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Jersey wills index


This index to wills held by Jersey Archive now contains all wills from 1660 to 1978

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Family name Given names Details Date of will Probate date Archive index
Yacoubian Garabet Hagop of Nicosia, Cyprus 13/May/1976 13/May/1976 D/Y/B1/239/44
Yakchee Leonard Randolph of Woodlands, Samares, St Clement 16/Feb/1965 21/Sep/1965 D/Y/B1/90/22
Yandell Frederic Field 3 Balmoral Terrace, St Helier 29/10/1917 Bequeaths to Marie Tessier Yandell the property 1 Parkholme, West Park Avenue; to Dora Elizabeth Yandell the property 2 Parkholme, West Park Avenue; to Frederick Charles Yandell and Bernard Yandell the property 3 Balmoral Terrace, Trinity Road 17/Jul/1920 D/Y/A/80/89
Yandell Frederick Charles of Wychwood, La Rocque, Grouville and formerly of 3, Balmoral Terrace, St Helier and 12, Byron Court, Winnals Park, Haywards Heath, Sussex 12/Jan/1961 18/Jul/1977 D/Y/B1/262/12
Yannaghas Nicholas Michael of Europa Residence, Place des Moulins, Monte Carlo, Monaco 9/Feb/1972 9/Feb/1972 D/Y/B1/170/40
Yarde The Honourable John Reginald -Buller, also known as The Honourable John Yarde-Buller, of Le Vallon, Mont Felard, St Lawrence 13/Apr/1954 30/Nov/1962 D/Y/B1/71/42
Yarnell Arthur Leslie of The Lodge, 56, Chilbolton Avenue, Winchester, Hampshire 16/Feb/1973 31/Mar/1976 D/Y/B1/237/27
Yarrington Elizabeth ... 2/Mar/1725 10/Mar/1725 D/Y/A/5/112
Yarrow Elsie Winifred of Comely Bank, Vallee des Vaux 19/May/1961 6/Jul/1972 D/Y/B1/177/6
Yarrow Ethel Lilian of Cliff Trees, Clos de l'Atlantique, Mont de la Pulente, St Brelade and formerly of Comely Bank, Vallee des Vaux, Trinity 19/May/1961 19/Nov/1974 D/Y/B1/214/18
Yarrow Mary Olivia of Cliff Trees, Clos de l'Atlantique, Mont de la Pulente, St Brelade and formerly of Comely Bank, Vallee des Vaux, Trinity 19/May/1961 17/Jun/1971 D/Y/B1/160/35
Yarrow Thomas Augustus of Hamsey Cottage, Salisbury Road, Seaford, Sussex Bequeaths to Irene Violet Hamilton, nee Yarrow, and Valerie Wolstencraft, nee Hamilton, the house called St Mark's House and 53, David Place, St Helier 7/Jul/1950 13/Apr/1953 D/Y/B1/19/8
Yates David Wallace of St Saviour's Hopsital, St Saviour, formerly of Telford Guest House, Gloucester Street, St Helier 19/Sep/1972 15/Aug/1978 D/Y/B1/284/23
Yates Fred of the Willow Cottage, Maupertuis Lane, Samares 20/Jan/1950 1/Dec/1958 D/Y/B1/51/42
Yates George Arthur of 6, Rosemount Cottages, James Road, St Saviour 26/Nov/1974 2/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/269/48
Yates George Bayless , of St Helier : 30/Sep/1882 25/Jun/1890 D/Y/A/49/38
Yates Henry William Beggars Wood, Beaumont 3/Dec/1946 8/Jan/1947 D/Y/A/117/10
Yates Laurence Peel Mon Reve, Route Orange, St Brelade 25/10/1939 Excludes real estate situated in Jersey Bequeaths to Lieutenant Colonel Hubert Peel Yates the George Public House, Commercial Road, and various houses in Robert Street now known as Mandarin Street, Lime House, London Desires that an artery be opened at his death and that his coffin is not closed down until distinct signs of mortification have set in Bequeaths to the Jersey General Dispensary & Infirmary the sum of £500; to the London Hospital, St Bartholomews Hospital, St Thomas Hospital, the Childrens Hospital, Great Ormond Street, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the Home for the Rest of Horses each the sum of £500 10/Jun/1942 D/Y/A/109/122
Yates Robert Anthony of Le Coin Vert, Orchard Close, Copford Green, Colchester, Essex and formerly care of British Ready Mixed Concrete Association, of Fir Tree Place, Ashford, Middlesex 24/Aug/1969 21/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/271/5
