A gallery of 1897 holiday photographs

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A gallery of 1897 holiday photographs


A view down Victoria Street showing the United Reformed Church, which has long since lost its spire,with St Thomas' Roman Catholic Church beyond

These photographs, dated to 1897, appear to have been taken by a holidaymaker, during a visit to Jersey. The quality is not superb, and many of the subjects are fairly standard for the time, but it is very rare for such a large selection of amateur photographs to have survived over 120 years since the end of the Victorian era. It seems that there was a party of three men, two of whom appear in many of the images. They are casually dressed, but their outfits suggest that they were not without money. Did they arrive on the yacht (today it would be described as a 'superyacht' shown at anchor in the Small Roads outside the entrance to St Helier Harbour? Or was this merely a coincidence. If they did arrive on board this substantial vessel, why did they choose a fairly mundane cargo vessel with passenger accommodation for a visit to Guernsey? And why were no photographs apparently taken during that visit?

We could go on surmising for ever, or simply enjoy these amateur photographs from long ago

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