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Jersey wills index


This index to wills held by Jersey Archive now contains all wills from 1660 to 1978

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Family name Given names Details Date of will Probate date Archive index
O'Brien Michael 11/Feb/1960 D/Y/B1/58/2
O'Brien Alice Hamsol of St Helier, now of 10 Westmoreland Road, Bayswater, Middlesex, widow 24/Sep/1889 12/Nov/1892 D/Y/A/51/94
O'Brien Anne Brisbane Cottage, Beaumont, St Peter, widow of Michael O'Neil 19/04/1902 Desires to be buried in the Roman Catholic portion of Almorah Cemetery 11/Jan/1906 D/Y/A/65/5
O'Brien Bryan Justin of Nunez-de-Arce 4, Piso 2, Las Palmas, Canary Islands and formerly of The Travellers Club, Pall Mall, London 31/Oct/1969 10/Apr/1979 D/Y/B1/298/8
O'Brien Edward Patrick known as Edward Patrick Curtin, of 47, Clarence Court, St Helier 28/May/1980 28/May/1980 D/Y/B1/323/35
O'Brien Elizabeth Mary of Claremont House, St Helier, spinster 10/02/1868 Bequeaths to Ellen Jane O'Brien £500 to be spent for the benefit of the poor 3/Apr/1868 D/Y/A/34/25
O'Brien Emily widow 29/Sep/1855 7/Dec/1855 D/Y/A/28/152
O'Brien Gundrede Mary Gwendoline described in her last will and testament as Gunrede Mary Gwendoline Russell, widow of Richard Russell, of The Moorings, Lewaigue, Maughold, Isle of Man 20/Oct/1969 3/Aug/1971 D/Y/B1/162/37
O'Brien Marion widow of Albert Edward Martin, of La Falaise, Gorey Hill, St Martin and formerly of Wrentham Hall, St Martin 12/Nov/1953 22/Dec/1975 D/Y/B1/232/52
O'Brien Mary Millicent -Butler, nee Weatherston, widow of Pierce Essex O'Brien-Butler, of Bansha, Plat Douet Road, St Clement 9/Feb/1955 27/Jul/1960 D/Y/B1/60/32
O'Brien Matthew Clerk, Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Military Academy of Woolwich, co Kent 23/May/1855 31/Aug/1855 D/Y/A/28/139
O'Brien Michael of 24, Belmont Road, St Helier 26/Jun/1948 19/Oct/1957 D/Y/B1/44/34
O'Brien Patricia Sarah wife of Robert Alan Reid Paton, of Villa Skala, Mont Felard, St Lawrence and formerly of Maison des Murs, St Lawrence 19/Jan/1971 19/May/1976 D/Y/B1/240/13
O'Brien Patrick Lieutenant on the retired list of the 12th Royal Veteran Battalion 27/Sep/1835 13/Feb/1836 D/Y/A/23/81
O'Brien Pierce Essex -Butler, of Bansha, Plat Douet Road, St Clement, barrister and formerly His Britannic Majesty's Consul General at Mukden in the Republic of China Bequeaths to his wife Mary Millicent O'Brien-Butler, his aforesaid house Bansha 4/Oct/1945 12/Jan/1955 D/Y/B1/28/5
O'Brien Winter 7 Green Street, St Helier 31/Jan/1938 22/Jan/1941 D/Y/A/107/114
O'Callaghan Denis of 281, Le Marais, St Clement 22/Apr/1975 22/Apr/1975 D/Y/B1/221/25
O'Callaghan Irene Josephine wife of John Tunstall, of Park Hill Cottage, Burnham Road, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire 14/Dec/1977 16/Aug/1978 D/Y/B1/284/31
O'Connell Gertrude nee Mendez, daughter of Theodore Septimus Gonzales Mendez and widow of Richard John O'Connell, of Como, The Avenue, Greve d'Azette, St Clement Bequeaths to Richard John O'Connell, the aforesaid house Como 9/Dec/1952 3/Sep/1954 D/Y/B1/26/23
O'Connell Richard John Arona, Bellozanne Road, Major, RAF 4/Mar/1916 21/Dec/1945 D/Y/A/114/187
O'Connell Timothy of No 1, Kendal Place, Gorey Village, Grouville 22/Jun/1978 22/Jun/1978 D/Y/B1/281/29
O'Connor Bryan Victor of The Cottage, St Martin and formerly of The Briery, St Martin 11/Apr/1963 4/Sep/1968 D/Y/B1/124/2
O'Connor Daniel 7 Mornington Terrace, London Road, Portsmouth, Captain, retired 18/May/1909 23/Mar/1926 D/Y/A/86/41
O'Connor Hilda Mary otherwise Connor, wife of James Tertius Spencer, also known as Hilda Connor or Hylda Connor, of 6, Undercliff House, Queen's Road, St Helier and formerly of 9, Beaulieu Court, St Peter 12/Jun/1970 18/Oct/1977 D/Y/B1/267/16
O'Connor Hugh Mansfield of No 4, Cavendish Crescent, Bath, Avon 26/Aug/1976 30/Apr/1979 D/Y/B1/299/3
O'Connor James Myles of 36, Fovant Crescent, Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire 8/Sep/1980 8/Sep/1980 D/Y/B1/330/16
O'Connor Jeremiah The Limes, Green Street, St Helier 5/09/1931 Bequeaths to the Mother Superior of The Limes £50; residue of personal estate to the Rector of St Thomas' Roman Catholic Church for the benefit of Roman Catholic Indigent Orphans in Jersey 22/Sep/1931 D/Y/A/92/12
O'Connor John 2 Silvertide, Havre des Pas, St Helier, formerly of His Majesty's Service 17/10/1941 Desires a Roman Catholic funeral Bequeaths to Violet Norah Desmond Irig his long service medal with J O'Connor on the back and a silver medal for services rendered in the Great War 2/Apr/1943 D/Y/A/110/103
O'Connor William Leslie Maurice of The Spinney, Ware Road, Hertford, Hertfordshire Bequeaths to Brendan William O'Connor, his guns made by Mabillon of Brussels 5/Feb/1949 15/Jul/1959 D/Y/B1/55/36
O'Connor William Thomas 36 Poonah Road, St Helier 19/Dec/1933 28/Oct/1942 D/Y/A/110/12
