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Canet's Fishing Boats off the Jersey Coast

Charles Emile Canet is noted for his harbour views, seascapes and landscapes. He studied in Paris and was the pupil of Gustave Le Sénéchal de Kerdréoet. He was a regular exhibitor at the Salon Artistes Francais in Paris between 1887 and 1900. His study Fishing Boats off the Jersey Coast was painted in 1866, apparently at Gorey, and shows what was probably an oyster fishing boat. At this time the oyster fishing industry in Jersey was in a rapid terminal decline.

The painting is valued at £15,000 and has the inscription 'Perot Canet'.

Charles Emile Canet had two sons, Henri (1874-1960, avocat à la cour, and amateur artist) and Marcel (1875-1959, artist, famous for orientalist painting and seascapes, marines)

Charles Emile Canet was a pupil of famous artist Jules Noël (seascapes, marines paintings).

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