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Jersey wills index


This index to wills held by Jersey Archive now contains all wills from 1660 to 1978

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Family name Given names Details Date of will Probate date Archive index
Quarmby George of Buckley Hall, Crimble, near Huddersfield, Yorkshire, 20/Oct/1896 21/Mar/1901 D/Y/A/60/16
Quarrie Edith Margaret widow of Frederick Salkeld, of St Andrew's Vicarage, First Tower, St Helier 28/Oct/1965 18/May/1967 D/Y/B1/108/21
Quarrie Herbert William of Eulah, First Tower, St Helier 2/Aug/1976 2/Aug/1976 D/Y/B1/244/11
Quarrie Richard Samuel of Eulah, Mont Cochon, St Helier 2/Aug/1971 6/Aug/1973 D/Y/B1/193/45
Quayle Cicely Frances of Palm Springs Nursing Home, Trinity Hill, St Helier and formerly of 2, Montrose Villas, Millbrook, St Lawrence 16/Jan/1962 3/Apr/1970 D/Y/B1/143/49
Quedeville Marie Dorothee Victoire 6 Metivier Lane, St Helier 28/May/1936 24/Jan/1947 D/Y/A/117/25
Queen Alfred Charles 105 Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 12/Mar/1931 5/Aug/1932 D/Y/A/93/72
Queen Doris Annie widow of Joseph Jones, of Springbank, Vallee des Vaux, St Helier 30/Nov/1978 21/May/1980 D/Y/B1/323/20
Queen Edward Alfred of Bourne Villa, 131, St Saviour's Road, St Saviour Bequeaths to Robert Joseph Jones and Aubyn Edward Jones, the goodwill and business of the printers Filleul and Queen carried out 12 and 14, New Street, St Helier 5/Jun/1962 3/Aug/1962 D/Y/B1/70/25
Queiroz Joachim Guedes de of Quinta, San Jose de Ribarmar, Alges, Lisbon 19/Oct/1965 19/Oct/1965 D/Y/B1/90/55
Quelch Violet wife of James Kendall, of 5, Hautbois Terrace, Bellozanne Road, St Helier 4/Mar/1980 4/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/317/12
Quellenec Maria Susannah wife of Philippe Queree 19/May/1942 10/Nov/1943 D/Y/A/111/93
Quemard Joseph Francis of Mount View, Bellozanne Road, St Saviour 29/Dec/1965 9/Mar/1967 D/Y/B1/106/3
Quenault Ada May nee Poingdestre, wife of Philip Elias Quenault, of Trevone, Union Road, Gorey Village, Grouville 25/Mar/1965 10/Sep/1965 D/Y/B1/90/10
Quenault Adelina wife of William Wyatt Guenier, of Campbell Cottage, Longueville, Grouville 31/Jul/1946 21/Aug/1965 D/Y/B1/89/29
Quenault Adelina May widow of Henry Cyril Medder, of Sandybrook Hospital, St Peter 19/Sep/1974 19/Sep/1974 D/Y/B1/211/20
Quenault Betsey ... 8/Sep/1863 17/Nov/1863 D/Y/A/31/110
Quenault Charles son of Charles, of Hamlet Farm, St Saviour Bequeaths to Elsie Mary Quenault, wife of Edmund Walter de la Haye, the close known as Le Clos de la Hougue, St Saviour 10/Nov/1923 7/Apr/1960 D/Y/B1/59/3
Quenault Charles George of Rose Lea Farm, St Martin and formerly of Herupe, St John 4/Apr/1962 25/Apr/1967 D/Y/B1/107/41
Quenault Clara Alice widow of Francois Touroult, of 5, Old Street, St Helier 13/Apr/1965 13/Apr/1965 D/Y/B1/85/56
Quenault Elias Francis son of Elie Francois, of St Saviour 22/Sep/1950 5/Mar/1957 D/Y/B1/40/46