O'Connor William Thomas ... 7/May/1903 3/Jun/1903 D/Y/A/62/69
O'Doherty Gerard Hilliard of Moyfen, Summerhill, County Meath, Republic of Ireland 13/Apr/1971 13/Apr/1971 D/Y/B1/157/32
O'Donnell Mary Kathleen widow of Alan Gardner Dalgliesh, of La Lourderie, La Rocque, Grouville 7/Feb/1973 7/Feb/1973 D/Y/B1/186/5
O'Donoghue Patrick of 21, Union Street and 6, Le Geyt Street, St Helier 26/Jan/1891 24/Nov/1898 D/Y/A/57/95
O'Dow Francis John d 18/Feb/1939 13/May/1949 D/Y/B1/1/88
O'Dwyer Anne Helen Hope widow of Humphrey Woodland Toms, of Flat 11, Regency House, St Helier 6/May/1965 20/Apr/1967 D/Y/B1/107/27
O'Farrel Ignatius McDonough 69 New St John's Road, St Helier, Brigade Surgeon, Lieutenant Colonel, retired, of HM Indian Army 10/Nov/1922 13/Mar/1925 D/Y/A/85/49
O'Flanagan Lena of 4, David Place, St Helier 19/Jan/1943 28/Dec/1955 D/Y/B1/33/37
O'Hanlon Annie nee Bennett, of Waverley, 27, Seafield Avenue, Millbrook Bequeaths to John Francis Hanlon, the property known as 77, St Mark's Road, St Helier; to Hugh Noel Hanlon, the property known as 40, Clearview Street, St Helier 16/Jan/1953 22/Feb/1964 D/Y/B1/78/14
O'Hara Patricia Philomena divorced wife of Douglas George Hamelin, of La Mielle du Sud, Petite Route des Mielles, St Brelade 2/Mar/1978 2/Mar/1978 D/Y/B1/274/48
O'Hare James of Flat 1, 13, Don Crescent, St Helier 24/Jun/1980 24/Jun/1980 D/Y/B1/325/18
O'Henry Edward of Fin de L'Arc-en-Ciel, La Mare, Samares, St Clement 20/Mar/1969 27/Aug/1970 D/Y/B1/148/49
O'Leary Irene Jane widow of Gerald Friedman Carne, of No 179, Oatlands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey 12/Jun/1977 23/Aug/1978 D/Y/B1/285/5
O'Meara Charles Albert Edmund Beaconsfield, St Peter, late a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army 19/Jun/1922 29/Jan/1923 D/Y/A/83/22
O'Meara Louisa Mary nee Cullen, of La Vieille Demeure, Beaumont, St Peter 13/Feb/1953 28/Oct/1963 D/Y/B1/76/38
O'Neil Albert James of Portswood, Route des Genets, St Brelade 27/Sep/1969 27/Sep/1969 D/Y/B1/136/44
O'Neil Mary 23 Seaton Place, St Helier, spinster 4/11/1924 Bequeaths to The Little Sisters of the Poor £30 6/Sep/1935 D/Y/A/98/5
O'Neill Bernard Charles a native of St Brelade, of Loelin, Cleveland Road, St Helier 28/Feb/1966 21/Jun/1966 D/Y/B1/98/34
O'Neill Eileen Maude of St Augustine's Home, New St John's Road, St Helier and formerly of 2, Hautbois Villas, Bellozanne Road, St Helier 16/Jan/1974 17/Nov/1977 D/Y/B1/269/11
O'Neill Patrick Laurence of Blackrath Gate, Ballytore, County Kildare, Republic of Ireland 3/Dec/1974 3/May/1976 D/Y/B1/239/10
O'Neill Thomas Bernard Surrey House, St Aubin, St Brelade 16/Jul/1904 4/Apr/1921 D/Y/A/81/47
O'Regan James Francis of St Anthony, 7, Neville Holt, St Martin and formerly of Electricity House, St Martin 26/May/1966 5/Apr/1977 D/Y/B1/256/27
O'Reilly Mary widow of Harold Morgan, of Gerann Guest House, St Clement 22/Jan/1980 22/Jan/1980 D/Y/B1/313/29
O'Ryan Catherine Eleanor 6 St Saviours Crescent, St Helier, spinster 28/10/1936 Bequeaths to the Priest of St Mary and St Peters Roman Catholic Church 25 shillings to say five masses for the repose of her soul; to the Vincent de Paul Society of St Mary and St Peters £2 15/Apr/1937 D/Y/A/100/79
O'Shea Edith Mary 15 Berkeley Road, Crouch End, London 12/May/1921 15/Dec/1933 D/Y/A/95/62
O'Sullivan Arthur Adrian of Le Petit Mont, Val de la Mare, St Ouen 23/Jun/1969 9/Apr/1973 D/Y/B1/188/47
O'Sullivan Nora Teresa wife of Henry Gill, of Braecott, Bellozanne Road, St Helier 25/Oct/1971 25/Oct/1971 D/Y/B1/165/49
Oades Lily Kathleen Maude of The Conifirs, Mont du Ouaisne, St Brelade 15/Sep/1947 28/Nov/1951 D/Y/B1/12/9
Oakden Harry of No 158, Teak Drive, Northcliff Extension 2, 2195 Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa 29/Jun/1973 6/Oct/1978 D/Y/B1/287/11
Oakley Albert Edward of Almagret, Tabor Lane, St Brelade, formerly of 43, Iddesleigh Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire 13/Mar/1943 23/Jul/1957 D/Y/B1/43/12
Oakley Edward Charles of Cultra, 69, Crescent Road, Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire 31/Mar/1958 25/Jul/1973 D/Y/B1/193/25
Oakley Mildred Anne widow of Adolphus Hunt, of Pleasant View, Samares, St Clement 5/Dec/1956 24/Apr/1968 D/Y/B1/119/18
Oates George Henry ... 2/Dec/1918 14/Dec/1926 D/Y/A/86/152
Oates Janet Lyalla widow of John Bass, of Flat 7, Earls Court, Mont Millais, St Helier 17/Sep/1979 15/Nov/1979 D/Y/B1/309/28
Oatley Arthur Frederick of Wilton Lodge, 36, Wergs Road, Tettenhall, near Wolverhampton, Staffordshire 3/Aug/1966 23/Nov/1967 D/Y/B1/113/58
Oatley John of St Helier 24/07/1884 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade 10 shillings 20/Feb/1900 D/Y/A/59/38
Obbard Edward Owen a Commander in HM Royal Navy 15/Jul/1943 2/Apr/1951 D/Y/B1/9/8
Obbard Jane Margaret wife of William Albert Vivian, of 44, Clearview Street, St Helier 9/Nov/1953 7/May/1975 D/Y/B1/222/20
