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Anne Georgianna Clara Hemery was christened Anne Clara Georgina on 1 October 1854 at Totteridge in Hertfordshire. She married Brigadier-General Henry Tempest Hicks, an adjutant in the 3rd Royal Jersey Light Infantry, in June 1885 in Barnet.

He was born in 1853 in Beerchurch in Sussex. They had two children, Annie Monica G Tempest Hicks, born 1891 Monken Hadley, and Charles Tempest Hicks, who died in the First World War. In the 1901 census Anne and her daughter Annie Monica are recorded as staying with Charles Hemery in Monken Hadley.

Annie Monica married Thomas 2nd Viscount Plumer around 1919 and died in 1963. They lived at Carteret Farm, Grouville. One of their three daughters was the Hon Cynthia Leapman, who also lived in Jersey and had a keen interest in the Hemery family history, owning many interesting documents. In 1974 she wrote ‘I have a crayon sketch of my great grandfather (Charles Hemery) as a boy, done at Colomberie House by his sister. I also have the letter appointing Clement Hemery ADC to Queen Victoria.’

The other daughters were Daphne Plumer who in 1963 was living at 67 Addison Road, London W14, and Mrs F H Lowry-Corry.

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