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Col Heane's signature and seal

Governor of Jersey 1651 (-1654?)

Queen Elizabeth I’s favourite Henry Jermyn became governor of Jersey in 1644, but the day-to-day running of the island's affairs was conducted by Sir George de Carteret, who succeeded his uncle Sir Philip de Carteret as Bailiff of Jersey in August 1643. Carteret landed on Jersey in November 1643 and drove out the Parliamentarian governor Major Lydcott.

Edward Hyde

Carteret governed Jersey with great severity, imprisoning Parliamentarian supporters and confiscating their property. Commissioned vice-admiral and knighted in 1645, Carteret conducted a successful privateering operation against English shipping. After the defeat of the King's armies on the mainland, the future Charles II sheltered in Jersey from April to June 1646 upon escaping from Cornwall and the Scilly Isles. When the Prince departed for Paris, his adviser Sir Edward Hyde remained on Jersey for another two years, where he began writing his great history of the civil war.

During the Second Civil War, the Channel Islands returned to their previous state, with the Royalists on Guernsey blockaded in Castle Cornet while Sir George de Carteret on Jersey resumed his privateering activities. Like Sir John Grenville on the Scilly Isles, Carteret continued to raid merchant ships after the declaration of the Commonwealth of England in 1649. Unlike Grenville, however, Carteret did not sanction attacks on Dutch ships.

Charles II arrived in Jersey in September 1649, intending to move from there to lead the Royalists in Ireland. By the end of the year, however, the success of Cromwell's invasion of Ireland had forced Charles to abandon the plan. He returned to France in February 1650.

During the spring of 1651, the Commonwealth government sent an expedition against Sir John Grenville which succeeded in reducing the Scilly Isles by the end of May. This left de Carteret's privateers as the last Royalist threat to Commonwealth shipping in the Western Approaches. On 20 September 1651, the Council of State commissioned an expedition against Jersey. Colonel James Heane was appointed military commander of the Commonwealth Invasion.

It was to take nearly two months to subdue all resistance, de Carteret having taken refuge in Elizabeth Castle and his brother Philip in Mont Orgueil. Col Heane, later promoted to General, became de facto Governor but, although some lists show him as holding office for four years, it is more likely that he was replaced in December 1651, immediately after delivering the island to Commonwealth control.

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