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Abbreviation French English
fe fille daughter
fs fils son
sr soeur sister
fr frere brother
mr mere mother
pr pere father
fm epouse femme wife
ma epouse mari husband
GM grandmere grandmother
GP grandpere grandfather
nv neveu nephew
nc niece niece
vve veuve widow
vvf veuf widower
fdf fils/fille de feu son/daughter of the late
vdf veuf(ve) du feu widow(er) of the late
pt fe petite fille grand-daughter
pt fs petite fils grandson
enf enfant(s) child/children
enf nat enfant naturelle illegitimate child
Mme madame married woman
Dlle demoiselle single woman
Mlle mademoiselle young woman
sf, sfm sa femme his wife
bu fs beau fils, gendre son-in-law
be sr belle soeur sister-in-law
bu fr beau frere brother-in-law
on oncle uncle
te tante aunt
o et t oncle et tante uncle and aunt
cous cousin cousin
d-fs dieu fils godson
d-fe filleul god-daughter
d-mr marrain godmother
d-pr parrain godfather
fileuse spinster
fille non mariee spinster
vielle fine celibitaire aged spinster
mon defunt mari my late husband
grandmere du cote step-grandmother
fille ainé (ainéé) elder daughter
epouse la moitié the better half
epouse l'autre moitié the other half
fiancé betrothed
epouseur intended husband
frere de lait foster brother
nourrice foster mother
Other terms
vs voisin(e) neighbour
leg legatee executor
leg var various executors
pp par presente presented by (usually in reference to godparents)
2 noces 2 marriage 2nd wedding
ami ami friend
ainé (ainée) elder
l'ainé the eldest
plus jeune younger
avant dit aforesaid
sus did afore mentioned
an(s) year(s)
mois month
semaine week
jour day
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