09/1885 Bequeaths to George Charles McAllen all effects found in the testators forge bordering on Conway Street 5/Oct/1885 D/Y/A/45/25
McAllen Regine Hue widow of William Victor d'Authreau, of Holme, 87, St Mark's Road, St Saviour 18/Jun/1960 14/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/149/29
McAlley Marcus of Palm Springs Nursing Home, Trinity Hill, St Helier 16/Jan/1977 28/Jul/1977 D/Y/B1/263/2
McArdle Edgar Lawrence of 2, Kensington Close, Hugh Green, Chester, Cheshire 25/May/1976 25/May/1976 D/Y/B1/240/33
McAree Alice Jane 20 Hue Street, St Helier 19/Sep/1942 8/Dec/1943 D/Y/A/111/110
McArthur Alexander of 3, Mary Street, Paisley, Scotland 22/Jul/1957 23/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/150/5
McArthur George of The Grange, Thornage Holt, Norfolk 21/May/1973 5/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/201/47
McArthur Valentine Goold of Fairways, St Brelade 7/Apr/1961 23/Feb/1967 D/Y/B1/105/42
McAteer Francis Holbeach House, 25 Nassau Street, Middlesex, compositor 30/Oct/1894 6/Mar/1914 D/Y/A/73/24
McAughtry John Frederick of Villa Capri, Havre des Pas, St Helier 8/Oct/1969 28/Mar/1979 D/Y/B1/296/45
McAutagart Thomas of Gas House Place, St Helier 23/Jun/1869 17/Aug/1869 D/Y/A/34/117
McAvoy Estelle Doloros widow of Arnold Edmund Harker Bousfield, of Pond House, Chobham, Surrey and formerly of Termon, Sandycove Avenue, West Dun, Laoghaire, County Dublin, Republic of Ireland 11/Nov/1959 1/May/1980 D/Y/B1/321/49
McAvoy Frederick Ernest native of Guernsey, of 46, Stopford Road, St Helier 2/Dec/1955 27/Nov/1964 D/Y/B1/82/23
McBain Frederick Clow Alexander of 22, Pashley Road, Eastbourne, Sussex 30/Apr/1968 21/Nov/1968 D/Y/B1/126/25
McBean George Thomas of No 2, St Clement's Road, St Helier 28/Apr/1978 18/Oct/1978 D/Y/B1/287/40
McBoyle George William of 40, Clos du Paradis, Almorah, St Helier 5/Mar/1973 5/Mar/1973 D/Y/B1/187/2
McCabe John of St Augustine's Home, New St John's Road, St Helier 3/Jan/1979 23/Jan/1979 D/Y/B1/292/32
McCabe Patrick Maurice of 19, Nicholson Park, St Saviour 22/Aug/1966 22/Aug/1966 D/Y/B1/100/12
McCallion James Keith of Overdale Stores, Route de l'Eglise, St Ouen and formerly of 20, Manor Close, St Clement 18/Feb/1969 12/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/202/17
McCallum Alexander Waugh of Westlyn, Mont Sohier, St Brelade 7/Mar/1958 28/May/1974 D/Y/B1/206/2
McCallum Minnie Shaw wife of Harry Hutchinson, of La Maison du Haut, Le Rondin, St Mary 7/Apr/1970 25/Oct/1973 D/Y/B1/196/35
McCandlish John Alexander La Solana, St Brelade Due to the Occupation, presently residing at Languhar, Stokewood, Buckinghamshire, 24/07/1941 Desires one of his arteries to be opened before his body is buried Bequeaths to the Jersey Dispensary & Infirmary £50; to Brig-y-Don Childrens Convalescent Home £50; to the Little Sisters of the Poor £50; to George Fuller Archer, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard, £1000; to the Salvation Army £50 3 booklets, 1 paper in 1/Oct/1947 D/Y/A/118/79
McCandlish William Herbert of 37, Campbell Road, Sale, Cheshire 28/Jun/1952 23/Jul/1958 D/Y/B1/49/35
McCartan Rhoda nee Goundry, widow of Michael Joseph McCartan, of 6, Waverley Place, Union Street, St Helier 1/Feb/1965 18/Nov/1965 D/Y/B1/91/55
McCarthy Charles Henry Florence d'Arcy of Lyford Cay, New Providence, Bahamas 21/Jun/1976 6/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/270/9
McCarthy Claude of No 14, Windsor Road, St Helier 17/Jun/1974 13/Apr/1978 D/Y/B1/277/20
McCarthy Gerald Wallace Hill of Bien au Soleil, 2, Hillgrove, Old Mont Cochon, St Helier 30/Nov/1967 19/Jan/1972 D/Y/B1/169/47
McCarthy John Patrick of 37, Springhill Avenue, Blackrock, Dublin, Republic of Ireland 17/Dec/1974 6/Dec/1979 D/Y/B1/311/9
McCarthy Leo Peter Denis of Burwood Farm, Rotherfield, East Sussex 16/Sep/1977 19/Feb/1980 D/Y/B1/315/49
McCarthy Mary Laura Joan widow of Charles Edward Le Cornu, of Mount Carmel, PO Box 40958, Nairobi, Kenya 8/May/1978 8/May/1978 D/Y/B1/278/43
McCarthy Michael James Morris of Glyfada, Rue du Galet, St Lawrence 2/Feb/1979 2/Feb/1979 D/Y/B1/293/23
McCarthy Reverend Jeremiah Rector of St Mary and St Peter 10/9/1892 Bequeaths to the Bishop of Portsmouth all he possesses for the use of the Chancel and Presbytery of St Mary and St Peter, St Helier 8/Jun/1893 D/Y/A/52/48
McCartney George KCIE, 4 Overseas, Dicq Road, St Saviour 11/Mar/1944 8/Aug/1945 D/Y/A/114/21
McClary Opal Eree widow of Herbert Paton Holt, of PO Box 1424, Bellycrystal House, Nassau, Bahamas and of Send Grove, near Woking, Surrey and formerly of Ontario, Canada 18/Apr/1977 16/Oct/1980 D/Y/B1/332/33
McComas Richard Archibald of 12, Standen Avenue, Remeura, New Zealand 9/Aug/1969 19/Apr/1974 D/Y/B1/204/25
McConnell Ethel Muriel widow of William Thomas Briggs, of La Chasse, St Martin 15/Oct/1963 26/Apr/1965 D/Y/B1/86/10
McCormick Alexander ... 3/May/1948 D/Y/A/119/86
McCormick Andrew Louis Charles Lieutenant-Colonel 16/Jul/1940 5/Jul/1946 D/Y/A/116/62
McCormick Gladys S S -Goodhart, of the city of Grosse Pointe, Wayne County, Michigan, USA 26/Sep/1950 3/May/1954 D/Y/B1/24/32
McCourt Mary Winifred widow of Walter Le Boutillier, of Falkirk, 2, Coastlands, Greve d'Azette, St Clement 28/May/1965 20/Oct/1970 D/Y/B1/150/50
McCourty James of Mayfield, Sark, formerly bank inspector of the Standard Bank of South Africa 28/Feb/1953 17/Oct/1956 D/Y/B1/37/65
McCowan David James Cargill of 56, Cleveden Drive, Glasgow, Scotland and formerly of Glenbrae, Dunblane, Stirlingshire and of Auchenheglish, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire 27/Apr/1965 19/Feb/1966 D/Y/B1/95/6
McCrae Andrew of 29, Marett Court, St Helier 10/Mar/1980 10/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/318/3
McCrae William Moir of 9, St Anne's Terrace, Mont a L'Abbe, St Helier 23/Apr/1949 4/Nov/1953 D/Y/B1/21/45
McCreignt Charles William Dickey of Manchester, now of 2, Romney Villas 3/Nov/1879 20/Dec/1880 D/Y/A/41/71
McCrery Helen of Greenwich, co Kent, England 13/Jan/1832 30/Dec/1847 D/Y/A/26/124
McCrory Priscilla of La Hague Manor, St Peter 10/Aug/1951 23/May/1961 D/Y/B1/64/39
McCrum James 12/4/1892 Bequeaths to William Henry McCrum his 8 Day Clock To the English Wesleyan Chapel, Jersey £10, to the English Wesleyan Home Missionary Society and the R W Foreign Missionary Society £5 each 24/Jan/1894 D/Y/A/53/11
McCubbin Sarah Eliza wife of Robert Rowat, of 18, Arrol Drive, Ayr, Scotland and formerly of 112, Saint Leonard's Road, Ayr 6/Jan/1972 8/Sep/1980 D/Y/B1/330/19
McCulloch John Herbert of 2, Cannon Court, Beaumont, St Peter 9/Jul/1958 24/Aug/1977 D/Y/B1/264/31
McCurtain Margaret Hume of Oceanic Hotel, Sol Harris Crescent, Durban, South Africa, formerly of The Lake View Hotel, St Lucia Estuary, Zululand, South Africa 8/Aug/1968 7/Sep/1978 D/Y/B1/285/39
Mcdermot Martin of 18, Charing Cross, St Helier 2/Jan/1882 14/Jan/1882 D/Y/A/42/47
McDermott Alfred Ernest of 19, Meadow Park, Rue des Pres, St Saviour and formerly of Maxwood, Greve d'Azette, St Clement 7/Oct/1946 14/Oct/1968 D/Y/B1/125/13
McDermott Alfred Stanley of 2, St Mary's Court, Basingstoke, Hampshire 8/Jun/1976 21/May/1980 D/Y/B1/323/18
McDermott Alfred Tudor The Sheiling, Grouville, formerley in the Colonial Office Service 14/11/1941 Bequeaths to Sophia Catherine Davies and Delia Genevieve Fadden all his interest in leaseholds and rubber estates in the State of Selangor 1/Mar/1944 D/Y/A/112/43
McDermott Evelyn of Port Soy, 19, Meadow Park, Rue des Pres, St Saviour 12/Mar/1966 5/May/1970 D/Y/B1/145/4
McDermott Florence Henrietta widow of William Charles Le Riche, of 12, Regent Road, St Helier 19/Jul/1972 11/Apr/1974 D/Y/B1/204/7
McDermott George Arthur of 3, Highfield Villas, La Pouquelaye, St Helier 27/Jan/1969 15/Jul/1971 D/Y/B1/161/45
McDermott George Arthur of Richard, Langley Avenue, St Saviour 28/Jun/1937 16/Dec/1949 D/Y/B1/3/24
McDermott James L'Abri, Nelson Avenue, St Helier 16/Oct/1939 15/Jan/1941 D/Y/A/107/110
McDermott Phyllis Maud wife of Gerald William de Louche, of No 74, St Saviour's Road, St Helier 16/May/1978 16/May/1978 D/Y/B1/279/18
McDonald Alexander of Flat 3, 55, Elm Park Gardens, Chelsea, London 17/Jan/1966 17/Oct/1968 D/Y/B1/125/23
McDonald Alexander of Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, now of St Helier 08/04/1847 Bequeaths to George Don McDonald , all his share of stock in the Buenos Ayrian Funds in his name and the name of Alexander Barclay McDonald, and to George McDonald all his share of stock in the Buenos Ayrian Funds in his name and the name of George McDonald 20/May/1847 D/Y/A/26/107
McDonald Charles 16 New Street 18/Jan/1921 9/Sep/1921 D/Y/A/81/103
McDonald Daniel O'Connell of 5, Aquila Close, Aquila Road, St Helier 1/Nov/1933 8/May/1963 D/Y/B1/74/6
McDonald Robert of The White Horse Inn, The Dicq, St Saviour 14/Apr/1976 14/Apr/1976 D/Y/B1/238/17
McDonell Alexander Kyle 13 Royal Crescent, St Helier 27/02/1905 Bequeaths to Philip Mourant de la Mare all his share in the partnership, property and effects consisting of 2 newspapers known as The Jersey Times & British Press, and The Jersey Weekly Press, and the printing business carried on at no 49 Halkett Place, St Helier 9/May/1905 D/Y/A/64/53
McDonnell Ethel Louisa nee Webster, widow of Francis Patrick William McDonnell, of Homelands, Queen's Road, St Helier 16/May/1946 27/Sep/1952 D/Y/B1/15/56
McDonnell Francis Patrick William 4 Hampton Place, The Parade, St Helier 16/Nov/1934 20/Mar/1946 D/Y/A/115/93
McDonough Barbara of 27, Grove Place, St Helier, widow of Patrick King 3/Dec/1896 20/Jun/1898 D/Y/A/57/54
McDougall Wallace Dudley La Maisonette, Mont Cochon, St Helier 1/03/1926 Desires to be cremated 22/Mar/1934 D/Y/A/96/22
McDowell Fred of Underwood, Trinity 30/Jun/1972 24/Nov/1977 D/Y/B1/269/29
McDowell Sarah Ellen nee Willis, wife of William Henry McDowell, of Cornbrook, Bellozanne Road, St Helier and at present a patient in the Jersey General Hospital 21/Jun/1961 26/Oct/1961 D/Y/B1/66/15
McElhinney Samuel of St Helier, late Sergeant Major in Her Majesty's 85th Regiment of Infantry and Keeper of the Town Militia Arsenal 24/Mar/1879 29/Mar/1879 D/Y/A/40/98
McEwan Alexander of 36, Oxford Road, Southport, Merseyside 21/Jun/1976 24/Jan/1980 D/Y/B1/313/38
McEwan Dorothy Greig wife of David Anderton, of 27, Plum Tree Close, Eccleston Park, Prescot, Lancashire 4/Apr/1974 4/Apr/1974 D/Y/B1/203/39
McEwan Fraser Townsend of No 4, Boston Road, Holbeach, Lincolnshire 26/Apr/1979 26/Apr/1979 D/Y/B1/298/43
McEwan Tom of No 21, Spareleaze Hill, Loughton, Essex 14/Jun/1977 21/Jul/1978 D/Y/B1/282/46
McEwen Ethel Victoria nee Roberts, widow of Edward McEwen, of Beau Sejour, Queen's Road, St Helier Desires to be cremated and the ashes laid on the family grave at Almorah Cemetery 8/Nov/1955 27/Jul/1956 D/Y/B1/36/46
McEwen Gerald Ernest Wood of Les Carres, 5, Claremont Road, St Helier 19/Mar/1947 10/Dec/1971 D/Y/B1/168/6
McEwen Sarah Eileen nee Toohey, wife of Gerald Ernest Wood McEwen, of Les Carres, Claremont Road, St Helier 19/Mar/1947 31/Dec/1965 D/Y/B1/93/14
McFadden Manus of No 59, Troy Court, Grands Vaux, St Saviour 25/Jul/1978 25/Jul/1978 D/Y/B1/283/13
McFadyen Alice Maud widow of Frederick William Freake of 3, Clearview Place, Clearview Street, St Helier 1/Nov/1946 23/Jan/1950 D/Y/B1/3/63
McFarlane Gertrude Florence widow of Jacob Trott, of St Helier 14/Jan/1952 9/Jan/1953 D/Y/B1/17/23
McFarlane May Isabella (also known as Isabella May), the wife in third marriage of John Mathurin Rault, of 33, Ann Street, St Helier 16/Jan/1947 20/Aug/1953 D/Y/B1/20/44
McFarlane William 33 Ann Street, St Helier 1/Oct/1926 4/Feb/1933 D/Y/A/94/43
McFarlane William Joseph of 75, New Street, St Helier 17/Jun/1947 22/Jan/1957 D/Y/B1/39/47
McFarling Clive Briard of Idano, La Petite Route des Mielles, St Brelade 22/Oct/1960 4/Apr/1962 D/Y/B1/68/53
McFarling Edmund Frederick of Coradene, Mayfield Avenue, St Brelade and formerly of Grove House, 9, Grove Street, St Helier 8/May/1962 23/Jun/1975 D/Y/B1/224/23
McFee Walter of No 12, Skardu Road, London 27/Jun/1979 27/Jun/1979 D/Y/B1/302/35
McFerran Edwin Millar Gilliland of Windover, St Brelade 29/May/1962 20/Jun/1962 D/Y/B1/69/55
McGann Florence Elizabeth widow of Frederick Miles-Powell, of St Saviour's Hospital, St Saviour and formerly of No 21, Oxford Road, St Helier 24/Mar/1965 27/Jun/1979 D/Y/B1/302/32
McGarry Patrick native of Ireland, of Rosemarie, Balmoral Avenue, Samares, St Clement and formerly of Bonaventure Cottage, Georgetown, St Saviour 11/Oct/1947 8/Feb/1965 D/Y/B1/84/1
McGill John of Poona, Assistant Superintendent in the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India 13/Nov/1873 16/Sep/1891 D/Y/A/50/73
McGinley Charles of 14, Columbus Street, St Helier 19/Jun/1969 19/Jun/1969 D/Y/B1/133/34
McGlade Bernadette Josephine widow of Michael Cannon, of 4, Clos de Devant, St Lawrence and formerly of 7, Castleview Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland 18/Oct/1965 8/May/1975 D/Y/B1/222/32
McGlashan Graham Maxwell of Rutherford, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland 27/Dec/1963 18/Apr/1967 D/Y/B1/107/25
McGlyn Charles William of Milton House, Gorey Village, Grouville 31/Aug/1976 3/Apr/1980 D/Y/B1/320/9
McGonigal Alfred Kelly of The Welling, Peel Road, St Helier and formerly of Little Silverstream, Greenisland, County Antrim, Northern Ireland 24/Oct/1945 23/Apr/1969 D/Y/B1/131/23
McGouran George Joseph of La Thebeaudiere, Beaumont and formerly of Lis-na-tor, Suffolk, Antrim 27/Apr/1958 12/Jul/1965 D/Y/B1/88/27
McGowan Andrew Archibald of 19, Woodside Close, Alperton, Wembley, Middlesex 12/Dec/1975 12/Dec/1975 D/Y/B1/232/33
McGowan Harry Rennick of Flat 2, Cantel Court, Drury Lane, St Helier 8/Oct/1975 6/Sep/1977 D/Y/B1/265/17
McGowan Robert Murray of 12, Grosvenor Terrace, St Helier 12/Oct/1966 12/Oct/1966 D/Y/B1/101/22
McGown Jessie La Heheur, Sunshine Avenue, Five Oaks, St Saviour 1/Oct/1943 22/Oct/1943 D/Y/A/111/81
McGrath Anne of 17, Hue Street, St Helier, widow 15/Feb/1870 25/Feb/1870 D/Y/A/35/23
McGrath Elsie Eileen previously known as Miles, nee Trevorah, widow of John Thomas McGrath, of 7, Portland Lodge, Midvale Road, St Helier 31/Mar/1966 5/Apr/1966 D/Y/B1/96/44
McGrath George Payne Abbeville, La Rocque, Grouville 10/Dec/1937 1/Jul/1942 D/Y/A/109/129
McGrath Gertrude Marion nee Stone, widow of Henry Nisbet McGrath, of Port of Spain, Trinidad and living at Headlands Cottage, Grouville 19/Nov/1954 16/Feb/1959 D/Y/B1/53/2
McGrath Harry Nisbet Beau Rivage, Vallee des Vaux, Trinity 19/Dec/1922 19/Apr/1944 D/Y/A/112/89
McGrath Jeremiah Joseph of 87, Bell Road, Maidstone, Kent 21/May/1980 21/May/1980 D/Y/B1/323/25
McGrath Ralph William Henry of 36, Chevalier Road, St Helier 16/Jun/1969 9/Feb/1976 D/Y/B1/235/6
McGrath Thomas John of 15, Hue Street, St Helier 30/Jun/1947 30/Oct/1950 D/Y/B1/7/10
McGrath Thomas Joseph of Aberfeldy Hotel, St Helier 23/Mar/1961 21/Jul/1961 D/Y/B1/65/11
McGregor James Robert of Neidpath, 2, Carthona Avenue, Darling Point, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 22/Nov/1972 22/Aug/1974 D/Y/B1/210/11
McGregor John Reid of 4, Bagot Manor Court, St Saviour 29/May/1968 29/May/1968 D/Y/B1/120/47
McGugan Arthur John of La Carriere, Grouville 26/Mar/1970 24/Nov/1976 D/Y/B1/249/33
McGugan John Buesnel Grouville 28/07/ 1920 Bequeaths to Arthur John McGugan three vergees six pieds of land in Grand Pre, Grouville on the Fief du Roi; to John Ozouf McGugan, A J McGugan and Elise Jane McGugan the property Fern Lea 1/Jun/1921 D/Y/A/81/73
McGuire Francis Xavier known as Francis Maguire, of 27, Great Union Road, St Helier 30/Nov/1970 30/Nov/1970 D/Y/B1/152/30
McGurkin May Matilda Martha widow of Arthur George Johnson, of Comely Bank, Samares Lane, St Clement 1/Oct/1973 1/Oct/1973 D/Y/B1/195/37
McHugh Alice Elizabeth of 2, Greens Close, Churchover, near Rugby, Warwickshire 22/Jun/1976 22/Jun/1976 D/Y/B1/242/15
McIlroy Eveline Louie widow of Charles Francis Coyen, of St Saviour's Hospital, St Saviour 23/Oct/1972 5/Sep/1977 D/Y/B1/265/15
McInnes Ian Wallace also known as John Wallace McInnes, of St Catherine's, Ontario, Canada and formerly of 9, Underwood Road, Burnside, Rutherglen, Lanark, Scotland 21/Sep/1963 11/Dec/1967 D/Y/B1/114/24
McIntosh Archibald of Hartley, Rhodesia 8/Oct/1973 8/Oct/1973 D/Y/B1/195/48
McIntosh Charles Edward of Rossendale, Albert Road, Dumfries, Scotland 15/Nov/1972 28/Jun/1974 D/Y/B1/207/22
McIntyre Arthur Hamilton of 15, Bagatelle Avenue, St Saviour 23/Oct/1959 30/Apr/1962 D/Y/B1/69/7
McIntyre Donald of 9, Tesson Mews, St Peter's Valley, St Lawrence 30/Aug/1972 22/May/1974 D/Y/B1/205/37
McIntyre Eliza Euphrasia 3 Royal Crescent, St Helier, spinster 10/Sep/1895 9/May/1906 D/Y/A/65/49
McIntyre George of Cressida, Rue de Mont Mado, St John formerly care of The Standard Bank Limted, No 28 Northumberland Avenue, London 13/Jul/1967 3/Jan/1978 D/Y/B1/271/21
McIntyre Lachlan of 10, Longueville Road, St Saviour 25/Jun/1963 30/Jan/1975 D/Y/B1/217/27
McIntyre Neil Whyte of No 43, Ewart Grove, Borrowstounness, West Lothian, Scotland 30/Nov/1978 30/Nov/1978 D/Y/B1/290/24
McJannet William Johannes of Orama, Mont Felard, St Lawrence 24/Sep/1946 19/Sep/1952 D/Y/B1/15/49
McKay Donald of 2, Wellington Place, St John's Wood, Co Middlesex, now of Belair, St Saviour, 8/Dec/1869 27/Jan/1870 D/Y/A/35/11
McKay James The Limes, St Helier 18/02/1946 Desires to be buried in St Brelades Churchyard 6/Dec/1946 D/Y/A/116/171
McKay John Duro of Port Stanley, Falkland Islands 4/Jun/1943 29/Jan/1953 D/Y/B1/17/42
McKay Margaret Henderson wife of Robert Hamilton, of 194, Carlisle Road, Blackwood, Kirkmuirhill, Lanarkshire, Scotland 14/Mar/1973 23/Nov/1976 D/Y/B1/249/28
McKechnie Jessie Murdoch wife of Peter Coats, of Lakeside, Grands Vaux, St Helier 19/Jan/1961 4/Aug/1971 D/Y/B1/162/42
McKechnie Mary Agnes nee Mutschler, widow of Thomas Welsh McKechnie, of 26, Bellozanne Avenue, St Helier Desires to be buried in her husband's grave in St Saviour's Parish Church Cemetery 20/Jun/1955 17/Aug/1956 D/Y/B1/37/20
McKechnie Thomas Welsh of 26, Bellozanne Avenue, St Helier 17/Dec/1935 24/Jan/1953 D/Y/B1/17/34
McKee Adolphus John Highworth, La Rocque, St Clement 12/10/1926 Bequeaths to Adolphus William McKee the property 20? Beresford Street; to Frederick George McKee the property Highworth, subject to the life enjoyment of his wife 12/Nov/1930 D/Y/A/90/138
McKee Adolphus William of Brooklyn, 6, Bel Royal Gardens, Bel Royal 9/Aug/1957 24/May/1967 D/Y/B1/108/37
McKee Frederick George St Helier 14/Jan/1905 5/Jul/1944 D/Y/A/112/138
McKee Robert of 874, Ashton New Road, Manchester 8/Sep/1980 8/Sep/1980 D/Y/B1/330/17
McKee Roy Arthur of Plein Midi, Clos de Roncherez, Pont du Val, St Brelade and formerly of 20?, Beresford Street, St Helier 26/Sep/1967 29/May/1980 D/Y/B1/323/38
McKee William of St Helier : 16/07/1889 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier 2s 6d 23/Dec/1889 D/Y/A/48/88
McKenna Angus Etherington 15 Vamar Street, Valentta 20/Sep/1898 6/Apr/1923 D/Y/A/83/41
McKenna Elizabeth Mary widow of John Hedley Gallier Lillywhite, of Beychevelle, La Rue Gallichie, St Ouen 3/Nov/1976 29/Jan/1979 D/Y/B1/293/1
McKenna Reginald Arthur of Elm Tree House, High Street, Barton-on-Humber, Lincolnshire and formerly of 19, Gloucester Road, Hyde, Cheshire 12/Sep/1942 29/Dec/1967 D/Y/B1/114/49
McKennay Harold James of Sandybrook Hospital, Grouville Annexe, Grouville and formerly of 4, Westmount Park, Westmount Road, St Helier 3/Nov/1975 14/Apr/1976 D/Y/B1/238/16
McKenzie Grace widow of Arthur William John Ayling and widow of Alexander McAllister, of 12, Peirson Road, St Helier 1/Mar/1973 1/Mar/1973 D/Y/B1/186/57
McKenzie Kenneth Edward of Langford, Mont Millais, St Helier Desires to be cremated 24/Apr/1952 17/Nov/1961 D/Y/B1/66/47
McKenzie Margaret Bell Bennett wife of Stanley William Sackett, of Apple Tree Cottage, Plat Douet Road, St Saviour 19/Sep/1972 19/Sep/1972 D/Y/B1/180/20
McKenzie Marjorie Olive wife of James Bannerman McDonald Etherington, of Goodlands, Castries, St Lucia, West Indies and formerly of Hartstock, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire and sometime of 41, Saughton Gardens, Edinburgh 4/Oct/1956 7/Nov/1972 D/Y/B1/182/36
McKerrow Constance Winifred widow of James Gourlie, of Greenwood Nursing Home, La Rocque, St Clement and formerly of La Fantaisie, Mont Cambrai, St Lawrence 20/Feb/1976 16/Oct/1978 D/Y/B1/287/30
McKerrow Dora Williams widow of John Kaye, of Greenwood Nursing Home, La Rocque, St Clement and formerly of The Ommaroo Hotel, St Helier 19/Feb/1958 8/Feb/1979 D/Y/B1/293/38
McKiernan Frances Sybil Wass widow of Albert Dooley, of Hill House Hospital, Minster, Kent, formerly of Fyvefolds, Grain Road, Wigmore, Kent and 3, Stratton Avenue, Wallington, Surrey 21/Feb/1966 8/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/149/15
