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La Carriere, Grouville


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Property name

La Carriere


Fonds de Longueville, Grouville

Type of property

Historic farm partially demolished after 2007 fire but now rebuilt retaining most of the original features


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Barbey: Martin Barbey held, in 1309, half a carucate in Grouville. In the Extente of 1331, Guillaume Barbey held it, being then described as the Fief des Monts. Stevens, Arthur and Stevens in Jersey Place Names, Volume I, 364, believe the Fiefs des Monts and de la Carriere are almost certainly one and the same, the description "des Monts" indicating the nearby range of hills. A sub-fief of Samares, the area involved is a half-carucate, being 120 vergees.
  • de Soulemont: Hugh de Soulemont sold the Fief de la Carriere in 1618 to Richard Fauvel [1]
  • Fauvel: The Fauvel family owned this property and fief from 1618 for nearly two centuries. They were Seigneurs of La Carriere.[2] As a result this property, being their residence, was during their tenure of the fief and ownership of the property, a seigneurial house
  • de Gruchy: Philippe Thomas de Gruchy (1798-1870) bought this property on 17th April 1830 after selling his paternal property, Le Clos Durell, Trinity. He was a Constable`s Officer. He had married Marie Elizabeth Ahier. Their initialled and dated datestone is described below. On Philippe Thomas's death in 1870, his son, Samuel de Gruchy (1842-1917), who had been living and farming with his aged father, took over the property. He was Vingtenier of Longueville, 1866-1870, before serving as a Centenier, 1874-1877. Samuel`s sister, Sophie de Gruchy (1840- ), married in 1858 George Le Couillard, whose family bought La Carriere in about 1878
  • Le Couillard: In 1943 Sydney George Le Couilliard made an Agricultural War Claim relating to the farm. Three years earlier his father Colin Bowers Le Couilliard had successfully applied for Sydney's war service call-up to be postponed, on the grounds that he was unable to work the 70-vergee farm on his own. The family still livid here
  • Falle: Late 20th century, by marriage with a Le Couillard


18 PDGC . MEAH 34 - For Philippe Thomas de Gruchy and Marie Elizabeth Ahier, his wife

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Site of historic farmstead, mostly demolished following a fire in 2007. Shown on the 1795 Richmond map.

The farm group had evolved on the site since at least the 18th century, and the fact that the road is deflected around the outside of the property perhaps suggests an earlier date.

Previously comprised 1831 house and a range of early 19th century outbuildings that formed a courtyard to the east. The buildings were generally of random granite with brick dressing on the windows and dressed granite on the doorways.

Parts of earlier structures appeared to be incorporated into the outbuildings, including apparently reused stonework (some with chamfer stops) forming the main entrance gateway - above which was an oak lintel with a carved flower detail.

Notes and references

  1. ABSJ, IV, 118; ABSJ, V, 232. Note: The de Soulemonts almost certainly lived elsewhere, unlike the Barbeys and Fauvels
  2. Joan Stevens, in Old Jersey Houses, (Chichester: Phillimore, 1977), back cover, mislocated this fief, placing it to the east of St Clement's Church. This was amended by Stevens and Stevens, Jersey Place Names II, (1986), where the fief is shown correctly as being on map 10D, in Longueville. See also Volume 1 of the same work, 130, which refers to the house, including the fief, adjoining the field numbered G.720
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