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An advertisement for Atkins sweets in The Jerseyman

Sweet manufacturer Arthur Atkins was in business at 5 The Parade in 1911. Born in Brighton in 1874, Mr Atkins lived with his wife, Sarah Elizabeth, three sons and a daughter at No 4 Parade. His business was the first to be featured in a series on new undertakings published in a new weekly newspaper, The Jerseyman, which was launched in 1911. The report was as follows:

"It is with pleasure that we are able to announce that we have made arrangements for a series of weekly articles bearing on Jersey industries. As our readers are already doubtless aware, local enterprise is to be a strong plank in our platform, and we intend doing all in our power to encourage and support it.
"We spent a very interesting hour one afternoon this week in Mr A Atkins; sweetmeat manufactory at 5 Parade. Oh if some of 'Uncle Henry's' little proteges had been there, how their mouths would have watered at seeing the lollipops being turned out in shining rows, like to much fancy lace.
"We are not going to weary our readers with a lengthy detailed technical description of the different processes through which the sweets have to pass before they appear in bottles on the shelves of Mr Atkins' shop, but we can assure them that we have satisfied ourselves as to the absolute purity of his products and as to the cleanliness - so essential a factor in connection with any article of food - which prevails throughout. The boiling sugar is first poured from the cauldron on to the large slabs to cool; then colouring and flavour are added; then strips of the semi-cooled plastic compound are cut and passed through a hand-machine containing a fancy mould; then rows of sweets some four inches wide by anything over three feet are emanated and are laid on another slab to get quite cool, and then the 'doodoos' so dear to the heart of the youngsters come apart and are bottled.
"We were glad to learn that Mr Atkins, who has a long experience of sweet making both in the South of England and in Jersey, has a wide clientele both with the wholesale and retail trade here. There is absolutely no need to send to England or even Guernsey for confections, for at 5 Parade they are turned out fresh and pure in assortments of every kind.
"We wish Mr Atkins and this local industry every possible success; both he and it deserve such."
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