McKillon Charles Mordannt St Lawrence 12/Oct/1942 8/Oct/1943 D/Y/A/111/69
McKillop Ella St Lawrence 7/Jan/1931 7/Mar/1934 D/Y/A/96/5
McKilvie Janet wife of William Lumsden, of Anastasia, La Rocque, St Clement 11/Oct/1977 11/Oct/1977 D/Y/B1/266/48
McKim Marjory wife of Edmund Thomas Baker, of Frampton Cottage, Norcott Road, St Saviour 21/Dec/1957 1/Apr/1980 D/Y/B1/320/4
McKinlay Thomas 16 Grosvenor Street, St Helier 13/Jun/1925 8/Sep/1926 D/Y/A/86/109
McKinnon Margaret Scott widow of Adam McIlravey, of Foon Geh, Vendace Drive, Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire 17/Oct/1973 29/Feb/1980 D/Y/B1/317/3
McKinstry Robert Noel of 1, Glen Ora, St Saviour's Road 19/Jul/1949 7/Jun/1961 D/Y/B1/64/67
McLachlan James of No 47, Brougham Street, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland 16/May/1978 16/May/1978 D/Y/B1/279/20
McLachlan Peter of Hillside, High Street, St Aubin 14/Mar/1936 7/Jun/1939 D/Y/A/105/3
McLagan Francis of Le Vieux Clos, Sark, formerly of 2, Myrtle Place, Dunkeld Road, Perth, Scotland 28/Feb/1936 17/Feb/1959 D/Y/B1/53/8
McLaren Jean Rankine wife of Alan Richard Wakefield, of 21, Manor Road, Cheam, Surrey and formerly of 26, Beeches Walk, Carshalton, Beeches, Surrey 20/Sep/1960 12/Sep/1973 D/Y/B1/194/55
McLaren Peter West of H9, Plover Cove, Tai Mei Tuk, Tai Po, Hong Kong, formerly of the Schoolhouse, St James' Road, Forfar, Angus, Scotland 24/Feb/1978 24/Feb/1978 D/Y/B1/274/24
McLauchlan Andrew Learmonth of 20, Belmont Road, St Helier 21/Jun/1967 19/Sep/1972 D/Y/B1/180/18
McLaughlin Violet Ethel widow of Adriaan van Overzee, of Harford Lodge, Harford, near Ivybridge, Devon 1/Jun/1959 19/Oct/1966 D/Y/B1/101/31
McLean Euphemia Sime divorced wife of Stephen Joseph Weber and of Raymond Francis Walker, of Sunset view, Rue du Galet, St Lawrence 5/Oct/1979 5/Oct/1979 D/Y/B1/307/17
McLean Neil Gillean of Les Grandes Rues, St Martin 22/Dec/1962 9/Sep/1963 D/Y/B1/75/84
McLeod Catherine widow of George Ferguson, of 2, Trinity Gardens, St Helier 11/Apr/1968 26/Jan/1973 D/Y/B1/185/37
McLeod Ethel May wife of Stanley Frederick Channing, of Olde Home, Les Landes Avenue, St Brelade 1/Apr/1980 1/Apr/1980 D/Y/B1/320/2
McLeod Harry Lieutenant Colonel and Brevet Colonel in HM Royal Regiment of Artillery, Superintendent of the Gun Carriage Factory, Madras 20/Sep/1883 28/Jun/1909 D/Y/A/68/75
McLeod Norman of 692, Yarm Road, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland and formerly of 6, Conifer Crescent, Billingham, Cleveland 8/Dec/1955 10/Aug/1976 D/Y/B1/244/38
McLeod Robert Frederick of Vine Cottage, Le Geyt Street, St Helier 15/Mar/1968 15/Mar/1968 D/Y/B1/117/47
McLetchie James Leslie of 17, Foxgrove Road, Beckenham, Kent 23/Jun/1962 26/Jan/1966 D/Y/B1/94/15
McLintock Alastair George of Maison Figuier, Bel Royal, St Lawrence 15/Jul/1974 17/Sep/1975 D/Y/B1/228/31
McLinton Cornelius of 7, Victoria Road, St Saviour 23/Nov/1946 24/Jun/1952 D/Y/B1/14/59
McLinton Dorothy Theresa wife of John Hichens Penaluna, of St Ives, Seafield Avenue, Millbrook, St Helier 3/Jul/1968 3/Jul/1968 D/Y/B1/122/9
McLinton Edward Cornelius of 7, Victoria Road, St Saviour 12/Feb/1975 12/Feb/1975 D/Y/B1/218/1
McLoughlin Joan Patricia wife of Michael George Marsh Crosby, of Little Fairfield, Rue des Arbres, Mont a L'Abbe, St Helier 10/Jun/1980 10/Jun/1980 D/Y/B1/324/15
McLoughlin Vida wife of Kenneth Ainsworth Stott, of Aux Virages, St Mary 7/May/1965 4/May/1972 D/Y/B1/174/4
McMahon Mary otherwise Mary Agnes McMahon, of 41, Wolverhampton Road, Stafford, formerly of The Limes, Green Street, St Helier 6/Dec/1950 7/Feb/1955 D/Y/B1/28/32
McMahon Peter 36 Princes Square, Bayswater, London, ex-surveyor of Customs and Excise, city district 23/Apr/1913 12/Aug/1922 D/Y/A/82/107
McMahon William Patrick of Les Buttes Flat, St Martin and formerly of Ville es Normans, Trinity 22/Jul/1959 17/Jan/1977 D/Y/B1/251/49
McMillan Agnes Bell of 65, Kelburn Park, Doagh, Ballyclare, County Antrim, Northern Ireland 4/Sep/1979 28/Oct/1980 D/Y/B1/333/29
McMillan Irene nee Lawrenson, wife of James Robert McMillan, of Belle Vue, St Brelade 9/Feb/1959 23/Mar/1965 D/Y/B1/85/11
McMillan James Robert of Belle Vue, Mont Sohier, St Brelade 23/Mar/1965 26/Sep/1979 D/Y/B1/306/32
McMillan Robert Bingham of Oronsay, Tilehouse Road, Guildford, Surrey 18/Oct/1976 18/Oct/1976 D/Y/B1/248/7
McMorine Eliza Esther widow of Albert James Milnes, of 6, Meadow Park, Rue des Pres, St Saviour and formerly of La Pause, Plaisance Road, St Saviour 26/Nov/1963 7/Feb/1974 D/Y/B1/200/44
McNair Bertha Walkden nee Shaw, widow of John Bell McNair, of White House, Greve d'Azette, St Clement 28/Apr/1964 7/Jul/1966 D/Y/B1/99/13
McNair John Bell of White House, St Clement 9/Jan/1947 24/Aug/1960 D/Y/B1/60/61
McNally Edith widow of Charles Ross Campbell, of 14, Vale Court, Trinity Road, St Helier 10/Nov/1969 14/Jan/1976 D/Y/B1/233/47
McNally Edward St Helier 12/Jan/1888 21/Dec/1908 D/Y/A/67/25
McNally Maylie Kathleen Irwin widow of Cyril Edwin Pannell Jose, of Les Routeurs, Pontac, St Clement 20/Mar/1970 27/Mar/1979 D/Y/B1/296/44
McNaught William Ernest of 5, Albert Flats, Cannon Street, St Helier 15/Jul/1950 2/Jan/1952 D/Y/B1/12/38
McNee James of Highfield, Milton, Campsie, Lennoxtown, Stirlingshire 26/Nov/1980 26/Nov/1980 D/Y/B1/336/11
McNee James Stuart of Heathmount, Leewood Road, Dunblane, Perth, Scotland and formerly of 26, Oakbank Road, Perth 2/Oct/1965 15/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/202/35
McNeill Mary The Cottage, Gorey 17/Nov/1904 15/Jan/1907 D/Y/A/66/7
McNicol Catherine McColl wife of Anthony Trenham Chamier, of Casita, Grouville and formerly of Champfleury, Route des Cotils, Grouville 2/Dec/1960 24/Oct/1978 D/Y/B1/288/14
McPherson Thomas Sutherland of 104, Hammerfield Avenue, Aberdeen, Scotland 31/Aug/1972 31/Aug/1972 D/Y/B1/179/31
McQuade Alice widow of Edward Ronald Watts, of 13, Seaton Place, St Helier 9/Sep/1974 7/May/1976 D/Y/B1/239/22
McQueen John Henry St Clement 17/05/1930 Bequeaths to Sarah Lucy Jane Lindsey, The Nest at Pontac, St Clement 3/Apr/1946 D/Y/A/115/112
McSherry John Christopher of 44, Magenta Hall, Santry, Dublin, Republic of Ireland and formerly of 9, Hawthorn Lawn, Castleknock, Dublin 28/Oct/1970 27/Nov/1975 D/Y/B1/231/46
McSweeney James Myles 1 Beaufort Square, Greve d'Azette 27/Jul/1932 11/Aug/1933 D/Y/A/94/140
McSwiney John Noirmont, Grouville 27/Mar/1925 3/Sep/1936 D/Y/A/99/79
Meaby John William Gaitskell of The Rectory Flat, Great Waldingfield, Sudbury, Suffolk, formerly of The Bungalow, Eleigh, Suffolk 18/May/1946 16/Feb/1954 D/Y/B1/23/12
Mead Alfred George Maurice of 4, Plaisance Terrace, St Saviour 9/Dec/1966 11/Oct/1973 D/Y/B1/196/1
Mead Elizabeth wife of Francis Victor Hamon, of Silvertide, Tabor Lane, St Brelade 30/Sep/1968 30/Sep/1968 D/Y/B1/124/31
Mead Ernest Seymour 11/01/1933 Desires to be cremated Bequeaths ? of his trust fund to the Manchester Royal Infirmary and Dispensary and the other ? to the St Johns Foundation School for the Education Maintenance of the Sons of the Poorer Clergy, Leatherhead, Surrey 1 booklet; seal 13/Jan/1934 D/Y/A/95/88
Mead William Frederick Charles of Desborough, Bon Air Lane, St Saviour 18/Oct/1968 1/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/201/38
Meadows Edith Gertrude nee du Heaume, of Amyette, Georgetown, St Saviour 20/Jun/1957 15/Nov/1958 D/Y/B1/51/19
Meadows John of 11, Hurstdene Gardens, Amhurst Park, London 6/Jul/1972 6/Jul/1972 D/Y/B1/177/5
Meagher Lilian Margaret widow of William John Mathurin Hamon, of Albert Villa, First Tower, St Helier 4/Jan/1973 23/Apr/1975 D/Y/B1/221/34
Meagher Richard of La Prairie, St Peter's Valley 28/Sep/1937 25/Feb/1956 D/Y/B1/34/38
Meaker Benjamin of Undercliffe House, 1, Queen's Road, St Helier 31/Aug/1964 3/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/149/8
Mealing Emma Clarinda nee Horton, Portchester House, 8 Clarence Road, St Helier, widow 11/07/ 1914 Bequeaths to Florence Crewe Horton the property Portchester House 3/Jan/1929 D/Y/A/89/2
Mealing James Tanner Porchester House, 8 Clarence Road, St Helier, 8/03/1890 Bequeaths to Emma Clarinda Mealing the property Portchester House and 4 leasehold messuages and shops in Leinster Terrace, Bayswater, Middlesex 27/Apr/1902 D/Y/A/61/41
Meara Julia of Seale Street, St Helier : 12/Oct/1888 7/Jan/1889 D/Y/A/48/2
Mearing Ethel widow of Henry Augustus Thompson, of Sandybrook Hospital, Grouville Annexe, Grouville 27/Jul/1968 27/Jul/1968 D/Y/B1/123/3
Mearns Isobel Margaret widow of Alexander Thomson Dawson, of Portelet House, St Brelade 12/May/1970 10/Apr/1975 D/Y/B1/220/59
Meaton Thomas son of Thomas, of St Aubin, St Brelade 22/03/1786 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade, £2 tournois of the order of the King Desires to be buried in St Brelade's Cemetery 4/Aug/1797 D/Y/A/15/148
Medcalf Doris Ethel wife of Rear Admiral John Stewart Gordon Fraser, of 41, Elizabeth Avenue, Route Orange, St Brelade 29/Apr/1947 7/Jun/1971 D/Y/B1/160/10
Medcalf Thomas Henry of 3, Dicq Apartments, Dicq Road, St Saviour 28/Aug/1968 28/Aug/1968 D/Y/B1/123/46
Medder Henry of Fairlawn, Clubley Estate, St John's Road, St Helier 22/Oct/1941 18/Jul/1956 D/Y/B1/36/40
Medder Henry Cyril of 26, Cheapside, St Helier 23/Jul/1956 7/Apr/1959 D/Y/B1/54/11
Meden Ernestine Teresa Wilhelmina von der of the Uasin Gishu District, Kenya 8/Aug/1951 1/Jul/1959 D/Y/B1/55/22
Medicks Alexander of PO Box 472, Nairobi, Kenya 27/Nov/1972 2/Jul/1975 D/Y/B1/224/42
Medland Amelia of Cranworth House, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier and formerly of Haarlem House, 55, Val Plaisant, St Helier 22/Jan/1946 23/Feb/1971 D/Y/B1/155/48
Medland Charles Albert Hingston of 39, New Street, St Helier 17/Mar/1958 5/Jan/1962 D/Y/B1/67/20
Medland Cyril George of 5, The Terrace, Grosvenor Street, St Helier and formerly of 45, Stopford Road, St Helier 21/Oct/1958 7/Nov/1972 D/Y/B1/182/33
Medland George of 39, New Street, St Helier 27/Aug/1946 12/Feb/1951 D/Y/B1/8/38
Medland James William of 22, Victoria Cottage Homes, St Saviour 19/Nov/1971 19/Nov/1971 D/Y/B1/167/13
Medland John Alfred L'Amy Retraite, Pontac, St Clement 31/Aug/1945 23/Oct/1946 D/Y/A/116/137
Medland Violet Lizzie widow of Alfred Perchard, of 42, Victoria Cottage Homes, St Saviour 7/Jul/1976 8/Nov/1976 D/Y/B1/248/50
Medlin Reginald Henry of No 24, Burlington Flats, Ann Street, St Helier 16/Aug/1978 16/Aug/1978 D/Y/B1/284/28
Meech Jessie Hannah Villa Effra, St Helier 10/05/1937 Does not include real estate situated in Jersey 6/Mar/1940 D/Y/A/106/56
Meech Walter Joseph 101 Halkett Place, St Helier 3/Nov/1936 24/Jan/1945 D/Y/A/113/49
Meeks Ada Elizabeth widow of Edward Marett, of Carberry, Tudor Close, St Brelade 7/Jul/1978 17/Jun/1980 D/Y/B1/324/36
Meeten Thomas George of 7, Oaks Way, Epsom, Surrey and formerly of Churchgardens Farm, Capel, Surrey 24/Oct/1967 13/Nov/1975 D/Y/B1/231/13
Meheust Jean Baptiste of Broadfield Cottage, St Lawrence 2/Mar/1946 19/Feb/1957 D/Y/B1/40/33
Mehta Ramakant Jhaverilal of 61, Catherine Place, Westminster, London 29/Apr/1980 12/Nov/1980 D/Y/B1/335/3
Meikle William Connell of 6, Magnolia Gardens, Bel Royal, St Lawrence 22/Mar/1968 25/Nov/1969 D/Y/B1/139/3
Meiklejohn William of Bon Air Nursing Home, St Saviour and formerly of Falaise, Rue du Petit Mont, Mount Bingham, St Helier 20/Aug/1965 4/Dec/1973 D/Y/B1/198/31
Melcer Elizabeth Hughes widow of George Prescott, also known as Elizabeth McKee-Norton, of Cable Beach, New Providence, Bahamas, West Indies 7/Dec/1978 27/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/319/34
Meleard Jeanne Marie wife of Francois Auguste Anne, 7 Hilary Street, St Helier 6/Jan/1939 13/Feb/1945 D/Y/A/113/70
Melette Alice Marie widow of Pierre Maire Valentin Bastard, of Meadow Bank, Faldouet, St Martin 16/Nov/1965 16/Nov/1965 D/Y/B1/91/42
Melhuish Edward Victor of 21, Bagatelle Estate, St Saviour 14/Jul/1958 12/Dec/1959 D/Y/B1/57/7
Meliard Marie Louise Grouville, widow of Franois Cauchebrais 12/09/1914 Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville 5 shillings 15/Jan/1915 D/Y/A/74/6
Melin Eliza Albertine wife of William Pomeroy, of Grouville 10/Dec/1952 5/Apr/1957 D/Y/B1/41/29
Melin Rosa Emma widow of William Cunnington Quenault, of Roseville Cottage, Patier Lane, St Saviour 19/Jul/1968 9/Dec/1968 D/Y/B1/126/43
Mellers Ruth Marjorie widow of Edwin Arthur Thompson, of Lowlands, Beaumont, St Peter and formerly of The Ridge School, Woolston Road, Westcliff, Johannesburg, South Africa 17/Feb/1970 14/Jan/1972 D/Y/B1/169/26
Mellis George of Beaufort Hotel, Green Street, St Helier Desires to be cremated 14/May/1953 16/Apr/1955 D/Y/B1/29/42
Mellish Annie Elizabeth widow of Thomas Arthur Wingfield, of Quatre Vents, Mont a L'Abbe, St Helier and formerly of 48, Ebury Road, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire 28/Mar/1958 2/Nov/1966 D/Y/B1/102/2
Mellish Judith of Guernsey, now of Jersey 27/09/1834 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 600 livres of old French currency 4/Nov/1834 D/Y/A/23/31
Mellish Leopold Alexander of Senang, St Brelade's Park, St Brelade 17/Mar/1961 28/Apr/1961 D/Y/B1/64/11
Mellor Ada ... 25/Jan/1938 24/Feb/1939 D/Y/A/104/50
Mellor Lucy Hannah Palmyra Road, St Helier 3/Apr/1928 14/Jan/1938 D/Y/A/102/7
Mellor William Henry of 33, Berkeley Court, Don Road, St Helier 28/Jul/1961 8/Aug/1969 D/Y/B1/135/14
Meloy Stanley James 84 Bold Street, Liverpool, manager 10/Jan/1930 14/May/1935 D/Y/A/97/74
Melrose Peter Tennant of High Street, Stonesfield, Oxfordshire 2/Aug/1979 31/Jul/1980 D/Y/B1/327/37
Melvil Viola Joyce widow of Cecil Churchill-Chill, of 10, Bradford Avenue, St Brelade 2/Jan/1968 24/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/319/7
Melville George Raymond of Oakshade, Augres, Trinity 14/Apr/1925 22/Jan/1952 D/Y/B1/12/57
Memms Derek Gordon Barclays Bank Chambers, Library Place, St Helier 19/Mar/1943 24/Dec/1947 D/Y/A/118/122
Menard Anna Clara nee Shenton, of Glen House, Portelet, St Brelade, widow of Charles Francis Menard 12/Sep/1949 24/Oct/1957 D/Y/B1/44/37
Menard Charles Francis Glen House, Noirmont, St Brelade 1/Nov/1941 18/Feb/1944 D/Y/A/112/34
Menard Charles Francis ... 18/Feb/1944 1/Aug/1945 D/Y/A/114/12
Menasche Josef otherwise Joseph, of New Ways, Park Estate, St Brelade 23/Jan/1948 2/Feb/1972 D/Y/B1/170/14
Mendelsohn Olga Valerie Ann wife of Denys Christian Heyland Fox, of 9, Charing Cross, St Helier 30/Sep/1968 30/Sep/1968 D/Y/B1/124/32
Mends Eliza Ann of Peterborough House, David Place, St Helier : 5/Aug/1881 4/Oct/1890 D/Y/A/49/59
Menguy Alexis Francois Marie of Westlea, St Martin 17/Oct/1959 8/Jan/1971 D/Y/B1/154/12
Menhinick Alexander of Houseboat Puffin, Barge Lane, Wootton Bridge, Isle of Wight and formerly of The Sorenti, care of The Folly Inn, Whippingham, Isle of Wight 23/Jul/1975 12/Mar/1979 D/Y/B1/296/7
Mennell Elizabeth Ann St Saviour, widow of John Milburn 6/Oct/1937 12/Aug/1938 D/Y/A/103/35
Menou Paul ... 12/Feb/1753 D/Y/A/10/19
Meopham Henry Charles ... 19/Aug/1920 23/Sep/1942 D/Y/A/109/172
Mercer Charles Ernest of No 2, Dongola Court, Dongola Road, St Helier and formerly of Villa St Raphael, Victoria Avenue, St Helier and formerly of No 6, Avenue Le Petit Felard, St Lawrence 25/Nov/1971 1/May/1979 D/Y/B1/299/11
Mercer John James Granville, Green Road, St Clement 12/Jan/1935 21/Nov/1945 D/Y/A/114/151
Mercer Judith widow of James William Sugg, (known as Judith Hampstead), of South Twin Cottage, Noirmont Manor Avenue, St Brelade 15/Jul/1961 14/Dec/1978 D/Y/B1/291/15
Mercer Mary Stuart Cockburn D'Hautree, St Saviour, widow 26/06/1912 Bequeaths to St Mary & St Peters Roman Catholic Church £50 and her "Bishops Throne" old oak seat to say masses for the repose of her soul, and £200 for stained glass to be placed in the east window of the church; to Adeline Cockburn a water colour by Prout and 2 portraits in oils by Chinery; to Marguerite Deloraine an oil painting and two watercolours by Chinery; to all her children in equal shares the property D'Hautree 31/Oct/1912 D/Y/A/71/100
Merchant Elsie Burness widow of Thomas Filleul Labey, of Le Prevot, St Clement 11/Mar/1970 3/Apr/1974 D/Y/B1/203/34
Merchant Nora Ellen widow of Herbert Frost, of Le Prevot, Inner Road, St Clement 3/Aug/1955 15/May/1973 D/Y/B1/190/21
Mercier Jeanne of St Mary, now of St Helier 15/09/1774 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £2 tournois of the order of the King 10/Oct/1774 D/Y/A/12/63
Mercier Marcel of 1, Grove Street, St Helier 4/Nov/1975 4/Nov/1975 D/Y/B1/230/34
Mercier Marie of St Helier 09/11/1786 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £10 tournois of the order of the King 20/May/1788 D/Y/A/14/59
Mercuriali Guiseppe of Via St Vincenzo, Sesto Calende, Varese, Italy 13/Oct/1966 13/Oct/1966 D/Y/B1/101/24
Mercury Francis Herman of Bute Lodge, Ouaisne, St Brelade 24/May/1973 24/May/1973 D/Y/B1/190/51
Merhet Louis Philip of St Saviour 20/Aug/1943 19/Aug/1952 D/Y/B1/15/39
Meriton Richard Ogilere of Wetton Terrace, near Egham, Egham, co Surrey, late Major in the Honourable East India Company 21/May/1840 21/Jan/1842 D/Y/A/25/38
Merivale Brian Kenneth of Farndon Cottage, 8, The Green, Byfield, Daventry, Northamptonshire and formerly of 41, Spencer Street, New Bradwell, Wolverton, Buckinghamshire 31/Dec/1968 27/Feb/1974 D/Y/B1/201/25
Mermou May Eve of the Canton de Berne, Switzerland, now of Jersey 2/Dec/1762 22/Jan/1763 D/Y/A/11/4/
Merrell John Henry of Brasilia, Parkway, Camberley, Surrey 23/Nov/1964 11/Sep/1972 D/Y/B1/179/47
Merrer Jean Francois Le of 56, Great Union Road, St Helier 14/Oct/1976 14/Oct/1976 D/Y/B1/248/6
Merrick Robert Cecil Warren 1 Forest Hill Villas, First Tower Hill, St Helier 24/Jul/1923 29/May/1940 D/Y/A/106/123
Merryweather Norah Mossom widow of Emerson Muschamp Bainbridge and George Francis Warre, of Villa Roquebrune, Cap Martin, Alpes Maritimes, France and formerly of Flat 11, 26, Lowndes Street, London 2/Aug/1973 12/Dec/1979 D/Y/B1/311/25
Mertz Barbe St Helier 6/Aug/1903 11/Nov/1908 D/Y/A/67/102
Mervy Audley n 3/Mar/1949 16/Mar/1949 D/Y/B1/1/49
Meslin Jean Louis refugee for religious reasons in Jersey 2/Jul/1728 1/Apr/1732 D/Y/A/6/70
Mesney Irene Elizabeth wife of Paul Edward Bridou, of Uphill, Mont Arthur, St Brelade 1/Aug/1966 17/Nov/1978 D/Y/B1/289/30
Mesny Claude Leslie of Hollyhock Cottage, St Lawrence and formerly of Oxenford House, St Lawrence 25/Sep/1959 24/May/1979 D/Y/B1/300/36
Mesny Florence Mary Seacliff, St Aubin, St Brelade 16/12/1942 Bequeaths to Pamela Syvret her collection of Florence Barclays books 30/Dec/1942 D/Y/A/110/46
Mesny Hedley John of Val Richer, Pontac, St Clement 18/May/1954 17/Dec/1975 D/Y/B1/232/45
Mesny Henry Rodney Oxenford House, St Lawrence 21/Apr/1943 7/May/1943 D/Y/A/110/140
Mesny James Philip of 21, Beresford Street, St Helier 9/Feb/1946 17/Jan/1950 D/Y/B1/3/54
Mesny John William 2 Bank Place, St Aubin 18/May/1921 31/Aug/1929 D/Y/A/89/156
Mesny Lilian Mary of the Homes for Aged and Infirm Women, Regent Road, St Helier 26/Aug/1963 31/Jan/1964 D/Y/B1/77/65
Mesny Mary Ann of Oxenford House, St Lawrence 15/Feb/1950 4/Jul/1951 D/Y/B1/10/41
Mesny Richard Nicholas 11 Cheapside, St Helier 23/Sep/1890 23/Nov/1932 D/Y/A/93/111
Mesny Rose Leslie of 8, Oxenford Close, St Lawrence 22/May/1974 5/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/269/49
Mesny Thomas Henry St Helier 19/02/1932 Bequeaths to Ellen Wright the property 28 Midvale Road, St Helier and half a share in 21 Beresford Street, St Helier 26/May/1933 D/Y/A/94/113
Messenger James La Chasse, St Helier 31/Aug/1912 28/Oct/1912 D/Y/A/71/98
Messeny Anne 49 Colomberie, St Helier, widow of Philip Le Brocq 1/May/1935 16/Apr/1941 D/Y/A/108/8
Messervit Edouard 09/09/1668 - probate date mostly missing 1/Jan/1668 31/Dec/1668 D/Y/A/1/114
Messervy Abraham son of Clement 31/Dec/1691 9/Jan/1692 D/Y/A/2/39
Messervy Adelina Ravenscliff, St Brelade 18/Aug/1932 21/Mar/1933 D/Y/A/94/75
Messervy Albert of Sea Braes, Samares, St Clement Bequeaths to his wife, Louisa Renouf Messervy, nee Bisson, all silver, silver plate, and plated articles, jewellery, household items, motor car and all personal proprty not consisting of money Bequeaths to Martha May Cummings, nee Messervy, the sum of £200, to Irene Messervy the sum of £100 and to Elsie May Messervy, the remainder of the Trust Fund 11/Jun/1947 4/Nov/1949 D/Y/B1/2/96
Messervy Alfred St Saviour 15/12/1911 Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity £5 8/Apr/1912 D/Y/A/71/37
Messervy Alice of 7, Victoria Street Leaves directions for her burial and tombstone Bequeaths her clothes and linen to the old Women's Home, Regent Road, St Helier, oak cabinet and contents to Hilda Tozzard, her oak work cupboard to Ethel Vigot, her plate and silver to Marjorie Tregaskis, her jewellery to Joan Tregaskis and the remainder of household furniture to the poor of St Helier Parish Church 23/Jan/1939 18/Nov/1949 D/Y/B1/3/2
