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Jersey wills index


This index to wills held by Jersey Archive now contains all wills from 1660 to 1978

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Family name Given names Details Date of will Probate date Archive index
Uber Henry Bernard of La Chaumiere, Millbrook, St Lawrence and formerly of The Plot, Banks Road, Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset 6/Feb/1962 8/May/1964 D/Y/B1/79/46
Udny Richard Queen Anne's Mansions, St James's Park, London, Knight, Commander of the Order of the Star of India 8/Jan/1917 14/May/1923 D/Y/A/83/57
Umphelby Ann of No 9 Campbell Terrace, St Helier 9/Jan/1848 1/Apr/1854 D/Y/A/28/59
Underhill Henry James St Helier 4/10/1919 Bequeaths to James Foster the ring presented to him by the Free Masons; to Josephine Underhill for life the property Evesham House 17/Sep/1924 D/Y/A/84/106
Underhill Henry James Richard of Burnhill, St Mark's Road, St Saviour 18/Jan/1954 4/Aug/1954 D/Y/B1/25/63
Underhill Reginald Stanley of 17, Springfield Place, Lansdown, Bath, Somerset, formerly of 5, Springfield Place, Bath 22/Mar/1957 15/Sep/1964 D/Y/B1/81/20
Underwood Alfred William of The Bungalow, Le Clos du Chemin, Beaumont, St Peter 4/Sep/1968 14/Mar/1979 D/Y/B1/296/18
Underwood Charles Henry of Flat 4a, Le Houmet, St Brelade's Bay, St Brelade 22/Feb/1971 4/Aug/1971 D/Y/B1/162/41
Underwood Ellen Elizabeth formerly wife of Ernest Joseph Ellard, of Harthover, Beach Road, St Luke's, St Saviour 18/Jul/1974 18/Jul/1974 D/Y/B1/208/26
Underwood George William of 10, Court Drive, Bel Royal, St Lawrence 11/Feb/1967 11/Feb/1967 D/Y/B1/105/13
Unia Joseph Abraham 2 Killowen, St Aubins Road, St Helier 11/Feb/1935 19/Aug/1936 D/Y/A/99/68
Unthank Arthur Cecil of Alderman's House, Bishopsgate, London and also of Lowther Lodge, Mare Hill, Pulborough, Sussex 27/Jan/1960 22/Sep/1966 D/Y/B1/100/49
Upton Edward Ernest of Breakers, Gorey Hill, St Martin 15/May/1959 30/Jan/1969 D/Y/B1/128/38
Upton Henry Charles of 22, Eden Road, Claremont, Cape Province, South Africa 28/Feb/1961 27/Apr/1962 D/Y/B1/69/3
Upton Rosamond Nadia Suckling nee Hunt, wife of Edward Ernest Upton, of Breakers, Gorey Hill, St Martin 19/Feb/1958 23/May/1958 D/Y/B1/48/33
Ure Mary Eileen wife of Robert Archibald Shaw, of Flat 121, No 56, Curzon Street, Westminster 14/Mar/1978 14/Mar/1978 D/Y/B1/275/23
Urlik Josef Peter of La Clef des Champs, 31, Rue Claude Monet, Louveciennes, France 13/Oct/1975 13/Oct/1975 D/Y/B1/229/42
Urquhart Anne nee Hatrick, wife of George Leslie Urquhart, of La Maison du Mont au Pretre, St Helier 22/Apr/1960 26/Apr/1965 D/Y/B1/86/9
Urquhart Annie or Nan widow of Daniel Maclean, of Nogalera, Apartment 7, Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain and formerly of Cyder Cottage, Mont au Pretre, St Helier 29/Jul/1960 21/Mar/1974 D/Y/B1/202/43
Urquhart James William of Les Sillettes, Park Estate, St Brelade 27/Jul/1965 17/Feb/1977 D/Y/B1/253/42
Urquhart Neil Roy Leslie of La Tour de Garde, Gorey, St Martin 10/Oct/1974 13/Oct/1975 D/Y/B1/229/43
Ury Frederick William of 63, South Lodge, Circus Road, St John's Wood, London 8/Apr/1975 25/May/1976 D/Y/B1/240/28
Usborne Gordon Aloha, Queens Road, St Helier 20/Jul/1929 2/Feb/1933 D/Y/A/94/32
Usmiani Jeanne widow of George de Loze de Plaisance, of Larnaca, Cyprus 6/Jan/1962 18/Apr/1972 D/Y/B1/173/19
Usmiani Louise Anthoine of Larnaca, Cyprus 6/Jan/1962 19/Aug/1965 D/Y/B1/89/27
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