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Le Cateaux datestone
Le Cateaux datestone
Le Cateaux datestone
Le Cateaux datestone
Le Cateaux datestone
Le Cateaux datestone

Les Cateaux is close to the medieval earthworks of the same name in the Rozel area of Trinity. This was a camp used for refuge during French raids, although it fell out of use by 1500. It is one of a handful of Jersey houses which have their own dedicated page in the Jersey Datestone Register.

Six datestones

There are no fewer than six datestones at the property.

On an east wing lintel is one inscribed EIN♥KBS 1766 for Edouard Journeaux of Trinity who married Catherine Bisson of St John at Trinity in November 1740. A second lintel in the same wing has a stone inscribed PLG♥IIB 1777 for Philippe Le Gros who married Jeanne Joubaire in October 1751. They bought the property from George Hamon in 1767.

In the wall of the road entrance is a stone with PLG 1768 HB. Joan Stevens, in Vol 2 of Old Jersey Houses suggests that this is for Philippe Le Gros, father of the Philippe above, because the property had been in the Le Gros family for some time. It was later inherited by C S Le Gros, a member of a different branch of the same family.

In that case the stone probably originally read PLG 1768 ILB, for Philippe Le Gros and Jeanne Le Bas, who were the parents of the later Philippe. The Jersey Datestone Register also takes the view that the stone may have been altered, but without giving an explanation.

Stevens writes that there are signs that there was a 17th century entrance, with a stone inscribed 1663 RHM, for Richard Hamon (or possibly PHM for Philippe Hamon, according to the Datestone Register). Stevens, is clear, however, that this was Richard Hamon, descendant of another Richard Hamon who was Constable of Trinity from 1587 to 1592.

Another stone, perhaps recording his son, has PHM MBP, with a date which appears to be 1693. The Datgestone Register attributes this to Philippe Hamon and Marie Blampied of Trinity, who married in Grouville in September 1687.

The Register also records a much more recent stone inscribed 19 J.CB ♥♥ R.BL 37, for St John Catel Cabot and Rita Eva Billot.

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