Messervy Ann St Lawrence 1/May/1895 21/May/1909 D/Y/A/68/57
Messervy Ann Fanny St Martin, temporarily of the Jersey Infirmary, Aquila Road, St Helier 7/Dec/1911 29/Feb/1912 D/Y/A/71/20
Messervy Anne of St Helier 29/10/1838 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 24 francs 16/Oct/1844 D/Y/A/25/152
Messervy Caroline Leonie Augusta nee Quirin 16/07/ 1928 Bequeaths to the Societe Jersiaise all her exercise books and manuscripts in her library; to Miss Gibaut the Societe Jersiaise publication "L'Armorial de Jersey": to Mrs J S Beaugie the "Genealogie Messervy" 30/Jul/1929 D/Y/A/89/141
Messervy Charles 1 South View, Havre des Pas, civil engineer 17/Mar/1921 17/Nov/1925 D/Y/A/85/162
Messervy Charles Bertram Maison Herault, St Aubins, late of HM Customes, Port of Liverpool 25/01/1908 Bequeaths to The Home for Aged & Infirm Women £200; to Dr Barnardos Home for Boys £200; to the Salvation Army, Jersey £200; to the Jersey District Nursing Association £200; to the Societe Jersiaise £200 1 booklet, 1 paper (in French) 21/Aug/1913 D/Y/A/72/56
Messervy Clement of St Martin, now of Trinity 15/11/1824 Desires to be buried in Trinity cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity, £24 of French currency 16/May/1826 D/Y/A/20/66
Messervy Clement of Trinity 13/Jun/1874 26/Oct/1874 D/Y/A/37/117
Messervy Constance of Glanville, St Mark's Road, St Helier 30/Aug/1972 11/Jul/1975 D/Y/B1/225/9
Messervy Daniel and Elizabeth Pipon, widow of Ralph Crofton Marriage contract 29/Nov/1823 D/Y/A/27/209
Messervy Denys Balleine 10 Flat Park House, Highbury, London 23/Jul/1914 14/Oct/1938 D/Y/A/103/57
Messervy Edgar of Les Carrieres, St Mary 28/Feb/1953 13/Nov/1953 D/Y/B1/21/56
Messervy Edward 55 Halkett Place, St Helier 26/Aug/1922 2/Jan/1923 D/Y/A/83/1
Messervy Edward Philip 2 Walmer Place, Hastings Road, St Helier 12/Oct/1927 21/May/1943 D/Y/A/110/149
Messervy Edwin of the Post Office, Lougheed, Alberta 29/Jun/1952 6/Dec/1963 D/Y/B1/77/4
Messervy Eleanor widow of Edwin James Hodges, of 36, Belmont Road, St Helier 14/Feb/1951 26/Nov/1957 D/Y/B1/45/18
Messervy Elise of St Martin 30/Aug/1930 27/Oct/1952 D/Y/B1/16/16
Messervy Elizabeth daughter of Pierre 26/Dec/1666 23/Dec/1673 D/Y/A/1/73
Messervy Elizabeth of St Helier 14/07/1858 Bequeaths to St Mark's Church School, £5, to the poor of St Brelade, £5 22/Feb/1860 D/Y/A/30/44
Messervy Elizabeth of St Martin, now of St Helier 01/09/1775 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £8 tournois of the order 24/Feb/1776 D/Y/A/12/72
Messervy Ella Rosa widow of George Philip Billot, of La Chasse Cottage, St Martin 3/May/1966 24/May/1968 D/Y/B1/120/34
Messervy Elsie May of the Municipality of Richmond, Province of British Columbia, Canada 11/Dec/1963 12/Aug/1966 D/Y/B1/99/56
Messervy Fanny Trinity 25/Aug/1900 16/Feb/1904 D/Y/A/63/7
Messervy Francois of St Helier, Superannuated Lieutenant in HM Royal Navy 6/Apr/1816 29/Jun/1818 D/Y/A/18/196
Messervy Francoise of St Martin, now of St Helier 03/08/1852 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Wesleyan Society, £1 20/Aug/1855 D/Y/A/28/135
Messervy George of St Saviour 07/06/1830 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, £16 21/Nov/1839 D/Y/A/24/92
Messervy George Grouville 4/May/1895 16/May/1895 D/Y/A/54/53
Messervy George son of George, of Masonic Lodge, Georgetown, St Saviour 10/Aug/1914 7/Jan/1955 D/Y/B1/27/54
Messervy George Touzel Ravenscliff, St Brelade 27/Oct/1936 2/Nov/1936 D/Y/A/99/112
Messervy Hedley John of 28, Belmont Road, St Helier 15/Dec/1972 6/Nov/1980 D/Y/B1/334/23
Messervy Henriette of St John 23/11/1892 Bequeaths to the poor of St John 5s 8/Apr/1893 D/Y/A/52/34
Messervy Henriette Marie St Helier 22/06/1900 Bequeaths to Arthur Ernest Mourant and Amy Lilian Mourant a house bordered on the east by La Cotiere, St Helier, Fief de Meleches 22/Aug/1903 D/Y/A/62/84
Messervy J A ... 12/Jan/1903 18/Apr/1921 D/Y/A/81/52
Messervy Jane of St Helier, spinster 11/05/1869 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier £2 14/Aug/1869 D/Y/A/34/116
Messervy Jane Louise Cranworth, Vallee des Vaux 10/10/1941 Bequeaths to Percy Frederick Ford a set of pictures, "Stolen Child" 28/May/1947 D/Y/A/117/143
Messervy Jean of St Martin 15/08/1864 Bequeaths to the poor of St Martin 5 shillings 17/May/1865 D/Y/A/32/99
Messervy Jean of St Helier 16/01/1810 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £100 of French currency - includes 3m camera card copies of the testament 1/Feb/1810 D/Y/A/18/4
Messervy Jean of Trinity 08/06/1786 Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity, £4 tournois of the order of the King 19/Jul/1800 D/Y/A/16/20
Messervy Jean son of George of St Lawrence, now of St Brelade 02/06/1779 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade, £6 tournois of the order of the King 31/Mar/1786 D/Y/A/14/12
Messervy Jean son of Jean 2/Jan/1682 18/Mar/1682 D/Y/A/1/22
Messervy Jean son of Jean 10/May/1685 20/May/1685 D/Y/A/1/26
Messervy Jean St John 22/Jul/1894 1/Dec/1925 D/Y/A/85/169
Messervy Jeanne daughter of Helier of St Helier 03/04/1810 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £16 of the order of the King 30/Jul/1810 D/Y/A/18/20
Messervy John William of Chateuabriand, St Martin 3/Mar/1960 31/Oct/1968 D/Y/B1/125/41
Messervy Lavinia of 2, Belvedere Terrace, Millbrook 14/Oct/1952 22/Jun/1961 D/Y/B1/64/78
Messervy Louisa Anglehurst, Mont Felard, St Lawrence, widow of Henry Sydney Le Sueur 15/Sep/1942 29/Nov/1946 D/Y/A/116/167
Messervy Louise Jane nee Tidswell 13/Dec/1955 D/Y/B1/33/24
Messervy Lydia Ravenscliff, St Brelade 12/Jan/1917 28/Oct/1930 D/Y/A/90/132
Messervy Major Clement Charles of Cranworth, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier but at present a resident in Bon Air Nursing Home, St Saviour 9/Oct/1950 20/Oct/1950 D/Y/B1/7/1
Messervy Malvina of The Elms, St Peter and formerly of Fairview, St Martin 12/May/1953 11/Oct/1967 D/Y/B1/112/14
Messervy Margueritte wife of Jean Hubert of Grouville 8/Oct/1758 5/Mar/1762 D/Y/A/10/81
Messervy Marie of St Martin, now of St Helier 29/08/1851 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 10s 5/Apr/1852 D/Y/A/27/178
Messervy Marie of St Saviour, widow of George Mourant 16/08/1841 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, £1 20/Dec/1842 D/Y/A/25/83
Messervy Marie of St Martin 04/07/1864 Bequeaths to the poor of St Martin 5 shillings 16/May/1866 D/Y/A/33/32
Messervy Marie of St Martin, widow of Jean Bonnel 23/09/1864 Bequeaths to the poor of St Martin 10 shillings 19/Oct/1864 D/Y/A/32/54
Messervy Marie Anne St Clement 18/Apr/1885 18/Aug/1916 D/Y/A/75/97
Messervy Martha Mary daughter of Alfred, of Trinity Bequeaths to the Societe Jersiaise, a collection of antique lace 11/Dec/1953 16/Dec/1959 D/Y/B1/57/13
Messervy Mary Ann widow of John Alexandre Falle, of Stanley Lodge, St Martin 13/Sep/1947 22/Mar/1958 D/Y/B1/47/28
Messervy Mathieu ... 23/Feb/1727 12/Jan/1738 D/Y/A/6/133
Messervy Mathieu of St Helier 26/May/1743 17/Dec/1743 D/Y/A/7/77
Messervy Nicholas Captain in the 62nd Regiment at Stoney Hill 11/Sep/1796 29/Nov/1797 D/Y/A/15/131
Messervy Philippe Gentleman, of St Helier 31/01/1799 Bequeaths to the poor of the General Hospital, £5 sterling, to the poor of St Aubin's Hospital, £2 10 shillings sterling, to Henriette Louisa Lauzun, £200 in funds in 3% consoli annuities 23/Apr/1806 D/Y/A/17/13
Messervy Philippe ... 1/Nov/1729 29/Dec/1733 D/Y/A/6/89
Messervy Rachel of St Helier, widow of Henry Drew 03/10/1827 Desires to be buried in St Helier Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 10s 12/Jan/1855 D/Y/A/28/94
Messervy Sara ... 4/May/1753 2/Mar/1754 D/Y/A/8/105
Messervy Susanne ... 21/Jun/1667 8/Jan/1668 D/Y/A/1/77
Messervy Thomas St Martin 7/Jun/1882 16/Jun/1922 D/Y/A/82/77
Messinger John Charles of Saarbruck, now of St Helier : 15/Feb/1876 2/Mar/1883 D/Y/A/43/26
Messiter Evelyn Lucy of Roquemont, Trinity Road, St Helier 16/Mar/1951 26/Jun/1965 D/Y/B1/88/2
Messiter Helen Constance of Roquemont, Trinity Road, St Helier 16/Mar/1951 26/Mar/1968 D/Y/B1/118/8
Messurie Anna Rachel Marguerite Le r 1/Apr/1960 18/Apr/1961 D/Y/B1/64/1
Messurier Harold Charles Le son of Nicholas, of Ros Maris, Route de Norimont, St Brelade 12/Nov/1954 5/Dec/1959 D/Y/B1/57/3
Messurier John Nicolle Le of 8, Windsor Villas, Val Plaisant, St Helier 17/Nov/1969 22/Jan/1970 D/Y/B1/141/3
Messurier Nicolas Le of 'St Pierre du Bois', Guernsey, now of Jersey 17/03/1838 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 10s 21/Jun/1843 D/Y/A/25/106
Mestre Philippe Le of St Saviour 15/Jun/1710 24/Jun/1710 D/Y/A/4/78
Metais John Auguste Le 3 Brooklyn, First Tower, St Helier 5/May/1941 2/Aug/1944 D/Y/A/112/151
Metais John William Pearce Le of Richmond Villa, Millbrook, St Lawrence 2/Aug/1944 26/Apr/1962 D/Y/B1/68/78
Metcalfe David Cranston of No 26, Cromer Road, North Walsham, Norfolk 13/Feb/1979 13/Feb/1979 D/Y/B1/294/18
Metherell Ann Payn St Helier, widow of Philip Hacquoil 12/02/1917 Residue of personal estate in equal shares to Dr Barnardos Homes and the National Childrens Home and Orphanage 15/Mar/1921 D/Y/A/81/34
Metherell William Payn St Helier 26/04/1893 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier 5 shillings 18/Mar/1915 D/Y/A/74/56
Metivier Clement St Helier 2/Jan/1904 25/Nov/1919 D/Y/A/79/126
Metivier Clement Home Farm, Grouville 9/05/1941 Bequeaths to the Home for Infirm & Aged Women £100; to the Jersey Blind Society £100 7/May/1943 D/Y/A/110/139
Metivier Gertrude of 11, Val Plaisant, St Helier 23/Jan/1945 12/Jan/1952 D/Y/B1/12/48
Metivier Jacques of St Helier 17/08/1804 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £50 tournois of French currency, also makes bequests of 3% annuities 4/Jul/1818 D/Y/A/18/195
Mettam John Lester of Romarlest, Ralliwood Road, Ashtead, Surrey 25/Apr/1964 26/Jan/1966 D/Y/B1/94/20
Metzler Louise Marie Dorothea of 2, Lurline, Greve d'Azette, St Clement Bequeaths to Muriel Smith, nee Johnson, £200 and all personal effects, and income to her niece Louise Creutz 16/Apr/1947 5/Aug/1949 D/Y/B1/2/36
Meuron Pierre Marie Meadow Bank, Vingtaine de Faldouet, St Martin 12/Oct/1910 13/May/1932 D/Y/A/93/9
Meusnier Jean Le ... 28/Sep/1738 11/Jan/1739 D/Y/A/7/12
Mew Alfred 7 Divan Lane, St Helier 4/Mar/1932 6/May/1932 D/Y/A/93/5
Mewburn Dora Francis 87 Campbell Terrace, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 28/Dec/1921 21/Apr/1926 D/Y/A/86/57
Meyer Fred Max otherwise Fritz Max Meyer, of 5, Brunner Close, London 28/Jan/1964 1/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/201/39
Meyer Hans Emil otherwise Hans Meyer, of No 4, Queen's Crescent, Richmond, Surrey 1/Jul/1975 10/Apr/1979 D/Y/B1/298/6
Meyer Henrietta Hilda of 45, Frognal Court, Finchley Road, London 4/Mar/1969 14/Aug/1974 D/Y/B1/209/38
Meyer Ida widow of Nathaniel Silverman, of 37, Tudor Close, Belsize Avenue, Hampstead, London 29/Jul/1965 30/Apr/1975 D/Y/B1/221/49
Meyer Mozelle widow of Sassoon Exra Nissim, of 3, Oxley Rise, Singapore 10/Jan/1974 29/Jun/1976 D/Y/B1/242/31
Meynell John of Les Arches, Mont Felard, St Lawrence 20/May/1972 10/Jul/1972 D/Y/B1/177/18
Michaelson Julian of 15, The Parade, St Helier and formerly of Chatelherault, Mont a L'Abbe, St Helier 12/Jul/1963 19/Feb/1980 D/Y/B1/315/48
Michaelson Pearl Marguerite of Hotel Splendid, 5, Boulevard Victor Hugo, Nice, France 20/03/1961 Letters of administration 19/Dec/1961 26/Mar/1962 D/Y/B1/68/28
Michel Ada Jane widow of Philip John Le Cocq, of The Limes, Green Street, St Helier and formerly of Glanville, St Mark's Road, St Helier 12/Mar/1969 17/Jul/1975 D/Y/B1/225/25
Michel Alfred of Broadlands, St Peter 20/Aug/1949 21/Mar/1960 D/Y/B1/58/52
Michel Alfred George of Le Menage Farm, St Lawrence 13/Aug/1966 1/Oct/1980 D/Y/B1/331/34
Michel Arthur Joshua Windsor Farm, St Peter 25/Apr/1944 14/Jul/1944 D/Y/A/112/144
Michel Edith widow of Hedley Moignard, of Seaside, Beaumont, St Lawrence 14/Aug/1963 23/Sep/1976 D/Y/B1/247/4
Michel Edith Mary of Three Hills, St Peter, wife of Herbert Stanley Berry 19/Sep/1949 30/Aug/1950 D/Y/B1/6/27
Michel Emily Vibert nee de la Perrelle, daughter of Thomas and wife of Francis Amy Michel, of 7, Seaton Place, St Helier 24/Oct/1947 9/Dec/1958 D/Y/B1/51/49
Michel Ferdinand Gaston Maurice of 2, Bayside, La Mare, St Clement 16/Jul/1958 5/Jan/1965 D/Y/B1/83/7
Michel Francis St Peter 18/Jul/1891 7/Jun/1902 D/Y/A/61/53
Michel Frederick John St Peter 1/May/1920 23/Feb/1940 D/Y/A/106/47
Michel Herbert of St Brelade's Hospital, St Brelade 24/Jan/1969 24/Jan/1969 D/Y/B1/128/27
Michel Jean Louis of St Saviour 19/Apr/1920 3/Mar/1928 D/Y/A/88/38
Michel Jeanne of St Lawrence 7/Apr/1870 10/Oct/1874 D/Y/A/37/112
Michel John of St Peter Now residing at Manor View in the same parish 24/Apr/1945 31/Dec/1948 D/Y/A/120/112
Michel John son of John Thomas, of 2, Kent Villas, Clos de Clement, St Peter and formerly of Hazeldene, St Ouen 6/Nov/1952 2/May/1968 D/Y/B1/119/33
Michel John Buesnel of St Nicolas, St Peter 12/Apr/1949 24/Jul/1954 D/Y/B1/25/51
Michel John Thomas Cranford, Beaumont 27/Apr/1926 7/Dec/1928 D/Y/A/88/180
Michel Joseph Hedley of Springbank, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier 7/Nov/1967 7/Nov/1967 D/Y/B1/113/27
Michel Justin Marie of St Remy des Landes, Manche, France, now of St Martin 4/May/1896 5/Sep/1896 D/Y/A/55/74
Michel Kenneth Clarence of Clos Durell, Trinity 12/Sep/1969 12/Sep/1969 D/Y/B1/136/14
Michel Lizzie of Mon Desir, Beaumont, St Peter 21/Mar/1975 21/Mar/1975 D/Y/B1/220/11
Michel Louisa widow of Wilfred Nicolas Le Bailly Renouf, of Eskdale, Croix au Lion, St Peter 11/Feb/1955 21/Mar/1975 D/Y/B1/220/4
Michel Mabel widow of Philip John Godfray, of Manor View, St Peter 22/Feb/1949 16/Jan/1965 D/Y/B1/83/27
Michel Maria Josephine Berthe widow of John Godfray Le Cocq and widow of Benjamin Norman, of Mon Desir, Route des Quennevais, St Brelade and formerly of Porlock, Route des Fanois, St Brelade 15/Oct/1952 4/Nov/1968 D/Y/B1/125/45
Michel Marie daughter of Pierre and Elizabeth Marie Laurens 12/Feb/1819 8/Aug/1820 D/Y/A/19/45
Michel Mary Jane daughter of Josue, of Manor View, St Peter 15/Jul/1958 24/Aug/1960 D/Y/B1/60/60
Michel Rachel ... 9/Jan/1689 3/Sep/1691 D/Y/A/2/11
Michel Stanley Francis of 2, Seafield Avenue, Millbrook, St Helier and formerly of 5, Seaton Place, St Helier 28/Jan/1948 19/May/1977 D/Y/B1/258/47
Michel Susanne of St Peter 16/01/1822 Desires to be buried in St Peter's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Peter, £4 of money of the order of the King 2/Feb/1842 D/Y/A/25/42
Michel the George Clifford of Val de la Mare, St Peter 20/Aug/1963 23/Jul/1964 D/Y/B1/80/38
Michel Thomas of St Peter, now of St Brelade 2/Apr/1886 20/Oct/1886 D/Y/A/46/38
Michel Yves Marie 20 Halkett Place, St Helier 26/Nov/1923 12/Mar/1926 D/Y/A/86/37
Michell John Taylor 11/06/1832 Bequeaths to Reynell Charles Michell, his naval chronicles 22/Jan/1833 D/Y/A/22/70
Michell Margaret Elizabeth Joan wife of Adolphus George Le Feuvre, of Flat 1, Claremont, Bagatelle, St Saviour and formerly of 3, The Terrace, Grosvenor Street, St Helier 22/Mar/1957 3/May/1973 D/Y/B1/190/1
Micklethwait Michael ... 9/Sep/1750 3/Jun/1751 D/Y/A/8/72
Middleditch Horace of No 3A, Basement Flat, Norfolk Terrace, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 29/Mar/1979 29/Mar/1979 D/Y/B1/297/4
Middlemist Henry Ward of Mayfield, Millbrook Bequeaths to Reverend Herbert William Quarrie of St Andrew's Vicarage, St Helier his large model locomotive, to his sister Annie Nicholas, wife of Reverend Philip Nicholas his small model locomotive, blunderbuss and sword He directs that his furniture and effects should be auctioned by the auctioneer Harold S Deslandes 6/May/1947 29/May/1951 D/Y/B1/10/14
Middleton Charles George of 17, Caldy Road, West Kirby, Wirral, Merseyside 1/Oct/1970 4/Jun/1976 D/Y/B1/241/16
Midgley John Richard 46 Esplanade, St Helier 23/May/1907 3/Dec/1913 D/Y/A/72/84
Miere Eugene Rene Prosper of St Moritz, Midvale Road, St Helier 20/Feb/1943 29/Mar/1950 D/Y/B1/4/48
Miere Rene Joseph Mark of Vincenza, 42, Clos des Sables, St Brelade 21/Apr/1976 14/Jun/1976 D/Y/B1/241/36
Migault Andre Rector of St Saviour, Guernsey, now of St Aubin, Jersey 19/08/1796 Makes bequests of £900 sterling of 3% funds in England including a bequest of funds to the hospital in the parish of Catel, Guernsey, to the poor of the parishes of Catel and St Saviour's, Guernsey, £5 sterling, and to the Jersey General Hospital, £20 sterling 2/Dec/1797 D/Y/A/15/153
Mignot Daisie nee Westmacott, of La Corbinerie, St Martin, Guernsey, widow of Peter Thomas Mignot, clerk in holy orders 1/Feb/1957 14/Feb/1962 D/Y/B1/67/77
Miguel Jose Farinha of PO Box 28, Vila Junqueiro, Lourenco Marques, Mozambique 1/Jan/1958 20/Jul/1971 D/Y/B1/162/6
Mikulowski Emile George Titus ... 23/Nov/1915 11/Jan/1916 D/Y/A/75/5
Milan Louis Coin, But de la Rue, St Lawrence 12/Nov/1935 6/Apr/1937 D/Y/A/100/71
Milbourn Percy Thomas otherwise Percy Edward Milbourn, otherwise Percy Thomas Edward Milbourn, of Pilatus, Les Platons, Trinity 19/Jun/1962 14/Jun/1977 D/Y/B1/259/53
Milburn Doris of Glenferrie, 24, Peirson Road, St Helier and formerly of Fauvic Nursing Home, Fauvic, Inner Road, Grouville 27/Dec/1972 8/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/270/15
Milburn Doris of Maitland Cottage, Inner Road, Samares, St Clement 11/Oct/1971 28/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/203/22
Milburn Gladys wife of John Morris Hughes, of 7, Braeside, Beckenham, Kent 23/May/1967 10/Jul/1969 D/Y/B1/134/16
Milburn John Casa Velita, St Helier 17/10/1928 Bequeaths to The Memorial Hospital, Whitby £500 26/Jan/1937 D/Y/A/100/26
Milburn John Crofts of Maitland Cottage, Samares, St Clement 4/Dec/1959 5/May/1966 D/Y/B1/97/35
Milburn John Davison of Highcliffe, Little Switzerland, Douglas, Isle of Man and formerly of Cloghan House, Cloghan, County Donegal, Eire 8/Sep/1971 12/Sep/1972 D/Y/B1/180/1
Milburn Robert William of 625, Lodge Lane, Addington, Surrey 29/Aug/1975 17/Sep/1976 D/Y/B1/246/34
Milburn Rosalind Mary widow of William Whytehead Boulton, of Ouaisne Lodge, Portelet, St Brelade 14/Jan/1954 16/Mar/1970 D/Y/B1/143/26
Milch Anna widow of Peter Paul Engel, commonly known as Paul Engel, of 32, Princess Court, Queensway, London 19/Nov/1953 19/Sep/1973 D/Y/B1/195/9
Mildren Douglas John of 55, Hue Court, St Helier 14/Nov/1980 14/Nov/1980 D/Y/B1/335/13
Mildren John Wakeford of St Helier : 7/Nov/1883 15/Oct/1884 D/Y/A/44/70
Miles Dora Eleanor widow of Clarence William Dupre Le Vavasseur dit Durell, of the Grouville Annexe, Sandybrook Hospital, Grouville and formerly of Narkunda, Pontac, St Clement 8/Feb/1968 5/Jun/1980 D/Y/B1/324/10
Miles Edward Broadmead, Bristol, 10/10/1912 , declaring his intention to abandon English domicile, now living at Glenroy, St Lawrence 27/Dec/1946 D/Y/A/116/183
Miles Florence Ethel widow of Gaston Leslie Bastien, of Biddlestone, The Grove, Horley, Surrey 26/Aug/1968 9/Jan/1974 D/Y/B1/199/41
Miles Geoffrey Arthur of No 24, Millais Park, Mont Millais, St Helier 27/Dec/1978 27/Dec/1978 D/Y/B1/291/37
Miles Lilian Amy of 11 Oaktree Avenue, Palmers Green, London, N13 Middlesex 7/May/1947 D/Y/A/117/126
Miles Rosanna Mary widow of Robert Henry Andrews, of Springbank, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier 7/Mar/1980 7/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/317/30
Mill Ernest Edwin s 29/Sep/1978 29/Sep/1978 D/Y/B1/286/37
Millais Ann of St Helier 13/Jan/1882 26/Feb/1891 D/Y/A/50/20
Millais Edouard of St Saviour 30/12/1812 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, £20 of the order of the King 22/Feb/1815 D/Y/A/18/136
Millais Henrietta Maria 23 Midvale Road 22/Apr/1937 17/Nov/1937 D/Y/A/101/90
Millais Isabel Kate 19 Duhamel Place, St Helier, spinster 8/Sep/1928 14/Apr/1937 D/Y/A/100/77
Millais Marie daughter of Edouard of St Saviour, now of St Helier 24/06/1806 Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, £16 of the order of the King 30/Aug/1806 D/Y/A/17/21
Millais Thomas of St Helier 22/4/1876 Bequeaths to the St Helier's Asylum for Infirm and Aged Women £10 14/Jun/1882 D/Y/A/42/87
Millan Annie Georgina widow of George Henry Reynolds, of 5, Halkett Street, St Helier 1/Jul/1970 1/Jul/1970 D/Y/B1/147/7
Millar Henry Alexander Navarino, 76 Stopford Road, St Helier 2/Jun/1930 14/Jul/1934 D/Y/A/96/79
Millar Leo of 41, Exeter Road, London 15/Mar/1967 D/Y/B1/193/1
Millar Margaret Torrance of 47, Johnston Avenue, Dundee 26/May/1952 17/May/1954 D/Y/B1/24/51
Millar Maria Frederica Eliza Emily nee Levens, 2 King George V Memorial Home, St Helier, widow 14/Oct/1944 23/Jan/1946 D/Y/A/115/24
Millard Patricia Virtue widow of Archibald John Russell Peel, of Westward House, Val de la Mare, St Ouen 9/Dec/1977 27/Feb/1980 D/Y/B1/316/32