Obbard Maud Ellen nee Hawkins, widow of Owen James Obbard, of 17, Clarendon Road, St Helier 5/Mar/1952 28/Nov/1952 D/Y/B1/16/50
Obbard Owen James Yarcombe, 17 Clarendon Road, Lieutenant Colonel in His Majesty's Indian Army, retired 19/Jan/1934 10/Aug/1938 D/Y/A/103/31
Obott Alice nee Banks 21/Dec/1971 D/Y/B1/168/30
Obott Freda Mary of Sandybrook Hospital, Grouville Annexe, Grouville and formerly of Hill End, Beaumont, St Peter 26/Aug/1952 24/May/1973 D/Y/B1/190/53
Obott Leslie George of Costa Rica, St Lawrence and formerly of Hill End, Beaumont, St Peter 17/Jan/1966 23/Aug/1971 D/Y/B1/163/20
Obott Reginald John Bruno merchant, 26 Wellington Road, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, Middlesex 7/Feb/1919 25/Oct/1939 D/Y/A/105/80
Oddie Helena Simmoneaux nee Thelland, widow of Walter Thellusson Oddie, of Formosa, 12, Southlands, Green Road, St Clement 7/Nov/1957 27/May/1966 D/Y/B1/98/9
Oddie Walter Thellusson of Formosa, 12, Southlands, Green Road, St Clement, formerly of 12, Clarendon Road, St Helier and 15, Trinity Road, St Helier 5/Mar/1931 22/Apr/1958 D/Y/B1/47/61
Oddy Jennie widow of John William Briggs, of 1, Mont Pinel Court, St Helier 10/Mar/1971 19/Nov/1973 D/Y/B1/197/41
Odell Ellen Rebecca widow of Walter Stephen Dingle, of Sandybrook Hospital, St Peter and formerly of Glanville Nursing Home, St Mark's Road, St Helier 15/Sep/1972 24/Nov/1975 D/Y/B1/231/35
Odgers Hugh Geoffrey of Flat 8, 25, de Vere Gardens, London and formerly of Motts Hill, Walton-on-the-Hill, Tadworth, Surrey 3/Nov/1944 5/Sep/1973 D/Y/B1/194/37
Oeillet Guillaume Joseph Mathurin of 17, Sand Street, St Helier 20/Jan/1923 21/Sep/1956 D/Y/B1/37/43
Offenbach Raphael of Le Chalet Vert, Pont Marquet, St Brelade 2/Apr/1969 25/May/1978 D/Y/B1/279/43
Offer Walter of 44, Sandy Lane, Bramcote, Nottinghamshire 9/Jun/1975 9/Jun/1975 D/Y/B1/223/48
Ogden Edith Eliza of St Andrews House Hotel, Worcester Road, Droitwich, Worcestershire 13/Mar/1964 16/Jan/1967 D/Y/B1/104/15
Ogden Muriel of 5 [called 3 in the will], Broadway, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire 22/Sep/1960 11/Jan/1966 D/Y/B1/93/35
Ogier Hilda Harriet Mary care of Miss Bridle, White Lodge, Grosvenor Street, St Helier 12/May/1969 8/Jul/1974 D/Y/B1/207/39
Ogier Kathleen Irene widow of John Hunter Armitage, of Glanville, St Mark's Road, St Helier 31/Oct/1977 21/Sep/1978 D/Y/B1/286/23
Ogier Leonce l'Hermitte Clarendon Villa, No 29 Clarendon Road, St Helier 25/04/1928 Bequeaths to Kenneth Noel Ogier his order as an Officer (Military Division) of The British Empire when prisoner in the German Prison in Jersey 15/Sep/1943 D/Y/A/111/60
Ogier Louisa Matilda widow of Francis Hazzard Voisin, of 15, Midvale Road, St Helier 30/Dec/1964 7/Nov/1974 D/Y/B1/213/25
Ogier Maud Lillie of Glanville, St Mark's Road, St Helier and formerly of St Martin 15/Jan/1973 22/Jan/1976 D/Y/B1/234/19
Ogier Nellie Beatrice of 5, Norfolk Terrace, St Helier 22/Jan/1959 22/Aug/1962 D/Y/B1/70/35
Ogier Richard Lermitte of 30, Frognal, Hampstead, London 14/Oct/1966 14/Oct/1966 D/Y/B1/101/26
Ogier William John 31 Stopford Road, St Helier 13/08/1927 Desires to be buried in St Saviours Cemetery Bequeaths 35 to the Rector of St Saviours for the poor 22/Jan/1929 D/Y/A/89/15
Ogilvie Ian Farquhar of 64, Countesswells Road, Aberdeen, Scotland and formerly of 18, Raeden Park Road, Aberdeen 21/Oct/1969 14/Aug/1974 D/Y/B1/209/37
Ogilvy Mary Rokeby -Spence, of the city of Nassau, on the island of New Providence 20/Oct/1954 16/Jan/1956 D/Y/B1/33/61
Ogilvy Moir -Spence, late of the city of Nassau on the island of New Providence Bequeaths to the Sisters of Mercy of St Joseph's Infirmary and Training School for Nurses of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, £100 20/Jun/1947 31/Jan/1952 D/Y/B1/13/8
Ogle Caroline Sophia of Leeds, Yorkshire, now of St Aubin, spinster 28/Apr/1883 3/Nov/1887 D/Y/A/46/123
Ogle Elise Daphne wife of Stuart Clarence Blair Hickman, of Les Hirondelles, Samares, St Clement Desires to be buried in St Clement's Parish Churchyard and to have a memorial with a suitable inscription 27/Aug/1957 6/Feb/1962 D/Y/B1/67/61
Ogle Paul Dennis of Les Hirondelles, Samares, St Clement 20/Sep/1948 9/Jun/1956 D/Y/B1/36/11
Ohlsson Elizabeth Balfour nee Symington, of Delmar, Bel Royal, St Lawrence 26/Apr/1963 12/Oct/1963 D/Y/B1/76/25
Ohlsson Olof Axel of Flat 4, Eversley, Grove Avenue, Claremont, Cape Province Desires to be buried in the same grave of his late wife Ethel Temple Ohlsson in the private cemetery of the farm known as Granta in the District of Komgha, Cape Province 2/Apr/1953 6/Apr/1954 D/Y/B1/24/10
Oldbury Isaiah of St Clement 6/Mar/1945 5/Nov/1948 D/Y/A/120/61
Oldfield Vera Evelyn widow of Phineas John Ryrie Oldfield, Lieutenant, Pioneer Corps, of 43, Wendover Road, Aylesbury, Bucks 7/Mar/1946 21/Sep/1960 D/Y/B1/60/79
Oldham Henry Russell of Elsted, Fauvic, Grouville 20/Aug/1964 18/Dec/1968 D/Y/B1/127/16