Quenault Elsie May wife of Edmund Walter de la Haye, of No 2, Ricardo Villas, Green Island, Samares, St Clement 4/Feb/1974 18/May/1979 D/Y/B1/300/22
Quenault Francis Elias of St Augustine's Home, New St John's Road, St Helier 13/Mar/1972 13/Mar/1972 D/Y/B1/171/43
Quenault Frank John 21 Duhamel Place, St Helier, gardener 18/Aug/1913 10/Oct/1922 D/Y/A/82/123
Quenault George Binkham, Rue du Bechet, St John 1/Jun/1926 10/Feb/1932 D/Y/A/92/78
Quenault George St John 9/Sep/1919 13/Oct/1919 D/Y/A/79/107
Quenault George Gallichan 32 Bath Street, St Helier 27/May/1925 9/Jan/1933 D/Y/A/94/7
Quenault Hilda Jane wife of Thomas William Gilbert, of Le Petit Clos, La Rocque, Grouville 8/Apr/1969 8/Apr/1969 D/Y/B1/130/51
Quenault Jacques son of Gedeon 7/Dec/1675 10/Jan/1676 D/Y/A/1/45
Quenault Jane Ann of Binkham, Birches Avenue, St Saviour 22/Apr/1947 17/Jan/1956 D/Y/B1/34/1
Quenault Jean ... 12/Sep/1666 1/Dec/1666 D/Y/A/1/125
Quenault John ... 31/Aug/1897 23/Mar/1903 D/Y/A/62/30
Quenault John Emile of La Quanaintaine, St Saviour 29/Aug/1964 16/Aug/1967 D/Y/B1/110/43
Quenault John George 32 Bath Street, St Helier 15/06/1918 Bequeaths to Philip Peter Quenault his iron and tin plate tools 27/Nov/1918 D/Y/A/78/111
Quenault Laura Georgina Jane of Binkham, Birches Avenue, St Saviour 16/Nov/1965 2/Feb/1966 D/Y/B1/94/33
Quenault Mary Ann 37 La Motte Street, widow of John George Hamel 27/07/1927 Bequeaths to Lucille Annie Le Sueur the property 37 La Motte Street 11/Dec/1937 D/Y/A/101/103
Quenault Nellie Louise nee Savory, widow of George Gallichan Quenault, of 11, Cheapside, St Helier 14/Jun/1950 27/Aug/1952 D/Y/B1/15/40
Quenault Philip Charles of Faldouet House, St Martin 29/Sep/1950 4/Apr/1966 D/Y/B1/96/40
Quenault Philip Elias of Sandybrook Hospital, Grouville Annexe, Grouville and formerly of Trevone, Union Road, Gorey Village, Grouville 20/Sep/1965 23/Oct/1968 D/Y/B1/125/29
Quenault Philip Henry of 78, Bath Street, St Helier 2/Mar/1967 19/Dec/1979 D/Y/B1/311/42
Quenault Philip Peter of 26, Belmont Road, St Helier and formerly of 32, Bath Street, St Helier 17/Oct/1919 25/Jul/1967 D/Y/B1/110/5
Quenouillere Adolphe Louis Marie St Helier 2/Jul/1923 4/Sep/1937 D/Y/A/101/45
Quentin Jules Anne dit Villiers, Boscoige, Calvados, France, now of St Helier 10/Jun/1886 17/Sep/1895 D/Y/A/54/86
Quentin Louise Melanie of No 13, Apsley Road, St Helier 12/Jul/1976 2/Nov/1979 D/Y/B1/308/22
Queree Adolphus Charles Machon St Saviour 19/09/1935 Bequeaths to Albert James Queree and his heirs the house called Luida Florida, St Saviour 20/Apr/1937 D/Y/A/100/82
Queree Adolphus John of Louiseville, Dicq Road, St Saviour 6/Sep/1946 11/Apr/1958 D/Y/B1/47/45
Queree Adolphus Philip 5 Parade Road, St Helier, newspaper manager 3/May/1922 16/Jul/1930 D/Y/A/90/95
Queree Albert James son of Adolphus Charles Machon, native of St Helier of Linda Florida, 111, St Saviour's Road, St Saviour 17/Jul/1937 20/Jul/1959 D/Y/B1/55/46