Millen Thomas of 13, St Mark's Road, St Helier 31/Dec/1957 21/Jun/1958 D/Y/B1/49/5
Miller Catherine May widow of Guy Fortescue Burrell de Gruchy, of North Twin Cottage, Noirmont Manor Avenue, St Brelade 14/Feb/1961 6/Jul/1972 D/Y/B1/177/11
Miller Charles Alexander Morell Reading Parish of St James, Jamaica 12/Sep/1940 10/Jan/1947 D/Y/A/117/12
Miller Charles Carlton of Petit Menage, Route des Genets, St Brelade 24/Nov/1948 7/Jan/1953 D/Y/B1/17/18
Miller Donald Mansell of High Trees, Mont Sohier, St Brelade 11/Aug/1972 1/Jun/1976 D/Y/B1/241/1
Miller Edith nee Wright, St Saviour, now residing at the Grosvenor Hotel, Westminster, London, widow Desires to be buried in the family grave at Mont-a-L'Abbe cemetery 2 papes 25/Jun/1937 D/Y/A/117/111
Miller Frederick Arthur of No 32, Weaver Avenue, Mackenzie Park, Benoni, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa 21/Feb/1978 10/Sep/1979 D/Y/B1/306/7
Miller George Edward San Remo, High Street, St Aubin 24/Dec/1932 3/Mar/1936 D/Y/A/98/86
Miller Harriet Massereene 2 Belville, St Saviours Road, widow 10/Dec/1915 17/Dec/1920 D/Y/A/80/139
Miller Henry 1 Beau Rivage, Greve d'Azette, St Clement 16/Jan/1934 17/May/1935 D/Y/A/97/78
Miller Henry Symer Mont Les Vaux, St Aubin, St Brelade 2/May/1914 12/Apr/1917 D/Y/A/76/66
Miller Hilda May widow of Ronald Guy Noott, of Havenhurst, Milford Haven, Dyfed, Wales and formerly of 1, Queensway, Haverfordwest, Dyfed 11/Feb/1977 20/Nov/1979 D/Y/B1/310/7
Miller Ian Veness of Stockleigh, Exford, Minehead, Somerset and formerly of the Crown Hotel, Exford 8/Aug/1971 17/Aug/1977 D/Y/B1/264/6
Miller Irene Gladys widow of Joseph Herbert Andrew, of PO Box 41115, Nairobi, Kenya 21/Feb/1972 5/Apr/1979 D/Y/B1/297/28
Miller James of Pentlands, Camp End Road, Saint Georges Hill, Weybridge, Surrey and formerly of Greystones, 95, Pasir Panjang Hill, Singapore 29/Mar/1965 18/Jan/1974 D/Y/B1/200/4
Miller James inflicted with a rhumatic complaint 13/Aug/1818 21/Feb/1821 D/Y/A/19/56
Miller Jane widow of Charles Thomas du Feu, of Sandybrook Hospital, St Peter 5/Jun/1973 5/Jun/1973 D/Y/B1/191/20
Miller John Bruce of 209, Scartho Road, Grimsby, Lincolnshire 8/Feb/1973 8/Feb/1973 D/Y/B1/186/9
Miller John William of Sandy Lodge, Quennevais Park, St Brelade 20/Aug/1970 14/Oct/1971 D/Y/B1/165/31
Miller Margaret Nicholson Carlton or of Eden House, St Brelades Bay, thereafter at St Cyres Hotel, St Helier, thereafter at 16 Burnbank Gardens, Glasgow At present at the Great Western Hotel, Glasgow, widow 16/07/1940 This will excludes real estate in Jersey 2/Jan/1946 D/Y/A/115/3
Miller Maria 2 Library Place, St Helier, widow of Henry Matthews Bartlett 12/Apr/1888 29/May/1912 D/Y/A/71/54
Miller Mary wife of Francis Curry de Lecq Le Montais, 15 Elysian Terrace, St Saviours Road, St Helier 1/Oct/1925 4/Oct/1926 D/Y/A/86/117
Miller Mary Alice Caroline wife of Abner Cartwright Huelin Bisson, of White Lodge, Mont Cochon, St Helier 9/Jul/1956 4/Jul/1963 D/Y/B1/75/10
Miller Richard Charles Killarney, Longueville, Grouville 29/Apr/1929 D/Y/A/89/123
Miller Robert Edwin of 60, Aldsworth Avenue, Goring-by-Sea, Worthing, Sussex and formerly of 319, Brighton Road, Worthing 23/Apr/1956 6/Jan/1968 D/Y/B1/115/10
Miller Robert Henry Bagatelle, St Saviour 13/10/1936 Desires to be buried in Mont a l'Abbe Cemetery, plot no 226 Bequeaths to the Constable and Churchwardens of St Helier £200 for the upkeep of his grave 18/Jun/1937 D/Y/A/100/121
Miller Roderick Austen of 49, St Bernards Road, Olton, Solihull, Warwickshire 24/Mar/1966 23/Jul/1968 D/Y/B1/122/45
Miller Thomas ... 6/Jan/1903 D/Y/A/56/78
Miller Thomas of 3, St Mark's Villas, St Mark's Road, St Helier, late lieutenant colonel in the 81st Regiment 30/Mar/1871 4/Jan/1872 D/Y/A/36/39
Miller Walter James of Overdale Isolation Hospital, St Helier Desires to be buried in the island as a Roman Catholic and that a memorial stone with an appropriate inscription should be placed on the grave Bequeaths to St Paul's Home, £100; to the building fund for St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, £200; to the General Hospital, £100; to Sister Secker, matron of Overdale Isolation Hospital, £50; to the Little Sisters of the Poor, £100 26/Jan/1949 30/Oct/1951 D/Y/B1/11/50
Miller William of 7, South Crown Street, Aberdeen 12/Feb/1911 15/Dec/1954 D/Y/B1/27/31C
Millest Daisy Lilian Perrin nee Gray, of 27, Roseville Street, St Helier 20/Dec/1946 10/Jan/1955 D/Y/B1/28/1
Millest Ernest Henry 1 Rosebank, St Saviours Road, St Saviour 21/Feb/1928 10/Sep/1929 D/Y/A/89/163
Millican Jane Elizabeth wife of Herbert Ernest Magee, of 32, Limetree Crescent, Cockermouth, Cumbria 4/May/1978 13/Oct/1980 D/Y/B1/332/22
Milligan Ethel Hannah widow of John Watt and of Thomas Stitt, otherwise known as Ethel Stitt, of 4, Whitegate, Wetheral, Carlisle, Cumberland and formerly of 2, Whitegate, Wetheral, Carlisle 20/Nov/1970 14/Aug/1974 D/Y/B1/209/45
Milligan Robert Alexander Stewart -Manby, otherwise Robert Alexander Stuart Milligan-Manby, of Thorganby Hall, near Grimsby, Lincolnshire 23/Oct/1954 24/Sep/1964 D/Y/B1/81/33
Millinchip Alice May widow of Herbert Percy Maxted, of 134, Kent House Road, Beckenham, Kent 10/Jul/1962 20/Apr/1967 D/Y/B1/107/28
Milling Harriett 5 Gordon Place, Beach Road, St Helier 27/Nov/1914 31/Jul/1928 D/Y/A/88/121
Milling Isabella 1 Le Chalet, Queens Road, St Helier 27/Sep/1933 29/Jul/1938 D/Y/A/103/23
Millow Lilian nee Blake, widow of William Charles Paul Millow, a native of St Saviour and residing at Inglenook, First Tower, St Helier 2/May/1955 21/Jan/1960 D/Y/B1/57/42
Millow William Charles Paul Inglenook, First Tower, St Helier 22/Nov/1927 3/May/1934 D/Y/A/96/44
Millow William Richard First Tower, St Aubins Road, St Helier 2/Jun/1919 23/Oct/1946 D/Y/A/116/138
Mills Arthur Reginald Albert of La Fontaine Stores, Millais, St Ouen 16/Jul/1960 11/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/149/24
Mills Edward George of Greenbanks, Manor Road, Baldwin's Gate, near Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire 30/Nov/1961 20/Jan/1969 D/Y/B1/128/8
Mills Ernest Edwin of No 1, Kimberley Grove, Millbrook, St Lawrence 18/Mar/1970 10/May/1978 D/Y/B1/279/2
Mills Hugh Mortimer Travers of 31, Rue de Seine, Paris, France and formerly care of Williams Deacons Bank, 14, Mulcaster Street, St Helier 6/Oct/1970 19/Apr/1972 D/Y/B1/173/24
Mills Joseph Keith of Coopers Spinney, Old Heathfield, Sussex and formerly care of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, 9, Gracechurch Street, London 23/Jul/1968 19/Apr/1974 D/Y/B1/204/30
Mills Joseph Wilson of No 19, Landscape Grove, Mont Cochon, St Helier 17/Sep/1963 22/May/1978 D/Y/B1/279/33
Mills Kathleen Mary of Glenthorne, Rue du Moestre, St Aubin, St Brelade 30/May/1953 9/Oct/1980 D/Y/B1/332/13
Mills Kenneth Freeman of Glenrose, Janvrin Road, St Helier 7/Jan/1966 7/Jan/1966 D/Y/B1/93/26
Mills Laura Leah of 5, Le Grand Pre, Grouville and formerly of Sea Bank, Samares, St Clement 6/May/1946 7/Feb/1967 D/Y/B1/104/58
Mills Leonard Charles of White Oak, How Lane, Chipstead, Surrey 10/Nov/1975 13/May/1976 D/Y/B1/239/46
Mills Marjorie Constance widow of Reginald Corfield, of Anacapri, Pontac Common, St Clement and formerly of Maison du Rocquier, Le Hocq, St Clement 2/Jan/1976 30/Sep/1976 D/Y/B1/247/15
Mills Nellie wife of Percy Guy, of 27, Victoria Cottage Homes, St Saviour 14/Feb/1962 27/Sep/1965 D/Y/B1/90/30
Mills William Argentine of Philip Le Feuvre Lodge, Colomberie Close, St Helier 24/May/1979 8/Oct/1979 D/Y/B1/307/20
Mills William Joseph 6 Patriotic Place, St Helier 14/May/1915 18/May/1915 D/Y/A/74/76
Milman Rosalind Louisa Hart of La Maison de Leoville, St Ouen Desires to be cremated 24/Sep/1953 1/Feb/1956 D/Y/B1/34/13
Milne Alan Robert of Great Bear, Southern Cross Drive, Constantia, Cape Province, South Africa 14/Nov/1974 7/Mar/1977 D/Y/B1/254/26
Milne David Edward of 3578, West 29th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia 17/Aug/1937 29/Mar/1957 D/Y/B1/41/18
Milne Ewan Thomas Mitchell of La Collinette, Route Orange, St Brelade 24/Nov/1959 17/Mar/1960 D/Y/B1/58/46
Milne Hugh Fenwick of The Old Manor, Theberton, Suffolk, formerly of Bombay, India 25/May/1949 28/Aug/1963 D/Y/B1/75/78
Milne James Christie of 3, North Gyle Grove, Edinburgh, Scotland 20/Oct/1964 31/Mar/1971 D/Y/B1/157/5
Milne John Wardlaw of Grouville Court, Grouville 26/Aug/1966 26/Jul/1967 D/Y/B1/110/13
Milne William Graham of Rockville, St Aubin, St Brelade Desires to be cremated 8/Feb/1950 21/Jan/1956 D/Y/B1/34/8
Milne William Henry St Helier 5/Dec/1908 19/Dec/1908 D/Y/A/67/108
Milne William John of 23, Halkett Place, St Helier 1/Apr/1861 10/Dec/1861 D/Y/A/30/142
Milner Edmund Ralph of Brookside, Gorey, Grouville 7/Nov/1952 23/Feb/1965 D/Y/B1/84/31
Milner Grace Beryl Fanny widow of Robert Arthur Everitt, of No 1, Cavendish Avenue, Sevenoaks, Kent 12/Feb/1974 30/Nov/1978 D/Y/B1/290/23
Milon Alfred Francois of Meadow Farm, Ville a L'Eveque, Trinity 31/Jan/1956 23/Apr/1956 D/Y/B1/35/45
Milon Louis Marie of Clarence Cottage, Sion, St John 29/Mar/1949 29/Apr/1949 D/Y/B1/1/79
Miloux Alice Mary wife of Peter Marie Miloux, of the Post Office of Creston, British Columbia, Canada 23/Nov/1950 20/Mar/1967 D/Y/B1/106/21
Milton Ada nee Leslie, of 2, Belmont Villas, Simon Place, St Helier 3/Feb/1955 18/Mar/1958 D/Y/B1/47/22
Milton Leslie William John of Bahia, Bridlington Lane, Exmouth, Devon 6/Apr/1967 12/Dec/1968 D/Y/B1/127/9
Milton Reginald Newton of Millbrook House, Rue de Trachy, Millbrook, St Helier 30/Dec/1971 2/Jul/1974 D/Y/B1/207/27
Milway Thomas Dane of Kent, England, now of Gorey 29/08/1878 Bequeaths to the children of Charles Cotgrove and Eliza Rothwell thirty two 64th shares in the cutter 'Sea Seal' 6/Jun/1879 D/Y/A/40/115
Minard Jean Marie Louis ... 14/Jul/1931 8/May/1946 D/Y/A/116/12
Mincer Tadeusz Adam Gabriel of Shiraz Lodge, Belvedere Hill, St Saviour 14/Apr/1966 16/Apr/1969 D/Y/B1/131/4
Minchin Stanley Gordon Guy son of Arthur James, of 16, New St John's Road, St Helier 18/Sep/1942 21/Oct/1953 D/Y/B1/21/38
Minchington Harry George of Sandybrook Hospital, Grouville Annexe, Grouville and formerly of Britannia House, Mont Mado, St John 4/Oct/1971 5/Aug/1977 D/Y/B1/263/25
Minchington Jane of Mont Durant, St Peter Port, Guernsey, now of Rosemount, St Saviour, spinster 9/Sep/1869 4/Dec/1875 D/Y/A/38/97
Minchington Phyllis May of Sandybrook Hospital, St Peter 8/May/1979 8/May/1979 D/Y/B1/299/41
Minchinton Annie Alice Maud nee Le Blancq, widow of James Francis Minchinton, of 14, Dorset Street, St Helier 3/Oct/1955 29/Nov/1956 D/Y/B1/38/41
Minchinton Arthur Silvanus of Overdale Hospital, St Helier 26/May/1976 26/May/1976 D/Y/B1/240/35
Minchinton Mary Jane of 1, St Mark's Road, St Helier, widow of Alfred Miller 4/Apr/1896 7/Apr/1896 D/Y/A/55/25
Minden Ernest of 82, Addison Road, London 2/Dec/1971 31/Oct/1972 D/Y/B1/182/15
Mindu Yves Marie Le of Les Ormes, St Peter 14/Feb/1949 13/Nov/1963 D/Y/B1/76/50
Mineur Francis of La Bachauderie, St Martin 15/Nov/1958 5/Mar/1960 D/Y/B1/58/33
Mineure Marie Francoise wife of Jules Aubert, of St Saviour 7/Dec/1946 5/Oct/1960 D/Y/B1/61/16
Miniee Francoise 20/05/1840 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £1 3/Oct/1844 D/Y/A/25/149
Minier Francis Marie Salem House, St Lawrence 5/Apr/1922 22/Apr/1922 D/Y/A/82/51
Minier Rene Francois Carrefour Jenkins, St Lawrence 24/Jul/1900 13/Mar/1911 D/Y/A/70/29
Minkley Charles Edward of Haut Toit, Fauvic, Grouville and formerly of Four Corners, Fauvic, Grouville 11/Nov/1960 21/Dec/1976 D/Y/B1/251/6
Minkley Elizabeth Lillie formerly wife of Oliver Rees-Williams and widow of Walter James Rogers, of 10, King's View, La Pouquelaye, St Helier 17/Mar/1967 17/Mar/1967 D/Y/B1/106/19
Minkley Gertrude Mary widow of Frank Pinwill, formerly of Sunnycliff, 61, New St John's Road, St Helier and later of Leoville, Richelieu Park, St Helier 26/Apr/1958 3/Aug/1962 D/Y/B1/70/22
Minn Htun of 56, Coldbath Street, London 29/Dec/1972 29/Dec/1972 D/Y/B1/184/27
Minnier Marie Mathurine widow of John Philip Hacquoil, of St Peter 29/May/1944 13/May/1961 D/Y/B1/64/26
Minns Richard Nicholas of Tegessi Farm, Nanyuki, Kenya 9/Oct/1959 27/Nov/1964 D/Y/B1/82/24
Minns William Gordon of 30, La Motte Street, St Helier 17/Dec/1970 24/Oct/1972 D/Y/B1/182/1
Minors Ellen nee Bloxsidge, St Helier, widow 29/Mar/1901 2/Dec/1903 D/Y/A/62/107
Minshall Thomas Arthur of Gach Saran, 21, Crossways Park, West Chiltington, Sussex and formerly of 44, York Avenue, Corringham, Essex 9/Apr/1947 22/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/149/48
Minter William Henry Foreman of Phylstan, Langley Park, St Saviour 1/Jul/1961 11/Jan/1979 D/Y/B1/291/53
Minton Esme May widow of Clement Hiscott and Charles Percival Lailey, of The Limes, Green Street, St Helier 5/Jun/1980 5/Jun/1980 D/Y/B1/324/13
Minty Andrew Leith Hay of Chicago, Co Cook, Illinois, America 29/Jun/1874 7/Aug/1879 D/Y/A/40/128
Minty Bertram Smart of Leander, St John's Road, St Helier and formerly of 20, Raleigh Avenue, St Helier 20/Dec/1957 19/Jun/1973 D/Y/B1/191/46
Minty Blanche Muriel Marguerite widow of Neville Brook, of St Augustine's Home, St Helier 29/Sep/1972 25/Jun/1975 D/Y/B1/224/28
Minty Constance Julia nee Moore, wife of Bertram Smart Minty, of 20, Ralegh Avenue, St Helier 3/Nov/1956 31/Jan/1959 D/Y/B1/52/46
Mirabel Louis Marie Leoville, St Ouen 5/Apr/1929 30/May/1929 D/Y/A/89/110
Mirehouse Henry George Foy Vicarage, near Ross, Herefordshire, 3/07/ 1905 Desires to be buried in Mont-a-l-Abbe Cemetery 25/Nov/1931 D/Y/A/92/39
Mirpuri Kundanmal Utamchand of 49a, Colomberie, St Helier 17/Oct/1966 9/Jun/1976 D/Y/B1/241/31
Mirrielees Bertram John St Mary's, La Rocque 16/Jan/1933 4/Aug/1939 D/Y/A/105/32
Miskin Christopher Harold of La Glinette, St Brelade 7/Apr/1965 21/Jun/1971 D/Y/B1/160/45
Misson Albert of 1, Beach Crescent, St Luke, St Saviour and formerly of Regent Hotel, Pier Road, St Helier 14/Jan/1957 8/Sep/1965 D/Y/B1/90/6
Misson David Thomas 2 Kew Villas, St Helier 12/Jun/1917 6/Jul/1925 D/Y/A/85/109
Misson Ernest of Customs Hotel, 10, Esplanade, St Helier 1/Apr/1944 29/Mar/1957 D/Y/B1/41/19
Misson Ethel Maud nee Carver, widow of Ernest Misson, of La Douane, La Hougue Avenue, Mont a L'Abbe, St Helier Desires to be cremated and to have her ashes scattered in the Garden of Remembrance 23/Mar/1960 20/Apr/1961 D/Y/B1/64/4
Misson Lizzie Sophia widow of Winter Frederick Le Sueur, of 1, Horizon View, Victoria Avenue, First Tower, St Helier 8/Sep/1971 3/Jun/1977 D/Y/B1/259/34
Misson Philippe Francis Trinity 28/Feb/1912 28/Aug/1937 D/Y/A/101/38
Mitcham Kathleen Daisie of 24, Beaulieu Park, St Helier, formerly of 16, Lancaster Avenue, Hitchin, Hertfordshire Desires to be buried with her late husband 31/Jan/1952 8/Oct/1957 D/Y/B1/44/29
Mitchell Albert of Le Catelet, Rue d'Infer, Douet, St John 6/Jul/1972 6/Jul/1972 D/Y/B1/177/3
Mitchell Amelia Faislea, Samares, St Clement 31/Aug/1938 10/Jul/1940 D/Y/A/107/4
Mitchell Beatrice Jane 6 Mulcaster Street, St Helier 1/Sep/1934 24/Oct/1934 D/Y/A/96/121
Mitchell Catherine Rutherford of 93, Campbell Terrace, Rouge Bouillon 12/Feb/1930 26/Jan/1951 D/Y/B1/8/14
Mitchell Charles 64 Calle de Emparon, Veracruz, Mexico 17/Jan/1917 6/Aug/1925 D/Y/A/85/122
Mitchell Clementina wife of Edward Cock, of Saint Anastase, Coin Varin, St Peter 6/Jul/1964 18/Jun/1968 D/Y/B1/121/33
Mitchell Dorothy Mary Beresford of 9, St Winifred's Avenue, Harrogate, Yorkshire 1/Mar/1945 13/Apr/1951 D/Y/B1/9/28
Mitchell Edith Muriel Lillian widow of George Sydney Marsden Colbeck-Welch, of Clos du Coin, La Haule, St Brelade 30/Aug/1972 5/Jun/1974 D/Y/B1/206/13
Mitchell Edward Thomas of Alma, First Tower, St Helier 22/Jul/1971 10/May/1973 D/Y/B1/190/13
Mitchell Eileen Ivy widow of James Cunningham Beattie, of 3, Hurley Court, Thornhill, Harmanswater Road, Bracknell, Berkshire 29/Apr/1971 23/Aug/1977 D/Y/B1/264/25
Mitchell Elizabeth Ann widow of Henry John Cridland, of 111, Lake Road, West Cardiff 3/Aug/1966 27/Aug/1968 D/Y/B1/123/43
Mitchell Frank of 27, Woodroyd Gardens, Luddenden Foot, Yorkshire 5/Jun/1959 3/Jun/1971 D/Y/B1/160/4
Mitchell Frank Smedley of Nanuoya, 3, Ashley Close, Five Oaks, St Saviour 19/Feb/1964 15/Sep/1964 D/Y/B1/81/22
Mitchell Henrietta Anna wife of Kentish Stevens Mitchell, Elm Villa, Beaumont 12/Jun/1886 2/Apr/1908 D/Y/A/67/42
Mitchell Jack Cecil Clayton of 384, Ruo do Crasto, Nevogilde, Oporto, Portugal 19/Nov/1970 31/Oct/1977 D/Y/B1/267/45
Mitchell James Dietrich son of William John, of Kalina, New Park Estate, St Brelade Bequeaths to Marie Irene Mitchell, nee Sokolovska, the aforesaid property known as Kalina 28/Jan/1959 26/Apr/1963 D/Y/B1/73/75
Mitchell John Lieutenant in Captain Taylor's Company in Jersey 24/Sep/1741 12/Oct/1741 D/Y/A/7/47
Mitchell Kathleen Lydia wife of George William Raymond, of Valley House, Le Mourier, St Mary 29/Aug/1967 29/Aug/1967 D/Y/B1/111/9
Mitchell Leonard Ronald William of PO Box 377, Blantyre, Malawi 11/Jan/1974 11/Jan/1974 D/Y/B1/199/45
Mitchell Lilian Mary of Fairlea, Coast Road, Samares, St Clement 27/Jun/1963 21/Jul/1971 D/Y/B1/162/7
Mitchell Livingstone of St Brelade's Bay, : 23/03/1888 Includes papers relating to and requesting the appointment of Richard Blunt Mitchell as executor of the 30/May/1889 D/Y/A/48/48
Mitchell Margaret Annie Ogilvie widow of James Laidlaw Hope, of Leamington, Faldouet, St Martin 17/Aug/1954 9/Jan/1957 D/Y/B1/39/32
Mitchell Mary Ann of St Brelade 28/4/1876 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade 10s 9/Feb/1893 D/Y/A/52/11
Mitchell Phyllis Henrietta wife of William Marshall Hyndman, of 1644, Victoria Street, Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada 5/Nov/1970 29/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/203/24
Mitchell Robert of La Marquanderie Inn, St Brelade 21/Jan/1980 21/Jan/1980 D/Y/B1/313/19
Mitchell Robert of St Helier 19/08/1825 Bequeaths to Alexander and Henry Mitchell all his real estate including land in Lacklevery, co Monaghan, Ireland 31/Aug/1829 D/Y/A/21/41
Mitchell Thomas Vernon of Johannesburg, Transvaal Province, South Africa 1/Oct/1964 4/Sep/1975 D/Y/B1/228/1
Mitchell Violet Everest MacNeill widow of Theodore Allingham Magnus, of Whitehanger Nursing Home, Haslemere, Surrey formerly of 50, Tower Road West, St Leonards on Sea, Sussex 8/Mar/1966 17/Apr/1969 D/Y/B1/131/12
Mitchell Violet Maud of Fairlea, Coast Road, Samares, St Clement 13/Aug/1959 20/Dec/1960 D/Y/B1/62/18
Mitchell Vyrell Baillie of Mill House, Steventon, Abingdon, Berkshire and formerly of Orchard Cottage, Ham Manor Close, Angmering, Sussex 1/Oct/1963 21/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/202/46
Mitchell William Edward of Broadlands, Grouville 23/Sep/1937 16/Apr/1952 D/Y/B1/14/10
Mitchell William Joseph of 10, Selwyn House, Selwyn Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex 8/Apr/1975 25/Feb/1980 D/Y/B1/316/18
Mitchelmore George Henry of the Grasshopper Hotel, St Helier 13/Aug/1895 30/Dec/1897 D/Y/A/56/115
Mizelas Andre Harry of 29, St Mary Abbots Terrace, London 30/Sep/1966 6/Aug/1971 D/Y/B1/162/44
Moat Francis Davis Prebenary of Trehaverock, St Endellion Church, Diocese of Truro, residing at La Retraite, Route de la Poudee, St Helier Bequeaths to The Little Sisters of the Poor £25; to the Missionary Priests of St John the Evangelist, Oxford £100; to the Rector of St Endellion the revenues of his stall in St Endellion to be used for the upkeep of the Church; to the Constable and Procureurs du Bien Public of St Helier £100 for the upkeep of his mother's grave in Mont a l'Abbe cemetery; to the Public Library £50; to Yvonne Dame de Rozel two 18th century china scent bottles 5/Sep/1936 D/Y/A/99/80
Moat Maria Frances of 32, Brock Street, Bath, widow 22/Oct/1884 24/Jan/1894 D/Y/A/53/10
Moberly Ronald Stuart The Great Indian Peninsula Railway, Bombay 23/Jun/1933 13/Mar/1940 D/Y/A/106/65
Mobley George Tilson of Trinity Manor, Trinity and formerly of Purlieu, Stapehill, Wimborne Minster, Dorset 16/Apr/1971 16/Jan/1976 D/Y/B1/233/58
Mockridge Benjamin of St Helier 16/01/1807 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £16 of the order 21/Aug/1816 D/Y/A/18/163
Mocquet Louis of St Helier 20/10/1784 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £16 tournois of the order of the King 2/Feb/1789 D/Y/A/14/81
Mocquet Peter Alfred Leon of No 47, Clearview Street, St Helier 2/May/1968 6/Apr/1978 D/Y/B1/277/2
Mody Sharad Ratilal of No 11, Manor House, Marylebone Road, London 16/Oct/1978 16/Oct/1978 D/Y/B1/287/28
Moen Francois Louis Marie Le of Fernhill Farm, Mont a L'Abbe, St Helier 31/Mar/1980 31/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/320/1
Moffett Robert Nixon of The Sundial, Kilsby, Northamptonshire, formerly of The Rockies, Camfield Road, Greenmount, State of Western Australia, Australia 22/Jul/1953 26/Jun/1962 D/Y/B1/69/61