Oldham Joseph Stransham Major, of 3, Beaufort Square, Greve d'Azette, St Clement and formerly care of National Provincial Bank Limited, 11, Royal Square, St Helier 21/Jan/1966 15/Mar/1966 D/Y/B1/96/3
Oldham Reginald d'Oyly Of Greyfriars, Hitchin, Hertfordshire 5/Jul/1969 25/Jul/1972 D/Y/B1/177/47
Oldmixon John William of 'Bifroni', St Helier and 10, Onslow Crescent, South Kensington, London, Commander in the Royal Navy 21/11/1868 Bequeaths to George Scott Oldmixon 'Bifroni', St Helier, to the Newport Ragged School, London £200, to the Royal Female Naval School, Isleworth £100 6/May/1869 D/Y/A/34/100
Oldreive Walter James 6 St Marks Road, St Helier 25/01/1943 Appointment of a temporary executor 26/Apr/1943 9/Aug/1944 D/Y/A/112/157
Oldridge Edwin St Helier 12/Jun/1908 29/Jan/1909 D/Y/A/68/8
Oldridge Herbert Albert of Karoa, Bel Royal, St Lawrence 3/Nov/1953 22/Dec/1969 D/Y/B1/140/10
Oldridge Issac Alexander Jersey Savings Bank, New Street, St Helier 6/Jan/1926 16/Jan/1926 D/Y/A/86/12
Oldridge James Cory of Outspan, Victoria Avenue, St Helier 25/Aug/1953 20/Jul/1962 D/Y/B1/70/11
Oldridge Susanna Jane of 5, Temple Villas, Stopford Road, St Helier 2/Mar/1965 2/Mar/1965 D/Y/B1/84/42
Olerenshaw James of Stockport, Co Chester, then Old Trafford, near Manchester, Co Lancaster, now of Font Hill, Jersey, 17/05/1877 Bequeaths to the Stockport Infirmary £2000, to the Stockport Blind, Deaf and Dumb Institution £2000+, to the Manchester Blind, Deaf and Dumb Institution £2000 8/Feb/1879 D/Y/A/40/90
Oliver Cuthbert Jack of 1, Hillside Avenue, Worthing, Sussex 29/Jan/1959 28/May/1969 D/Y/B1/132/43
Oliver Daniel of Regent Villa, St Helier, 6/Sep/1877 21/May/1878 D/Y/A/40/37
Oliver Edgar Powis of Hinemoa, New Zealand Avenue, St Saviour Desires to be cremated 4/Dec/1953 23/May/1962 D/Y/B1/69/30
Oliver Evelyn Norah of No 151, Brantley Avenue, Finchfield, Wolverhampton, West Midlands 28/Sep/1971 22/Nov/1978 D/Y/B1/289/40
Oliver Francis Herbert of Wainui, Park Estate, St Brelade 21/Jun/1957 17/Jun/1958 D/Y/B1/49/1
Oliver Frank 1 Marine Terrace, St Clement 30/Nov/1927 2/Aug/1929 D/Y/A/89/142
Oliver Frederick Noel Langford of Le Royal, 13, Boulevard de Suisse, Monte Carlo, Monaco 17/Jun/1971 16/Oct/1975 D/Y/B1/230/6
Oliver George Patrick of 11, Darnford Close, Parkside, Stafford and formerly of 42, Brook Glen Road, Rising Brook, Stafford 25/Sep/1957 19/Nov/1971 D/Y/B1/167/17
Oliver Grace Eileen widow of John Sutton Corah, of Maison de Ville, Upper Clarendon Road, St Helier 26/Oct/1973 9/Mar/1979 D/Y/B1/296/1
Oliver Robert Millar of El Ain, Great Easton, Essex and formerly of 145, Broomhill Drive, Glasgow, Scotland 14/Sep/1970 7/May/1971 D/Y/B1/158/42
Oliver Rodney Charles Douglas of 47, Elizabeth Avenue, St Brelade 11/Oct/1963 8/May/1970 D/Y/B1/145/14
Oliver Sarah Jane La Maisonette, St Peter, widow of James William Ashe 15/Aug/1908 31/Jan/1920 D/Y/A/80/15
Oliver Thomas Gordon of 3, Cowdray Drive, Route de Noirmont, St Brelade, bank official 1/Feb/1957 27/Jan/1961 D/Y/B1/62/64
Oliver Wilfred of San Fernando Calle E, Number 9, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands 8/Aug/1972 20/Nov/1973 D/Y/B1/197/47
Olivo Jean Marie also known as Jean Cyr Olivo and as Jean Olivo, of St Augustine's Home, New St John's Road, St Helier and formerly of Mon Desir, Route des Quennevais, St Brelade 29/Jun/1970 13/Nov/1973 D/Y/B1/197/25
Olivry Jean Marie of Clear View, Trinity 9/Nov/1946 24/May/1949 D/Y/B1/1/90
Ollerhead Thomas Anthony otherwise Thomas Ollerhead, of 27, High Street, Metheringham, Lincolnshire 4/Jun/1974 20/Mar/1975 D/Y/B1/219/39
Ollivier Ada Jane daughter of George, wife of Henry Charles Theron Campion, of St Helier 5/Apr/1921 8/Aug/1955 D/Y/B1/31/51
Ollivier Anne Cobourg House, Trinity 3/Oct/1896 25/Aug/1906 D/Y/A/65/79
Ollivier Charles Marie Vingtaine de la Ville l'Eveque, Trinity 24/Nov/1917 7/Jul/1923 D/Y/A/83/80
Ollivier Esther Elizabeth 20 Belmont Road, St Helier 20/01/1905 Desires to be buried in the new cemetery at St John 28/Nov/1923 D/Y/A/83/145
Ollivier Frederick 1 Charing Cross, St Helier Bequeaths to the Fonds du Reconnaissance of the Grove Place Circuit of the Methodist Church £5 18/Oct/1935 D/Y/A/98/24
Ollivier George of St John 27/12/1819 Bequeaths to the poor of St John, £6 of French currency 5/Feb/1820 D/Y/A/19/31
Ollivier Gladys Ena widow of Walter Alexandre Thomas, of Moascar, St Brelade 1/Mar/1960 27/Jul/1972 D/Y/B1/178/3
Ollivier Henrietta Susanna widow of Alfred John Potier, of Glenrest, Spring Gove, St Lawrence 15/Sep/1954 24/Feb/1955 D/Y/B1/28/48
Ollivier Olga Lorraine divorced wife of Bernard Joseph O'Connor, of 6, Parkinson Drive, St Lawrence 14/May/1980 14/May/1980 D/Y/B1/322/37
Ollivier Robert George of La Vieille Maison, St Brelade 24/Nov/1954 23/Mar/1959 D/Y/B1/53/54
Ollivier Thomas Amice St Lawrence, now of St Helier 24/Jan/1895 3/Jul/1895 D/Y/A/54/67
Ollivier Timothy Cobourg House, Trinity, school master 18/Feb/1905 16/Sep/1927 D/Y/A/87/131
