Descendants of Michel Le Geyt

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Descendants of Michel Le Geyt



Clarissa May Cutler, née Le Geyt, with her husband Lieutenant-Colonel John Fouracre Cutler, RJM and son, Stuart

This tree features the remaining junior branches of the Le Geyt dit Rauvet family

Previous reservations about the accuracy of this tree were dispelled in 2019 by a review by Guy Dixon, who also researched generations 6 to 11


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  • 1 Michel Le Geyt (1510- ) m Collette Unknown
    • 2 Nicolas Le Geyt (1532-1614) [2] m Catherine Norman, daughter of Michel
      • 3 Jean Le Geyt (1574- ) m (1600, St J) Elizabeth Sarre, daughter of Nicolas
        • 4 Jean Le Geyt (1601- ) m 1 Marguerite unknown [3]
          • 5 Jean Le Geyt (1629-1631)
          • 5 Jean Le Geyt (1632- ) [4]
          • 5 Sara Le Geyt (1634-1674) m (1665, St H) Jean du Pré
          • 5 Pierre Le Geyt (1635- )
          • 5 Richard Le Geyt (1638- ) [5]
        • 2nd wife of Jean Le Geyt (1640, St H) Elizabeth Le Sueur
          • 5 Nicolas Le Geyt (1649-1701) m (1678, St H) Thomasse Le Gallais ( -1703)
        • 4 Philippe Le Geyt (1602-by 1678) [6] m (1628, Tr) Elizabeth de la Haye ( -1678) daughter of Servais
          • 5 Philippe Le Geyt (1629-1631)
          • 5 Philippe Le Geyt (1633?-1701) [7] m (1657, Tr) Thomasse Hamon
            • 6 Servais Le Geyt (1657-1676)
            • 6 Marie Le Geyt (1659- )
            • 6 Josué Le Geyt (1664- ) [8]
          • 5 Nicolas Le Geyt (1637?-1676) [9] m (1664, St H) Jeanne de Ste Croix daughter of Nicolas and of Jeanne, née Le Breton
            • 6 Jeanne Le Geyt (1666-1753) [10] m (1701, St H) Hugh Richardson
            • 6 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1670?- ) m (1700, Gr) Jean Le Breton
            • 6 Jean Le Geyt (1676-by 1700) [11]
          • 5 François Le Geyt (1642-1682)
          • 5 Marie Le Geyt (1644- )
        • 4 Josué Le Geyt (1604-by 1665) m 1 Elizabeth de Gruchy ( -1648) daughter of Matthieu (Tr); 2 (1650, St H) Jeanne Le Quesne ( -1665)
          • 5 Jeanne Le Geyt (1651- ) m (1671, Tr) Jean Le Sueur
        • 4 Thomas Le Geyt (1607-1693) [12] m (1646, Tr) Susanne Le Sueur, daughter of Matthieu and of Marie Beaucamp
          • 5 Elie Le Geyt (1647- ) (Tr) [13] m (1680, St L) Jeanne Cabot daughter of Moise
            • 6 Elie Le Geyt (1683- ) [14]
          • 5 Marie Le Geyt (1650- ) ?m (1677, Tr) Moise Cabot
          • 5 Thomas Le Geyt (1655-1733) (Tr) m 2 (1704, St H) Marie Gihomar ( -1720); 3 (1720, St J) Collette Baudains ( -1739); 1 Marie Bisson ( -1704)
            • 6 Elie Le Geyt (1680- ) [15] m unknown
              • 7 Grace Le Geyt [16]
            • 6 François Le Geyt (1683?- ) [17] (Tr) m (1713, St L) Jeanne Piquet ( -1745) [18]
              • 7 Elie Le Geyt (1721-1759) [19] m (1748, Tr) Elizabeth Le Brun
                • 8 Elie Le Geyt (1751-1759)
                • 8 Francois Le Geyt (1752-1766?)
                • 8 Philippe Le Geyt (1753-1753)
                • 8 Philippe Le Geyt (1756-1795) settled in (St H) m (1780, Tr) Elizabeth Le Riolet dit l'Hermitte (St H) [20]
                  • 9 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1781- ) m (1800, St S) Clement Le Ray (St L)
                  • 9 Marie Le Geyt (1781- )
                  • 9 Anne Magdelene Le Geyt (1783- ) m (1805, St H) Thomas Bishop
                  • 9 Philippe Le Geyt (1785-1857) [21] m Rachel de Gruchy (1793-1877), daughter of Noé
                    • 10 Rachel Le Geyt (1816-1900) m (1861, St S) Jean Lihou Shade Chappell [22]
                    • 10 Philippe Le Geyt (1818-1831) [23]
                    • 10 Margaret Elizabeth Le Geyt (1820- ) m (1839, St H) George Clement Le Feuvre
                    • 10 Jeanne Le Geyt (1822-1823?)
                    • 10 Jeanne Le Geyt (1824-1900) m (1843, St H) Elie de Gruchy [24]
                    • 10 Daniel Matthew Le Geyt (1825-1868) [25] m (1863, Eng.) Victoria Jane du Heaume ( -1874) daughter of Edward [26] and Nancy, née Hubert (St O)
                      • 11 Daniel Edward Le Geyt (1868- ) [27] m (1900, Eng) Eliza Aris, daughter of R. A. Aris [28]
                        • 12 Barbara Nancy Le Geyt (1900-1977)
                        • 12 Ashley Hubert Le Geyt (1902-1948) [29]
