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Le Catelet



This is a very early surviving St John house, believed by Joan Stevens, author of two volumes of Old Jersey Houses to have been built in 1609. She bases her calculation on the presence of an early single voussoired arch and a gable datestone inscribed PN 1609. She believes that the arch and the house could have been constructed at the beginning of the 17th century, but is unable to say by whom, because PN has not been identified. He could have been a Pierre or a Philippe, and perhaps a Neel or a Nicolle, but all that is speculation.

The datestone is one of the earliest gable stones recorded. As with several later stones in the parish, the 'N' has been carved the wrong way round. At the time Stevens wrote, the stone was hidden away in an outbuilding.

In the facade of the house is a stone inscribed CDC MCR 1747, which is undoubtedly for Charles de Carteret, who married Marthe Carey of Guernsey on 6 August 1744, making the stone a fine example of those which are called 'marriage stones', but actually record some later event. In this case it presumable recorded the time when the couple moved into the house, or had major work undertaken. He is supposed to have raised the roof and enlarged the windows when he acquired the house.

The ownership of Le Catelet by the de Carteret family is further reinforced by a stone on one of the farm buildings inscribed PDC 1707, for Philip de Carteret, son of Trinity Seigneur Charles and father of the Charles who married Marthe Carey. These de Carterets are descended from the Vinchelez de Haut line and acquired the Seigneurship of Trinity through the first marriage of Charles de Carteret (1646-1685) to Marie de Carteret( -1681), daughter and principal heir of Amias, following the death of her brother Amias. This tree shows that the de Carterets acquired the property by marrying into the Le Couteur family, the previous owners.

  • 1 Jean Le Couteur m Priscille Messervy
    • 2 Jacques Le Couteur ( -1638) m Esther Botterel
      • 3 Clement Le Couteur m Jeanne de Carteret
        • 4 Elizabeth Le Couteur m Charles de Carteret (1669-1712)
          • 5 Philippe de Carteret (1685- ) m Sara Valpy dit Janvrin
            • 6 Charles de Carteret m (1744) Marthe Carey

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