Descendants of Jonathan Smith

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Descendants of Jonathan Smith

This Jerripedia family tree was first added to the site in 2016. It was submitted by a user and most of the lineage is in Yorkshire, but a generation of children were born and raised at Langley House, St Saviour, Jersey. Jonathan Smith, the third generation of the tree, was a schoolmaster in Sussex, having moved there via London with his first wife, Eliza Broadbent, whom he married in Bradford in 1858. He was in Jersey by 1865, where the last three of the couple's five children were born. [1]


Langley House

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  • 1 Jonathan Smith (1765- ) (Yorkshire) m Anna Atkinson (1770- )
    • 2 William Smith (1793-1876)
    • 2 John Smith (1794-1856) m (1834) Betty Bates (1806-1866)
    • 2 Elizabeth Smith (1796- )
    • 2 Mary Smith (1799- )
    • 2 Jonathan Smith (1809- )
      • 3 Jonathan Smith (1835-1918) m 1 (1858, Bradford) Eliza Broadbent (1836-1874) (1846-
        • 4 Charlotte Smith (1859-1938) (Lon)
        • 4 Henry Broadbent Smith (1860-1947) (Lon)- m - Mary Messenger Joste (1862-1954)
          • 5 Henry Joste Smith (1886-1963)
          • 5 Elsie Joste Smith (1889-1975)
          • 5 Doris Cicely Smith (1895-1933)
        • 4 George Smith (1863-1946) (Sussex) (To Jersey and then London) m Sarah Medhurst Troughton (1867-1949)
          • 5 Geoffrey Troughton Smith (1889-1965)
          • 5 Hugh Troughton Smith (1892-1934)
          • 5 Marjorie May Smith (1894-1974)
          • 5 Grace Troughton Smith (1896-1961)
          • 5 Cecil Louis Troughton Smith (1899-1966)(Author C S Forester
        • 4 Alice Mary Smith (1865-1885) (Jer)
        • 4 Geoffrey Gilbert Smith (1867-1902) (Jer) (Joined Army, killed in Boer War) m (1892, Scotland) Jane Russell Sharp (1870- )
          • 5 Leonard Dalziel Smith (1892-1915)
          • 5 Mary May Smith (1895-1984)
          • 5 Gilbert Smith (1897- )
          • 5 Geoffrey John Smith (1899-1979)
        • 4 Cicely Smith (1870-1960) (Jer)
      • 2nd wife of Jonathan Smith (1875, St S, Jer) Mary Jane Le Cras (1845-1908)
        • 4 Arthur Langley Smith (1876-1953) to London m (1901) Beatrice Emma Easton (1875-1939)
          • 5 Alfred Easton Smith (1902-1977) m Elsie Beadle (1903-1996)
          • 5 Arthur Francis Smith (1906-1959) m Edith Simmons
          • 5 Frederick Langley Smith (1911-1970) m (1934, Birmingham) Constance May Taylor )1911-1952)
          • 5 Leonard Walter Smith (1915-1994) m (1940, London) Winifred Barber (1918-2007)
          • 5 Richard Easton Smith (1919-1993) m (1940, Croydon) Joan Reynolds (1918-1993)
        • 4 Violette Blanche Smith (1880-1944)
        • 4 Ada Louisa Smith (1881-1935)
        • 4 Edith Mary Smith (1881-1956)
        • 4 Winter Francis Smith (1884-1954)
        • 4 Hannah Olive Smith (1887-1940)(Jer) m Charles Wilfred Stokes (1898 -
          • 5 Anthony Deryck Le Cras Stokes (1920-1985)
      • 3 Elizabeth Smith (1839- )
      • 3 Mary Smith (1846- )

Notes and references

  1. He was not working as a schoolmaster, however. The 1871 census shows him as a banker's clerk for de Gruchy Bank, and when he married for the second time in 1875, following the death of his first wife, he was shown as a merchant's clerk, although the 1881 census again shows him as a banker's clerk for de Gruchy. He lived with his second wife, Mary Jane Le Cras, at Langley House, a substantial property in St Saviour owned by the bank's owner, Abraham de Gruchy, where they had six further children. Although he was described as 'banker's clerk' in the 1881 census, Jonathan Smith must have been a very senior employee to have been allocated Langley House as a home. Jonathan Smith appears to have retired in the early 1880s and returned to London with his family, dying there in 1888. As far as we have been able to ascertain, none of his descendants remained in or returned to live in the island. One of his grandchildren was Cecil Scott Troughton Smith, who became famous as C S Forester, the author of the Horatio Hornblower novels. It has been claimed that he used to visit Langley House in his school holidays, but this seems unlikely because he was born in 1899, 11 years after his grandfather's death, and there was no known family connection to the house by then. Further information was supplied to us in 2020 by descendant John Gates: George Foster Smith, father of C S Forester, was born in January 1863. Shortly after that, Jonathan was offered the dual headship of Don Street in St Helier. Eliza suffered from lung problems, so Jonathan accepted as the warmer climate would be better for Eliza, who took charge of the Girls School there. At Don Street they had three more children, Alice, Geoffrey and Cicely. In 1870 Jonathan resigned as principal. The Government offered him the position of deputy inspector of the Channel Islands, but he turned it down as it would have entailed leaving his wife with six young children for lengthy periods of time. William de Gruchy employed him as his banker's clerk, a high position of trust, William being aware of Jonathan's capabilities. When William died in 1881 he was succeeded by Henry, who must have been glad to have Jonathan - virtually his right hand man as it proved. William had put Jonathan and his family in Langley House in 1873, it having been left to him by the original owner, his father Abraham. Eliza died in March 1874 and was buried in St Saviour's churchyard, where her almost illegible headstone has been replaced for the benefit of descendants searching for it. In June 1875 Jonathan married a Jersey girl and onetime student teacher of his, Mary Jane Le Cras, who became head of the Girls School. After Abraham de Gruchy and Sons Bankers was wound up, and the department store, de Gruchys & Co was converted into a limited liability vompany, (both handled by Jonathan), he found himself out of a job by the latter end of 1887. Langley House was sold on 10 March 1888. Jonathan was busily engaged in partnership with Philip Winter Nicolle in applying for patents relating to the processing of Ramie (China Grass) to produce yarns. His progress in England following his arrival in mid-1888 ceased when the company that had accepted to go into production, was taken over. Jonathan died on 26 November 1918.
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