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Arnaud Jean de Contino Warden of the Isles 1271-1275

Jean, a citizen of Bayonne in the south-west of France, was the last Warden appointed for the Channel Islands by Henry III and remained in office after he was succeeded by Edward I in 1272. He was appointed on 24 June 1271 and remained in office until 14 April 1275.

On 2 April 1274 the monks of Mont Saint Michel wrote to Edward to complain of the "oppression which had overwhelmed them" during his long absence "in absentia vestra diuturna" by the "Bailiff" of the islands. The "Bailiff" is named as "Helnandum Johannis de Contino".

Despite the alteration of his first name and the addition of a surname which is not found elsewhere, it is evident that it is Arnaud Jean who is referred to. Two Royal Commissioners were sent to the islands in November 1274, Jean Gyger and Raoul de Broughton, their mission being to verify the accounts of Arnaud Jean since his appointment and to recover that which was due to the King.

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