Queree Alice Mary St Saviour, widow, Philippe John Abraham and Philippe de Gruchy 29/Sep/1934 27/Mar/1940 D/Y/A/106/79
Queree Ann St John 2/Jan/1912 6/Jul/1917 D/Y/A/76/104
Queree Anne of Trinity 17/02/1853 Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity, £1, to be distributed the Christmas after her death 29/Mar/1853 D/Y/A/28/11
Queree Arthur Charles of Home Lea, Val de la Mare, St Peter and formerly of St Ouen 1/Jul/1946 2/Aug/1979 D/Y/B1/304/31
Queree Cecilia Louisa widow of Philip Charles Quenault, of Faldouet House, Gorey, St Martin 23/Sep/1969 23/Sep/1969 D/Y/B1/136/36
Queree Charles son of Charles, of St John 5/Apr/1928 13/Apr/1953 D/Y/B1/19/9
Queree Charles of Trinity 16/10/1832 Desires to be buried in Trinity Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity, £24 of the Order of the King 7/Apr/1834 D/Y/A/23/15
Queree Charles of St John, now of Trinity 25/7/1876 Bequeaths to Anne Maret a house and land bordered on the south by the public road, Fief de Saint Jean la Hougue Boete, St John 27/Oct/1894 D/Y/A/53/93
Queree Charles St John 2/09/1915 Bequeaths to Susan Mauger the land and house situated on the Fief de Herupe, St John 13/Jan/1936 D/Y/A/98/62
Queree Charles Durell of Mon Desir, Trinity 2/Jul/1938 16/Jul/1969 D/Y/B1/134/29
Queree Cyril Joshua of Manor View, Trinity 12/Oct/1976 25/Sep/1980 D/Y/B1/331/28
Queree Edith Jane nee Le Quesne, widow of Elie Queree, of 4, Hastings Terrace, Hastings Road, St Helier 5/Oct/1957 28/Feb/1966 D/Y/B1/95/24
Queree Edward Joseph Dunedin, Bellozanne Road, St Helier 7/Aug/1943 8/Dec/1948 D/Y/A/120/91
Queree Elie of Grouville, now of St Saviour 3/Mar/1881 4/May/1881 D/Y/A/41/101
Queree Elie St Helier 17/11/1905 Bequeaths to the Wesleyan Methodist Society of the Circuit Francais £100; to the Jersey General Dispensary £50; to the Evangelical Society of the Mission Bretonne in Jersey £100; to the Societe Bretonne £50 and to the Salvation Army, Jersey £50 Revokes the bequest to the Wesleyan Methodist Society ; revokes the bequest to the Jersey General Dispensary, Mission Bretonne and the Salvation Army 19/Dec/1916 D/Y/A/75/139
Queree Elsie Susan wife of Herbert Le Feuvre, of Le Feugrel, St John 5/Oct/1946 26/Jan/1966 D/Y/B1/94/16
Queree Emile son of Guilleaume, of Samares, St Clement 11/Sep/1934 21/Nov/1951 D/Y/B1/12/3
Queree Ernest of Vers Les Monts, St Peter 26/May/1977 26/May/1977 D/Y/B1/259/13
Queree Ethel Adele Victoria widow of Percy William Quick, of St Augustine's Home, New St John's Road, St Helier 6/Nov/1975 14/Apr/1976 D/Y/B1/238/14
Queree Eunice Maud wife of Henry Philip Vibert, of Les Frenes, St Ouen, formerly of La Fontaine, St Mary 21/Dec/1951 22/Jun/1978 D/Y/B1/281/30
Queree Florence Elizabeth wife of Rodney Arthur Noel 15/Jun/1978 15/Jun/1978 D/Y/B1/281/14
Queree Florence Elizabeth wife of Rodney Arthur Noel, of 7, The Grange, Longueville, Grouville 1/Apr/1975 1/Apr/1975 D/Y/B1/220/39
Queree Francis Godfray St Helier 12/Aug/1907 25/May/1923 D/Y/A/83/66
