Descendants of Louis Le Bailly and Marie Bosdet

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Descendants of Louis Le Bailly

This tree was added to the site in 2010 and reviewed in 2019.


Joshua Le Bailly [1]


Magdelaine Le Bailly, nee Le Vavasseur dit Durell

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  • 1 David Le Bailly (1676- ) of Athis, Orne, Normandy m Ann Dumont
    • 2 Thomas Le Bailly (1706- ) m (Athis) Madelaine Collin ( -1794) Huguenots who fled to Jersey in 1750
      • 3 Louis Le Bailly (1745-1808) (Athis) m (1776, St P) Marie Bosdet (1752-1816)
        • 4 Jean Le Bailly (1777-1840)
        • 4 Jacques Le Bailly (1778-1785)
        • 4 Josué Le Bailly (1781-1846) [2] m (1807, St H) Magdelaine Le Vavasseur dit Durell
          • 5 Marie Le Bailly (1808-1892)
          • 5 Anne Le Bailly (1810-1898) m Thomas Dumaresq
          • 5 Joshua Le Bailly (1811-1881) [3] m (1835, St H) Susanne Harrivel Perrot (1814-1860)
            • 6 Josué Francois Le Bailly (1836-1890)
            • 6 Louis Hooper Le Bailly (1839-1925) m Matilde Jane Stewart [4]
              • 7 Stewart Le Bailly (1863-1984)
              • 7 Matilda Grahame Le Bailly (1865-1941)
              • 7 Robert Francis Le Bailly (1866-1945)
              • 7 Cuthbert Grahame Le Bailly (1871-1886)
              • 7 Liliane Katerine Le Bailly (1873- )
              • 7 Jessie Grace Edith Maud Le Bailly (1877-1961)
            • 6 Susanna Marie Le Bailly (1840-1908)
            • 6 Lydia Sharp Le Bailly (1842-1905)
            • 6 Emilie Marie Le Bailly (1844-1924) [5]
            • 6 Mathilde Perrot Le Bailly (1844-1935) [6]
            • 6 Grace Harivel Le Bailly (1851-1905)
          • by the 2nd wife of Joshua Le Bailly, Margaret Jane Trotter
            • 6 Alexander Le Bailly (1864- )
            • 6 Margaret Elizabeth Le Bailly (1865- )
          • 5 Eliza Le Bailly (1813-1866) m Jean Le Gallais (1813-1872)
          • 5 Jane Le Bailly (1815- )
          • 5 Durell Le Bailly (1817-1846)
          • 5 Jean Le Bailly (1819-1864) m Elizabeth Perrot (1818-1865) [7]
            • 6 Eliza Sharp Le Bailly (1851-1852)
            • 6 Henri Jean Le Bailly (1853-1925) m Maria Charlotte Roberts (1862-1933) of Manchester. [8]
              • 7 Mary Rosa Le Bailly (1884-1974)
              • 7 Jessie Sharp Le Bailly (1885-1966)
              • 7 Cicely Charlotte Le Bailly (1887-1952)
              • 7 Henri William Le Bailly (1890-1942)
            • 6 Cecil Perrot Le Bailly (1861-1861)
          • 5 Henriette Le Bailly (1824- )
        • 4 Marie Le Bailly (1784-1785)
        • 4 Anne Le Bailly (1786-1786)
        • 4 Marie Elizabeth Le Bailly (1787- )
        • 4 Marguerite Le Bailly (1790- 1820) m Thomas Gray (1790-1820)
        • 4 Jacques Le Bailly (1793- )
        • 4 Thomas Le Bailly (1797- )
      • 3 Anne Le Bailly (1753- ) in Jersey

Notes and references

  1. This portrait was for a century and a half believed by its owners to be that of the Jersey silversmith, Thomas de Gruchy (1778-1846). It has remained to this day (in Canada) in the family of his sister`s Le Gallais and Roy descendants. It has only changed identities in the last fifteen years. There remain considerable doubts as to the logic behind the change. Note also the silver topped glass container that he is holding. People were frequently portrayed holding an object with which they were associated, such as a deed for a lawyer, a telescope for a sea officer, a silver item for a silversmith. The accompanying portrait was taken to be de Gruchy`s wife. However, he never married. The sitter was probably de Gruchy`s cousin, Esther de Gruchy (1778-1869), who was his companion and housekeeper
  2. Timber Merchant
  3. Jurat
  4. No marriage record found
  5. Twin
  6. Twin
  7. No marriage record found
  8. Emigrated to and died in New Zealand
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