Descendants of John Bailhache

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Descendants of John Bailhache

Since this page was produced it has become apparent that there are errors in the tree. John Bailhache at generation 2 is shown in the St Ouen church register as born in 1758 and the son of Nicolas Bailhache. See Descendants of Matthieu Bailhache

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  • 1 John Bailhache (1715-1807) (probably Jean. Does not appear in St Ouen register, probably as this is erroneous. In generation 2, below, Jean Bailhache (1750-1800), husband of Marie de la Perrelle, was born the son of Nicolas Bailhache (1717- ), who married in 1753 (St John) Marie Boeux: see register and Descendants of Matthieu Bailhache)
    • 2 John Bailhache (1750-1800) m (1786) Marie de la Perrelle (1762-1847)
      • 3 John Bailhache (1788- ) emigrated to USA
        • 4 William Henry Bailhache
        • 4 Preston Heath Bailhache
        • 4 Arthur Lee Bailhache
      • 3 Nicholas Bailhache (1791-1859) emigrated to USA m (1825) Ruth Hurst
        • 4 John Nicholas Bailhache (1828- ) m Josefa Fitch, d of Henry Delano Fitch and Josefa Carillo
        • 4 Drusilla Ruth Bailhache (1831- )
      • 3 Jane Bailhache (1797- ) m Edouard Le Rossignol (1786- )
        • 4 Mary Ann Le Rossignol (1834-1862) m Jean Bauche (1829-1857)


John Bailhache (1715)

John Bailhache (1715-1807), the grandfather of two Bailhache immigrants to the United States, was born in Jersey. There is supposed to be a connection between this man and Jean de Baille Hache, who was a lieutenant of William the Conqueror. However, the papers supporting this connection have been lost, so it cannot be proved.

John Bailhache (1750)

John Bailhache (1750-1800) was born in Jersey, and married in 1786 to Marie de la Perrelle (1762-1847). John engaged in commerce between Jersey and Canada for a while, but after being shipwrecked and injured one winter off New Brunswick, he became a schoolmaster.

Jean Bailhache

Jean Bailhache emigrated to the USA with his brother Nicholas (below), where he became a successful journalist and newspaper proprietor and a friend of Abraham Lincoln. Read his account of the wedding of his niece Mary Ann Le Rossignol (see tree above).

Nicholas Bailhache

Nicholas Bailhache (1791-1859) migrated to America in 1818, eventually settling in Cambridge, Ohio (though probably not at first) perhaps because of a sister of his mother who was living there, and was the second wife of Rev Peter Sarchet, with whom Nicholas had come to America. The Sarchets were prominent in early Cambridge history.

Quote from a letter written by James Cummings, son of Drusilla's favorite sister Rachel

"Grandfather Bailhache loved the sea. When five years old he ran away and stayed all night in a fisherman's hut. They found him there in the morning. When twelve years old, he shipped as a cabin boy and followed the sea until he came to this country. He then ran a boat on the Ohio River."

It was probably during this time that he met Ruth Hurst, for she lived not far from Wheeling, which is on the Ohio River. After that he published a newspaper in Cambridge, Ohio. It seems that he must have worked for a while for his brother John in Chillicothe; he witnessed a legal document for John there in 1821. In 1834 he moved to Alton, Illinois. In his brother John's autobiography, John gives the time as the autumn of 1837, a few months after John had moved there. He worked on the Telegraph with John, but probably did not invest in the paper. When he quit the newspaper office, they bought a little farm on Wood River, near Upper Alton. They were living in Litchfield with their daughter Rachel at the time Nicholas died, in 1859.

John Nicholas Bailhache

John Nicholas Bailhache (1828-1902) was the eldest son of Nicholas and Ruth Bailhache. He went to California during the gold rush days, but did not mine for gold very long. In 1883 he married Josefa Fitch, daughter of Henry Delano Fitch, a sea captain, and Josefa Carillo. Josefa eloped with Henry, rather then marry the new governor of Alta California. Her sister Francesca married Gen Mariane Vallejo. The sisters lived not far from each other, for Josefa Bailhache visited her aunt quite frequently. John and Josefa had ten children. Among their descendants is Charles Arthur Bailhache.

John Nicholas Bailhache wrote to his sister Drusilla, and their mother, in 1862.

"And dear Mother, if we should never meet again, know that it was not my fault, but my misfortune, and that your 'Darling Boy' carried with him in his heart of hearts, all the grateful remembrance, love and affection merited by a kind, gentle and affectionate Mother. To you, I owe all that I am, or expect to be. The lessons you taught me in youth, are fresh in my memory and govern the acts of my life. I (have) never done a wrong that your memory did not reproach me for, nor a just act but that its approval seemed to come from you. I feel and acknowledge the service your counsel has been to me, and shall endeavor to perpetuate your memory still further by instilling it in my children."
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