Moffitt Barry Johnstone of No 4, Trinity Road, Bournemouth, Dorset formerly of No 150, Bullbrook Drive, Bracknell, Berkshire 28/Nov/1975 21/Aug/1978 D/Y/B1/284/45
Moffot Robert Maxwell Egyptian Lodge, Doctor of Medicine & Surgery 23/Sep/1900 9/Mar/1911 D/Y/A/70/27
Mogg Sarah Maria 41a Dorset Street, St Helier 16/Dec/1903 12/May/1904 D/Y/A/63/43
Mogridge Minnie widow of Walter Philip Grant, of 83, Convent Court, St Helier and formerly of 60?, New Street, St Helier 13/Nov/1975 4/Feb/1980 D/Y/B1/314/33
Moher Ellen Kensington Place, St Helier, spinster 25/May/1915 24/Nov/1926 D/Y/A/86/141
Moignand Marie widow of Philippe Le Brocq, of St Lawrence 24/06/1791 Desires to be buried in St Lawrence Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence, £6 3/Dec/1791 D/Y/A/15/15
Moignand Philip St Clement 29/May/1915 1/Oct/1923 D/Y/A/83/112
Moignard Adelaide Susan wife of John Prouings Vautier, of 4, Belmont Place, St Helier 23/Jan/1975 23/Jan/1975 D/Y/B1/217/1
Moignard Alfred Little Grove, St Lawrence 7/Dec/1906 20/Nov/1918 D/Y/A/78/104
Moignard Bernice widow of William Arthur Drage, of St Peter's Villa, Beaumont, St Peter 4/May/1973 2/Jun/1978 D/Y/B1/280/22
Moignard Charles of 2, Brooklyn Row, First Tower, St Helier 16/Jun/1970 5/Aug/1970 D/Y/B1/148/20
Moignard Clement Rosanna Cottage, St Saviour 4/08/1906 Desires to be buried in Green Street Cemetery Bequeaths to Dr Barnardos Homes, Jersey £20; to the Jersey Industrial School £20; to the Jersey Female Orphans Home £20; to the Jersey General Hospital £20; to the Jersey Merchant Seamens Benefit Society £20; to the St Lukes Day School £10 5/May/1910 D/Y/A/69/45
Moignard Clifford Philip of Villa Effra, Mount Bingham, St Helier 1/Jul/1949 18/Oct/1949 D/Y/B1/2/83
Moignard Edward Thomas of Maison Le Pape, Parade, St Helier and formerly of 1, Caesarea Court, St Helier and 6, Hampshire Gardens, Aquila Road, St Helier 17/Oct/1922 6/May/1975 D/Y/B1/222/19
Moignard Eliza Jane nee Billot, widow of Philip Francis Moignard and daughter of John, of 87, Oxford Road, St Helier Bequeaths to Doris Eliza Trachy, nee Marett, the house known as 4, Devonshire Place, St Helier 3/Oct/1941 18/Sep/1956 D/Y/B1/37/41
Moignard Elizabeth of St Saviour 6/Mar/1877 13/Feb/1878 D/Y/A/40/15
Moignard Elizabeth ... 12/Jan/1753 22/Jan/1753 D/Y/A/8/93
Moignard Elsie Esther of Resthaven, St Saviour's Road, St Helier 9/Jun/1960 16/Aug/1963 D/Y/B1/75/64
Moignard Emma Louisa wife of Charley Victor Coleman, of Carisbrook, St Lawrence 27/Aug/1968 27/Aug/1968 D/Y/B1/123/41
Moignard Francis John Beaumont, St Peter 3/06/1941 Bequeaths to Ida Madelaine Moignard 2 St Peter's Villas bordering on the east the Grand Road of Beaumont Also to Ida Madelaine Moignard the ground or gardens measuring approximately 8 perches To Lilian Alice Moignard, the house 1 St Peters Villas To Gladys Moignard, the house called Carisbrooke which borders on the south of the Grand Road of St Aubin, St Lawrence 2/Apr/1948 D/Y/A/119/66
Moignard George St Helier 14/Nov/1913 9/Jan/1918 D/Y/A/77/62
Moignard George Kenneth of Overdale Hospital, St Helier and formerly of 10, Garden Lane, St Helier 10/Oct/1967 17/Aug/1970 D/Y/B1/148/37
Moignard George Pierre of Old St John's Road, St Helier 27/Apr/1857 3/Jun/1857 D/Y/A/29/29
Moignard George William Beaumont, St Peter 25/04/1942 Bequeaths to William George Moignard the property Colenso; to John Hedley Moignard the properties Seaside, nos 1 & 2, Beaumont, St Lawrence 21/Apr/1944 D/Y/A/112/93
Moignard Henry James ...]} , Bel Royal Cottage, St Lawrence 1/Nov/1933 26/Mar/1947 D/Y/A/117/84
Moignard Herbert of Les Frontieres, St Peter 6/Oct/1937 26/Apr/1963 D/Y/B1/73/73
Moignard Ida Madeleine of 2, St Peter's Villa, Beaumont, St Peter 13/Feb/1967 17/Feb/1972 D/Y/B1/170/59
Moignard John Edward Romeril of Gordon House, St Helier : 1/Sep/1890 22/Oct/1890 D/Y/A/49/68
Moignard John Hedley of Seaside, Beaumont, St Lawrence 7/Feb/1945 5/Jun/1963 D/Y/B1/74/40
Moignard Lilian Alice widow of Sydney Marett, of 26, West Park Avenue, St Helier 25/Aug/1967 2/Mar/1973 D/Y/B1/186/58
Moignard Linda Godfray of 33, Green Street, St Helier 25/Mar/1966 27/Feb/1973 D/Y/B1/186/50
Moignard Philip 87 Oxford Road, St Helier 4/Jan/1936 15/Nov/1940 D/Y/A/107/72
Moignard Philip James Arthur of St Augustine's Home, New St John's Road, St Helier 23/Dec/1975 23/Dec/1975 D/Y/B1/233/1
Moignard Philippe of St Lawrence 06/09/1869 Desires to be buried in St Lawrence Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence 2 shillings 15/Jan/1870 D/Y/A/35/5
Moignard Thomas Alfred of Maison de Ville, La Pouquelaye, St Helier 23/Jun/1977 15/Sep/1980 D/Y/B1/330/37
Moignard William George of Mon Desir, Beaumont, St Peter 11/Jun/1936 26/Sep/1969 D/Y/B1/136/39
Moignard Winifred Maud Eleanor nee Bisson, wife of Philip James Arthur Moignard, of 37, Clubley Estate, St John's Road, St Helier 9/Sep/1959 19/Sep/1964 D/Y/B1/81/24
Moingne Adele Eugenie Le 28 Union Street, St Helier, widow Holley 4/Sep/1914 1/Oct/1914 D/Y/A/73/104
Moir Andrew Bruce of 10, Runnymede Court, St Helier and formerly of Cheyham, 2, Carrefour Villas, Val Plaisant, St Helier 6/Jul/1976 11/Oct/1977 D/Y/B1/266/50
Moir Dora Hall widow of James Drinkwater, of 69, Orchard Avenue, Blackpool, Lancashire 2/Apr/1959 19/Oct/1965 D/Y/B1/90/52
Moir Margaret Gifford widow of Ronald Edward Smith, of Bon Air Nursing Home, St Saviour 24/Sep/1962 30/Mar/1967 D/Y/B1/106/36
Moisan Jean Louis Charles of 1, Sunshine Terrace, Bagatelle, St Saviour 20/Jan/1972 20/Jan/1972 D/Y/B1/169/48
Moisan Marie Angele nee Le Bars, wife of Peter Francis Moisan, of Vermala, Les Champs Estate, Mont Cochon, St Helier 14/Mar/1961 3/Nov/1962 D/Y/B1/71/14
Moisan Marie Francoise nee Olivry, widow of Victor Marie Moisan, of Roseville, Patier, St Saviour Bequeaths in various shares her personal effects, furniture and residue of her estate to Francoise Jeanne Gautier, Francois Jean Gautier, Maurice Victor Georges Gautier, Ernest Albert Reynolds, Dorothy Louise Pearce, nee Reynolds and Louise Celine Reynolds 3/Jul/1948 16/May/1950 D/Y/B1/5/30
Moisan Victor Marie Grouville 11/Jul/1921 21/Feb/1935 D/Y/A/97/26
Moisan Victor Marie Roselands Cottage, St Saviour 26/Feb/1908 20/Mar/1940 D/Y/A/106/77
Moisan Victorine Francoise Longeuville, St Saviour, widow of Jean Baptiste Bienvenu 6/Jul/1932 25/May/1938 D/Y/A/102/112
Moisson Arthur ... 21/May/1742 7/Dec/1748 D/Y/A/7/117
Moisson Catherinne widow of Isaac Martin of St Saviour 4/Nov/1738 29/Mar/1743 D/Y/A/7/68
Moisson Marie of St Helier 22/Jun/1864 4/Oct/1865 D/Y/A/32/127
Moisson Susanne Chevalier of St Helier 18/May/1869 14/Jun/1869 D/Y/A/34/104
Moitie Charles James Desire of 33, Val Plaisant, St Helier 30/Sep/1946 10/Nov/1950 D/Y/B1/7/15
Moitie Elsie Louisa of 16, Savile Street, St Helier 1/Sep/1971 1/Sep/1971 D/Y/B1/163/46
Moitie Louisa Harriet nee Crespinel, 4 St Marks Villas, St Marks Road 11/Aug/1931 18/Nov/1933 D/Y/A/95/42
Mold Brigadier Gilbert Leslie of Valrosa, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier 4/Mar/1961 3/Aug/1963 D/Y/B1/75/44
Molesworth The Right Honourable Charles Richard Tenth Viscount of Clarendon Lodge, 29, Clarendon Road, St Helier 14/Sep/1955 21/Mar/1961 D/Y/B1/63/60
Molet Jean of St Martin 20/May/1749 5/Jun/1749 D/Y/A/8/34
Moll Dorothea wife of Jack Saville, of 61, Fitzjohns Avenue, London 30/Mar/1971 14/Dec/1972 D/Y/B1/184/5
Mollet Alfred Amy 4 Gordon Place, Beach Road, St Saviour 10/Oct/1904 30/Oct/1907 D/Y/A/66/109
Mollet Alfred Philip of Undercliff, Trinity 12/Jul/1937 22/Mar/1956 D/Y/B1/35/2
Mollet Alice Jane widow of Buesnel Philip Amy, of La Butiere, Rozel, St Martin 3/Jul/1973 3/Jul/1973 D/Y/B1/192/26
Mollet Alma Anna wife of Percy Leat Moses, of Pomona Villa, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier 27/Sep/1966 30/Jul/1971 D/Y/B1/162/31
Mollet Ann Mary nee Pallot, of 4, Khartoum Villas, Beach Road, St Saviour Bequeaths to Philip John Mollet, his land situated at Faldouet, St Martin; to Olivia Gladys Mollet and Vivian Maud Mollet, her house known as 4, Khartoum Villas 20/Apr/1948 3/Sep/1958 D/Y/B1/50/20
Mollet Anne ... 11/Jan/1739 26/Jun/1746 D/Y/A/7/109
Mollet Anne Elizabeth St Martin 21/Jun/1877 8/Sep/1902 D/Y/A/61/77
Mollet Charles 2 Marine Villas, Peirson Road, St Helier 4/04/1929 Bequeaths to Helena Georgina Phillips for life the property 2 Marine Villas, Fief de Meleches, St Helier, reversion to Ethel Helena Mollet and Gertrude Mollet 16/Feb/1931 D/Y/A/91/39
Mollet Claudia Una widow of Albert Edward Briggs, of 17, Old St John's Road, St Helier 24/Jan/1973 24/Jan/1973 D/Y/B1/185/26
Mollet Doris Touzel widow of John Copley, of Les Champs Gres, Petit Port, St Brelade 25/Jan/1957 12/Apr/1977 D/Y/B1/256/43
Mollet Edward Philip of Rock Cottage, St Martin 26/Nov/1960 10/May/1963 D/Y/B1/74/11
Mollet Elizabeth daughter of Clement 8/Oct/1716 17/Oct/1716 D/Y/A/4/125
Mollet Elizabeth of St Saviour, now of St Helier 27/07/1836 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £2 22/Jul/1841 D/Y/A/25/19
Mollet Ellen Emma of Pomona Villa, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier 23/Nov/1949 10/Aug/1959 D/Y/B1/55/62
Mollet Evelyn Fauvel daughter of Francis and widow of William Thomas Pullen, of Lydia Cottage, Drury Lane, St Helier 5/May/1947 21/Dec/1957 D/Y/B1/45/40
Mollet Helena Georgina nee Phillips, 2 Marina Villas, Peirson Road, St Helier 24/Feb/1931 18/Dec/1937 D/Y/A/101/112
Mollet Hilda May widow of Thomas Aldous, of Villa Rothesay, Upper Clarendon Road, St Helier 28/Feb/1979 28/Feb/1979 D/Y/B1/295/19
Mollet Jane Elizabeth of St Helier, widow of Francois de Faye 3/Sep/1888 16/Jan/1900 D/Y/A/59/18
Mollet Jeanne of St Martin, now of Grouville, widow of George Pirouet, 23/Feb/1866 13/Jun/1874 D/Y/A/37/96
Mollet John St Martin 6/02/1929 Bequeaths to the United Methodist Church at Les Landes, St Martin £50 15/Jul/1932 D/Y/A/93/56
Mollet Joseph of St Helier 09/10/1792 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £12 of the order of the King 24/Nov/1798 D/Y/A/15/178
Mollet Lydia Florence nee Baal, widow of Alfred Philip Mollet, of Mayfield Cottage, Trinity 17/Mar/1959 10/Jun/1964 D/Y/B1/80/7
Mollet Marguerite St Helier 14/Nov/1905 21/Nov/1905 D/Y/A/64/105
Mollet Mary Jane of 66, Don Road, St Helier 23/Nov/1956 24/Feb/1959 D/Y/B1/53/14
Mollet Michel ... 21/Aug/1741 26/Dec/1741 D/Y/A/7/50
Mollet Percy Hubert Green Court, Green Street, Jersey, temporarily residing, due to the Occupation, at Morningside, Monkmore Road, Shrewsbury, Salop 19/08/1940 Includes Act of Probate dated 29/Jun/1944 15/Mar/1946 D/Y/A/115/91
Mollet Philip John of Clairval, Mont Pinel, St Helier 10/Nov/1976 6/Dec/1979 D/Y/B1/311/7
Mollet Philippe Alfred St Martin 22/Nov/1902 14/Aug/1918 D/Y/A/78/57
Mollet Philippe Joseph of St Helier 07/02/1852 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 2s 29/May/1855 D/Y/A/28/120
Mollet Ralph son of John, of St Helier 21/Oct/1933 23/Sep/1961 D/Y/B1/65/64
Mollet Richard of St Martin 08/09/1845 Desires to be buried in St Martin's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Martin, 10s 16/Nov/1849 D/Y/A/27/51
Mollet Touzel of 746, Highland Street, Hamilton, Massachusetts 23/Jul/1965 23/Jul/1965 D/Y/B1/88/44
Molloy Edward of 1 Waverley Terrace, St Saviour 10/Dec/1920 17/Jan/1928 D/Y/A/88/10
Molony Frederick Arthur 13 West Cliff Terrace, Ramsgate 1/Oct/1913 30/Jan/1937 D/Y/A/100/30
Monami Marie widow of Pierre Jennes 4/Mar/1745 22/Mar/1746 D/Y/A/8/1
Monamy Ann Elizabeth of St Helier, widow of John Hardeley 17/Oct/1866 15/Dec/1898 D/Y/A/57/98
Monamy Caroline St Helier, widow Stone 17/Mar/1906 19/Mar/1908 D/Y/A/67/37
Monamy Elizabeth of St Clement, now of St Helier 16/11/1784 Bequeaths to the poor of St Clement, £2 tournois of the order of the King 30/May/1785 D/Y/A/13/120
Monamy George Albert of Sandybrook Hospital, Grouville Annexe, Grouville 20/Sep/1976 20/Sep/1976 D/Y/B1/246/37
Monamy Jacques ... 2/Oct/1732 10/Oct/1732 D/Y/A/6/77
Monamy Jaque ... 10/Aug/1755 12/Jun/1756 D/Y/A/9/23
Monamy Jean ... 21/Jun/1740 6/Aug/1740 D/Y/A/7/28
Monamy Jean son of Jacques of St Clement 13/Dec/1747 2/May/1748 D/Y/A/8/26
Monamy John George 78 Kew Street, St Helier 13/Nov/1935 30/Dec/1935 D/Y/A/98/54
Monamy John George of 34, The Cedars, Green Street, St Helier 1/Mar/1977 1/Mar/1977 D/Y/B1/254/13
Monamy Mary St John, widow of Charles Mauger 26/Jun/1906 9/Mar/1907 D/Y/A/66/30
Monamy Percy Walter of Capri, La Moye, St Brelade 8/Jun/1966 7/Dec/1971 D/Y/B1/167/49
Monamy Sara 10/02/1712 D/Y/A/4/89 Jean Leigh 13/Nov/1710 24/Feb/1711 D/Y/A/4/88
Monamy Thomas of St Helier 20/12/1871 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier £5 Desires to be buried in Almorah Cemetery 5/Apr/1873 D/Y/A/37/19
Monck Jane Ellen of St Helier, now of St Peter, widow of Francois Gaudin 28/Jan/1876 22/Mar/1876 D/Y/A/39/19
Monck Marie Marguerite of St Helier, widow of Philippe Perchard 02/05/1847 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £1 30/Jan/1850 D/Y/A/27/61
Monckto Cecil Charles Fisk n 21/Feb/1956 D/Y/B1/34/31
Monckton Cecil Charles Fisk of Portelet Cottage, St Brelade 3/Aug/1948 14/May/1954 D/Y/B1/24/48
Monckton William Henry of Rosemount, St Helier 02/09/1896 Bequeaths to his eldest son a jug and two cups presented to his father by the West York Rifles and a book called "The Deanery of Doncaster" 27/Mar/1900 D/Y/A/59/46
Mond Frank Courtney of 38, Montrose Avenue, Slough Berkshire 6/May/1977 22/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/271/7
Mondon Florent Champsy of Anse Bougainville, Mahe, Seychelles 31/Dec/1970 21/Jun/1973 D/Y/B1/192/7
Monet Charles ... 20/Sep/1884 8/Sep/1896 D/Y/A/55/75
Monet Charles William 3 Victoria Villas, Victoria Street, St Helier 22/10/1941 If there should be an unexpended balance in his small red covered book called "God's Portion of Money" this balance shall be distributed to the needy by his executor Bequeaths to the Missionary Fund represented by the editors of the Echos of Service £10; to Mullers Homes, Bristol £10 11/Mar/1942 D/Y/A/109/61
Monet Elias Edwin otherwise Elias Charles Monet including a will containing no valid testamentary dispositions 16/Jun/1916 9/Feb/1963 D/Y/B1/72/44
Monet Jessie Annie widow of Stephen Lewis Bull, of 2, Belmont Gardens, Belmont Road, St Helier 20/May/1950 8/Mar/1973 D/Y/B1/187/13
Monet Mary Jane Resthaven, St Saviours Road 30/Apr/1943 1/Mar/1946 D/Y/A/115/70
Mongeot Marcel Kienne de of No 94, Rue du General Giraud, Rouen 76, France 21/Sep/1978 21/Sep/1978 D/Y/B1/286/20
Mongommery Louise de Marquise des Biards, refugee in Jersey because of the protestant religion 7/May/1730 26/Aug/1732 D/Y/A/6/76
Monk Kathleen Maud nee Corfield, widow of George Frederick Monk, of the Cottage, La Longue Rue, St Martin 27/Oct/1955 25/Nov/1958 D/Y/B1/51/36
Monk Stella Muriel widow of Cyril Llewellyn Courtney Hawtin, of Chateau des Roches, St Brelade's Bay, St Brelade 31/Dec/1962 24/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/150/8
Monk Winifred Edith widow of Edward George Tritton, of Sandybrook, St Peter and formerly of Flat 1, 7A, Don Street, St Helier 28/Sep/1965 30/Sep/1976 D/Y/B1/247/19
Monks Carl Victor -Hooper, of Fauvic Tower, Fauvic, Grouville 31/Dec/1960 10/Jun/1965 D/Y/B1/87/31
Monnamy Jean Desires to be buried in St Clements Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Clement, 62 livres of old French currency 25/Oct/1837 D/Y/A/24/33
Monnamy Jean son of Jean son of Francois, of St Clement 25/10/1804 Desires to be buried in St Clement's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Clement, £2 tournois of the order of the King 19/Jan/1805 D/Y/A/16/129
Monro Alexandra Rae widow of Francis Barker Cassie, of Haut de la Vallee, St Martin and formerly of 346, Great Western Road, Aberdeen, Scotland 22/Mar/1976 4/Nov/1977 D/Y/B1/268/18
Montagu George Edward , late captain 9/Oct/1878 21/Jun/1879 D/Y/A/40/120
Montagu James Drogo of 12, Elizabeth Place, St Helier, retired colonial officer 17/Jun/1958 8/Aug/1958 D/Y/B1/49/58
Montanaro Gerald Charles Stokes of No 142, Marsham Court, Marsham Street, London and formerly of No 10, Empire House, Thurloe Place, London 19/Dec/1978 22/Aug/1979 D/Y/B1/305/25
Montays Andre Le son of Andre, of St Ouen 20/01/1789 Desires to be buried in St Ouen's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen, £40 tournois of the order of the King 13/Sep/1794 D/Y/A/15/73
Montays Judith Le of St Helier 18/08/1850 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 120 francs 12/Feb/1855 D/Y/A/28/98
Montays Marie Le of St Ouen 22/10/1860 Bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen, 5s 13/Dec/1860 D/Y/A/30/85
Monteith John Dunamana, Tyrone, Presbyterian Minister 07/06/1888 Also Papers relating to the appointment of Mrs Monteith as executrix of the 9/Feb/1895 D/Y/A/54/10
Montgomerie Archibald 54 Swanston Street, Hobart, Tasmania 10/Apr/1924 9/May/1931 D/Y/A/91/92
Montgomery Alexander John Berengayd, St Saviours Road, St Helier Retired Colonel in his Majesty's Army 28/Sep/1939 16/Jan/1942 D/Y/A/109/8
Montgomery Maria of Ireland, now of St Helier, widow of Edward Clowe 12/Jan/1899 30/Jan/1899 D/Y/A/58/8
Montgomery Mary Anne Beresford Belmont Lodge, St Helier 31/Mar/1892 1/Aug/1907 D/Y/A/66/83
Monti Charles Denne of Canterbury, county of Kent, now of St Helier, : 1/Jun/1885 17/Aug/1885 D/Y/A/45/13
Montier Pierre Jean ... 3/May/1732 27/Jun/1732 D/Y/A/6/73
Montmorency Geraldine Dora de 18 Midvale Road, St Helier, spinster 10/09/1920 Bequeaths to Evelyn de Montmorency the property 18 Midvale Road, St Helier 1/Mar/1926 D/Y/A/86/35
Montmorency Henrietta Kathleen de widow of George Edward Mauger, of St Clair, Mont Cochon, St Helier 28/Jun/1957 14/Jan/1959 D/Y/B1/52/26
Moo Rhona r 2/Jan/1975 D/Y/B1/216/4
Moody Albert James of 7, Bellozanne Road, St Helier 27/Jul/1960 14/Jan/1964 D/Y/B1/77/40
Moody Amelia Sarah nee Jeune, widow of Thomas Walter George Moody, of 32, St Mark's Road, St Helier 12/Mar/1959 8/Jul/1961 D/Y/B1/64/86
Moody Clarence Walter of 2, Pomona Lane, St Helier 6/Mar/1954 16/Aug/1965 D/Y/B1/89/15
Moody Doris May wife of Francis Charles Le Brun, of 82, Stopford Road, St Saviour 6/Apr/1965 6/Apr/1965 D/Y/B1/85/43
Moody Edith Sarah widow of Philip Henry Poingdestre, of 11, Wesley Street, St Helier 23/Feb/1971 23/Feb/1971 D/Y/B1/155/47
Moody Edith Winifred widow of Herbert Albert Oldridge, of Greenwood Nursing Home, La Rocque, St Clement 6/Aug/1971 6/Aug/1971 D/Y/B1/162/46
Moody Edna May Roborough of Hetherington, Georgetown Park Estate, St Clement 15/Jun/1966 14/Aug/1967 D/Y/B1/110/35
Moody George Augustus of Hetherington, Georgetown Park Estate, St Clement 5/Aug/1974 13/Jul/1977 D/Y/B1/261/35
Moody George William of 3, Pomona Lane, St Helier 3/Jul/1948 14/Mar/1961 D/Y/B1/63/53
Moody Mabel Hannah nee Fox, widow of Edwin Samuel Moody, of 16, Great Union Road, St Helier 12/Feb/1940 4/May/1955 D/Y/B1/30/9
Moody Mabel Violet widow of Clarence Winter Egre, of No 6, Longueville Road, St Saviour 23/Feb/1978 23/Feb/1978 D/Y/B1/274/17
Moody Rita Marie widow of Frederick John Lock, of 82, Stopford Road, St Helier 18/Feb/1965 29/Nov/1973 D/Y/B1/198/26
Moody Thomas Walter George 22 New St Johns Road, St Helier 7/Feb/1914 23/Oct/1925 D/Y/A/98/26
Moon Albert Henry 13 Charles Street, St Helier 12/Jun/1929 2/Jul/1932 D/Y/A/93/40
Moon Archie Boyles School House, Rogerstone, Monmouth 11/Oct/1941 24/Mar/1948 D/Y/A/119/62
Moon Betty wife of Robin Henry Love, of 1, Ednor Villas, Greve d'Azette, St Clement 6/Dec/1974 6/Dec/1974 D/Y/B1/215/13
Moon Charles McArthur of St Aubin, late of the Royal Navy 30/Apr/1894 4/Jul/1896 D/Y/A/55/59
Moon Keith John of Flat 12, No 9, Curzon Street, London 18/Sep/1979 18/Sep/1979 D/Y/B1/306/20
Moon Leonard George Trinity Manor Farm, Trinity 3/Apr/1946 D/Y/A/115/113
Moon Lilian Beatrice widow of Maurice James Higgens and of John Thomas Ferguson, of 1, Bel Royal Villas, St Lawrence 12/Apr/1965 23/Apr/1975 D/Y/B1/221/32
Moon Robert Key Jeffery also known as Roberto Key Jeffery Moon, of La Union, Calle Caupolican, Province of Valdivia, Chile 24/Apr/1961 22/Jun/1967 D/Y/B1/109/22
Mooney Joseph of 24, Dorset Street, St Helier and formerly of Acton Burnell, Mont a L'Abbe, St Helier 16/Oct/1963 1/Oct/1968 D/Y/B1/124/37
Moor Frank 60 Kensington Place, St Helier 20/Jun/1936 23/Jun/1937 D/Y/A/100/124
Moor Rhona of Le Rocher, Rue de Mont Pellier, Trinity and formerly of St Helier 11/Jun/1947 4/Mar/1971 D/Y/B1/156/19
Moore Ann of Bideford, now of Jersey 21/07/1861 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 18d 24/Aug/1861 D/Y/A/30/121
Moore Ann Elizabeth of 3, Hamilton Villas, Almorah Road, St Helier, spinster 27/06/1892 Bequeaths to John Hamilton Moore a watercolour by James Draper 14/Feb/1901 D/Y/A/60/10
Moore Annie Jane Bute Cottage, Beaumont 11/Jan/1932 12/Dec/1935 D/Y/A/98/48
Moore Annie Myria nee Beer, widow of Norman McLaren Moore, of Belhaven, 38, Cleveland Road, St Helier 19/Jul/1957 14/Jun/1963 D/Y/B1/74/52
