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Descendants of Clement Bailhache

This is an important tree because it shows the ancestry of Sir Clement Meacher Bailhache, a distinguished English commercial lawyer and judge, so we have carried out further research and believe that the tree now presented is reliable, but we would welcome any observations from site visitors who believe that they can identify inaccuracies or make additions. Just click on the discussion tab at the top of the page and leave a message. For a full genealogy of this branch of the Bailhache family, see Descendants of Jean Bailhache


The Rev Clement Bailhache (above) and his son, Sir Clement Bailhache (below)


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  • 1 Clement Bailhache (1805-1877) (St H) m (1827, St H) Patty Carré (1808-1857) [1] daughter of Jean [2]
    • 2 Susanna Bailhache (1829- ) m (1864, St P) Peter John Blampied [3] s of Pierre Josue (St P)
    • 2 Clement Bailhache (1830-1878) (St H) [4] m (1855, Bucks) Emma Meacher (1835-1914) daughter of Edward Augustus [5]
      • 3 Clement Meacher Bailhache (1856-1924) (Leeds) [6] m Fanny Elizabeth Liebstein (1858-1937)
        • 4 Olive Bailhache (1884-1976) m (1905, Eng) Cecil Bradley Rooke [7]
        • 4 Marjorie Bailhache (1887-1971) m (1912, Mx) Arnold Duncan McNair [8]
        • 4 Clement Herman Bailhache (1890-1968) [9] m (1919) Louise Agnes Procter (1895-1973)
          • 5 Clement Bailhache (1920-2004)
          • 5 Harold Nicholas Bailhache (1922-2012)
      • 3 Henry Hull Bailhache (1858-1879)
      • 3 Emma Alice Bailhache (1860-1895) m Frank Sutherland Groom [10]
      • 3 Herbert Philip Bailhache (1864-1922) (Aus.) [11] m 1 (1883, Brighton) Louisa Price (1859- )
        • 4 Vernon Philip Bailhache (1884-1956) [12] m (1912, NSW) Amelia Susannah Williams
          • 5 Nancy Verena Bailhache (1913-1966) m (1932, NSW) Leslie J. Haydon
          • 5 Norman Vernon Bailhache (1917-1945) (Aus) [13] m (1941, NSW) Hazel Clare Turner
        • by the 2nd wife of Herbert Philip Bailhache m 2 (1903, Adelaide) Clare Natalie Clarke
          • 5 Edna Marigold Clare Bailhache (1902-1958) m (1921, Adelaide) Sidney James Clifford Burgess
        • by the 3rd wife of Herbert Philip Bailhache m 3 (1906, Adelaide) Alma Gertrude Angell ( -1949) daughter of Charles
          • 5 Reginald John Bailhache (1906-1908)
          • 5 Clement John Bailhache (1908-1909)
          • 5 Raymond Keith Bailhache (1909-1982) (Aus) [14] m (1935, S Aus) Mamie Gwendolyn Anders
            • 6 Living daughter
            • 6 Living son
            • 6 Raelene Joy Bailhache (1949-1949)
          • 5 Gertrude Alison Bailhache (1917-2001) (Aus.)
    • 2 Philip Bailhache (1833-1903) (Aus) [15] m (1859, Leeds) Rachel Aspin Heaton (1855-1914) daughter of William
      • 3 Philip Heaton Bailhache (1860- ) (Aus) [16]
      • 3 Lillian Rachael Bailhache (1861-1948) (Aus)
      • 3 Clement John Bailhache (1864-1928) (Aus) [17] [18]
      • 3 Emma Pattie Bailhache (1864- ) [19] (Aus) m (1902, NSW) Albert Guy
      • 3 Herbert William Bailhache (1865-1937) (Aus) [20] m (1891, Victoria) Jennie Kaye (descendants)
      • 3 Alice Muriel Bailhache (1867-1879) (Aus) [21]
      • 3 Elsie Mabel Bailhache (1867-1879) [22]
      • 3 Jessie Mary Bailhache (1869-1877) (Aus)
      • 3 Rowland Scott Bailhache (1873-1877) (Aus)

Notes and references

  1. Born Guernsey: 1851 St Helier Census
  2. Grocer and tea dealer, also Baptist minister
  3. Farmer
  4. Baptist Minister: 1861 U.K. Census; Congregational Minister in 1871: UK Census
  5. Farmer of 356 acres, Buckinghamshire, UK
  6. Kt LL. (Lon), Solicitor in Newport, Monmouthshire. Called to the bar (1889, Middle Temple). He joined the South Wales circuit but became well known in London as a specialist in commercial law. Clement Bailhache became a King`s Counsel in 1908 and a bencher of the Middle Temple in 1912, in which year he became a Judge and was knighted. He sat in the Commercial Court, where he adjudicated "in difficult and unprecedented commercial cases related to losses as a result of war...his judgements were upheld by the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords": Francis Corbet, in A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, Volume 2, Corbet records that Bailhache, before becoming a judge, "won renown for his brief but lucid expositions and as a courteous and good-tempered opponent"
  7. Solicitor
  8. Solicitor
  9. Served in WW1 as an officer in the Royal Fusiliers, transferring to the Royal Scots Fusiliers. He retired in the rank of Captain, in 1923, to Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. He was afterwards a fruit grower: 1939 England and Wales Register. He died in Portugal
  10. Corn merchant
  11. Grocer in 1881 (Census, Stoke Newington, Herts.), sometime later chemist; settled in Australia
  12. Groom, on emigration in 1909, sailing from London to Sydney, NSW
  13. Warrant Officer, Australian Army Ordnance Corps, died in New Guinea, WW2
  14. Barman
  15. Baptist minister; settled in Victoria, Australia. He is buried in Melbourne General Cemetery
  16. Occupation in 1907: Canvasser
  17. Twin
  18. Clerk, in 1924, living in Camberwell, Victoria, with his unmarried sister, Lillian Rachael Bailhache: Electoral Register, Camberwell, Victoria (1924)
  19. Twin
  20. Accountant
  21. Twin
  22. Twin
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