Yates Walter Peel of Windsor Lodge, David Place, St Helier Member of the Royal College of Surgeons and Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries : 19/Apr/1879 26/Apr/1890 D/Y/A/49/26
Ydan Francois of Grouville 27/04/1814 Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville £150 of the order of the King , and to the poor of St Helier, £300 of the order of the King 9/Jun/1814 D/Y/A/18/115
Ydan Richard ... 24/Nov/1669 2/Apr/1670 D/Y/A/1/11
Yearsley Charlton Raymond of PO Box 30352, Chichiri, Blantyre 3, Malawi 8/Dec/1977 8/Dec/1977 D/Y/B1/270/24
Yeates Evelyn May wife of Henry William Yeates, of Beggar's Wood, Beaumont Bequeaths to Patricia Ethel Mary Swan a Royal Scots Badge, a diamond wrist watch, her cultured Pearl Drop earrings and Pearl Close-Up Earrings, to Diana Mary Swan an opal and diamond butterfly brooch, an opal and diamond pendant, an opal and diamond ring, a string of pearls with diamond clasp and enamel brushes, to Jeremy Jervis Tarrant Swan a gold square wristlet watch, to William Hatton Thorne a sapphire and diamond ring, brooch and any motorcar owned at the time of her decease, to Felicia Thorne a diamond scroll brooch, to Sally Elizabeth Thorne a diamond ring, to Olivia Ursula Steedman a tortoiseshell brush set, to Evelyn Besant a platinum strap bracelet, to Marjorie Griffin a silver fox fur cape, to Marjorie Patricia Dorrington Ward a zircon solitaire ring and ear-ring set, to James Ewan Macpherson a grandfather clock, to Susan Steedman a cross-over platinum ring, to Patricia Hopewell a string of pearls, to Dennis Charles Tarrant Swan a silver flask and pigskin dressing-case and to Evelyn Benson her silver fox fur and a platinum diamond brooch 29/Aug/1946 11/Dec/1950 D/Y/B1/7/44
Yeates John Frederick of Tudor Bungalow, Route des Genets, St Brelade 7/Oct/1959 18/Jun/1964 D/Y/B1/80/16
Yeatman Frank Pym Stanley of Quinta da Boeira, Villa Nova de Gaya, Portugal, a member of the firm of Taylor, Fladgate & Yeatman Wine Shippers 20/Nov/1928 23/Jan/1951 D/Y/B1/8/8
Yelverton Macey Goring of Tara, Park Estate, St Brelade 5/Aug/1980 5/Aug/1980 D/Y/B1/328/8
Yeoman Arthur William of Sarratt Rectory, The Green, Sarratt, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire and formerly of 31, Parklands Avenue, Goring-by-Sea, Worthing, West Sussex 12/Apr/1978 18/Mar/1980 D/Y/B1/318/32
Yeoman John of the General Hospital 31/Oct/1887 D/Y/A/46/121
York Ethel Woff widow of James Henry Butters, of 1, Eureka Avenue, Samares, St Clement 12/Dec/1966 20/Jul/1972 D/Y/B1/177/39
Yorke Reginald Henry Crofton of La Glinette, St Aubin 17/Jan/1938 9/Sep/1949 D/Y/B1/2/62
Yorston Agnes Jane widow of Ernest William Pike of Stratton, Victoria Road, St Saviour 3/Aug/1972 21/Aug/1973 D/Y/B1/194/16
Youinou Pierre Marie of 37, Cherry Orchard Court, St Helier 24/Feb/1971 24/Feb/1971 D/Y/B1/156/3
Youlton Bertha Beatrice widow of Charles Buesnel Harris Youlton, of 74, Elysee Estate, Trinity Hill, St Helier and formerly of 5, Royal Crescent, St Helier 19/Oct/1962 15/Aug/1973 D/Y/B1/194/7
Youlton Ernest Francis 7 Green Street, St Helier 22/Jul/1922 16/Feb/1938 D/Y/A/102/24
Youlton Walter Robert of St Helier 21/May/1917 29/Mar/1928 D/Y/A/88/59
Youn Jessie Teresa g 29/Apr/1975 D/Y/B1/221/47
Young Alfred Thomas 66 Rouge Bouillon 1/Dec/1931 9/Jan/1935 D/Y/A/97/4
Young Alfred William Highbury Lodge, St Mark's Road 31/Oct/1925 30/May/1927 D/Y/A/87/87
Young Arthur Stanley of Elmwood, Pontac, St Clement 11/Sep/1936 24/Sep/1956 D/Y/B1/37/50
