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In 1232 Arnauld (Amauri?) de Saint Amand and Philippe de Carteret were appointed Wardens of the Channel Islands, but their appointment appears only to have lasted a few days, before they were replaced by William de St Jean and Philippe d'Aubigné, both previous occupants of the position.

In October of that year Saint Jean was recalled by Henry III to undertake another mission, leaving d'Aubigné in sole charge. It is not clear whether this Philippe was the first of his name to hold the office, in 1212, or his nephew, who was appointed in 1219.

Amauri de St Amand

Philippe de Carteret was apparently a temporary local appointee. St Amand, who is shown as Arnauld in Channel Island records, was probably the same as Amauri de St Amand, of Banbury, Oxfordshire, who was in the King's service from at least March 1217. In 1226 he was serving in Ireland. In 1230 he fought in Henry's expedition overseas; in 1231 was joint constable of castles in Pembroke, and joint negotiator of a truce with Llewelyn. In 1232, joint Keeper of St James de Beuvron (La Manche); in January 1232/3, the King's messenger to the Duke of Brittany (it was in this period that he would have had responsibility for the Channel Islands, albeit briefly; by July, a knight; later in 1233, on official service in the Marches of Wales. The King's Steward or joint Steward, 1233 certainly till 1240; January 1233/4, joint Constable of the Marches; in May, Keeper of Hereford, acting as sheriff until I240; Keeper of St Briavel, June 1234, with renewals till his death; in July, in joint control of the King's expenditure in Brittany. In June 1239 he was one of the nine godfathers of Prince Edward.

He married twice. His first wife's name is not known. He was the fifth husband of his second wife, Iseult, daughter of William Pantulf of Breedon, Leicestershire (died 1194).

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