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Corbiere Rocks by James Finucane Draper (date unknown) Oils on canvas from the Town Hall collection. This painting shows the rocky coastline around La Corbière with stormy sky and steamer in the middle ground. The name Corbière derives from Corbeau, meaning the haunt of crows or ravens, who were known to bring bad luck. Many unlucky ships have been wrecked on the jagged reef which sits below the water. Eventually in 1873 the States of Jersey decided to prevent further disasters by building a lighthouse. Corbière lighthouse was the first in the British Isles to be built of concrete and it still stands today as a warning to shipping to navigate away from the unforgiving rocks. Draper was an established artist and teacher in the Island during the period 1865-1878. Restoration of the painting was sponsored by The Parish of St Helier in memory of Constable Keith Baal and his wife Mrs Ann Baal, Deputy and Senator, in 1994. (Sophie Gorman, 2009)
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