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There is a somewhat limited selection of books about Jersey and the other Channel Islands available to read on-line at Google Books and similar sites, but the list is growing steadily.

Google have embarked on a programme of digitising all books currently available in libraries and other repositories, but the number relating to the Channel Island is still small. There is an added problem that by no means all the books which are on Google Books can have their content accessed, particularly by site users outside North America. This is caused by copyright problems - a book which is out of copyright under USA Copyright Law may still be under copyright restrictions elsewhere in the world. It depends on from where you are accessing the Internet how much, if any, of the content of some books can be seen.

Sometimes this problem can be overcome by asking a friend in America to access the book's full content and send a PDF copy to you elsewhere in the world using one of the large file transfer services available.

Many books whose content is accessible can be accessed in a number of formats, including PDF, which can be downloaded to be stored on, and accessed from, your own computer; full text versions, page images which can be read on-line like a book; Kindle versions, etc. The full text versions are an OCR (optical character recognition) copy of the original, and these are not edited and sometimes very difficult to read, particularly for older books.

Books and periodicals available on-line

Note that, for reasons we don't fully understand, some of these books do not open on the title page, but you can easily scroll up to the beginning of these books

History of Jersey

Jersey guides

States and other official publications

Family history


Note: Earlier volumes of the Société bulletins can be found in Google Books but the content is restricted to North American readers


If you are aware of further titles which can be found on-line, please add them to the listing above.

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