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Jersey titles have been removed from this list and can be found in Jerripedia's comprehensive bibliography. Titles covering Jersey, Guernsey and the other Channel Islands are also shown in that list


  • James Marr, Guernsey People, (Phillimore 1984)
  • James Marr, More Guernsey People, (Guernsey Society 1992)
  • Hocart, Richard, Peter de Havilland: Bailiff of Guernsey A History of his Life, 1747-1821, (La Société Guernesiaise 1997)
  • Sir John Ross, Memoirs of Admiral Lord de Saumarez (2 vols, 1838)


  • Brett, CEB, Buildings in the town and parish of St Peter Port, (National Trust 1975)
  • Members of the Guernsey Society, The Guernsey Farmhouse, (Guernsey Society 1963)
  • McCormack, John, The Guernsey House, (Phillimore 1980)
  • Grinsley, EJ, The Historical Development of the Martello Tower in the Channel Islands


  • Lempriere, Raoul, Customs, Ceremonies and Traditions of the Channel Islands 1976
  • De Garis, Marie, Folklore of Guernsey, (1975)
  • MacCulloch, Edgar, Guernsey Folklore (1903), 1903
  • Pitts, John Linwood, Witchcraft and Devil Lore in the Channel Islands, 1886

Guernsey Bailiwick


  • Cochrane, Jennifer, Life on Sark, 1994. A through-the-year account of life on Sark.


  • Pinnegar, Edward, A History of Aviation in Alderney, 2010.

Guernsey History

  • Dicey, Thomas, An historical account of Guernsey, (1751)
  • Berry, William, History of Guernsey, (1815)
  • Jacob, John, Annals of some of the British Norman Isles, (1830)
  • Duncan, Jonathan, History of Guernsey, (1841)
  • Ferdinand Brock Tupper, History of Guernsey, (Stephen Barbet, Guernsey 1854)
  • James Marr, History of of Guernsey, (Guernsey Press 2001)


  • Crossan, Rose-Marie, Guernsey 1814-1914: Migration and Modernisation, (Boydell 2007)
  • Kreckeler, David W., Guernsey Emigrants to Australia 1828-1899, (1996)


  • Stevens-Cox, Gregory, St Peter Port 1680-1830 - the History of an International Entrepot, (Boydell 1999)
  • Marie De Garis|De Garis, Marie, St Pierre du Bois - the Story of a Guernsey parish and its people
  • Wyllie, Dave, The Vale - 800 Years of a Guernsey Parish (2005)
  • Strappini, Richard, St Martins, Guernsey - a Parish History from 1204, (2005)


  • Ogier, Darryl, Reformation and Society in Guernsey, (Boydell 1997)

World War 1

  • Parks, Edwin Major, Diex Aix: God Help Us: The Guernseymen who marched away 1914-1918, (Guernsey Museums 1992)

World War 2

  • Durand, Ralph, Guernsey Under German Rule, (Guernsey Society 1946)
  • Sauvary, JC, Diary of the German Occupation of Guernsey 1940-1945
  • Winterflood, Herbert, Occupied Guernsey 1943 - 1945
  • Le Tissier, Richard, Mined Where You Walk Life in Sark during the war years
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