The brothers who emigrated to the USA and were killed by Indians

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Maturin and George Ricard were members of a St Brelade family who emigrated to the USA in about 1670. On 4 June 1706 they were both killed in an Indian raid on Dover, new Hampshire. Maturin's son Noah was captured by the Indians during the raid.

Maturin was born in St Brelade. It is not certain whether he was of French or English origin but he emigrated via England to Dover, New Hampshire about 1670. He bought 12 acres of Cochecho Marsh from Peter Coffin on 26 December 1682. He changed the spelling of his name to Ricker and married sometime before 1692 and had at least four children with his wife Rebecca Shaw:

  • Maturin Ricker, married Lucy Wallingford
  • Joseph Ricker married 1) Elizabeth Garland 2) Mary May
  • Sarah Ricker married John Wingate
  • Noah Ricker was captured by the Indians, carried to Canada, was educated and became a Catholic priest. He never returned home.

Notable Events

From Notable events in the history of Dover, NH by George Wadleigh 1706

4 June: George Ricker and Maturin Ricker of Cochecho were slain by the Indians. George was killed running up the lane near the garrison. Maturin was killed in his field, and his son was carried away.

George and Maturin were brothers, the sons of Noel Ricard and Jeanne Le Marquand. [Editor's note: See the family tree below for more details about the brothers' probably ancestry.] Family tradition says George went to America with Parson Reyner, at his expense. After repaying the parson, he saved money to send for his younger brother, Maturin. There is some question about this, but the parson owned landed property in England. George settled in what is now Rollingsford, near the Wentworth property. He and John Wentworth had land dealings. Maturin lived nearby. Both men were killed by the Indians on 4 June 1706. The original journal of Rev John Pike, minister at Dover, held by the Massschusetts Historical Society, states

"George Riccar and Maturin Riccar, of Cocheco, were slain by the Indians. George was killed while running up the lane near the garrison; Maturin was killed in his field, and his little son (Noah) carried away." George had married Eleanor Evans, whose father was also killed by the Indians.

A further contemporary report states:

"George (Ricker) was killed while running up the lane near Heard's Garrison which stood in the garden of the late friend Bangs. The lane was the crossroad at the southern base of Garrison Hill. Maturin was killed in his field and his little son Noah was carried away. With them and killed were Mary Jones, Richard Otis, Anthony Rounder, Experience Heard, Nicholas Otis and a Mr Evans, probably the father of Eleanor, wife of George. Mr Evans was burned to death in his barn. A young John Evans was chased by the Indians, was captured and died soon after. Noah was taken to Canada where he was educated and remained as a priest.""

Maturin married Lucy Wallingford. The 'little son' taken by the Indians is traditionally called Noah, but in the list of prisoners still in Canada 1710-11 appears 'John Ricor' of Cochick, who can hardly be other than the Dover boy. He had been baptized as Jean Francois Ricard, aged 14, of a place near Dover called Quihecga, 11 June 1707. In 1710 he was at the seminary at Quebec, accounting for the Dover tradition that he became a priest.

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