Young Dorothy widow of Percy Le Roy Brooksbank, of Villa Rosa, Clos de L'Ecluse, Mont Les Vaux, St Brelade and formerly of Casita, 15, Miladi Park, Longueville, St Saviour 22/Aug/1968 8/Sep/1980 D/Y/B1/330/18
Young Dorothy Gage widow of Thomas Warrington, of Innishowen, Hermitage Lane, St Saviour 1/Oct/1971 22/Feb/1973 D/Y/B1/186/42
Young Elizabeth Adair McNaughton Gleeson otherwise known as Elizabeth Scott-Young, wife of Andrew Wallace Young, of 15, Halkett Street, St Helier 18/Nov/1965 18/Nov/1965 D/Y/B1/91/52
Young Ellen nee Robertson, wife of Albert John Young, a native of Greenock, Scotland, of La Chasse, St Saviour 14/Jan/1961 13/Aug/1963 D/Y/B1/75/60
Young Felicia Helen Reid widow of John Cumming, of Bon Air Nursing Home, St Saviour and formerly of the Royal Yacht Hotel, St Helier 11/Mar/1957 19/Jan/1970 D/Y/B1/140/54
Young Fergus furniture dealer, of Tedrose Guest House, 3, Clarendon Road and formerly of 43, Old Craigie Road, Dundee 25/Mar/1948 25/Feb/1965 D/Y/B1/84/35
Young Florence Grace nee Gilbert, widow of Ernest Thomas Young, of Le Coin Parisien, Queen Street, St Helier and formerly of 41, The Parade, St Helier 7/Jun/1955 6/Feb/1963 D/Y/B1/72/34
Young Florence Marion nee Le Mouton, wife of Herbert Lewis Young, of 1, Vauxhall Street, St Helier 3/Aug/1956 15/Jan/1965 D/Y/B1/83/23
Young Frederick of 4, Luffenham Close, Stamford, Lincolnshire 26/Apr/1979 15/May/1980 D/Y/B1/322/38
Young George Edward of 6, Bronwen Court, Grove End Road, London 21/Mar/1975 10/Jan/1980 D/Y/B1/312/23
Young George Ernest Robertson of 1, Lochview Road, Bearsden, Dunbartonshire 12/Mar/1957 16/Nov/1963 D/Y/B1/76/62
Young Georgina Matilda Keppel Beauverd, Millbrook 25/May/1912 6/Mar/1922 D/Y/A/82/30
Young Herbert Lewis of 1, Vauxhall Street, St Helier 28/Nov/1974 8/Apr/1975 D/Y/B1/220/57
Young James Henry of La Chasse, Maufant, St Saviour 27/Apr/1955 4/Jun/1955 D/Y/B1/31/11
Young Jennie of Whitehall, La Rocque, Grouville 12/Jul/1958 11/Dec/1958 D/Y/B1/51/53
Young Jessie Teresa of 29, Berkeley Court, Don Road, St Helier and formerly care of 1, Vauxhall Street, St Helier 10/Apr/1967 28/Nov/1974 D/Y/B1/214/41
Young Joseph of Portsea, Co Hants, England, now of St Helier 23/02/1872 Desires to be buried in Green Street Cemetery Bequeaths to the poor of St Helier 2 shillings 6 pence 23/Feb/1873 D/Y/A/37/1
Young Mary widow of Favel Stastny, of 1, Verdun Mews, Grands Vaux, St Helier and formerly of Otira, New Zealand Avenue, St Saviour 6/Oct/1971 8/Jul/1977 D/Y/B1/261/23
Young Patrick of Westlands, St Brelade 13/Jun/1953 6/Jan/1959 D/Y/B1/52/12
Young Roderick David of 31, The Croft, Stubbington, Fareham, Hampshire 20/Jun/1973 20/Jun/1973 D/Y/B1/192/1
Young Ruby Violet wife of Edward Edmond Boake, of Affaric, Route Orange, St Brelade 23/Jun/1976 18/Jul/1979 D/Y/B1/303/32
Young Winifred Grace of Sunshine, Victoria Avenue, St Helier 7/Aug/1956 25/Jan/1967 D/Y/B1/104/34
Younghusband Georgiana Mary Almeria of Manchester, Lancaster, now of 2, Claremont Terrace, St Helier 2/11/1893 Bequeaths to the Home for Aged and Infirm Women, and Miss Bulls Ragged School £10 5/May/1894 D/Y/A/53/50
Yver Francoise Henriette of Conde sur Noiriau, now of Jersey, wife of Jean Asplet 17/Oct/1842 3/Nov/1843 D/Y/A/25/114
Yvetot Felix Barnabe of St Eny, Basse Normandie, France 01/11/1808 Bequeaths to the poor of Grouville, £12 of French currency 21/Jan/1809 D/Y/A/17/97
Yvon Agnes Phyllis of 53, Aquila Road, St Helier 8/Jun/1959 2/Nov/1963 D/Y/B1/76/45
Yvon Alfred Henri Auguste 39 Cleveland Road, St Helier 12/Mar/1936 6/Jun/1936 D/Y/A/99/24
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