Moore Arthur Alexander sometimes known as Arthur Richard Law, of 18, Hillside Drive, Bishopbriggs, Lanarkshire, Scotland 2/Jan/1967 22/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/149/50
Moore Basil Oates of PO Box 24729, Nairobi, Kenya 17/Mar/1970 21/Apr/1975 D/Y/B1/221/20
Moore Charles Frederick Carre of 65, Briarwood Road, Clapham Park, London 21/Sep/1970 21/Jul/1976 D/Y/B1/243/32
Moore Dorothy Muriel wife of Arnold Wood, of Charmaine, Maufant, St Saviour 16/Oct/1974 16/Oct/1974 D/Y/B1/212/39
Moore Edward Lionel of Morvah, Portloe, Cornwall and formerly of Socony Vacuum Oil Company of Venezuela Apartado 246, Caracas, Venezuela 16/Jul/1956 21/Aug/1969 D/Y/B1/135/29
Moore Eleanore/Eleonore Julie of 60, Colomberie, St Helier : 14/Mar/1885 22/Sep/1885 D/Y/A/45/20
Moore Eva May wife of Vaclav Karal Faborsky, of Choisy Hotel, Grange, St Peter Port, Guernsey 13/Jul/1970 13/Jul/1970 D/Y/B1/147/29
Moore Frances Marie care of National Westminster Bank Limited, PO Box 6, 32, Cornmarket Street, Oxford 22/Mar/1973 26/Nov/1973 D/Y/B1/198/11
Moore George ... 23/Aug/1843 11/Mar/1851 D/Y/A/27/115
Moore Henry Thomas Church House, Mont Cochon 28/Oct/1940 8/Jul/1942 D/Y/A/109/133
Moore Horace David of St Jacut, Les Six Boules, St Ouen 4/Apr/1973 14/Jun/1974 D/Y/B1/206/43
Moore John Phillips 20 The Parade, St Helier 14/05/1937 Bequeaths the property 26 Apsley Road, St Helier to Donald Price 24/Jan/1940 D/Y/A/106/25
Moore John William of Winfield, Clos de St Clement, St Peter 27/Mar/1950 14/Nov/1959 D/Y/B1/56/66
Moore Jospeh Schroder of the Middle Temple, London, Barrister at Law 24/Sep/1879 4/Jun/1881 D/Y/A/41/110
Moore Kathleen Emily widow of Charles Walter Scott and wife of Andrew Muir, of Darvel, Greve d'Azette, St Clement 16/Sep/1971 16/Sep/1971 D/Y/B1/164/19
Moore Lionel Hall of Shangri-La, Rue Jutize, Grouville 3/Jan/1968 7/Oct/1974 D/Y/B1/212/17
Moore Louisa Anne Fletcher of The Limes, Green Street, St Helier and formerly of Montrose, St Martin 17/Dec/1968 9/Dec/1969 D/Y/B1/139/35
Moore Mary Kathleen of St Augustine's Home, New St John's Road, St Helier 21/Jun/1961 16/Jul/1975 D/Y/B1/225/20
Moore Maurice of 31, Rav Kook Street, Bnei Brak, Israel and formerly of 8, Ben-Maimon Street, Bnei Brak, Israel 18/Nov/1969 29/Jun/1971 D/Y/B1/161/3
Moore Minna widow of Sylvanus Nicol, of Manor Barn, Ratton Village, Eastbourne, Sussex 27/Jan/1964 5/Jan/1968 D/Y/B1/115/7
Moore Myrtle Emma widow of John Peter Cameron, of Bon Air Nursing Home, St Saviour 19/Jun/1965 1/Oct/1973 D/Y/B1/195/36
Moore Nellie Francis widow of Laurence Beaumont Chamberlain, of 2, White Croft, Central Avenue, Salisbury, Rhodesia 23/Oct/1968 22/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/150/1
Moore Nora widow of Stanley Victor Alderton, of Flat 1, Wellington Court, Wellington Road, St Saviour 15/Jan/1965 28/May/1969 D/Y/B1/132/47
Moore Norman McLaren of the Crown Hotel, Wimborne, Dorset 1/Jun/1955 8/Jun/1957 D/Y/B1/42/25
Moore Owen Thomas of Hughenden Villas, 3, North Street, Charminster, Dorchester, Dorset 9/Sep/1954 11/Aug/1970 D/Y/B1/148/33
Moore Rhoda Elizabeth wife of John Vautier and formerly wife of Charles Le Sueur, of 84, Great Union Road, St Helier 4/Oct/1967 4/Oct/1967 D/Y/B1/112/8
Moore Richard Humphrey Boscawen of Caravelle House, Buteko Avenue, Ndola, Zambia and formerly of Chadfield, Barnt Green, Worcestershire 2/Apr/1962 20/May/1968 D/Y/B1/120/23
Moore Sidney of Baxter's Mill, St Saviour 5/May/1953 9/Jul/1954 D/Y/B1/25/39
Moore Thomas Herbert son of Francis Cowan, of St Clement 15/Sep/1933 2/Jan/1964 D/Y/B1/77/26
Moore William of 348, Limpsfield Road, Sanderstead, estate agent 23/Feb/1949 2/Jun/1954 D/Y/B1/25/11
Moore William of St Helier 18/Aug/1856 19/Sep/1862 D/Y/A/31/37
Moore William Melhuish of Thornhill House, Stalbridge, Dorset and formerly of 92, Hillway, London 9/Oct/1965 25/Feb/1970 D/Y/B1/142/35
Moores Nigel Farrand of 2, Links Court, Grouville 17/Feb/1975 14/Jul/1977 D/Y/B1/262/3
Moorhead John Henry of Nantai, Tower Road, St Helier, former Medical Practitioner at Foochow, China 18/Jan/1946 22/Mar/1955 D/Y/B1/29/11
Moorhead Patricia Audrey Mary divorced wife of William Armstrong, of No 11, Ormiston Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland 28/Jan/1976 10/Nov/1978 D/Y/B1/289/14
Moorma Maude Mary n 5/Mar/1959 D/Y/B1/53/30
Moorman Clara Youlton of St Helier 18/Jan/1952 19/Sep/1952 D/Y/B1/15/51
Moorman Francis of Cassis, Augres, St Helier 5/Mar/1954 30/Oct/1958 D/Y/B1/51/9
Moorman Jane Youlton wife of Herbert Charles Hunkin, of Le Caprice, Bagatelle Road, St Saviour 16/Feb/1953 18/Sep/1967 D/Y/B1/111/41
Moorman Matilda Sophia St Helier, widow of Francis John MacKenzie 24/Apr/1914 25/Jan/1926 D/Y/A/86/16
Moorman Maude Mary of The Priory, 2, Hampton Place, Royal Parade, St Helier 22/Apr/1953 27/Feb/1957 D/Y/B1/40/43
Morallee Raymond of Shirley Guest House, 18, Duhamel Place, St Helier 11/Nov/1977 10/Nov/1977 D/Y/B1/268/39
Moran John Andrew of La Cotte Cottage, Route Orange, St Brelade 12/Jun/1978 12/Jun/1978 D/Y/B1/281/2
Morant Louise nee Messervy 08/11/1759 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor, £20 of the order of the King 16/Feb/1782 D/Y/A/13/52
Morcel Amelia Lydia nee Chaperon, of 2, Apsley Villas, St Saviour 8/Aug/1929 3/May/1955 D/Y/B1/30/6
Morcel John Eugene of Ellendale, Grouville 20/Apr/1978 26/Jul/1978 D/Y/B1/283/14
Morck Bertha widow of Julius Guthmann, of 33, Page Street, Mill Hill, London 26/Jan/1965 24/Nov/1970 D/Y/B1/152/18
Morcombe Fred Granville of Dobson Farm, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire and formerly of Sea View, Westmount Road 27/Mar/1945 25/Mar/1960 D/Y/B1/58/64
Mordaunt Nigel John of Elsenham Place, Elsenham, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire 31/Mar/1978 25/Feb/1980 D/Y/B1/316/17
More Emily Margaret 5 Lucknow Place, St Lukes 27 Augut 1921 Bequeaths to the Cancer Hospital, London £100; to the Home for Aged and Infirm Women £25 15/Jan/1923 D/Y/A/83/13
More James Carmichael retired Lieutenant-Colonel, of 7, Raleigh Avenue, St Helier 9/Dec/1946 23/Jan/1960 D/Y/B1/57/48
Morecroft Joseph -Davies, of 54, Arbutus Drive, Coombe Dingle, Bristol 10/Aug/1972 20/Sep/1973 D/Y/B1/195/15
Morel Arthur James of Denehurst, Millbrook 30/Apr/1952 23/Mar/1964 D/Y/B1/78/54
Morel Elizabeth widow of Jean de la Perrelle 8/Apr/1907 28/Dec/1908 D/Y/A/67/113
Morel Emily Rachel of Stuart Villa, Millbrook, St Lawrence 31/Aug/1949 15/Apr/1954 D/Y/B1/24/17
Morel Francois Marie ... 6/Aug/1910 21/Jun/1924 D/Y/A/84/82
Morel Francoise Elizabeth daughter of Louise Morel of St Helier 16/12/1778 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £2 sterling, to Susanne, Marie Anne, Elizabeth, and Madelaine Morel, £50 each in stock of 3% consoli annuities in England - makes further bequests of stock 2/Aug/1783 D/Y/A/13/90
Morel Ida nee Malzard, La Fantaisie, Millbrook, St Lawrence 10/May/1932 14/May/1936 D/Y/A/99/12
Morel Jeanne Marie widow of Alexandre Francois Cotillard of Penarth House, St Peter 15/Nov/1945 19/Jan/1951 D/Y/B1/7/75
Morel Jessie Louise 1 Stuart Villas, St St Lawrence, temporarily residing at 31 The Walk, Cardiff 15/Mar/1930 7/Apr/1930 D/Y/A/90/60
Morel John Edward 2 Stuart Villas, Millbrook 17/Jun/1897 17/Jul/1924 D/Y/A/84/92
Morel Joseph Marie of Oaklands, St Mary 14/Feb/1959 30/Jan/1967 D/Y/B1/104/45
Morel Louis ... 8/Mar/1723 24/May/1723 D/Y/A/5/87
Morel Magdelaine ... 25/Jan/1738 18/Feb/1755 D/Y/A/9/4
Morel Thomas of St Lawrence 31/08/1784 Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence, £10 tournois of the order of the King 17/Sep/1814 D/Y/A/18/122
Morel Thomas Ernest of Bowness, Avenue du Petit Mont, St Helier 19/Oct/1972 23/Aug/1976 D/Y/B1/245/28
Morell Anne ... 31/Jan/1696 10/Feb/1699 D/Y/A/2/84
Morell Eugene Marie of Leoville, St Ouen 9/Mar/1920 20/Dec/1955 D/Y/B1/33/28
Moreton Derek Avenel Henley of 39, Church Avenue, Pinner, Middlesex 14/Dec/1966 7/Jul/1967 D/Y/B1/109/46
Morewood Millais Herbert Mountain, Arden Lodge, Trinity 18/Sep/1925 17/Sep/1940 D/Y/A/107/44
Morgan Brette 2 Fernleigh Villas, Gorey Village 3/10/1931 Bequeaths the property 2 Fernleigh Villas to Kathleen King 3/Mar/1939 D/Y/A/104/56
Morgan Derrick Robert of Camara, Les Ruisseaux Estate, St Brelade and formerly of Blue Water View, Rue de la Blanche Pierre, St Lawrence 22/Nov/1973 15/Sep/1977 D/Y/B1/265/44
Morgan Donald Eryx Whitworth of Chestnuts, Park Hill, Wheatley, Oxfordshire 18/Apr/1969 29/Apr/1970 D/Y/B1/144/44
Morgan Elsie Florence widow of William John Treseder Treseder-Griffin, of Trinity Grange, Trinity 16/Mar/1966 19/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/270/44
Morgan Florence Eileen Hungerford widow of Archibald Francis Hamilton, of 2, Springvale, Mont les Vaux, St Aubin, St Brelade and formerly of Hillside, Mont a la Brune, St Brelade 7/Sep/1965 28/Oct/1977 D/Y/B1/267/40
Morgan Francis Frederick John Morse of 2, Halberton, West Park Avenue, St Helier 8/Mar/1950 28/Feb/1958 D/Y/B1/46/61
Morgan Frank Irwin coffee planter 16/02/1939 Not relating to any real estate in Jersey 21/Mar/1947 D/Y/A/117/81
Morgan Harriet Cole nee Safford of 10 Royal Crescent, St Helier, widow of Edward Morgan 7/Aug/1878 19/Oct/1886 D/Y/A/46/37
Morgan Herbert Charles of Anne Marie, St Martin 23/Mar/1960 14/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/149/30
Morgan Hugh Llewelyn of 28, Millais Park, St Helier 15/Dec/1967 11/Apr/1968 D/Y/B1/118/49
Morgan James Sharrer Hungerford of Les Poidevins, St Andrew, Guernsey 17/Jun/1958 10/Nov/1959 D/Y/B1/56/62
Morgan James Thomas Mercara, Coorg, India, now residing at Clairmont, St Lawrence Excludes real estate situated in Jersey 22/Feb/1932 D/Y/A/92/89
Morgan James Walwyn Gynlais of Belle Vue, L'Etacq, St Ouen 25/May/1967 7/Jan/1972 D/Y/B1/169/9
Morgan Muriel Hopkins wife of Frederick Harold Walker, of Homeside, The Warren, Ashtead, Surrey 23/May/1968 8/Aug/1974 D/Y/B1/209/20
Morgan Nora of Uplands, St Martin and formerly of Swimbridge, Devon 20/Nov/1962 18/Sep/1975 D/Y/B1/228/40
Morgan Sarah Ann of 9, St Matthews Gardens, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex and formerly of 107, London Road, St Leonards on Sea 3/Oct/1972 17/Jul/1980 D/Y/B1/326/45
Morgan Susan Florence nee White, 4 Balmoral Terrace, Trinity Hill, St Helier, widow 17/Nov/1938 18/Apr/1941 D/Y/A/108/13
Morgan Thomas Bryan of No 34, Manor Park Way, Lepton, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire 26/Jan/1973 5/Apr/1979 D/Y/B1/297/33
Moriarty Annie of 14, Midleton Park, Cobh, Cork 15/Sep/1939 22/Jan/1965 D/Y/B1/83/41
Morice Emily Jane Lismore, St Helier Bequeaths the property Lismore to Douglas Grosvenor Morice 24/Apr/1940 D/Y/A/106/99
Morice Jeanne Berthe Marie widow of John Francis Le Riche, of 5, Marett Road, Havre des Pas, St Helier 16/Dec/1964 26/Oct/1967 D/Y/B1/113/5
Morice Thomas Ensign in the Company of Invalids in Jersey 24/Dec/1768 11/Feb/1769 D/Y/A/11/121
Morin Albert Yves of St Saviour's Hospital, St Saviour 30/Jan/1974 30/Jan/1974 D/Y/B1/200/27
Morin Christine Florence wife of John Henry Moignard, of Orama, First Tower, St Helier 25/Jun/1974 25/Jun/1974 D/Y/B1/207/15
Morin Edward Peter Francis of Sanspray, 30, Seafield Avenue, Millbrook, St Helier and formerly of 21, Hill Street, St Helier 27/Aug/1952 24/Jan/1974 D/Y/B1/200/15
Morin Francis of Le Rondin Farm, St Mary 21/Nov/1949 19/Jan/1955 D/Y/B1/28/14
Morin Francois Louis Pied du Cotil, Bellozanne, St Helier 5/Nov/1927 23/Aug/1940 D/Y/A/107/30
Morin Francois Louis Marie of 2, Apsley Villas, Five Oaks, St Saviour 4/Jan/1972 4/Jan/1972 D/Y/B1/169/2
Morin Germaine Louise widow of Robert Henry Coutanche, of No 4, Clos du Paradis, Almorah, St Helier 15/Sep/1978 15/Sep/1978 D/Y/B1/286/2
Morin Louis Marie of Le Rondin Cottage, St John 12/Mar/1971 22/Sep/1976 D/Y/B1/246/47
Morin Pierre Marie ... 8/Apr/1916 19/Jan/1934 D/Y/A/95/95
Morin Rene Alfred of Chestnut Lea Cottage, Mont a L'Abbe, St Helier 9/Jun/1971 9/Jun/1971 D/Y/B1/160/14
Morin Rose Marie Vingtaine des Augres, Trinity, widow 20/Dec/1924 12/Apr/1926 D/Y/A/86/53
Morin Rose Marie ... 3/Jan/1891 7/May/1921 D/Y/A/81/63
Morison Stanley Arthur of Flat 9, 2, Whitehall Court, London 21/Jun/1967 4/Nov/1968 D/Y/B1/125/49
Morisson Josue of St Helier 25/03/1779 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £8 tournois of the order of the King 6/Aug/1791 D/Y/A/15/12
Morlaix Jacques Julien Francois of Rennes, Ille et Vilaine, Brittany, France, now of St Helier, Pastor of the French Chapel St Thomas, St Helier and Dean of St Anne des Iles 14/Oct/1867 23/Oct/1867 D/Y/A/33/123
Morland Evelyn wife of William Stanley James, of Villa Camellia, Rue des Murs, St Lawrence 5/Feb/1971 8/Oct/1971 D/Y/B1/165/19
Morley Charles Thomas of Cri de la Mer, Parcq de l'Oeillere, La Pulente, St Brelade 27/Nov/1967 25/Sep/1972 D/Y/B1/180/34
Morley James Alfred of The Rest, Mont les Vaux, St Aubin, St Brelade 11/Jun/1957 12/Jul/1971 D/Y/B1/161/30
Morley James Haddon of La Maison de la Valette, Trinity 3/Feb/1977 3/Feb/1977 D/Y/B1/253/10
Morley Margaret Jane nee Leech, wife of Herbert William Morley, of Mafeking, Saville Street, St Helier 23/Jun/1934 26/Sep/1952 D/Y/B1/15/54
Morley Maria Louisa widow of Arthur Morley, of La Hauteur, St Brelade 15/Jul/1953 6/Apr/1964 D/Y/B1/79/3
Morley Sara Elizabeth Le Hauteur, St Brelade 19/May/1941 30/Apr/1943 D/Y/A/110/129
Morley William John of 4, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 26/Apr/1934 4/Jul/1951 D/Y/B1/10/40
Morley Winifred widow of Walter Scott Humphry, of No 16, Victory Drive, Forest Town, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, formerly of Jasmine Cottage, Leeming Park, Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire 11/Mar/1977 27/Jul/1978 D/Y/B1/283/23
Moroner Ellen Emily 26 The Vicarage, Gorey, widow of John Bailey 18/Jan/1904 25/Feb/1904 D/Y/A/63/9
Morrell Anne of St Helier, widow of Constant Pierre Sabot 22/Dec/1893 21/Feb/1894 D/Y/A/53/28
Morris Adolph John of White Wings, 1, The Close, Rue de Craslin, Beaumont, St Peter 27/Aug/1974 19/Jul/1976 D/Y/B1/243/24
Morris Arthur Oliver Philip of Rock View, Pontac, St Clement 18/Sep/1942 1/Jun/1959 D/Y/B1/55/6
Morris Catherine Joynt widow of James Walwyn Gynlais Morgan, of Belle Vue, L'Etacq, St Ouen 25/May/1967 6/Feb/1973 D/Y/B1/186/2
Morris Francis John of 19, Great Union Road, St Helier 12/Sep/1953 29/Nov/1961 D/Y/B1/66/59
Morris Frederick Sutherland otherwise known as Fred Sutherland Morris, of 24, Mont-es-Croix, La Moye, St Brelade and formerly of Windways, Route des Genets, St Brelade 27/Aug/1969 28/Nov/1973 D/Y/B1/198/16
Morris George Sydney Monksfield who bequeaths to Joanne Dorothy Wood a 8 Car, Bicycle, Zeiss and Agfa Cameras, Fada Wireless, fountain pen, silver pencils, £25 and a silver cigarette case Also bequeaths the rest of his estate to his wife, Olive Monksfield 9/Jun/1945 2/Feb/1949 D/Y/B1/1/20
Morris Harold Sydney of 47, Colomberie, St Helier 20/May/1970 20/May/1970 D/Y/B1/145/38
Morris Harry 55 Bath Street, St Helier 12/01/1925 Endows a bed in the Childrens Ward, Jersey Hospital in memory of Mark Le Cornu Morris 3/May/1939 D/Y/A/104/111
Morris Herbert William Nowell of Carrigohu, Cuskinny Bay, Cork 8/Nov/1957 28/Sep/1959 D/Y/B1/56/28
Morris Jane of 7, Journeaux Street, St Helier, spinster 30/Jan/1893 25/Mar/1893 D/Y/A/52/26
Morris John Bertram of Rock View, Pontac 13/Jul/1966 13/Jul/1966 D/Y/B1/99/19
Morris John Le Cornu HMS Jersey, Lieutenant of the Royal Navy 30/Aug/1939 28/Feb/1940 D/Y/A/106/48
Morris Joseph Rockston, La Rocque, Grouville and of Stopford Road, St Saviour 27/11/1909 Bequeaths to Harry Morris a house at the corner of St Saviour's Road and Stopford Road, St Saviour 2/Feb/1915 D/Y/A/74/14
Morris Keith Edward of Thumrait, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman and formerly of No 128, Babington Road, London 1/Sep/1975 28/Mar/1979 D/Y/B1/297/2
Morris Madeleine of Broughton Street, Campbelltown, New South Wales 23/Jul/1954 12/May/1962 D/Y/B1/69/24
Morris Mary Ann of St Helier, widow 03/02/1857 Bequeaths to the local committee of the Society of St Vincent de Paul, £5 10/Oct/1857 D/Y/A/29/47
Morris Mary Elizabeth Old Golf House, Grouville 2/Aug/1926 1/Mar/1927 D/Y/A/87/41
Morris Mildred widow of Samuel Kremner, of No 48, Appleby Lodge, Rusholme, Manchester 1/Dec/1976 4/Jul/1978 D/Y/B1/282/4
Morris Miriam wife of Harry Halliwell and formerly wife of Wilfred Taylor, of 4, Colomberie, St Helier 20/Nov/1967 20/Nov/1967 D/Y/B1/113/51
Morris Olwen widow of Cyril Vaughan Jones, of No 4, Calcot House, Plantation Drive, Crocoyceiliog, Cwbran, Gwent, Wales and formerly of Montresor Nurseries, Llantarnam, Gwent 25/Nov/1965 31/Oct/1979 D/Y/B1/308/17
Morris Richard Atley The Pembroke House Hotel, Grouville 8/09/1934 Transfers the business of pastry cook and confectioner, 268 Broad Street, Birmingham to George Alfred Morris Bequeaths to G A Morris 3 Cambrian Terrace, Holbeck, Leeds 5/Mar/1935 D/Y/A/97/33
Morris Teresa Quiberon, Fauvic, Grouville 14/10/1935 Bequeaths to Harry Morris the house known as Rockston, La Rocque, Grouville 19/Sep/1941 D/Y/A/108/83
Morris Walter Stanton of La Fontaine Hotel, Pontac Desires to be cremated Bequeaths to his daughter Vida Kathleen Watson, all articles of personal, domestic, or household use, or ornament belonging to him at his death 3/Jan/1948 9/Feb/1951 D/Y/B1/8/37
Morris Western George of St Helier 17/Apr/1895 27/Apr/1897 D/Y/A/56/38
Morrison Fernley Frederick of Fenholme, Langley Avenue, St Saviour 4/Feb/1972 19/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/202/40
Morrison George Powell Edwards Major 12/12/1872 C A 23/11/1881 Bequeaths to Annie Alexine Morrison all his share and interest in Closebury Estate, Mercora Coorg, East Indies 15/Feb/1882 D/Y/A/42/55
Morrison Isaac Hawkins Vice Admiral in Her Majesty's Navy 3/Jul/1858 1/Sep/1860 D/Y/A/30/65
Morrison John Douglas of the Grouville Hall Hotel, Grouville 31/Oct/1949 13/Apr/1961 D/Y/B1/63/78
Morrison Kathleen Muriel widow of James Law Adam, of Hallings, Rue des Landes, Archirondel, St Martin 7/Jul/1970 26/Oct/1973 D/Y/B1/196/36
Morrison Peter of Red Roofs, Dudsbury Avenue, Ferndown, Dorset 7/Apr/1972 13/Mar/1973 D/Y/B1/187/37
Morrison Reginald John of Ranish, Mont Cochon, St Helier 12/Nov/1964 13/Jan/1967 D/Y/B1/104/12
Morrison Robert Stobie of St Aubin and later of Haytor, Millbrook 12/Apr/1934 27/May/1952 D/Y/B1/14/46
Morrison Susan of Clarendon Road, St Helier, spinster 28/Sep/1855 9/Apr/1861 D/Y/A/30/109
Morrison William Crawford of Flat 10, Regency House, Regent Road, St Helier 25/Nov/1969 9/Mar/1970 D/Y/B1/143/11
Morrison William Leslie of Singamari, Park Estate, St Brelade 23/Feb/1963 14/Oct/1965 D/Y/B1/90/44
Morrisse David y 30/May/1960 26/Jul/1962 D/Y/B1/70/18
Morrissey Edward George of the Red Lion Hotel, 53, Halkett Place, St Helier, licensed victualler 22/Nov/1923 30/Dec/1952 D/Y/B1/17/13
Morrissey Edward Michael 1 Columbus Street, St Helier 15/Dec/1902 30/Oct/1933 D/Y/A/95/32
Morrissey Helena Alice nee Moyse, of The Exeter Hotel, 22 Queen Street, St Helier, widow 7/02/1935 Bequeaths to Edward George Morrissey the house, shop and garage at 1, Columbus Street and the garage or yard bordering by the east a private road leading to Dorset Street To Hilda Cecilia Morrissey the house 2 Stanley Villas, New St John's Road, with the land at the front and the rear To Edward George Morrissey and Hilda Cecilia Morrissey, a bungalow on Grouville Common : Bequeaths the garage bordering on a private road leading to Dorset Street to her daughter Hilda Cecilia 18/Feb/1948 D/Y/A/119/32
Morrissey Hilda Cecilia wife of Reginald Edgar Le Cocq, of 13, David Place, St Helier 14/Sep/1962 12/Nov/1965 D/Y/B1/91/36
Morrissey James Patrick of Flat 9, 115, Caroline Street, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia 1/Jun/1973 1/Jun/1973 D/Y/B1/191/16
Morrissey Michael of Co Waterford, Ireland, now of 20, Clarendon Road, St Helier 28/Jan/1892 15/Feb/1892 D/Y/A/51/21
Morrissey Michael of Co Waterford, Ireland, now of St Helier 16/04/1857 Bequeaths to the poor of the General hospital 5 shillings 16/May/1864 D/Y/A/32/27
Morrisson Marie of St Helier 01/09/1761 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £10 tournois of the order of the King 20/Jan/1779 D/Y/A/12/117
Morritt Edward of St Helier 29/May/1819 1/May/1820 D/Y/A/19/35
Morrow Cecil Frederick of Paradise Cottage, Horne, near Horley, Surrey 22/Apr/1965 2/Feb/1966 D/Y/B1/94/29
Morrow Hugh of 1, Poonah Lane, St Helier and formerly of 2, Poonah Lane, St Helier 29/May/1963 24/May/1973 D/Y/B1/190/55
Morse Daphne Margery Christine wife of Michael Wilfred Braithwaite, of Brook Cottage, Slaugham, Sussex 1/Apr/1966 28/Jan/1977 D/Y/B1/252/40
Mortell Maureen Philomena Mary divorced wife of David Charles Dowden and of James Cremin, of 4, Lempriere Street, St Helier 23/Oct/1980 23/Oct/1980 D/Y/B1/333/19
