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Le Bel Royal is one of two houses in a courtyard to the north side of the crossroads at Bel Royal on Jersey's south coast, in the parish of St Lawrence. The other house is called Maison Charles, and this has given rise to the belief that Charles II visited, or even stayed here during his time in Jersey.

However, it is generally accepted that there is no truth in this belief and that Le Bel Royal was the courtyard (=bel) where the King's cannon were stored. Maison Charles is believed to have been named after Charles Le Roux, not the King of England.

Census records

The age of Le Bel Royal, and the identity of those who originally lived there, has not been determined but in the 1841 Census for St Lawrence John Malzard is recorded as residing at Le Bel Royal with his step-father, Aaron de Ste Croix, his mother Mary de Ste Croix, nee Mauger, widow of William John Malzard, his half sister Mary and half brother Charles and two others - Elizabeth Remon and Charles Hubert.

In the 1851 Census for St Lawrence Aaron de Ste Croix was still residing at St Aubins Rd and was a landed proprietor farming 25 acres and employing two men. His wife Mary, sons Aaron and Charles and daughter Mary were living at home. Eliza Perrie was a visitor on Census night. In addition there were four servants at Le Bel Royal - two farm labourers (Francis Norman and Adolphus Lorrier); a cook (Elizabeth Le Page) and a dairy maid (Rachael Bisson).

In the 1861 Census for St Lawrence Aaron de Ste Croix was still residing at Le Bel Royal, employing four labourers. His wife Mary, son Aaron and daughter Mary were residing at home. Elizabeth Mauger was a visitor on Census night. In addition Aaron had four house servants - Pierre Coulombier, Jacque Carly, Marie Louise Boisard and Marie Prevost.

Sand dunes

Although the construction of a sea wall and land reclamation behind it means that the house is now some way from the sea, it was originally on the edge of sand dunes and the highest tides would have reached the garden walls.

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