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Philippe Gavey


Marblehead, as it was when Philippe Gavey married Hannah Macchone there in 1681

Philippe Gavey, of St Saviour, Jersey, emigrated to New England and was the founder of the Gavet family there

Extract from English Origins of New England Families, Second Series, Vol 1

Philippe, the immigrant ancestor of the Gavet or Gavit family of New England, where he is known as Philip GAvet, of Gavett, born in St Saviour's Parish, Island of Jersey, probably in 1651; died in Rhode Island not earlier than 1714; married at Mablehead, Massachusetts, 6 September 1681, Hannah Macchone.

The identity of Philip Gavet of Marblehead and Salem with Philippe Gavey, son of Martin Gavey, of St Saviour's Parish, Island of Jersey, is proved by a deed dated 25 August 1696 and recorded in the Suffolk Registry of Deeds in Boston, by which the New England immigrant conveyed his property in the Island of Jersey to Thomas Poingdestre of the said island. This deed begins as follows:

"To all people unto whom this p'sent Deed of Sale shall come, Philip Gavett of the Island of Jersey, now Inhabitant in Marvillhead, New England, Sonne of Martin Gauet and Elisabeth his wife, deceased, sendeth greeting"
"Philip Gavett, in consideration of Forty pounds Current money of New England to him paid by Thomas Poingdestre of the Island of Jersey, 'marriner', has sold unto the said Thomas Poingdestre, his heirs, etc 'all my rents, arreareges of rents, orchards, gardens, houses, lands or tenaments belonging to me or my heirs etc in the Island of Jersey. In witness whereof I the said Philip Gavett have hereunto sett my hand and seal this 24 August 1696."

The deed was acknowledged before Geo Jaffreys, a justice of the peace at Portsmouth, Province of New Hampshire. On the same day, before the same justice, Philip Gavet acknowledged also the receipt of the forty pounds from the grantee. On the same day Philip Gavett, describing himself as formerly of the Island of Jersey, now inhabitant in Marvillhead, New England, sonne of Martin Gavit and Elizabeth his wife, deceased, named his 'trusty friends Aaron Fall and John Lemasters of St Saviour's Parish in the Island of Jersey, husbandmen, his attorneys with full power to deliver to Thomas Poingdestre of the Islandof Jersey, the grantee named in the deed of sale, the property in Jersey conveyed to the said Poingdestre by the said deed of sale.

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