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Perry Farm, St Mary


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Property name

Perry Farm


Rue des St Germains, St Mary

Type of property

18th century farmhouse with possible earlier origins


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Le Feuvre: Philippe Edouard Le Feuvre, son of Pierre, was living here when he made his will in 1946, leaving the property to his son Philip, together with Prospering Farm, St Mary. He was evidently a man of property because he left his other son Henry, Maison de Haut, St Peter and Maison de Bas and Ville au Bas Cottagem St Lawrence. Philip's 1954 will left life enjoyment of all his property to his wife Laura Maud, nee Le Brun, with Perry Farm and Prospering Farm, and two fields in St Lawrence and St Mary, to his brother Henry.

Although there are no Occupation registrations for this address, Philippe Edouard was evidently living here in 1944 when he leased horses from the German Forces.


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A mid-18th century farm house, possibly with earlier origins, circa 16th century, retaining some original interior and exterior features.

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. Five-bay, two-storey house with two-bay dower wing to the east. New property on west side, and much altered west and east wings.

Line where roof was raised evident. Protruding stones at first floor level. Protruding ledge at ground floor probably relates to a staircase. Small first floor window. Single pile with central passage. Ground floor spaces have been joined into a single space. Granite fireplace on west end with rimmed corbels and timber lintel. Niche on left hand side.

Old Jersey Houses

The author clearly believed that the property had origins much earlier than the 18th century, because it was included in Volume One along with other 17th century and earlier properties.

The entry notes that Perry Farm was named on account of a former avenue of pear trees.

Noting that the impressive arch at the entrance to the drive was moved and heightened, having originally enclosed a courtyard at the front of the house, the author expresses displeasure with the resulting proportions.

Notes and references

  1. Not INMJ as shown by HER
  2. Not 1749 as shown in the Datestone Register, based on a misreading for OJH; see picture in box at top of page

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