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This property in Rue du Rondin, St Mary, has been owned over the centuries by the Le Vesconte and Langlois families.

The name of the house means boxwood, and there are still box hedges at the property. The eastern end of the property is older than the western, but has been extended upwards more recently. The only stone which might help date the property is inscriped MLVC 1708 ML. Joan Stevens in Old Jersey Houses Vol 1 believed that this represented a Le Vesconte-Luce marriage, whereas the owner of the property in 1965 thought that the second initials represented a Langlois. A correction in a later edition of the book says that the initials represent Michel Le Vesconte, who married Marie Lael.

This is almost confirmed by the Jersey Datestones Register, which says that there is a second stone with the date 1722 on the roadside gable end of Les Buis, and correctly names Michel Le Vesconte's wife as Marguerite Laell.

The St Mary baptism register shows the couple, who were married in St Helier on 22 August 1702, having six children and gives the name of the mother as Marguerite Laell. Their first child was Raulin, baptised on 19 September 1703. He became Constable of St Mary from 1759-1763. His siblings were Michel, Marguerite, another Michel, Jean and Philippe.

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