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Les Aix

Les Aix, St Peter was the home of the Anley family for many years. The name means 'the Waters', and is thought to refer to a natural spring in the field south of the house.

This house appears to date from the end of the 17th century, although some elements may be older.


Two datestones are recorded in the Jersey Datestone Register. PAL 1677 is in a fireplace and is for Philippe Anley. A second stone PAL 1718 is also for Philippe Anley. There is also a cracked stone above the archway with the initials PAL and HSEM and the date 1689. It has not been possible to identify which Philippe Anley this stone records, nor the name of his wife. There were several members of the family who owned and lived in Les Aix called Philippe.

It is not known exactly when the house was built, but the 1718 stone is believed to record alterations to a much earlier structure. Indeed, some elements of the house can be dated as far back as the 13th century.

The Anley family gave the island several Jurats and Constables of St Peter. The house had passed to the Le Sueur family by the early 19th century, and to the Pipon family by 1849, when the Godfray map shows it belonging to T Pipon.

Philip Francis Le Sueur was born in the House in 1821. His parents owned the house, and also the nearby Le Pissot, St Peter. By 1884 he was living at Vinchelez de Bas Manor, and was killed there by a falling stone. He had sold Les Aix.

There has been a substantial number of alterations in the 20th century.

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