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Saint Martin


The lane beside St Martin's Church

St Martin is the parish in the north east corner of Jersey

1976 stamp

Saint Martin (Jerriais: St Martîn) is Jersey's north-east parish. Historically it was called "Saint Martin le Vieux" to distinguish it from the present day parish of Grouville (historically "Saint Martin de Grouville").

Public Hall

St Martin is the only parish in Jersey not to conduct its municipal business from a Parish Hall. St Martin has Public Hall instead, having accepted money from the States of Jersey to provide an assembly room.

The dolmen at Le Couperon and La Pouquelaye de Faldouet are among the prehistoric remains in the parish. La Pouquelaye de Faldouet features on the reverse of the Jersey 10p coin and was the inspiration for the poem Nomen, numen, lumen written by Victor Hugo in 1855 during his exile in Jersey.

The rock known as Le Saut Geffroy, or Geoffroy's Leap, is reputed to be an ancient place of execution where criminals were thrown into the sea.

The ancient castle of Mont Orgueil dominates the small harbour and village of Gorey. The castle served as the island's prison until another was constructed in St Helier in the 17th century. Until the construction of Elizabeth Castle off Saint Helier at the beginning of the 17th century, Mont Orgueil was generally the residence of the Governor of Jersey.

The immense breakwater at St Catherine is all that remains of a grandiose harbour project started, but then abandoned, by the British government in the 19th century. It is now a popular site for sea anglers.

St Martin is one of the remaining strongholds of Jèrriais with a distinctive accent. The area around Faldouet formerly possessed a dialect of its own, known as Faldouais. Although the Faldouais dialect is extinct, it has left notable amounts of writings in Jèrriais.


St Martin is divided into vingtaines as follows:

  • Vingtaine de Rozel
  • Vingtaine de Faldouet
  • Vingtaine de la Quéruée
  • Vingtaine de l'Église
  • Vingtaine du Fief de la Reine

Les Ecréhous are part of the parish of St Martin.

Saint Martin forms one electoral district and elects one Deputy.

The 1919 parish celebrations of the end of World War 1 the year before

Twin town

St Martin is twinned with Montmartin-sur-Mer in Normandy

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  • Jersey Folk Lore, John H. L'Amy, Jersey 1927

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The parish has a small collection of oil paintings on display in the Parish Hall, featured in the Your Paintings project.

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A party for St Martin children in 1897

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A visit by St Martin parishioners to Bourneville in 1938
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