Ollivro Eugenie Frances widow of Reginald Rumsey, of 16, Vauxhall Street, St Helier 30/Jul/1970 10/Nov/1971 D/Y/B1/166/27
Olsen John Lewis Roseleigh, Beaumont 15/Apr/1903 11/May/1903 D/Y/A/62/59
Olsen Julius Harold Oscar Charles 19 Belmont Road, St Helier 4/Apr/1944 26/Jul/1944 D/Y/A/112/147
Olver Ainslie Reginald of Thalassa, La Rocque, St Clement 19/Dec/1967 19/Dec/1967 D/Y/B1/114/35
Olver Henry of 13, School Estate, St Peter and formerly of Churchtown Cottage, St Pinnock, Liskeard, Cornwall 9/Jul/1976 5/Aug/1980 D/Y/B1/328/6
Olver William Reginald of Oratava, Patier Lane, St Saviour 18/Oct/1967 4/Jun/1970 D/Y/B1/146/8
Omnes Albertine Marie wife of Pierre Marie Trehorel, of 9/10, Samares Manor Close, Samares, St Clement 12/07/1966-Cancelled-will found and proved 29/Jan/1968 12/Jul/1966 D/Y/B1/99/17
Omnes Marie Albertine wife of Pierre Marie Trehorel, of 9, Manor Close, Samares, St Clement and formerly of Belle Vue, St Brelade 15/Jan/1951 29/Jan/1968 D/Y/B1/116/6
Omnes Natalie Francoise 4 Lempriere Street, St Helier 25/May/1943 28/Jul/1943 D/Y/A/111/37
Openshaw Mary Dawson/Dawson 2 St Lawrence Houses, Millbrook, St Lawrence, spinster 19/10/1898 Bequeaths to Dr Barnardos Home £25; to the Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals £25 12/Sep/1905 D/Y/A/64/78
Oppenheimer Olga widow of Mortimer Epstein, of 14, Brondesbury Park, London 13/Feb/1970 30/Jun/1972 D/Y/B1/176/45
Oram Anna Maria widow of John Edwin Pinel, of Belle Plage, First Tower, St Helier 12/Mar/1945 25/Feb/1954 D/Y/B1/23/25
Orange Beatrice of Beaumont, Clayton Road, Freshwater, Isle of Wight 24/Jun/1957 17/Mar/1960 D/Y/B1/58/45
Orange Clifford of Westlands, St Brelade 2/Apr/1965 2/Mar/1979 D/Y/B1/295/27
Orange Daniel of St Brelade 17/03/1876 Bequeaths the residue of his goods to St Aubin's hospital 2/Jan/1878 D/Y/A/40/1
Orange Edgar of Westlands, St Brelade 23/Sep/1975 26/Jan/1979 D/Y/B1/292/42
Orange Edouard ... 21/Jun/1739 27/Dec/1740 D/Y/A/7/32
Orange Edouard of St Brelade 09/02/1889 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade £20, to the Jersey Female Orphans Home £100, to the Jersey General Dispensary, Sustentation Fund (Dispensary) and Home for Infirm & Aged Women £20 each 21/Feb/1898 D/Y/A/57/22
Orange Edward of St Brelade 08/03/1825 Desires to be buried in St Brelade's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade, £24 of the order of the King 4/Jun/1845 D/Y/A/26/22
Orange Edwin George Weston The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, Sourabaya 16/Jul/1910 10/Nov/1910 D/Y/A/69/94
Orange Elizabeth Elmwood, St Lawrence, widow 15/Sep/1909 3/May/1921 D/Y/A/81/62
Orange George of St Helier 20/04/1870 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade and St Helier £10 each 8/Mar/1871 D/Y/A/35/101
Orange Jean of St Brelade 6/Feb/1676 12/Feb/1676 D/Y/A/1/12
Orange John Herbert St Brelades 15/08/1930 Bequeaths to the Trustees of St Brelades Hospital St Aubin's Hospital? £200 3 1/2 per cent War Loan's of £100 each to Elizabeth House, The Home for Infirm & Aged Women, The Salvation Army, The Church Army, Brig-y-Don and the Benefit Society for Jersey Merchant Seamen £50 each to the Jersey Blind Society, The Mildmay Movement of The National House, London and Dr Barnados Homes 26/Jun/1946 D/Y/A/116/54
Orange Louise of St Helier, widow of Francois Edouard Luce : 11/05/1877 Bequeaths to the poor of St Lawrence £4 15/Nov/1883 D/Y/A/43/86
Orange Marguerite of St Brelade 03/03/1859 Desires to be buried in St Peter's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Peter, 5s 5/May/1860 D/Y/A/30/53
Orange Marie ... 12/Mar/1762 D/Y/A/10/89
Orange Marie of St Brelade, widow of Edouard Le Boutillier Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade, £30 tournois of the order of the King , to Susanne Messervy, her niece, wife of Philippe Le Feuvre, £400 sterling in 3% consoli funds in England - makes further bequests of stock 17/Oct/1786 D/Y/A/14/117
Orange Marie of St Brelade, widow of Jean Herault 29/07/1849 Bequeaths to the poor of St Brelade, £20 26/May/1859 D/Y/A/29/133
Orange May of Quatre Vents, Park Estate, St Brelade 26/Aug/1971 28/Feb/1975 D/Y/B1/218/41
Ordinaire Maxwell Claude described in his last will and testament as Maxwell Claud Ordinaire, of Nitchevo, Wellington Road, St Saviour 27/Apr/1970 5/Jul/1973 D/Y/B1/192/39
Ordinaire Victor Claude St Helier 4/Jul/1891 20/May/1920 D/Y/A/80/67
Ordish Stanley Thomas son of George, of Centra House, St Marks Road, St Helier Bequeaths to his wife, Anna Josephine Routier, the property known as 22 Dorset Street, St Helier 24/May/1924 25/Apr/1950 D/Y/B1/5/15
Orenge Andrie ... 29/Oct/1669 19/Mar/1670 D/Y/A/3/20
Orgill Richard William of Norfolk Villa, Millbrook, St Lawrence 29/Aug/1975 29/Aug/1975 D/Y/B1/227/40
Orledge Cecil James of Hillcote, Common Road, Wincanton, Somerset 21/Feb/1973 15/Jan/1976 D/Y/B1/233/51