Mortiboys Sydney Arthur of 1, Mazoe, Clos de la Marquanderie, St Brelade 14/Feb/1966 24/Feb/1966 D/Y/B1/95/18
Mortimer Dorothy Margaret widow of Roland Henry Whippey, of Gracedieu, St Martin 29/Oct/1954 31/Dec/1976 D/Y/B1/251/19
Mortimer Frederick Charles Tandy of 696, Finchley Road, Golders Green, London 12/May/1961 21/Aug/1963 D/Y/B1/75/71
Mortimer Frederick William of Longueville Vineries, St Saviour 12/Jan/1934 13/Jan/1954 D/Y/B1/22/28
Mortimer Joshua Victoria House, Victoria Street, St Helier 9/02/1937 Bequeaths to Mabel Francis Hilton Inchcombe the business of stationary, paper, bags and accessories being carried on at 13 and 14 Market Arcade, Halkett Street, St Helier 2/Jun/1937 D/Y/A/100/109
Mortimer Mary Maxwell nee Anderson, Tryle Bois, Green Cliff, St Martin 4/Feb/1918 20/Mar/1918 D/Y/A/77/102
Mortlock Clifford of La Mouette, Chemin du Moulin, St Ouen 12/Feb/1974 25/Nov/1975 D/Y/B1/231/38
Mortlock Elsie wife of Alexander Hugh Ferguson, of Barra, 53, Elizabeth Avenue, St Brelade 20/Jun/1975 10/Jan/1977 D/Y/B1/251/28
Mortlock Robert Edward of 11, Clos des Pas, Green Street, St Helier 1/Apr/1975 1/Apr/1975 D/Y/B1/220/37
Morton Jessie formerly wife of Bernard Dominic Conroy Hargrave, of the Ommaroo Hotel, Havre des Pas, St Helier and formerly of Belmont, Mont au Pretre, St Helier 2/Apr/1970 2/Apr/1970 D/Y/B1/143/48
Morton Kathleen Isabel widow of Leonard Spiers, of Lolchorai Estate, PO Box 14, Njoro, Kenya 4/Mar/1977 25/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/319/14
Morton Robert Dickison of No 26, Adebisi Street, Yaba, Nigeria 1/Mar/1979 1/Mar/1979 D/Y/B1/295/24
Morton Theodore William of Trellian, Rue des Murs, St Lawrence 19/Sep/1974 12/Dec/1974 D/Y/B1/215/22
Morton Veronique Ethelyne or Ethlyn Veronica also known as Veronique Ethelyne or Ethlyn Veronica Le Feaux, of Cartref, Le Bourg, St Clement and formerly of 6, Kensington Place, St Helier 26/Oct/1976 28/May/1980 D/Y/B1/323/36
Morvan Angelina Lucienne widow of James Merton, of Sunset Lodge, Georgetown, St Saviour 4/Mar/1974 7/Oct/1976 D/Y/B1/247/30
Morvan Frances wife of Francis Garde, of 31?, Hilgrove Street, St Helier 18/Apr/1968 18/Apr/1968 D/Y/B1/119/10
Morvan Francis John of Mon Desir, Bel Royal 22/Sep/1961 30/Jan/1962 D/Y/B1/67/55
Morvan Louise Marie Francoise widow of William Henry Kinnard, of Orissa Cottage, Old St John's Road, St Helier 10/Jul/1979 15/Nov/1979 D/Y/B1/309/32
Morvan Marie Francoise of St John, widow of Jean Audrain 2/Apr/1891 10/Jun/1891 D/Y/A/50/46
Morvan William son of Guillaume Marie, of St Mary 31/Jul/1920 28/Apr/1964 D/Y/B1/79/31
Mosch Clementine Victorine du nee Ferre, of The Vicarage, Kingston St Michael, Chippenham, Wiltshire 21/Nov/1942 20/Dec/1952 D/Y/B1/17/5
Moseley Brian Leyland of Senang, Les Ruisseaux Estate, St Brelade and formerly of L'Hermitage Hotel, Beaumont, St Peter and The Murray House, Willow Run, near Stony Hill, St Andrew, Jamaica 7/Sep/1964 16/Mar/1970 D/Y/B1/143/24
Moseley Elizabeth Gaskill 10 Devon Avenue, Greve D'Azette 13/Jun/1941 9/Mar/1945 D/Y/A/113/88
Moseley Peter of Flat 2, 23, Havre des Pas, St Helier 26/Mar/1980 26/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/319/25
Mosely Scylla Ural also known as Lady Mosely, of Cape Province in the Union of South Africa, formerly of Park Chambers, Queens Gardens, Lancaster Gate, London 1/Dec/1952 25/Aug/1953 D/Y/B1/20/53
Moses Charles 2 Peel Villas, Cleveland Road, St Helier 24/Aug/1907 30/Sep/1911 D/Y/A/70/90
Moses Joseph Thomas of Hampshire, England, now of Gorey 3/Aug/1881 15/Nov/1881 D/Y/A/42/36
Moses William Ernest of 5, Temple Villas, Stopford Road, St Helier 3/Dec/1966 24/Jan/1977 D/Y/B1/252/22
Mosey James Harold of Castle of Comfort, Dodington, Bridgwater, Somerset 21/Feb/1979 8/Nov/1979 D/Y/B1/309/9
Moss Alice daughter of Thomas, of 1, Richelieu Villas, Bagot, St Saviour 5/Mar/1943 12/May/1952 D/Y/B1/14/32
Moss Bertha Ann widow of Frederick Charles Ashton, of the Grand Hotel, St Helier 21/Nov/1962 28/Feb/1972 D/Y/B1/171/14
Moss Dorothy Muriel wife of Eugene Baerselman, of La Casita, Mont Felard, St Lawrence and formerly of 77, Christchurch Road, Ringwood, Hampshire 29/Sep/1960 17/Feb/1972 D/Y/B1/170/57
Moss Esther Violet Dorothy widow of Arthur Edwin Macey, of 9, Devonshire Place, St Helier 29/Sep/1956 6/Nov/1975 D/Y/B1/230/43
Moss George 22 Regent Road 1/Jul/1895 12/Feb/1902 D/Y/A/61/13
Moss James of No 299, Jameson Avenue East, Eastlea, Salisbury, Rhodesia formerly of Kitwe in the Republic of Zambia 11/Nov/1968 11/Jan/1978 D/Y/B1/271/44
Moss John F ... 25/Aug/1883 28/Jul/1888 D/Y/A/47/55
Moss John Martin of 2, St Martin's Flats, St Martin 10/Sep/1968 10/Sep/1968 D/Y/B1/124/9
Moss Kenneth Bentham of 47, Kingscourt Road, London 6/Feb/1909 11/Mar/1976 D/Y/B1/236/33
Moss Lillie widow of Thomas Lunt, of 8, Maison d'Azette, Greve d'Azette, St Clement 25/Jul/1972 25/Jul/1972 D/Y/B1/177/49
Moss Louisa 33 Belmont Road, St Helier 3/Apr/1922 7/Jun/1922 D/Y/A/82/72
Moss Margary wife of Francis William Le Brocq, Pavilion Hotel, Greve de Lecq, St Ouen 22/Nov/1911 6/Mar/1912 D/Y/A/71/22
Moss Marion wife of Ernest Robert Taylor, of Glossop House, No 10, Old Forge Lane, Fauvic, Grouville and formerly of Hillside, North Road, Glossop, Derbyshire 13/Aug/1959 27/Feb/1979 D/Y/B1/295/10
Moss Marion wife of Ernest Robert Taylor 29/Jan/1980 29/Jan/1980 D/Y/B1/314/15
Moss Mary Ann Ann Moss, St Helier 26/03/1908 Bequeaths to Vauxhall Baptist Church £20 22/Apr/1908 D/Y/A/67/49
Moss Mary Elizabeth of Beauvoir, St Saviour 1/Dec/1972 22/Mar/1973 D/Y/B1/188/6
Moss Susan Havre des Pas, widow of William Croad 24/Nov/1908 11/May/1920 D/Y/A/80/64
Mosse Catherine Morden Stanley House, Havre des Pas, widow 6/11/1907 Desires to be buried in St Saviours Churchyard 15/Sep/1928 D/Y/A/88/142
Mosselmans Georgina Leonora divorced wife of Henry Barnard, Sholto Douglas, Bertier de Sauvigny and widow of William Arthur Horsley Beresford, of Prospect House, St Peter 21/Aug/1968 22/May/1969 D/Y/B1/132/35
Mossey Mary Ann 8 Phillip Street, St Helier 18/Dec/1924 7/Jan/1925 D/Y/A/85/4
Mossop Edward Ashort of 1, Knysa Villas, Samares, St Clement 21/Oct/1964 7/May/1971 D/Y/B1/158/40
Mossop Eliza nee Southward, widow of Charles Mossop, native of Liverpool, of The Cottage, Le Bourg, St Clement 19/Jun/1947 6/Jan/1961 D/Y/B1/62/33
Mossuz Jeanne Freyre 1 Wellesley Villas, Simon Place, St Helier, widow of Charles Le Vavasseur dit Durell 8/10/1909 Desires to be buried in the cemetery at Woking, England Bequeaths the residue of his personal estate to the poor of Jersey 17/Feb/1910 D/Y/A/69/13
Motche Thomas 03/12/1804 Bequeaths to the poor of a parish, £4 of the order of the King 22/Feb/1806 D/Y/A/17/7
Moth Elizabeth Baxter nee Courtenay 22/Dec/1961 D/Y/B1/67/7
Moth Samuel of Roche d'Or, St Martin 17/Dec/1968 10/Nov/1971 D/Y/B1/166/28
Mothee Philip Le of St John 29/01/1846 Bequeaths to the poor of St John, £6 of the order of the King 25/Apr/1846 D/Y/A/26/57
Mott Emily Eliza wife of Eustace Harold Scriven, of Harlesden, Green Road, St Clement 14/Apr/1970 21/May/1973 D/Y/B1/190/39
Mott Richard of Fernleigh, Gorey, St Martin 20/Dec/1955 7/Dec/1962 D/Y/B1/71/55
Mottram Brian Hunter of Marshwood Manor, Marshwood, Bettiscombe, Bridport, Dorset and formerly of Hope Cottage, Donhead St Mary, Shaftesbury, Devon 20/Aug/1966 27/Oct/1976 D/Y/B1/248/24
Mottram Margaret nee Howard, of Claremont, Augres, Trinity, widow of Abraham Longson and William Thomas Mottram 30/Nov/1946 9/Dec/1959 D/Y/B1/57/5
Moubray Berthe Laurence nee de Chazal, widow of Charles Louis Moubray, of Petit Douet, St Lawrence 12/May/1950 29/Mar/1957 D/Y/B1/41/16
Moubray George Alexander de Chazal de of Le Marais, St Mary 23/Jan/1974 4/Feb/1976 D/Y/B1/234/46
Moubray Madeleine Lucie of Le Marais Cottage, St Mary 16/Aug/1974 11/Nov/1976 D/Y/B1/249/5
Moucheux Frederic Peter Le of Victoria House, Beaumont, St Peter 29/Sep/1970 29/Sep/1970 D/Y/B1/150/20
Mouer Alfred George Le of Haut du Mont, Rozel, St Martin and formerly of Montrose, St Martin 10/Oct/1935 15/Jan/1979 D/Y/B1/292/12
Mouet Jacques of St Helier 8/Jan/1876 21/Jan/1876 D/Y/A/39/6
Mouflier Rachel Marthe Naugrette of The Fernery, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier 31/Jan/1938 22/Feb/1957 D/Y/B1/40/38
Mouilpied Albert Charles de of Beau Villa, Mont des Louannes, St Peter 19/Oct/1976 29/Dec/1976 D/Y/B1/251/16
Mouilpied Desmond Thomas de of Granada, 32, Clos des Sables, St Brelade 20/Dec/1974 20/Dec/1974 D/Y/B1/215/41
Mould James of Hai Shen, Daisy Hill, Gorey, Grouville and formerly of La Tour de Garde, Gorey 3/Dec/1956 21/Jan/1971 D/Y/B1/154/41
Moulin Annie widow of Yves Le Bail, of 15, Somerset Place, St Helier 21/Sep/1959 7/Feb/1972 D/Y/B1/170/28
Moulin Eugene Jean of Ignlenook, St Peter 12/Jul/1973 23/Oct/1980 D/Y/B1/333/18
Moulin Jean Pierre Marie Peupliers, St Ouen 7/Jul/1934 8/Nov/1934 D/Y/A/96/127
Moulin Mary Alice widow of Edouard or Edward Luce Briard, of Featherstone, 3, Beaufort Square, St Helier and formerly of Alexandra House, 42, Roseville Street, St Helier 9/Aug/1960 25/Jul/1967 D/Y/B1/110/9
Moulin Thomas John of Le Gron, St Saviour, Guernsey and formerly of Slindon, 7, Elm Avenue, Ealing, Middlesex 18/Mar/1958 1/Sep/1965 D/Y/B1/89/43
Moulson Lydia of D'Hautree, St Saviour 26/02/1842 Bequeaths to Catherine Touzel, the income of her shares in St James' Church 20/Jul/1846 D/Y/A/26/69
Moultrie Ethel Mowbray nee Fergusson, widow of James Edward Moultrie, of Roscobie, Bagatelle, St Saviour Desires to be cremated 29/Mar/1946 6/Jan/1960 D/Y/B1/57/30
Moultrie Ian Edward Fergusson of Roscobie, Bagatelle Road, St Saviour 23/Sep/1969 31/Oct/1969 D/Y/B1/138/4
Moultrie James Edward 21/03/1923 Does not apply to real estate in Jersey 24/Apr/1940 D/Y/A/106/101
Moultrie Steuart Bullen of the Grouville Hall Hotel, Grouville Bequeaths to the Royal Alfred Lodge, Jersey, two boxes of masonic regalia 28/Aug/1956 20/Jan/1961 D/Y/B1/62/52
Mouncey Helen Habbishaw widow of Geoffrey Robert Sheldon Whittle, of Flat 2, Hideaway, 14, Williams Street, Alexandra Headlands, Australia and formerly of Gunyah, Swieqi Valley, St Andrews, Malta 19/Nov/1971 18/Feb/1975 D/Y/B1/218/20
Mountain Brian Edward Stanley of 75b, Eaton Square, London and formerly of 1, Threadneedle Street, London 27/Feb/1975 1/Jun/1977 D/Y/B1/259/26
Mountain Elizabeth 2 Val Plaisant, St Helier 13/Sep/1932 10/Jun/1937 D/Y/A/100/117
Mountain Irene Mary widow of Peter James Guegan, of 126, Marett Court, St Helier 22/Dec/1972 22/Dec/1972 D/Y/B1/184/24
Mountford Beatrice Annie widow of Fred Bateman, of The Flat, Roslyn, Millbrook, St Helier 20/Oct/1977 28/Oct/1980 D/Y/B1/333/30
Mountford Colston Wilfrid James of Greensleaves, Bickwell Valley, Sidmouth, Devon 11/Feb/1975 26/Jun/1980 D/Y/B1/325/26
Mountford Herbert Arthur of 19, Don House, Don Street, St Helier 8/Oct/1970 3/Jan/1973 D/Y/B1/184/33
Mountford Mabel widow of Henry James Fearn, of Ommaroo Hotel, Havre des Pas, St Helier 9/Apr/1976 25/Jan/1977 D/Y/B1/252/28
Mountjoy Winifred Beatrice widow of Thomas Cecil Cole, of 77, Great Union Road, St Helier and formerly of 3, Woodcote House, Woodcote Green, Epsom, Surrey 9/Dec/1961 13/May/1974 D/Y/B1/205/11
Mourant Abraham of Grouville, now of St Helier 3/Oct/1834 16/Sep/1835 D/Y/A/23/64
Mourant Abram Longueville Manor, St Saviour 29/Oct/1909 23/Oct/1910 D/Y/A/69/87
Mourant Ada Florence widow of Edmund John Baudains Renouf, of St Cyr, Samares Lane, St Clement 5/Mar/1966 5/Mar/1966 D/Y/B1/95/35
Mourant Ann wife of David Gavey, St Helier 1/Jul/1886 19/Dec/1916 D/Y/A/75/138
Mourant Anne of St Saviour, now of Grouville, widow of Elie Bertram 23/12/1848 Desires to be buried in Grouville Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville, £1 19/Apr/1854 D/Y/A/28/63
Mourant Arthur Francis of No 23, La Pointe, Plat Douet Road, St Saviour 3/May/1977 31/May/1978 D/Y/B1/280/15
Mourant Arthur John of Sunningdale, Bagatelle, St Saviour 21/Jul/1967 3/Sep/1969 D/Y/B1/135/48
Mourant Bernard James de Grave of Icart House, St Martin, Guernsey 8/Mar/1958 30/Apr/1971 D/Y/B1/158/26
Mourant Charles of St Helier 13/04/1868 Desires to be buried in St Helier Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier 10 shillings 9/Oct/1868 D/Y/A/34/59
Mourant Charles 146, Dovercourt Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1 booklet; seal 9/Sep/1926 D/Y/A/86/110
Mourant Clara Mary 7 The Terrace, Grosvenor Street, St Helier, widow of Alphonsus Frank Dallain 11/09/1916 Desires to be buried in St Lawrence Cemetery Bequeaths to Irene Marguerite Emily a gilt and bronze clock by P P Bertram 12/Dec/1925 D/Y/A/85/175
Mourant Clifford Denton 2 Havelock, Beach Road, St Saviour 9/Aug/1920 29/Apr/1929 D/Y/A/89/93
Mourant Doreen Courtney wife of Leonard Albert Thomas Mahy, of 19, Bagatelle Avenue, St Saviour 24/Apr/1972 7/Apr/1975 D/Y/B1/220/50
Mourant Edgar Reynolds of Endwell, Trinity 17/Feb/1971 27/Sep/1971 D/Y/B1/164/48
Mourant Edouard St Helier 18/Apr/1916 27/May/1920 D/Y/A/80/69
Mourant Edward St Helier 7/Sep/1901 6/May/1915 D/Y/A/74/71
Mourant Edward John Gideon of Sandra, Seafield Avenue, St Aubin's Road, St Helier 11/Aug/1972 17/Oct/1972 D/Y/B1/181/35
Mourant Edward Lionel Samares Manor 8/Apr/1916 D/Y/A/75/54
Mourant Edwin Charles of Le Grenier, Ville es Philippes, Grouville 28/Sep/1972 9/Oct/1975 D/Y/B1/229/38
Mourant Elias 2 Claremount Villas, Bellozanne Road, St Helier 5/Feb/1908 4/May/1908 D/Y/A/67/55
Mourant Elizabeth St Clement, now of St Helier, widow of John Ouless/May/ 11/09/1894 Bequeaths to Francis Joe Mourant the property "West End Villa", Fief de Meleches 15/May/1895 D/Y/A/54/52
Mourant Elizabeth ... 24/Jun/1741 7/May/1742 D/Y/A/7/53
Mourant Elizabeth of St Clement 10/04/1827 Bequeaths to the poor of St Clement, £2 of the order 29/Oct/1835 D/Y/A/23/68
Mourant Elizabeth Rachel Longueville, Grouville, widow of Elias Philippe Le Riche 26/Dec/1925 18/Feb/1926 D/Y/A/86/29
Mourant Emily Gertrude nee Bray, widow of Ernest Charles Mourant, of Maison de Haut, Longueville, St Saviour 16/Sep/1958 21/Jul/1965 D/Y/B1/88/41
Mourant Emma Dallain La Houge, Grouville 4/May/1926 11/Oct/1932 D/Y/A/93/95
Mourant Eric Edwin of Flat 11, Maison La Cave, Sandybrook, St Lawrence 21/Jul/1975 21/Jul/1975 D/Y/B1/225/30
Mourant Ernest Charles of Maison de Haut, St Saviour Bequeaths to his wife Emily Gertrude Mourant, nee Bray, the usufruct and life enjoyment of all of his real property; to Wilfred Edwin Mourant, the house known as Maison de Haut; to Leslie Lilian Mourant, the house known as Green Oaks 2/Feb/1954 12/Jul/1958 D/Y/B1/49/29
Mourant Esther St Helier 31/Oct/1888 3/Jan/1911 D/Y/A/70/2
Mourant Esther daughter of Philippe and wife of Jean Mallet, of Grouville 19/06/1807 Desires to be buried in Grouville Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville, £16 of the order 12/Sep/1807 D/Y/A/17/53
Mourant Esther of St Helier 17/12/1855 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 5s 31/Mar/1857 D/Y/A/29/13
Mourant Esther R 4 Ann Place 16/Nov/1926 24/Nov/1928 D/Y/A/88/169
Mourant Florence May of 4, Rosemount Cottages, Mont Pinel, St Saviour 8/May/1975 30/Jun/1975 D/Y/B1/224/31
Mourant Francis Charles St Saviour 17/Oct/1898 14/Mar/1906 D/Y/A/65/25
Mourant Francis Walter 2? Grove Street, St Helier 19/Oct/1933 6/Sep/1939 D/Y/A/105/45
Mourant Francois St Saviour 13/Nov/1911 8/Dec/1911 D/Y/A/70/113
Mourant Frank of Flat 2, La Fosse, St Peter, formerly of Haute Place, La Moye, St Brelade 6/Dec/1970 2/Aug/1978 D/Y/B1/283/44
Mourant George son of Jean of St Helier 20/09/1812 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £24 of French currency 27/Oct/1812 D/Y/A/18/73
Mourant George of St Mary, now of St Helier 14/04/1870 Bequeaths to the poor of St Mary 5 shillings 20/Sep/1870 D/Y/A/35/60
Mourant George Alfred of Sunnydale Cottage, Five Oaks, St Saviour 20/Apr/1966 20/Apr/1966 D/Y/B1/97/3
Mourant George Jenne of Brookhill House, Prince's Tower Road, St Saviour 7/Sep/1973 3/Apr/1974 D/Y/B1/203/33
Mourant Hannah Frances nee Pirouet, 50 Stopford Road, St Helier 4/Sep/1933 12/Oct/1945 D/Y/A/114/104
Mourant Hannah Lily of 50, Stopford Road, St Helier 22/Jul/1952 6/Dec/1961 D/Y/B1/66/70
Mourant Henrietta Rachel wife of Edwin Coutanche, Revenue House, St Lawrence 23/08/1941 Bequeaths to Charles Helleur Le Cornu the property Revenue House, Carrefour Selous, St Lawrence 13/Aug/1943 D/Y/A/111/50
Mourant Henriette ... 1/Feb/1910 28/Apr/1920 D/Y/A/80/56
Mourant Jane St Helier 4/07/1894 Bequeaths to Dr Barnardos Homes, Jersey £50; to the Jersey Female Orphans Home £50 26/Jul/1902 D/Y/A/61/64
Mourant Jane 1, Tarradale, Bagot, St Saviour 28/May/1938 27/Dec/1939 D/Y/A/105/120
Mourant Jane Mary Grouville 21/Jan/1918 15/Mar/1924 D/Y/A/84/43
Mourant Jean of Grouville, now of St Helier 02/02/1855 Desires to be buried in Grouville Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville 10 shillings 21/May/1866 D/Y/A/33/35
Mourant Jean of St John 01/03/1871 Bequeaths to the poor of St John £1 22/Apr/1871 D/Y/A/35/113
Mourant Jean ... 6/Sep/1708 24/May/1725 D/Y/A/5/115
Mourant Jean son of Philippe of Grouville 21/03/1808 Desires to be buried in Grouville Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville, £8 of the order 7/May/1808 D/Y/A/17/68
Mourant Jeanne of Grouville 14/05/1835 Desires to be buried in Grouville Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville, 5s 12/Aug/1837 D/Y/A/24/32
Mourant Jeanne of Grouville 25/06/1847 Desires to be buried in Grouville Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville, 24 livres of old French Currency 18/Jan/1849 D/Y/A/27/2
Mourant Jeanne of Grouville, now of St Helier 7/Feb/1895 9/Mar/1896 D/Y/A/55/20
Mourant John St Helier 22/12/1897 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier 5 shillings 20/Nov/1902 D/Y/A/61/103
Mourant John Edward Ballater, Madiera Road, North End, Portsmouth 23/Sep/1932 27/Sep/1937 D/Y/A/101/63
Mourant John Elias St Helier 19/12/1934 Desires to be buried in La Croix cemetery, Grouville Bequeaths to Wesley Chapel £20; to the Fonds de Reconnaissance £50 23/Oct/1937 D/Y/A/101/79
Mourant John Ernest Le Boulivot, Grouville 28/Dec/1920 10/Jan/1921 D/Y/A/81/7
Mourant John Gregory La Mare, Trinity 30/Sep/1922 3/May/1926 D/Y/A/86/63
Mourant John Philip Seaforth Cottage, Green Street, St Helier 4/Mar/1944 9/Feb/1945 D/Y/A/113/65
Mourant John Thomas of 1, Roseland Cottage, St Saviour 29/Oct/1951 2/Jan/1952 D/Y/B1/12/37
Mourant Josue of St Helier, now of Grouville : 26/08/1884 Desires to be buried in Grouville Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville 10 shillings 24/Sep/1884 D/Y/A/44/65
Mourant Judith of St Helier 20/12/1773 Bequeaths to the poor in the hospital of Helier, £4 5/Oct/1776 D/Y/A/12/85
Mourant Judith of St Helier 31/12/1830 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery 29/Mar/1831 D/Y/A/22/11
Mourant Judith of St Mary, now of St John 29/06/1843 Bequeaths to the poor of St Mary, 5s 6/Jul/1844 D/Y/A/25/136
Mourant Julia 1 Tarradale, Bagot, St Saviour 30/Nov/1937 18/Feb/1938 D/Y/A/102/25
Mourant Julie Grouville 12/Nov/1898 29/Feb/1924 D/Y/A/84/30
Mourant Julie 37 Havre des Pas, St Helier 24/Apr/1906 28/Aug/1912 D/Y/A/72/58
Mourant Lilian nee Le Brocq, 22 Ralegh Avenue, St Helier 27/Mar/1934 20/Mar/1940 D/Y/A/106/71
Mourant Louisa Alice widow of Thomas Gallichan, of St Saviour 20/Aug/1952 21/Aug/1953 D/Y/B1/20/48
Mourant Louisa Anne 26 Burrard Street, St Helier, widow of Harecourt Campbell Carter Hart 12/05/1925 Bequeaths the business of saddler to George Herbert Hart 6/May/1930 D/Y/A/90/71
Mourant Louisa Elizabeth 2 Westbourne Terrace, St Saviour, widow of Capt Francis John Renouf 5/Oct/1929 8/Dec/1943 D/Y/A/111/111
Mourant Louisa Jane St Anne Place, Rennes 10/04/1895 Also papers relating to the appointment of Alfred Le Rossignol as executor of the 30/Aug/1895 D/Y/A/54/82
Mourant Marie ... 26/Nov/1873 26/Oct/1874 D/Y/A/37/118
Mourant Marie widow of Jacques de la Rocques 16/Nov/1727 22/Nov/1727 D/Y/A/6/18
Mourant Marie Anne Grouville, now of St Helier 04/01/1884 Also letter requesting that Walter Touzel Marett be appointed executor of the Will and Testment of 14/Feb/1895 D/Y/A/54/11
Mourant Marie Anne of L'Hermitage, Beaumont, St Peter 18/Mar/1918 14/Mar/1928 D/Y/A/88/46
Mourant Mary Ann nee Bigrel, 40 David Place, St Helier, widow 19/Jul/1924 2/Nov/1929 D/Y/A/89/182
Mourant Mary Ann of St Saviour 20/Nov/1884 15/Sep/1897 D/Y/A/56/88
Mourant Matilda Jane 2 Diadem Villas, Parade Road, St Helier, widow of Nicholas Lambswood Tostevin 29/01/1943 Bequeaths to the Sunday School Department of the Aquila Road Church £10 2/Feb/1945 D/Y/A/113/59
Mourant Minnie widow of Percy Robert Dunham, of Verulam, St Clement's Road, St Helier 9/Jun/1971 2/Feb/1972 D/Y/B1/170/9
Mourant Nancy Trinity, widow of Edouard Chevalier 26/06/1897 Bequeaths to the Wesleyan Chapel at Augres £2 16/Apr/1908 D/Y/A/67/48
Mourant Olive May Vernon nee Le Sueur, of Roseland, First Tower, St Helier 1/Aug/1958 11/Aug/1958 D/Y/B1/49/59
