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Bellozanne Priory


Not to be confused with Bellozanne Abbey, this St Helier property, like its near namesake, has no ecclesiastical connection and should not have been called a priory.

As Joan Stevens wrote in the first volume of her Old Jersey Houses [1] there has never been a priority of that name in Jersey, nor a priory of any name in the vicinity of this property.

The only datestones at the property are from 1721 and 1761, but the house is undoubtedly much older. Whether it is as old as the 'Abbey', whose round arch front door is estimated as possibly as early as 1500, is uncertain. However, the 'Priory' made it into the first volume of Mrs Stevens' work, whereas the 'Abbey' is to be found in Volume Two.

Mrs Stevens noted the connection with the de Ste Croix family identified by the 1761 stone, but she misread it and described its engraving as CDSX MER, unsurprisingly failing to identify the lady who married Charles de Ste Croix in 1750 and lived with him in the house. The stone actually reads CDSX MLP 1761, for Charles de Ste Croix and Madeleine Elizabeth Lemprière, who married in St Lawrence in January 1750. We should accurately say that this is what the stone read, because it has now been erased, leaving a blank stone.

We have been unable to identify Charles because he does not fit into any existing Jerripedia family tree, nor have we found him online, perhaps because he and Madeleine had just three daughters, Madeleine, Anne and Susanne, and no son to continue the family name. There were five Charles de Ste Croix baptised in St Helier between 1723 and 1729, three of whom died in infancy, leaving the sons of Nicolas de Ste Croix and Marie Mollet and Charles de Ste Croix and Susanne Laurens who could have been the owner of the 'Priory'.

Notes and references

  1. OJH I, 122
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