Ormandy Nora Lindley of Springbank Nursing Home, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier and formerly of Seabright Nursing Home, Gorey, St Martin 14/Jul/1978 28/Nov/1979 D/Y/B1/310/21
Orme Arthur Stanley of 9, Leigh Park, Lymington, Hampshire 4/May/1977 16/Jul/1980 D/Y/B1/326/40
Orsato John Thomas of St Helier 3/Apr/1882 20/Oct/1896 D/Y/A/55/93
Orth Robert Charles of La Cible, Rozel, St Martin and formerly of No 108, Butler Road, Harrow, Middlesex 2/Oct/1946 26/Sep/1979 D/Y/B1/306/34
Orton James William Ernest of 96, Lozells Street, Lozells, Birmingham 10/Jan/1952 18/May/1965 D/Y/B1/86/48
Orvis Maude Violet s 16/Jun/1959 D/Y/B1/55/14
Orviss John Walter Grosvenor Lodge, St Helier 6/Sep/1917 18/Feb/1918 D/Y/A/77/81
Orviss Maude Violet widow of Harry Lewis Preston, wife of Harold Sidney Turner 11/Dec/1936 27/Jan/1939 D/Y/A/104/23
Orviss William of St Brelade : 22/Sep/1875 5/Apr/1888 D/Y/A/47/26
Osborn Albert Simon Joseph of Carlton House, Bagot, St Saviour 4/Mar/1947 28/May/1958 D/Y/B1/48/39
Osborn Nellie Louisa Bradshaw or also known as Nelly L Shepherd, widow of Harold George Candle-Walker, of 44, Don Street, St Helier 12/Sep/1968 16/Feb/1972 D/Y/B1/170/52
Osborn Thomas of 1, Melrose Place, St Helier, 24/Feb/1865 20/Nov/1865 D/Y/A/32/133
Osborne Alfred Walter Hardoi, Oudh, India 12/Mar/1901 9/Mar/1918 D/Y/A/77/91
Osborne Amy widow of Kenneth Edward McKenzie, of Langford, Mont Millais, St Helier 7/Dec/1961 19/Aug/1975 D/Y/B1/227/13
Osborne Ann 36 Roseville Street, St Helier, widow Kelling 24/Mar/1925 3/May/1926 D/Y/A/86/64
Osborne Blanche Eugenie formerly of 37, Clausentum Road, Southampton and now of 37, Ann Street, St Helier 23/Mar/1948 10/Aug/1951 D/Y/B1/11/10
Osborne Bruce William of 74, Howard Road, Queens Park, Bournemouth 24/Mar/1959 6/Jan/1961 D/Y/B1/62/29
Osborne Ethel Maud of Flat 2, Rockwood, Mont Cochon, St Helier 15/Jan/1963 29/Jan/1965 D/Y/B1/83/50
Osborne Frances D'Arcy Godolphin Twelfth Duke of Leeds, of 66, Via Guilia, Rome, Italy 2/Oct/1962 9/Aug/1965 D/Y/B1/89/1
Osborne Francis Paget of Hamptonne, St Clement and formerly of St Brelade 10/Nov/1959 28/Sep/1971 D/Y/B1/164/51
Osborne Henry George of 2, Colomberie Close, St Helier 11/Nov/1960 19/Dec/1963 D/Y/B1/77/19
Osborne Irene Augustine Eulalie nee Van-Humbeeck, 14 The Terrace, Grosvenor Street, St Helier, widow 7/02/1947 Desires to be cremated 30/Apr/1947 D/Y/A/117/116
Osborne Jean/John ... 13/Oct/1680 25/Oct/1680 D/Y/A/1/24
Osborne John of High Scalesceugh, Carleton, Carlisle, Cumbria 31/Jul/1979 31/Jul/1979 D/Y/B1/304/27
Osborne John Charles of 55, Elizabeth Avenue, St Brelade 11/Aug/1971 29/Aug/1973 D/Y/B1/194/23
Osborne Robert Edward -Smith, of Bulwark House, St Aubin, St Brelade 2/Jul/1948 21/Dec/1972 D/Y/B1/184/20
Osborne Rosaline Kate Clifton, St Aubins Road, St Helier 30/07/1936 Desires to be buried in the grave which she owns in the cemetery at St Saviours 1 booklet, 1 paper; seal 5/Sep/1945 D/Y/A/114/60
Osborne the most noble John Francis Godolphin Eleventh Duke of Leeds, of Melbourne House, St John 26/Jul/1961 13/Sep/1966 D/Y/B1/100/34
Osbourne George ... 2/Aug/1879 1/Dec/1880 D/Y/A/41/67
Osgodby Mary widow of Basil Charles Naish, divorced wife of John Hopwood and wife of Walter White, of 29, Pimley Close, Queen's Road, St Helier 7/Feb/1980 1/May/1980 D/Y/B1/321/51
Osmand James Spencer of 5, Common Lane, St Helier 18/Nov/1971 18/Nov/1971 D/Y/B1/167/12
Osmaston Bertram Hutchinson of Valley Farm, Rozel, St Martin 19/Feb/1969 11/Sep/1975 D/Y/B1/228/20
Osment Edwin Henry of St Anne's, Roseville Street, St Helier 10/Feb/1943 16/Jun/1953 D/Y/B1/19/56
Osment Ernest Albert Britton Campbell Cottage, Upper Clarendon Road, St Helier 2/Oct/1937 12/Nov/1943 D/Y/A/111/96
Osment Ernest Richard of 3, Greenwood Villas, Roseville Street, St Helier 4/Oct/1952 6/May/1966 D/Y/B1/97/40
Osment Florence May widow of Philip James Gavey, of No 9, La Haule Court, St Aubin, St Brelade 2/Sep/1977 2/Feb/1978 D/Y/B1/273/9
Osment George Francis of Shearborne, County of Dorset, now of Haimance House, Ann Street, St Helier : 17/May/1890 7/Nov/1890 D/Y/A/49/71
Osment Henry Charles Hope 7 The Cottage, Mont Millais, St Helier, grocer 24/Jul/1928 22/Jan/1936 D/Y/A/98/64
Osment Nellie Rance widow of Leslie Gale, of Combehurst, Bridgwater Road, Winscombe, Avon, formerly of No 12, Landscape Grove, Mont Cochon, St Helier 10/Nov/1975 18/Apr/1978 D/Y/B1/277/37
Osment William Edward of 40, de Quetteville Court, Ann Street, St Helier 6/Aug/1971 6/Aug/1971 D/Y/B1/162/50
Osment William Herbert of Beverley, Green Street, journalist 7/Oct/1949 26/Mar/1952 D/Y/B1/13/54
Osmont Elisa ... 28/Sep/1926 21/Mar/1931 D/Y/A/91/55
Osmont Ellen Frances nee Gibsone, Campbell Cottage, Upper Midvale Road, St Helier 29/Nov/1944 19/Sep/1945 D/Y/A/114/77
Osmont Philip St Helier 6/Jul/1900 10/Sep/1914 D/Y/A/73/92
Osmont Sophie Elizabeth Clydeshill, Havre des Pas, St Helier, widow of Joseph Henry Randall 20/10/1926 Bequeaths to the Jersey District Nursing Association £5 4/Nov/1926 D/Y/A/86/131