Queree Francis Philip of Maison du Pape, Parade, St Helier 18/Sep/1969 18/Sep/1969 D/Y/B1/136/26
Queree George John of Zephyr Lodge, Bel Royal, St Lawrence 2/Oct/1953 24/Apr/1963 D/Y/B1/73/70
Queree Guilleaume Trinity 24/Jul/1890 4/Dec/1915 D/Y/A/74/137
Queree Harold Thomas of La Hauteur, Millais, St Ouen 7/Jul/1978 4/Jul/1980 D/Y/B1/326/7
Queree Harriet Eleonore nee Romeril, widow of Edward Joseph Queree, of Dunedin, Bellozanne Road, St Helier 2/Aug/1950 14/May/1958 D/Y/B1/48/23
Queree Hedley Cecil of La Clairiere, Rue du Craslin, St Peter Desires to be cremated and his ashes scattered between Jersey and Guernsey 11/Nov/1949 28/Jul/1954 D/Y/B1/25/55
Queree Henrietta Jane nee Lake, widow of John Edward Queree, of West View, First Tower, St Helier 31/May/1948 6/Jan/1966 D/Y/B1/93/22
Queree Herbert Clarence of Devonshire House, Grouville 8/Dec/1965 6/Dec/1971 D/Y/B1/167/44
Queree Ida Eileen widow of Ronald John Harman, of 18, de Quetteville Court, Ann Street, St Helier 13/Sep/1977 13/Sep/1977 D/Y/B1/265/36
Queree Jean of St Helier 22/07/1846 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £1 12/Sep/1846 D/Y/A/26/71
Queree John Elias of Sunningdale, New St John's Road, St Helier 29/Mar/1967 11/Dec/1972 D/Y/B1/183/54
Queree John Henry of Sea Breeze, Millbrook, St Helier 18/Jul/1967 20/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/271/2
Queree John Renouf of 12, Don Street, St Helier May 1/Jan/1947 25/Oct/1960 D/Y/B1/61/42
Queree Josue Machon Trinity 10/Apr/1915 26/Sep/1927 D/Y/A/87/136
Queree Louisa 31 Pier Road, St Helier 8/Jan/1909 28/Jan/1922 D/Y/A/82/13
Queree Mary Trinity, widow of John Le Masurier 7/08/1929 Bequeaths to the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Ebenezer £10 29/Dec/1930 D/Y/A/90/156
Queree Mary Ann St Helier, widow of Arthur Manuel Richardson 30/Jun/1938 30/Apr/1943 D/Y/A/110/130
Queree Myra Louise of 4, Westbourne Terrace, St Saviour 9/Sep/1942 30/Dec/1952 D/Y/B1/17/12
Queree Nicolas ... 21/Mar/1742 19/Mar/1752 D/Y/A/8/81
Queree Philip son of Jean 6/Feb/1714 8/Mar/1714 D/Y/A/4/117
Queree Philip of Bon Air, St Lawrence 18/Sep/1928 15/Jun/1945 D/Y/A/113/128
Queree Philip Charles of 2, Alfriston Cottages, Trinity 18/Jul/1973 18/Jul/1973 D/Y/B1/193/13
Queree Philip George a native of St Lawrence, of 8, Albert Street, St Helier 16/Mar/1937 17/Oct/1961 D/Y/B1/66/7
Queree Philippe St John 26/Feb/1895 3/Oct/1910 D/Y/A/69/83
Queree Raymond John of 40, Poonah Road, St Helier 4/Oct/1950 23/May/1972 D/Y/B1/174/47
Queree Raymond Philip of Geelong, Bagatelle Road, Five Oaks, St Saviour 24/Sep/1968 2/Jan/1969 D/Y/B1/127/28
Queree Richard of Trinity 14/9/1874 Desires to be buried in the cemetery of Sion Chapel Bequeaths to the poor of Trinity £1 4/Jun/1892 D/Y/A/51/58
Queree Sydney Joseph de Gruchy of Glenside, Bellozanne Road, St Helier 31/Oct/1946 4/Feb/1939 D/Y/B1/1/21
Queree Walter of Val de la Mare, St Ouen 25/Jul/1932 6/Feb/1965 D/Y/B1/83/58
Queree Walter John 4 Pitt Street, St Helier 18/Jan/1899 16/Jun/1905 D/Y/A/64/65