Mourant Oliver son of Pierre Barbenson, of 22, Ralegh Avenue, St Helier, solicitor and notary public 20/Aug/1952 26/Mar/1953 D/Y/B1/18/57
Mourant Oscar Filleul son of Thomas, of St Helier 3/May/1933 1/Mar/1960 D/Y/B1/58/27
Mourant Philip John of Blackamati, Mont au Pretre, St Helier, formerly of Mon Sejour, Mont au Pretre, St Helier 4/Sep/1963 20/Mar/1978 D/Y/B1/275/37
Mourant Philip John 23 Dalkeith Avenue, Bilton, Rugby, Warwick, clerk in holy orders 28/Feb/1941 16/Jan/1946 D/Y/A/115/20
Mourant Philip Le Breton of Abingdon, Rue de Samares, St Clement 6/Nov/1969 15/Jan/1970 D/Y/B1/140/47
Mourant Philip Richardson of St Saviour 5/02/1927 Bequeaths to Lydia Renouf Le Breton the property Evergreen House, Bagot, St Saviour; to Miriam Filleul Mourant Les Jardins des Marettes, St Saviour; to Sisera Elda Mourant the property Aubrey House, Croix de Bois, St Saviour; to Philp Mourant Picot the property Tower View, St Saviour 4/May/1928 D/Y/A/88/84
Mourant Philippe Goodwoode, St Saviour 1/Feb/1913 7/Apr/1914 D/Y/A/73/33
Mourant Philippe of Grouville, now of St Clement 25/Nov/1876 21/Sep/1881 D/Y/A/42/24
Mourant Philippe of St Helier : 09/04/1868 Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour 2 shillings 15/Jan/1890 D/Y/A/49/5
Mourant Philippe of St Helier 19/11/1859 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 10s 16/Jun/1862 D/Y/A/31/23
Mourant Philippe of St Helier 22/2/1833 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier 50 livres of French currency 9/May/1863 D/Y/A/31/81
Mourant Philippe of Grouville, now of St Saviour 13/04/1841 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville and St Saviour, 48 livres of French currency, to the Wesleyan Methodists Society, 960 livres of currency 11/Apr/1846 D/Y/A/26/53
Mourant Philippe of St Helier 28/12/1843 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 10s 25/Apr/1846 D/Y/A/26/56
Mourant Philippe of St Saviour 25/10/1787 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, £20 tournois of the order of the King 15/Aug/1791 D/Y/A/15/13
Mourant Philippe son of Philippe of Grouville, now of St Saviour 10/11/1806 Desires to be buried in St Saviour's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, £16 of the order of the King 10/Feb/1816 D/Y/A/18/152
Mourant Philippe of Grouville 10/07/1801 Desires to be buried in Grouville Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville, £20 of the order of the King , to Philippe Mourant, his eldest son, £125 sterling in 3% consoldiated funds in England - makes further bequests of the same funds 27/Oct/1801 D/Y/A/16/54
Mourant Philippe Chevalier of Mon Sejour, Mont-au-Pretre, St Helier 11/Jul/1966 9/Feb/1967 D/Y/B1/105/5
Mourant Philippe Jean Brookhill, St Saviour 19/Jan/1892 31/Jan/1894 D/Y/A/53/18
Mourant Philippe Le Sueur Brookhill, St Saviour 8/Nov/1902 11/Oct/1918 D/Y/A/78/80
Mourant Pierre 02/11/1804 Desires to be buried in St John's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St John, £10 of the order of the King , to Elizabeth Vibert, his wife, the interest on his money in the public funds of Great Britain - reversion to his children 8/Dec/1804 D/Y/A/16/127
Mourant Reginald Philip of Bel Respiro, Mont au Pretre, St Helier 6/Dec/1941 26/Nov/1954 D/Y/B1/27/20
Mourant Rita Harriet widow of George Marett Le Lievre, of La Rosiere, St Mary 11/Jan/1973 2/Jul/1973 D/Y/B1/192/23
Mourant Shepherdess Elizabeth wife of Henry Perham, 10 Stopford Road, St Helier 8/Feb/1934 9/Nov/1938 D/Y/A/103/69
Mourant Thomas Goodwood House, St Saviour 23/03/1918 Bequeaths to Mary Ann Mourant for life the property Goodwood House, St Saviour on the Fief du Roi; reversion to Sisera Elda Mourant To Miriam Filleul Mourant the property Jubilee House bordered on the west by the Grande Route and on the east by the Route Fresquet, St Saviour, Vingtaine de Pigeaux 19/Apr/1940 D/Y/A/80/51
Mourant Thomas St Helier 3/Dec/1915 30/Oct/1916 D/Y/A/75/124
Mourant Thomas St Saviour 26/Feb/1917 21/Mar/1918 D/Y/A/77/104
Mourant Thomas Philip of The Birches, St Saviour 31/Dec/1957 5/Mar/1969 D/Y/B1/129/44
Mourant Thomas Philip of St Clement 8/Feb/1919 12/Oct/1950 D/Y/B1/6/53
Mourant Thomas Philippe St Lawrence 19/Nov/1917 22/Jun/1918 D/Y/A/78/40
Mourant Timothee of St Martin 7/Mar/1763 22/Mar/1763 D/Y/A/11/8
Mourant Walter Godfray 20 Parade Road, St Helier 12/02/1902 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier 1 shilling 20/Oct/1902 D/Y/A/61/92
Mourant Walter Philip of St Clement 5/Feb/1946 19/Jan/1965 D/Y/B1/83/37
Mouret Jean ... 15/Jun/1704 16/Dec/1704 D/Y/A/2/137
Moussiau Elisabeth refugee in Jersey because of the protestant religion 22/Jan/1705 8/Dec/1705 D/Y/A/2/138
Mowatt Mary widow of Aaron Godfray 28/Apr/1862 7/Jan/1863 D/Y/A/31/57
Mowatt Peter and Isabella Wilson or Mowatt of 7, Salisbury Street, Edinburgh 28/Jun/1893 8/Jun/1896 D/Y/A/55/47
Mowbray Louisa Beau Sejour, St Brelade, spinster 9/01/1911 Bequeaths to the St Aubins Church Endowment Fund £100; to the Rector of St Brelade £25 for the purchase of one pair of altar cruets Bequests of Sevres and Dresden ornaments 17/Mar/1917 D/Y/A/76/47
Moxey Edgar Reginald of 4, Norfolk Terrace, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 29/Nov/1961 23/May/1963 D/Y/B1/74/27
Moxon Ernest of 61, Westfield Avenue, North Saltdean, Brighton, East Sussex 1/Apr/1977 1/Apr/1977 D/Y/B1/256/17
Moyes Vera the wife of Eustace Fletcher Moyes, of Tangle Copse, Wentworth, Sunningdale, Berkshire 16/Dec/1947 10/Oct/1956 D/Y/B1/37/60
Moyne Dorohy Marie Carolina Le ... 6/Jun/1757 21/Nov/1757 D/Y/A/9/43
Moys Philip Robert e 15/Sep/1980 D/Y/B1/330/39
Moyse Alan Cyril of Banksia, Patier Lane, Chasse Brunet, St Saviour 17/Mar/1950 22/Sep/1975 D/Y/B1/228/44
Moyse Claude of 36, Clubley Estate, St Helier 5/Nov/1976 5/Nov/1976 D/Y/B1/248/46
Moyse Edward Ernest Terminus Hotel, St Aubin, St Brelade 20/Nov/1923 10/Nov/1939 D/Y/A/105/89
Moyse Emma Elizabeth 33 Roseville Street, St Helier 27/Jun/1940 22/Apr/1942 D/Y/A/109/93
Moyse May Ruby widow of John Henry Queree, of Sea Breeze, Millbrook, St Helier 20/Mar/1978 17/May/1978 D/Y/B1/279/24
Moyse Sydney James of 32, Great Union Road, St Helier 30/Sep/1955 6/Mar/1961 D/Y/B1/63/32
Moyse Wilfred Randolph of 9, Victoria Crescent, Upper Midvale Road, St Helier 16/Oct/1964 2/Apr/1976 D/Y/B1/237/43
Much Thomas of St Helier 26/05/1841 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, 5s 14/Jun/1841 D/Y/A/25/15
Muckersie Benjamin Symon Invertiel, Grouville, batchelor 29/11/1946 Bequeaths to the Johanesburg Art Museum three pieces of Louis XV and Louis XVI furniture in the music room at Invertiel, and the Seven Sacred Monkey Satsuma vase to the Karoo Garden, Kirstenbosh, South Africa, and to the Cactus & Succulent Society of Great Britain £1000 each 22/Oct/1947 D/Y/A/118/91
Muckersie Isabella Blackwood widow of George Day, of South Cary House, South Street, Castle Cary, Somerset 19/May/1975 19/Sep/1977 D/Y/B1/265/48
Muddiman Frederick Charles of Rue Francois, 1er, Nice, France, formerly of the Grove Estate, Nassau, Western District, New Providence in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas 23/Nov/1965 13/Jan/1978 D/Y/B1/272/5
Muff Emma nee Winter, widow of Albert Muff, of Samares Private Hotel, La Mare, St Clement 2/Sep/1961 14/Feb/1963 D/Y/B1/72/54
Muir Agnes Heather Gardiner of 7, Whiteheads Grove, Chelsea, London Bequeaths to Bettine Muir, her freehold house the aforesaid 7, Whiteheads Grove 9/Mar/1961 21/Aug/1961 D/Y/B1/65/44
Muir Agnes Jamieson nee Rose, wife of Andrew Muir, of Dorvel, Greve d'Azette, St Clement and formerly of Bracken Cottage, Petit Port, St Brelade 5/Dec/1960 18/Jul/1966 D/Y/B1/99/25
Muir Henry Menzies of the Victoria Club, Beresford Street, St Helier 20/Apr/1967 9/Jan/1968 D/Y/B1/115/15
Muir Mary Jamieson divorced wife of Harry Dunn, of 12, William Street, Colne, Lancashire and formerly of 14, Ralegh Avenue, St Helier 18/Mar/1975 10/Aug/1976 D/Y/B1/244/29
Muirhead Sarah McAllister of 22, Bagot Manor Court, St Helier 16/Dec/1977 16/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/270/42
Muldoon James of St Clement, now of St Helier 7/Jan/1879 23/Nov/1896 D/Y/A/55/103
Mulford Alice Lilian widow of Ernest Henry Brown, of 15, Belmont Gardens, St Helier 18/Mar/1957 2/Aug/1972 D/Y/B1/178/25
Mulholland Pamela Beryl wife of John Nelson, of 85, Miladi Farm Estate, St Saviour 8/May/1979 9/Jun/1980 D/Y/B1/324/14
Muller Brunhilde Emilie widow of Walter Kantorowicz, known as Walter Stephen Kent, of Flat 7, Buckingham Mansions, West End Lane, London 13/Nov/1968 11/Feb/1972 D/Y/B1/170/44
Mulley William Alfred of 2, St Andrew's Road, First Tower, St Helier 23/Jul/1962 15/Mar/1967 D/Y/B1/106/17
Mulo Elizabeth 4 Colomberie Street, St Helier, widow of John Langlois 7/Jul/1914 18/Jan/1926 D/Y/A/86/13
Mulready Kate 18 Sand Street, St Helier 18/Mar/1909 18/Jan/1913 D/Y/A/72/4
Mumby Edna widow of Thomas Patrick Buchanan-Holmes, of 58, Berkeley Court, Don Road, St Helier 23/Jul/1974 23/Jul/1974 D/Y/B1/208/40
Mumford Dorothy wife of John Armstrong, of Mount Grove, St Lawrence 11/Mar/1967 16/May/1967 D/Y/B1/108/15
Mummery Norman Howard 2 Overseas Flats, Dicq Road, St Saviour Member of the Royal College of Surgeons and Royal College of Physicians 18/Jul/1947 30/Jul/1947 D/Y/A/118/40
Muncey Grace Louise wife of Claude Hamilton Blair Avarne, of Rhodesia, Havre des Pas, St Helier 14/Apr/1955 4/Jun/1955 D/Y/B1/31/10
Munday Irene Kate of 10, Clos des Fontaines, La Villette, St Martin, Guernsey and formerly of Wyngate, Clos du Belvedere, Fort George, Guernsey 20/Nov/1970 15/Nov/1976 D/Y/B1/249/11
Munday Margaret Netten nee Green, 2 The Pebbles, Marett Road, Havre des Pas, St Helier 6/Nov/1939 3/Mar/1943 D/Y/A/110/80
Munday Minnie Margaret of St Helier House, Westmount Road, St Helier and formerly of 30, Roseville Street, St Helier 20/Apr/1972 24/Jan/1980 D/Y/B1/313/35
Munday Roy Arthur Albert otherwise Roy Arthur Munday, of Clachon, Bamfield Close, New Barn, Longfield, Kent 24/Nov/1969 24/Nov/1969 D/Y/B1/138/48
Munday Russell Eric 9 Peel Terrace, Peel Road, St Helier 6/Jul/1931 12/Sep/1933 D/Y/A/95/8
Munday Wilfred Henry of No 12, Malpas Grove, Wallasey, Merseyside 8/Aug/1978 12/Mar/1979 D/Y/B1/296/6
Munden William Henry of 42, Elizabeth Close, St Brelade and formerly of 11, Amitie Court, Links Estate, Grouville 11/Oct/1963 16/Jul/1969 D/Y/B1/134/33
Mundy Arthur Victor of Bellozanne Abbey, Mont a L'Abbe, St Helier 23/Sep/1942 1/Jun/1957 D/Y/B1/42/18
Mundy Claude James William of 7, Magnolia Gardens, Bel Royal, St Lawrence 19/Mar/1976 8/Aug/1977 D/Y/B1/263/34
Mundy Lilian Amy widow of John Clarence Filleul (described in her last will and testament as Lilian Amy Filleul nee Munday), of Petit Coin, Route des Genets, St Brelade 27/Jan/1976 5/Oct/1979 D/Y/B1/307/15
Munn Robert son of Robert, of St Patrick, 25, Bellozanne Avenue, First Tower, St Helier Bequeaths to Theresa Clara Gellender Munn, nee Waters, the life enjoyment of St Patrick, 25, Bellozanne Avenue and thereafter to Winifred Theresa Bree, nee Munn and Harold George Bree 8/Apr/1949 6/Mar/1951 D/Y/B1/8/57
Munro Alexander -Wallace, of The Pent House, Benenden, Kent and care of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, 9, Gravechurch Street, London 12/Jun/1962 22/Jul/1968 D/Y/B1/122/42
Munro Alison Black widow of Frederick Albert Beadle, of No 132, Le Marais, St Clement 26/Apr/1978 15/Jun/1979 D/Y/B1/301/44
Munro Charles Duncan of The Croft, Bagatelle Road, St Saviour 14/Jul/1978 14/Jul/1978 D/Y/B1/282/26
Munro Margaret Irene Shadforth widow of Frank Wilson Nash, of Fenagh, Bon Air Lane, St Saviour 25/Jan/1971 15/Jul/1974 D/Y/B1/208/13
Munro Mary M of 17, Royal Crescent : 1887 Bequeaths to the Infirmary her French Mattress 18/Jan/1889 D/Y/A/48/5
Munro Ronald Charles Alick of Devon 24/Dec/1946 24/May/1949 D/Y/B1/1/91
Munsey Sydney Thomas Hensman Messrs King, King and Co, Bombay, India 28/May/1921 21/Dec/1951 D/Y/B1/12/31
Munslow William Charles of Wegberg, Langley Park, St Saviour 30/Nov/1970 30/Nov/1970 D/Y/B1/152/31
Munso George n 16/May/1962 11/Feb/1963 D/Y/B1/72/50
Munton Beatrice Bessie Victoria of 7, Hillside, Southwick, Sussex 12/Feb/1970 20/Oct/1976 D/Y/B1/248/12
Murch Gladys Mary widow of Henry Arthur Hardcastle, of 2, Moorfield, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne 19/Jan/1965 26/Jul/1966 D/Y/B1/99/34
Murch Katherine 16 Tollington Park, Holloway, London 18/Apr/1936 D/Y/A/98/117
Murchison Kenneth of St Helier, late Major of the 29th Regiment of Foot : 01/11/1877 Bequeaths to Mary Anne Blanche Murchison, 5 shares in the Weymouth and CI steam packet Co Ltd , the above shares to be given in trust 25/Jan/1884 D/Y/A/44/5
Murdoch Alison Margaret wife of Kenneth Murdoch, of 9, Wellington Road, St Saviour 13/Jul/1951 29/Apr/1954 D/Y/B1/24/28
Murdoch Kenneth of 9, Wellington Road, St Saviour, retired nitrate manufacturer Bequeaths to his wife, Alison Margaret Murdoch, all motor cars and articles of jewellery 5/Jul/1946 9/Jul/1952 D/Y/B1/15/12
Murdoch Margaret Elspeth of Radley, Rue du Galet, Millbrook 13/Apr/1956 23/Feb/1962 D/Y/B1/67/88
Murfin Emma Dinah Great Staughton, Huntingdon, spinster 2/06/1902 Bequeaths to the Vicar and Churchwardens of the parish of Great Staughton £200 for the upkeep of the organ and £500 to distribute coals, blankets and bread on the 3/12/every year To the Huntingdon Infirmary £1000; to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children £500; to Eastbourne Convalescent Home £500; to The Charing Cross Hospital £1000; to The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts £1000; to The Clergy Orphan Corporation £1000 22/Jun/1907 D/Y/A/66/73
Murgatroyd James Lees of 16, Clos de l'Atlantique, La Pulente, St Brelade and formerly of Maison Herault Hotel, St Aubin, St Brelade 20/Oct/1960 21/Mar/1975 D/Y/B1/220/8
Murning Richard Henry of The Cottage, Windsor Villa, Beaumont, St Lawrence 24/Apr/1959 31/May/1977 D/Y/B1/259/19
Murning Roderick Frank of 29, Belmont Road, St Helier and formerly of Des Cotils, St Lawrence 13/Jan/1964 1/Mar/1971 D/Y/B1/156/11
Murphy Agnes Mary widow of Herbert Moritz Letchford, of 12, Columbus Street, St Helier 3/Jul/1969 24/Jan/1970 D/Y/B1/141/8
Murphy Alan Eric Stokes of 15, Colworth Close, Hadleigh, Benfleet, Essex 2/Sep/1965 25/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/319/20
Murphy Albert John of 15, Trinity Gardens, Trinity Road, St Helier 13/Mar/1973 30/Jan/1975 D/Y/B1/217/23
Murphy Alice widow of George Louis Parkinson, of Crossbow House, Trinity and formerly of 59, Grampion Way, Moreton, Cheshire 30/Mar/1966 25/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/319/17
Murphy Charles James son of James, of 16, Albert Street, St Helier 14/Jan/1964 13/Sep/1966 D/Y/B1/100/33
Murphy Conor Joseph of Durrow, Fauvic, Grouville 28/Feb/1948 28/Jan/1972 D/Y/B1/170/3
Murphy Elizabeth widow of Peter Lawrence Grogan, of St Saviour's Hospital, St Saviour 12/Aug/1977 12/Aug/1977 D/Y/B1/263/45
Murphy Ethel May Dyce widow of John Melbourne Wrixon, of 103, Orient Palace, Rue de la Republique, Menton, France 2/Dec/1971 19/Aug/1976 D/Y/B1/245/25
Murphy Francis Joseph of St Augustine's Home, New St John's Road, St Helier 4/Mar/1973 4/May/1973 D/Y/B1/190/6
Murphy George James of 2, Trinity Road, St Helier 27/May/1960 23/May/1968 D/Y/B1/120/30
Murphy George William of St Augustine's Home, New St John's Road, St Helier 7/Sep/1979 7/Sep/1979 D/Y/B1/306/4
Murphy Gerald Patrick of No 13, Millais Park, Mont Millais, St Helier 4/Dec/1978 19/Dec/1978 D/Y/B1/291/28
Murphy James 16 Albert Street, St Helier 21/Dec/1920 21/Apr/1933 D/Y/A/94/97
Murphy John of No 28, Yew Tree Terrace, Croesyceiliog, Cwmbran, Gwent 18/Jul/1979 18/Jul/1979 D/Y/B1/303/31
Murphy John James of 47, Parcq du Pont Marquet, St Brelade 28/Jan/1977 28/Jan/1977 D/Y/B1/252/41
Murphy John Redmond of Corennie, Le Hocq Lane, St Clement 27/Jul/1955 15/Aug/1961 D/Y/B1/65/39
Murphy Margaret widow of Denis Cronin, of 25, Cherry Orchard Court, St Helier 27/Oct/1976 27/Oct/1976 D/Y/B1/248/29
Murphy Mary Dorothea widow of Alfred Rowland, of Residence du Connetable, Dinan, Cotes su Nord, France 25/Apr/1972 8/Mar/1973 D/Y/B1/187/15
Murray Alexander Thomas Ramsay of 21, Cranston Road, Forest Hill, Kent, 31/Mar/1883 7/Feb/1899 D/Y/A/58/11
Murray Isabella Stewart native of St Helier, of Garthland Nursing Home, Baronald, Lanark 16/Jun/1956 7/Dec/1964 D/Y/B1/82/34
Murray James Florence of Norcott House, St Saviour, retired Lt Colonel 31/Aug/1888 26/Oct/1893 D/Y/A/52/80
Murray James Robertson of St Austell, Green Street, St Helier and formerly of St Anne's, Mont a l'Abbe, St Helier 19/Oct/1957 7/Nov/1978 D/Y/B1/289/2
Murray James Somerville of 9, Arcadia Road, Umtali, Rhodesia 13/Nov/1961 22/May/1973 D/Y/B1/190/43
Murray Kenneth Crosthwaite of Upper Cranmore, Heyshott, Midhurst, Sussex 18/Oct/1971 19/Jan/1973 D/Y/B1/185/13
Murray Margaret Ellen widow of Jordan Constantine John, of La Frenaie, Herupe, St John 20/Jan/1976 18/Sep/1978 D/Y/B1/286/8
Murray Mary of 'Market Inn' Hilgrove Lane, St Helier : 6/Mar/1883 6/Apr/1883 D/Y/A/43/39
Murray Thomas Frederick of Hilda's Cafe, London Road, Blackwater, Surrey and formerly of 43, The Garth, Aldershot Road, Ash, Surrey 6/Jul/1960 31/Jul/1962 D/Y/B1/70/21
Murray William Henry Montrose, Grands Vaux, meat purveyor 23/Dec/1915 16/Jan/1919 D/Y/A/79/6
Murray William James of The Nest, Havre des Pas, 20/Sep/1893 27/Feb/1896 D/Y/A/55/17
Murrell Harry Matthew of Shakespeare Lodge, 22, Winchester Road, Worthing, West Sussex and formerly of 104, Sea Lane, Goring by Sea, Worthing 12/Jul/1978 3/Nov/1980 D/Y/B1/334/9
Murrow Yorrick Jones , of Hong Kong, now of Alphington House, St Saviour : 18/12/1883 Bequeaths to his Trustees all the businesses and the 'Daily Press' and Chinese Issue thereof, 'The Trade Report', 'The Chronicle and Directory' and the printing, publishing and bookbinding businesses owned by the testator 18/Mar/1884 D/Y/A/44/13
Muscott Alice Emily 19 Simon Place, St Helier 20/Feb/1926 10/Apr/1926 D/Y/A/86/52
Muscroft Waldron of 7, Hunt Street, Lock Lane, Castleford, West Yorkshire 26/Feb/1976 26/Feb/1976 D/Y/B1/236/9
Musgrave John of St Botolph, co Middlesex 13/Apr/1764 20/Nov/1766 D/Y/A/11/79
Mush Amelia St Lawrence, widow of Henry Roberts 7/Oct/1898 6/Mar/1907 D/Y/A/66/28
Musselbrook Bernard of Les Chasses Villa, Sion, St John 31/Dec/1958 5/May/1966 D/Y/B1/97/31
Musso Filippo Ponzio Castle Irwell, St Lawrence 11/Mar/1946 3/Apr/1946 D/Y/A/115/114
Musso Louisa Elvina Matilda nee Houiellebecq, widow of Philip Ponzio Musso, of Bedford, Georgetown, St Saviour 3/Oct/1952 16/Jan/1953 D/Y/B1/17/29
Mutel Jean Le ... 21/Dec/1724 31/Jul/1725 D/Y/A/5/118
Mutel Nicolas Le of St Saviour, now of St Helier 07/04/1766 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of the parish in which he is buried, 5 shillings 4/Oct/1773 D/Y/A/12/56
Mutikisna Louise Elizabeth ... 4/Jan/1895 30/Sep/1896 D/Y/A/55/88
Mutton Arthur John Williams St Helier 30/Dec/1924 1/Jun/1931 D/Y/A/91/102
Mutton Jane Alice nee Pluck, St Helier 28/Jul/1931 23/Aug/1934 D/Y/A/96/94
Mutton Louisa 13 Lempriere Street, St spinster 25/Mar/1922 4/Jan/1923 D/Y/A/83/4
Mutton Louisa Catherine nee Stratford, 43 David Place, St Helier 18/Jan/1921 14/Sep/1929 D/Y/A/89/166
Mutton Richard La Retraite, St Clements 2/Jun/1905 28/Feb/1912 D/Y/A/71/18
Mutton Richard of 1, Euroa Villa, St Aubin's Road 29/Nov/1889 20/Sep/1897 D/Y/A/56/93
Myers Emma Maud widow of Albert Reginald Ellis, of Tourville, Route de Noirmont, St Brelade 23/Mar/1970 10/Feb/1975 D/Y/B1/217/47
Myers Florence Emma Garnet of Mount Wise, La Pouquelaye, St Helier 17/Nov/1948 D/Y/A/120/69
Myers Geoffrey Edward of No 112, Victoria Avenue, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand 11/Jun/1976 10/May/1979 D/Y/B1/299/46
Myers Nellie nee Tomlinson, wife of Samuel Jack Myers, of Greenways, Vallee des Vaux, Trinity 2/Oct/1954 3/Oct/1961 D/Y/B1/65/76
Myers Samuel Jack of La Plaisanterie, St Brelade 16/Aug/1955 17/Oct/1955 D/Y/B1/32/42
Myers William Walter of Montrose, Samares, St Clement 22/Oct/1957 14/Feb/1959 D/Y/B1/53/1
Myhill Henry James of Flat 2, Ellora, Old St John's Road, St Helier 21/Apr/1961 21/Jun/1977 D/Y/B1/260/17
Myles Christopher John Barry of Robin Hood Stores, St Helier 13/Aug/1963 15/Nov/1963 D/Y/B1/76/58
Mylne Dorothy Evadne widow of William Stewart, of Mayfield, Vine Park, Beaumont, St Peter 2/Apr/1976 21/Sep/1977 D/Y/B1/266/2
Mylne Emilia of Roxobel, Colinton, Edinburgh 13/Mar/1959 26/Feb/1964 D/Y/B1/78/23
Mynors Margaret Dagmar Baskerville wife of Michael Edward Randall Lambert, of 2, Lillington Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire 26/Oct/1970 26/Oct/1970 D/Y/B1/151/19
Myrddin Sir Guildhaume -Evans, of 6, Chester Place, London 15/Aug/1963 26/Aug/1964 D/Y/B1/81/5
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