Osouf Margueritte daughter of Esaye 30/Dec/1686 19/Feb/1687 D/Y/A/3/55
Ostins May wife of John Oliver Ostins, of Meadow Springs, Mill Lane, Lapworth, Warwickshire 23/Jan/1964 3/Jun/1964 D/Y/B1/80/1
Ostler Ernest Read of The Mermaid Hotel, St Peter and formerly of Clos Pipon, La Frontiere, La Haule, St Brelade 1/Nov/1970 23/May/1973 D/Y/B1/190/45
Ottley Edna Shibley of the Navy and Military Hotel, Harrington, London Desires to have a requiem mass said at a Catholic Church, does not watn to be cremated but buried wherever convenient 11/Feb/1943 10/Dec/1952 D/Y/B1/16/56
Ottley William John of 60, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier, colonel retired 18/Dec/1953 29/Apr/1954 D/Y/B1/24/29
Otway Dame Eliza Price Noble 49 Gloucester Terrace, widow 29/Sep/1899 15/Aug/1910 D/Y/A/69/68
Ouedart Louisa widow of Francis Vincent Camiot, of Tombette Cottage, St Mary 14/Jul/1969 10/Sep/1969 D/Y/B1/136/10
Ouedart Pierre Marie of The Cottage, Carrefour Selous, St Lawrence 18/May/1978 26/Jun/1978 D/Y/B1/281/35
Ouen Thomas Vibert at St 04/07/1838 Desires to be buried in St Ouen's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Ouen, 18 livres of French currency 18/Mar/1848 D/Y/A/26/135
Ouless Clarence Philip 46 New Street, St Helier 5/09/1923 Bequeaths to Leonore Jane Starck for life the properties 46 New Street and 53 New Street, St Helier Reversion of 53 New Street to Clarence Charles Ouless; reversion of 46 New Street to Pauline Jeanne Ouless 24/Jan/1927 D/Y/A/87/15
Ouless Pauline Jeanne of 46, New Street, St Helier 6/Jul/1967 20/Sep/1972 D/Y/B1/180/25
Ouless Philippe Jean of St Helier 07/05/1831 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £12 of old French currency 31/May/1831 D/Y/A/22/22
Oulton Charles Cameron Courtenay of Chale House, Chale, Isle of Wight, formerly of Killard, Nanyuki, Kenya 10/Mar/1960 31/Jul/1970 D/Y/B1/148/11
Oulton Eileen Sophie , Lloyds Bank Limited, 6, Pall Mall, London, wife of Lieutenant Colonel William Ronald Oulton 8/Nov/1947 27/Oct/1961 D/Y/B1/66/20
Oulton William Ronald of Oakenbirch, Park Estate, St Brelade 1/Dec/1965 15/Jun/1971 D/Y/B1/160/26
Ounan Sidney Albert of Alexandre House, Longueville, St Saviour, formerly of No 4, Victoria Cottage Homes, Five Oaks, St Saviour 19/May/1971 2/Feb/1978 D/Y/B1/273/12
Ouram Elizabeth La Rive Rozel, St Martin, spinster 17/Oct/1904 7/Jun/1909 D/Y/A/68/70
Ourry Anne Catherine widow of Edouard Ricard 19/06/1795 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier and St Ouen, £60 of French Currency each 2/May/1801 D/Y/A/16/42
Oury Catherine widow of Galien Camlony/Calone 24/Feb/1730 1/Feb/1732 D/Y/A/6/63
Ouseley Anthony Gore -Smith, of 11, King Street, Chester, England 16/Oct/1970 9/Nov/1972 D/Y/B1/182/41
Ovadia Lucien Isaac of The Brick House, Beauport Estate, St Brelade and formerly of Green Gates, Beauport Estate, St Brelade 26/Aug/1969 3/Jun/1970 D/Y/B1/146/4
Ovens Elizabeth Goff widow of Herbert Augustus James, of Golconda, Beaumont, St Peter 16/Mar/1965 21/May/1969 D/Y/B1/132/32
Overend Anne of Saville House, St Helier : 02/05/1884 Bequeaths to Anne Davys Malcolm a collection od Irish seaweeds called 'Pulcinia Hibernias' Codicil added bequeaths to Mary Campbell 2 volumes of Thompsons 23/Feb/1885 D/Y/A/44/102
Overzee Adriaan van also known as Adrian van Overzee, of Bon Air, St Peter, a retired tea planter Bequeaths to Anthony John Leland Junior, a set of gold coin cuff links; to Thomas Leland, a signet ring; to Wilhelmus Anthonius van Bylert Junior, a set of gold shirt studs, to Anthony John Leland Senior, a silver pencil, a large chinese plate and telescope; to Wilhelmus Anthonius van Bylert Senior, a compactum cupboard; Ethel Violet van Bylert, a pair of field glasses Desires to be cremated 20/Oct/1946 25/Sep/1951 D/Y/B1/11/34
Owen Edith Emma nee Colborn, widow of Samuel Arthur Owen, of 26, St Clement's Gardens, Greve d'Azette, St Clement Bequeaths to the Bible Churchman's Missionary Society, £100; to the British Israel World Federation, £100; to St Paul's Church, Jersey, £500; to the Christian Alliance of Women and Girls, £200 7/Aug/1954 25/Mar/1955 D/Y/B1/29/17
Owen Elizabeth nee Fixott, of St Ouen, widow of Thomas Owen : 8/Jul/1884 13/Jul/1889 D/Y/A/48/59
Owen Ellen of Coed-y-Waun, Overlea Avenue, Deganwy, Caernarvonshire, Wales 23/Jun/1950 4/Oct/1955 D/Y/B1/32/29
Owen Herbert Arthur of No 3, Deansway, Chippenham, Wiltshire 14/Jun/1962 2/Feb/1978 D/Y/B1/273/13
Owen Leonard Whitaker -Taylor, of Le Clos du Chemin, Beaumont, St Peter 11/Aug/1961 4/Aug/1976 D/Y/B1/244/19
Owen Michael David of 123, Crescent Drive, North Woodingdean, Brighton, East Sussex 26/Aug/1980 26/Aug/1980 D/Y/B1/329/20
Owen Samuel Arthur of 26, St Clement's Gardens, Greve d'Azette, St Clement 25/Mar/1947 7/Aug/1954 D/Y/B1/25/66
Owen Sidney James of 22/23, Commercial Buildings, St Helier 17/Apr/1974 20/Aug/1975 D/Y/B1/227/14