Queree Wilford of Noirmont View, St John and formerly of Penryn Farm, St John 29/Oct/1955 5/Sep/1977 D/Y/B1/265/16
Queripel Ann Mary Elizabeth Chez Nous, Millbrook, St Lawrence, widow of Samuel John Woodman 15/Feb/1932 3/Apr/1940 D/Y/A/106/88
Queripel Edwin John of 6, Rue de Podetre, Mont a L'Abbe, St Helier 8/Apr/1968 5/Mar/1969 D/Y/B1/129/43
Queripel Rachel of St Peter Port, Guernsey, now of 2, Hope Street, St Helier 13/Dec/1893 8/Dec/1894 D/Y/A/53/107
Quertier Donald Neave of L'Ecurie, St Clement's Road, St Saviour 9/Oct/1959 28/Apr/1964 D/Y/B1/79/33
Quesne Frank Philiphe of Les Vagues, Pontac, St Clement 15/Jan/1970 27/Jul/1972 D/Y/B1/178/4
Quesnel Albert Alfred of Roche d'Or, St Martin 24/Jul/1962 8/Apr/1965 D/Y/B1/85/48
Quesnel Cecile Therese nee Hello, wife of William James Quesnel, of Aero View, St Peter 8/May/1954 25/Apr/1964 D/Y/B1/79/28
Quesnel Charles Michael St Helier, Clerk in Holy Orders 30/07/1908 Bequeaths to the Dean of Jersey £500 for the poor; to the Jersey General Dispensary £500; to the Jersey Female Orphans Home £500; to the Home for Infirm & Aged Women £500; to the Jersey Home for Infirm & Aged Men £200; to the Benefit Society for the Merchant Seamen of Jersey £200; to the Benevolent Fund of the Jersey Industrial School £700; to Dr Barnardos Homes, London £1,000; to the Societe Jersiaise £200; to the London Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews £100; to the Church Missionary Society of Salisbury £200 7/Jul/1909 D/Y/A/68/79
Quesnel Jane Louisa 2 Les Vaux Villas, St Helier, widow of James White 1/Nov/1933 17/Nov/1943 D/Y/A/111/98
Quesnel Jane Louisa ... 17/Nov/1943 29/Mar/1946 D/Y/A/115/110
Quesnel Julia Esther Pendyffryn Hall, Penmaenmawr, Carnarvonshire 3/09/1927 Bequeaths £500 to the Save the Children Fund 25/Apr/1929 D/Y/A/89/90
Quesnel Julie of St Helier 2/Mar/1872 1/Feb/1875 D/Y/A/38/12
Quesnel Marie Esther of St Helier, widow of Francois Joseph Baeteus 16/Jun/1863 13/Sep/1865 D/Y/A/32/123
Quesnel Mary Amelia of 29, Midvale Road, St Helier 18/Mar/1889 15/Oct/1898 D/Y/A/57/85
Quesnel Mary Lavinia nee du Gruchy, Villa Bijou, Georgetown 15/Sep/1934 6/May/1938 D/Y/A/102/99
Quesnel Michel of St Helier son of Jacques and Catherine Martin his wife and Marie Esther L'Honore daughter of Gabriel L'Honore, marchant of Caen and Madelaine Le Chevalier of St Peter - includes conditions for the decease of either parties 21/Mar/1822 D/Y/A/19/78
Quesnel Nancy ... 9/Oct/1849 3/Feb/1852 D/Y/A/27/164
Quesnel William James of 3, Georgetown Park Estate, St Clement 21/Dec/1964 27/Aug/1974 D/Y/B1/210/17
Quibriac Pierre Marie Magloire Pare, Vingtaine de Faldouet, St Martin 28/Aug/1920 24/Dec/1920 D/Y/A/80/144
Quick Percy William of 2, Richelieu Park, St Helier 30/Apr/1962 22/Dec/1966 D/Y/B1/103/27
Quick Thomas of 70, Hughville Street, Camborne, Cornwall 18/May/1962 17/May/1968 D/Y/B1/120/19
Quilgars Yves Francois Marie of 59, Val Plaisant, St Helier 22/Oct/1955 6/Oct/1971 D/Y/B1/165/12
