Descendants of Collin Perrin

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Descendants of Collin Perrin

This was one of the earliest trees added to the site in 2010

The family, which was very prominent in Jersey in the 16th and early 17th centuries, became extinct in the middle of the latter century. The family name, which is a diminutive of Pierre, reappeared from an entirely unconnected French immigrant in the 19th century

All the generations in this tree predate church records and the dates must be considered somewhat speculative. The family, which originated in Guernsey, arrived in Jersey in the early 16th century (generation 9). It was well documented in Jersey in the 16th century, having acquired Rosel Manor by marriage to the Lemprieres. The genealogy as shown on this page, has been amended, where necessary, to include research conducted by G F B de Gruchy and the eminent Guernsey antiquaries Colonel de Guerin and Miss E. Carey

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  • 1 Collin Perrin (1250- ) [1]
    • 2 Richard Perrin (1275- ) [2]
      • 3 Unknown Perrin (1300- )
        • 4 Henry Perrin (1325- ) [3]
          • 5 John Perrin (1350- ) [4] m Nicola de Sausmarez [5]
            • 6 Guillaume Perrin (1375- ) [6] m Unknown du Bosc daughter of Collin du Bosc, le Viel
              • 7 John Perrin (1400- ) [7]
                • 8 John Perrin (1425- ) [8] m Marie (unknown) [9]
                  • 9 John Perrin (1450- )
                  • 9 Dominique Perrin (1450- ) [10] m 1 Catherine Lemprière [11] sister and heiress of John Lemprière ( -1534) [12]; 2 Thomasse Le Feyvre daughter of Nicolas (issue uncertain)
                    • 10 Genette Perrin (1472-1473) [13]
                    • 10 Edmond Perrin (1480-1552) [14] m Jane Holland of Dartmouth
                      • 11 Hugh Perrin (1510-1588) [15] m 1 Marie Lemprière, daughter of Clement [16] and Jeanette Le Roulx [17] d and heiress of Guille, Jurat
                        • 12 John Perrin (1545-1621) [18] m 1 an Englishwoman; [19] 2 (1608) Marie de Beauvoir daughter of Pierre and widow of John Effard (no issue)
                          • 13 Marie Perrin (1575- ) m (1601) John Le Febvre
                          • 13 Abraham Perrin (1580-1630) [20] m 1 Susanne Dumaresq ( -1612), daughter of Helier, of La Haule
                            • 14 Jeanne Perrin (1611- ) [21] m (1626) Henry de La Marche, of Guernsey
                          • 13 by the 2nd wife of Abraham Perrin, Jacqueline de Gourfalleuse, daughter of the Seigneur of Bonfossé, Normandy (no issue)
                          • 13 John Perrin (1582- ) [22]
                          • 13 Sara Perrin (1585- ) m (1609) Noé Le Geyt
                          • 13 Susanne Perrin ( -1619)
                        • 12 Jeanne Perrin (1550- )
                      • by the 2nd wife of Hugh Perrin, Colliche de Beauvoir daughter of Henry and Marguerite Vinaire (no issue)
                      • by the 3rd wife of Hugh Perrin, Jeanne Guillebert ( -1607) [23]
                        • 12 Hugh Perrin (1575?- ) m 1 Dorothy Paulett daughter of George, Bailiff (no issue); 2 Elizabeth Saunders [24]
                      • 11 Marguerite Perrin (1515- ) m Pierre Henry of Guernsey
                      • 11 Catherine Perrin (1517- ) m Thomas Le Hardy
                      • 11 Isabel Perrin (1520-1567) m 1 Nicolas de Beauvoir [25]; 2 (1546, Guernsey) John Dumaresq [26]
                      • 11 Elizabeth Perrin (1522- ) m 1 John Effard [27] 2 Hostes Nicolle, Bailiff; 3 George Paulett, Bailiff
                        • 12 Rachel Paulett m Philippe de Carteret
                        • 12 Dorothy Paulett m Hugh Perrin (above)
                    • 10 Johan Perrin (1482- ) [28]
                    • 10 Laurence Perrin (1484- ) [29]
                    • 10 Nicolas Perrin (1486- ) [30]
                    • 10 James Perrin (1488- ) [31]
                    • 10 Isabel Perrin (1490- ) [32]
                    • 10 Marie Perrin m James Guille [33]
                  • 9 Jenette Perrin ( -by 1496) m Pierre de Beauvoir [34]
                • 8 John Perrin (1430- ) [35] m Lorence Benard d and heiress of John and Alinor Lulague (of Jersey) daughter of Thomyn
                • 8 Guillemine Perrin [36] m John Effard s of Nicolas
              • 7 Perrotine Perrin (1405- ) [37] m John du Bat, living 1442