Owen Sydney George of Heathcliff, Langland Mumbles, Swansea 9/May/1933 28/Dec/1950 D/Y/B1/7/54
Owen Thomas Fraser of 10, Wighdean Court Avenue, Brighton, Sussex and formerly of Cape Town, South Africa 28/Oct/1966 16/Feb/1971 D/Y/B1/155/37
Owen William of Mount Serrat, St Helier, late in the East India House 28/Jun/1842 24/Sep/1855 D/Y/A/28/141
Owens Dora Gwendolen widow of Harry Tudor Williams, of 33, Marina Court, St Helier 16/Sep/1980 16/Sep/1980 D/Y/B1/330/42
Owens Edith of Sandybrook Hospital, St Peter and formerly of 14, Lavender Road, Farnworth, near Bolton, Lancashire 10/Jul/1943 23/Dec/1965 D/Y/B1/93/4
Owens George of La Mauve Cottage, Rondin, Trinity and formerly of 17, Robin Avenue, Sorrento, West Australia 1/May/1970 4/Apr/1973 D/Y/B1/188/38
Owens Irene widow of Herbert Fox Carter, of Northwood, La Ruette, St Martin 10/Jul/1962 24/Dec/1973 D/Y/B1/199/17
Owens John Henry Mills of 1, Elm Grove, Rhyl, Clwyd, Wales and formerly of Elwy Cottage, Princes Road, Rhuddlan, Clwyd 27/Sep/1975 21/Nov/1980 D/Y/B1/335/40
Oxenden Maud Alice Freuds, St Brelade, presently residing at Cnoc-an-Fhurain, Barcaldine, Connel, Argyll Bequeaths one half share in the property Miramar, St Brelade and a half share of the land at Portelet Bay to Nigel Vernon Oxenden 6/Feb/1946 D/Y/A/115/43
Oxenden Nigel Vernon of Four Winds, St Brelade 20/Oct/1947 12/Nov/1948 D/Y/A/120/66
Oxenden Patricia Charlotte nee Alexander, of Four Winds, Mont Gras d'Eau, St Brelade 2/May/1949 3/Jul/1964 D/Y/B1/80/24
Oxenham Reginald Thomas of 6, Netherby Court, St Peter and formerly of 60, Elizabeth Avenue, St Brelade and 1, Portelet Drive, St Brelade 20/Aug/1963 24/Sep/1976 D/Y/B1/247/9
Oxer Francis Vivian The Grange, Longueville, Grouville 17/Apr/1937 14/Jan/1948 D/Y/A/119/10
Oxland Phyllis Maud of 3880, Cadboro Bay Road, Saanich, British Columbia 24/Jun/1959 27/Feb/1964 D/Y/B1/78/27
Oxley Ronald Francis of Ischia, 5, North Drive, Holtspur, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire 16/Jul/1968 5/Mar/1970 D/Y/B1/143/1
Oxtoby Edna of PO Box 41072, Nairobi, Kenya 3/Sep/1975 25/Jul/1980 D/Y/B1/327/23
Ozanne Henry of St Mary, now of St Helier 22/02/1826 Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £32 of the order of the King 3/Jun/1826 D/Y/A/20/68
Ozanne Rachel of St Lawrence 05/03/1855 Bequeaths to the poor of St Mary , 1s to be distributed the Christmas after her decease 10/Mar/1856 D/Y/A/28/166
Ozanne William Maingay of Appletrees, Barton Mills, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and care of Lloyds Bank Limited, Cox's and Kings Branch, 6, Pall Mall, London 23/Mar/1960 4/Aug/1966 D/Y/B1/99/47
Ozard Philip George of Brickfield Dream, Bellozanne Valley, St Helier 17/Jun/1969 17/Jun/1969 D/Y/B1/133/25
Ozard Philip George of Brickfield Dream, Bellozanne Valley, St Helier 17/Jun/1970 17/Jun/1970 D/Y/B1/146/38
Ozouf Alice Louisa Hale End, Five Oaks, St Saviour 26/Sep/1933 12/Feb/1934 D/Y/A/95/113
Ozouf Anne E ... 22/Mar/1899 13/Sep/1899 D/Y/A/58/64
Ozouf Charles Auguste Aimable La Ferme, Rozel, St Martin 7/Oct/1914 19/Mar/1918 D/Y/A/77/99
Ozouf Cyril Pierre of Yuthet, Augres, Trinity 10/Feb/1967 10/Feb/1967 D/Y/B1/105/9
Ozouf Edith Alice nee Le Couilliard, widow of Ernest Amedee Ozouf, of Tip Tree House, Grouville 13/Oct/1949 18/Nov/1958 D/Y/B1/51/20
Ozouf Emmanuel Jean Fremont of St Lo d'Ourville, dept de la Manche, France, now of Francheville, Grouville 29/Sep/1883 25/Aug/1886 D/Y/A/46/21
Ozouf Ernest Amedee Tip Tree House, Vingtaine des Marais, Grouville 21/Mar/1936 26/Jan/1937 D/Y/A/100/27
Ozouf Ernest Eugene ... 31/Aug/1918 7/Nov/1918 D/Y/A/78/93
Ozouf Ethel Mary widow of Alfred Lawrence Rich, of 10, The Terrace, Grosvenor Street, St Helier 6/Jun/1972 14/Jan/1974 D/Y/B1/199/49
Ozouf Eulalie Josephine Boulivot, Grouville, widow of Jacques Charles Pierre Le Cuirot 12/Aug/1922 19/May/1926 D/Y/A/86/69
Ozouf Francis Philip of Highstead, St Saviour 2/Dec/1939 30/Jul/1951 D/Y/B1/10/57
Ozouf Francoise Leonore widow of Alfred Vilton, of Brooklea, Georgetown Park Estate and formerly of Fair View, Grouville 23/Mar/1956 3/Mar/1961 D/Y/B1/63/27
Ozouf Jean Michel Amedee Fair View, near Grouville Church 28/Aug/1915 17/Jan/1923 D/Y/A/83/17
Ozouf John James of Merryvale, Longueville Road, St Saviour 15/Jan/1955 21/May/1970 D/Y/B1/145/40
Ozouf Lilian Mary widow of John Wesley Baudains, of Woodville, Rue de Haut, Millbrook, St Lawrence 6/Feb/1974 6/Feb/1974 D/Y/B1/200/38
Ozouf Marie 36 Columbus Street, St Helier, widow 17/Sep/1908 2/Oct/1908 D/Y/A/67/91
Ozouf Mary Augustine widow of Charles Philip de Rue, of Fair View, Grouville 25/Feb/1930 4/Aug/1961 D/Y/B1/65/25
Ozouf Philip Walter of 10, Blenheim Avenue, St Saviour 30/Sep/1947 27/May/1953 D/Y/B1/19/44
Ozouf Philippe Francois Fremont St Saviour 17/Jan/1920 7/Oct/1930 D/Y/A/90/125
Ozouf Pierre Louis Emile ... 31/Jul/1914 27/Apr/1916 D/Y/A/75/62
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