Quilter Harry Andrew 226 Seven Sisters Road, Islington, London, ironmonger 21/Aug/1925 30/Nov/1938 D/Y/A/103/84
Quin William Mathias of White Cottage, Rodney Road, Saltford, Somerset 21/Dec/1964 5/Aug/1965 D/Y/B1/88/65
Quincey May de nee Hughes Hartley, wife of Raymond Herbert de Quincey, of Maxwellton, Bagatelle Road 6/May/1950 5/Dec/1961 D/Y/B1/66/69
Quincey Sanders Herbert of 15, Royal Parade, St Helier 21/Mar/1948 2/Feb/1949 D/Y/B1/1/19
Quinlan Michael Peter of 51, Roundfields, Upper Bucklebury, Bradfield, Berkshire 23/Apr/1969 23/Apr/1969 D/Y/B1/131/20
Quinlan Teresa wife of Victor Charles Auguste Jeanne and formerly wife of Robert Charles Moss, of St Matthew's Convent, St Lawrence 25/Apr/1966 25/Aug/1976 D/Y/B1/245/34
Quinn Ellen Mary wife of Thomas Victor Smith-Peacock, of Les Puits, Rue de la Ville a L'Eveque, Trinity and formerly of 3, Quennevais Drive, St Brelade 30/Nov/1962 25/Apr/1980 D/Y/B1/321/24
Quinn Francis Bernard of Water's Edge, Seaforth, Simon's Town, South Africa 29/Sep/1938 12/Apr/1957 D/Y/B1/41/37
Quinn Mary widow of Edward Madden Gallichan, of No 11, Journeaux Court, St Helier 14/May/1979 14/May/1979 D/Y/B1/300/7
Quinquenel Marie Louise St Helier 7/Jan/1910 15/Feb/1933 D/Y/A/94/50
Quinquenel Pierre Marie Jean Baptiste of South View, St Mary 24/Jan/1953 30/Jan/1975 D/Y/B1/217/17
Quinquinel Marie Josephine Pauline widow of Emile Baptiste Marie Thebault, of No 6, Abbotsmount Court, New St John's Road, St Helier 25/Jul/1979 25/Jul/1979 D/Y/B1/304/8
Quinquis Jeanne Marie Le widow of Leonor Marie Jegou, of St Saviour's Hospital, St Saviour 2/Jul/1969 2/Jul/1969 D/Y/B1/134/1
Quint Joseph of Plymouth, England, now of St Helier 15/10/1861 Desires to be buried in St Helier's Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier 2 shillings 6/Aug/1873 D/Y/A/37/45
Quintain Francois ... 25/Apr/1903 31/Oct/1911 D/Y/A/70/97
Quintaine Baptiste Armand Grouville 21/Oct/1914 7/Dec/1918 D/Y/A/78/115
Quintaine Donald Charles of 10, Maisonettes, First Tower, St Helier 24/May/1974 24/May/1974 D/Y/B1/205/49
Quintaine Elizabeth Louisa widow of Fred Farr, of 33, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 2/Feb/1935 17/Apr/1956 D/Y/B1/35/39
Quintaine Eva May wife of Walter Anthony Dowinton Cummings, of 8, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier 25/Nov/1963 17/Feb/1976 D/Y/B1/235/29
Quintaine George Francis Goubert (described in his last will and testament as George Francis Quintaine), of No 64, Pomme d'Or, Bellozanne, St Helier, formerley of La Maisonette, Les Landes Hill, St Martin 14/Jun/1976 13/Feb/1978 D/Y/B1/273/45
Quirck Thomas Everett St Helier 17/May/1901 15/May/1913 D/Y/A/72/38
Quirrot Philip Edward Kalka, Mont-a-l'Abbe, St Helier 12/Feb/1945 27/Sep/1946 D/Y/A/116/118
Quixall Florrie widow of Arthur Swain, of 26, David Place, St Helier and formerly of Rosedale, Inner Road, St Clement 23/May/1967 22/Mar/1973 D/Y/B1/188/10
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