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Separate posts of Governor were created for Jersey and Guernsey in the mid-15th Century, to replace the Warden of the Isles who had previously had responsibility for the two Bailwicks. But just as many Wardens rarely visited the islands and relied on sub-Wardens to represent them, so many Governors were represented in Jersey by a Lieut-Governor. On several occasions the office was conferred on the serving Bailiff, giving him total control over island affairs. After 1854 with the death of William Carr Beresford there were no further appointments of a Governor and, since then, the representative of the Sovereign in the island has been the Lieut-Governor.

In the early days the appointment held military significance and was frequently held by a senior officer in the Armed Forces, usually a General, who was in command of the island garrison. Today the post is largely ceremonial, and is held by a recently retired senior officer, although theoretically it is now open to retired senior civil servants.


17th Century

  • George Paulet
  • John Peyton
  • Aaron Messervy
  • Philippe de Carteret
Maj General Gough
  • Elias de Carteret
  • Joshua de Carteret
  • Francis Raynsford
  • Philipp de Carteret
  • Philipp Marett
  • Leonard Lydcott
  • Sir George de Carteret
  • Sir Herbert Lunsford
  • Henry Boade
  • Rowland Watson
  • Dominick Trant
  • John Sydenham
  • Sir Thomas Windham
  • Sir Bevil Granville
  • Edward Harris 1690
  • Thomas Collier 1695 - 1704
Sir William Pillar takes the oath of office in the Royal Court in 1985

18th Century

  • Nicolas de la Noe
  • George Dumaresq
  • Lucas Spicer
  • Robert Wilson
  • Henry Berkley
  • John Crosby
  • John Broughton
  • John Skyes
  • Magnus Kempenfelt 1723 -
  • George Howard 1730-1731
  • William Hargrave (acting) 1730 -
  • Peter Betsweorth
  • Edmund Fielding
  • Jean Cavalier 1738 – 1740
William Sherbrook Norcott

19th Century

Arthur Edward Grasett
Hugh Sutley Gough

20th Century

21st Century

  • Air Chief Marshal Sir John Cheshire 2001 - 2006
  • Lieut-General Sir Andrew Ridgway 2006 - 2011
  • General Sir John Mc Coll 2011 - 2016
  • Sir Stephen Dalton 2016 -

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