Notes and references

  1. Living in 1303/4 in Guernsey: Assizes Roll
  2. Son of Collin: Assizes Roll 1331
  3. Possibly grandson of Richard; the surname was uncommon in Guernsey, as it was to be, afterwards, in Jersey. Henry was living in 1393 in Guernsey
  4. Perhaps son of Henry; he was living in 1400, Guernsey
  5. John Perrin and his wife were originally thought (online) to have been born about 1330. The original online source for Nicola de Sausmarez as John`s wife, is uncertain
  6. Perhaps son of John
  7. Probably son of Guillaume. This John Perrin (1400- ) is the earliest forbear from whom the Perrin family could actually prove descent. He was a Guernsey Jurat, 1441-1445
  8. John Perrin "l`ainé, fils John le Viel" was a Guernsey Jurat, 1454-1479. De La Croix writes that Jean Perrin (sic) was in 1467 among the ten inhabitants of Guernsey who joined Sir Richard Harleston`s squadron to besiege Mont Orgueil Castle, Jersey, which was then held, in the latter years of the Wars of the Roses, by the French, in the Lancastrian cause. Perrin, whose name tops the list of men from Guernsey, will have met Renaud Lemprière slightly before the siege, in which the latter was killed; indeed, he may have already known him. Friendship is likely to have subsequently existed between the families of the two men, which doubtless resulted in Perrin`s son marrying Lemprière`s daughter and the eventual settlement of the former in Jersey: De La Croix, Jersey: Ses Antiquités.., 111, (Jersey: Le Feuvre, 1861), 126-7
  9. De Guerin and Carey tentatively suggested as John`s wife, Perronelle Le Feyvre, daughter of Michel. De Gruchy disagreed, probably because De La Croix has a list of those owing money to the Treasury of St Saviour, shortly after 1465, in which "John Perrin, a cause de Marie sa femme" features, owing 12 deniers: De la Croix, Jersey: Ses Antiquitiés.., 11, (Jersey: Le Feuvre, 1860), 111, 114. If John Perrin had a Jersey-born wife named Marie, as seems likely, his presence at the head of the Guernseymen assisting in the relief of Mont Orgueil Castle would be readily explained
  10. Guernsey Jurat, 1489-1517
  11. Daughter and eventual heiress of Renaud Lemprière ( -1467), Seigneur of Rosel, and of Catherine Camel, his wife. For Catherine`s family, see La Société Jersiaise, Bulletin X, 112. Renaud Lemprière was killed in 1467 at the Siege of Mont Orgueil Castle
  12. Seigneur of Rosel, Governor of Jersey (1500-) and Jurat
  13. The source for Genette, with her dates is not known
  14. Seigneur of Rosel, Jersey Jurat, 1524-1552; Constable of St Martin, 1531-1536. Note: At this epoch, a person could hold two or more offices simultaneously
  15. Seigneur de Rosel, Jurat 1562-1588
  16. Jurat and Bailiff of Jersey
  17. Grand-daughter of Nicolas Morin, Bailiff
  18. Seigneur of Rosel, Jurat 1595-1621
  19. An Englishwoman "whom [Perrin] married when he was staying with the Earl of Oxford [Elie Brevint`s Diary]. Probably Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, possibly his successor Henry de Vere"
  20. Seigneur of Rosel. He was obliged to sell his manor house, land and Fief of Rosel, as a result of debt, in 1625 to Sir Philip de Carteret of St Ouen. He was still in debt, so remained in the then debtors` prison, a wing of Mont Orgueil Castle, until his death in 1630
  21. Heiress of her father, little of whose income or collateral succession remained
  22. Of La Maison de Morin, given him by his father in his lifetime, from the latter`s maternal inheritance from Nicolas Morin, above, in anticipation of inheritance. This is an indication that debt which engulfed Abraham Perrin, was also experienced, in his later years, by his father John Perrin
  23. Jeanne Guillebert married secondly Helier Lemprière
  24. The Armorial of Jersey, 234, shows three children issuing from the marriage with Elizabeth Saunders. They were Cecilia (1637- ), Philippe (1641- ) and Edmund (1645- ). If this is accurate, their father would have been fifty-eight (perfectly feasible) when starting the family and seventy when finishing it. It will need checking
  25. Procureur of the King, Guernsey, 1541, who died in 1543
  26. Seigneur of Vincheles de Bas, Bailiff of Jersey
  27. Son of Nicolas, son of Jean, son of Guillaume Effard and Guillemette Le Loreur, his wife. John Effard and Elizabeth Perrin, his wife, were parents of the Reverend Nicolas Effard, Rector of St Saviour 1587
  28. Source: The Armorial of Jersey, 233
  29. The source for Laurence is not known
  30. Source: The Armorial of Jersey, 233
  31. Source: ibid.
  32. Ibid.
  33. Ibid. James Guille was Bailiff of Guernsey
  34. Bailiff of Guernsey, 1470-1479
  35. "John Perrin le jeune, fils John le viel". His elder brother, in a situation that occurred fairly often in the 15th and 16th century Channel Islands, was "John Perrin l`ainé, fils John le viel"
  36. Possible daughter
  37. Perrotine was a definite child of Guillaume (generation 6)
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