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Cartulaire des Iles Normandes - recueil de documents concernant l'histoire de ces iles conservés aux Archives du Département de la Manche et du Calvados, de la Bibliothèque Nationale, du Bureau des Rôles, du Château de Warwick etc. 1924


Cartulaire –(Eng. Cartulary)- is a medieval manuscript volume containing transcriptions of original documents relating to the foundation, privileges and legal rights of ecclesiastical establishments, municipal corporations, industrial associations, institutions of learning and private families. Wiki

Normally transcribed to ensure conservation or to facilitate their consultation. Wiki.Fr


Prior to peace with France in 1815, it was very difficult for lawyers or historians in the islands to obtain access to important documents held in archives in France. During the second half of the 19th C the Royal Courts of Jersey and Guernsey obtained transcriptions the documents necessary for the functioning of the islands’ legal systems, but these were not generally accessible. The Société Jersiaise set about a process of examining the royal courts’ records, comparing these with the originals in France and searching out other documents relevant to the islands history. This process was carried out by G F de Gruchy, R R Marett and E T Nicolle, with assistance from E F Carey and Col T De Guérin in Guernsey; the results were published in 1924.

Many of the documents held in the archives of La Manche at St Lo were destroyed in the 2nd world war.


The Cartulaire contains 337 documents (Royal Charters, Papal Bulls and official letters).mostly from the major monasteries and cathedrals of Normandy, with a further 28 supplementary documents mostly from Warwick Castle. They date from the 1st half of the 11th C to the middle of the 16th C; most are in Latin with a short synopsis in French. There are additionally photographs of certain original documents and seals.

Copies are available in the Societe Jersiaise and Priaulx libraries.

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