                        • 12 Edward Gerard Le Geyt (1904- ) [30] m (1947) Susanna Philipps Strickland
                        • 12 George Janvrin Le Geyt (1907-1954) [31]
                        • 12 John Aris Le Geyt (1912-2000) [32] m (1940) Elizabeth Marion Rothera [33]
                        • 12 Philip Le Geyt (1914- ) [34]
                        • 12 Anthony James Le Geyt (1914-1997) [35]
                        • 12 Mary Victoria Le Geyt
                    • 10 Jean Le Geyt (1826-1826)
                    • 10 George Noê Le Geyt (1829-1850) [36]
                  • 9 Judith Le Geyt (1787- ) m (1809, St H) Andrew Pitt
                  • 9 Elie Le Geyt (1789-1873) [37] m (1820, St H) Judith Labey (St H)
                  • 9 Jeanne Anne Le Geyt (1790-1840) m (1811, St H) Philippe Le Boeuf
                  • 9 Jean Le Geyt (1790-1792)
                  • 9 Susanne Le Geyt (1792-1870) m 1 (1821, St H) George Le Scelleur ( -1826); 2 (1830, St S) Philippe Jean Le Sueur
                  • 9 George Le Geyt (1794-1860) [38] m 1 Elizabeth Roissier [39]
                    • 10 Marie Le Geyt (1831- )
                  • by 2nd wife of George Le Geyt m Elizabeth Howard [40]
                    • 10 George Henry Le Geyt (1836?-1867) [41] m Bertha Isabella Frederica Ogilvie, daughter of George
                      • 11 Samuel Le Geyt (1863-1937) [42] m (1888, St H) Henrietta Gilby, daughter of Henry, of Oundle
                        • 12 Evelyn Gilby Le Geyt (1890- )
                        • 12 Winifred Ogilvie Le Geyt (1894- ) m (1924, Linc.) Harold Cooke
                        • 12 Madge Henrietta Le Geyt (1896- )
                        • 12 Gwendoline Ethel Le Geyt (1899-1901)
                      • 11 George Henry Le Geyt (1865- ) [43] m 1 (1888, St S) Isabella Furzer, daughter of Charles, Jeweller (St H); m 2 Matilda ( -- ) [44]
                        • 12 Bertha Emma Le Geyt (11/1888-1890) [45]
                        • 12 Reginald Whitby Le Geyt (1891-1939) [46] m (1925, St H) Elsie Maud Freeman, daughter of Herbert Albert, Baker (St H)
                          • 13 Regina Elsie Ogilvie Le Geyt (1937- ) [47]
                        • 12 Percy George Le Geyt (1893- ) [48] m Anne Sarah Fenn, daughter of William and Anne Isabella Selina, née Le Sueur
                          • 13 Ann Ogilvie Le Geyt m Kingsley Cornish Liron [49]
                    • 10 Anne Le Geyt (1840?- ) [50] m (1863, St S) Joseph Collenette [51]
                    • 10 Philippe Le Geyt (1845-1921) [52] m (1866, St O) Mary Jane Bishop, daughter of William Henry (St H)
                      • 11 Clarissa May Le Geyt (1869?- ) [53] m John Fouracre Cutler [54]
                      • 11 Violet Ernestine Le Geyt (1871- ) [55] m George Ball
                      • 11 Winifred Marion Le Geyt (1873- ) m 1 (1898, St Luke) Bertram Pipon Godfray [56]; 2 Herbert Charles Labey [57] (Gr)
                      • 11 Philip George Le Geyt (1875- 1930) [58] m Ellen Cuskely [59]
                        • 12 Herbert Laurence Le Geyt (1922-1999) m (1951, Aus) Della Agnes Reid [60]
                      • 11 Unknown Le Geyt, died by 1911
                • 8 Marie Le Geyt (1759- ) m (1793, St H) Philippe Machon
              • 7 Jeanne Le Geyt (1715- ) m (1745, St Mt) William Bradshaw [61]
              • 7 Marie Le Geyt (1718- ) m (1740, Tr) Jean Renouf
              • 7 Child of François ( -1719)
            • 6 Thomas Le Geyt (1685- )
            • 6 Jean Le Geyt (1690-1762) m (1722, Tr) Susanne Hocquard ( -1776) [62]
              • 7 Anne Le Geyt (1724- ) m (1748, Tr) Aaron Cabot
              • 7 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1725-1730?)
              • 7 Jeanne Le Geyt (1726-1783) m (1749, St Mt) Philippe Le Cronier (St H) [63]
              • 7 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1731- ) m (1757, St Mt) Nicolas Hocquard (Tr)
              • 7 Jean Le Geyt (1735-1802)
              • 7 Rachel Le Geyt (1737- )
          • 5 Jean Le Geyt (1658- ) [64] m (1695, St C) Jeanne Pirouet (Gr) ( -1730)
            • 6 Richard Le Geyt (1696- )
            • 6 Pierre Le Geyt (1698-1749) m 1 (1719, St C) Jeanne Le Geyt (1695-1727)
              • 7 Jean Le Geyt (1720-1726)
              • 7 Edouard Le Geyt (1723-1734)
              • 7 Pierre Le Geyt (1725-1794) m (1768, St H) Jeanne Touet ( -1811) daughter of Jean senior [65]
              • 7 Jeanne Le Geyt (1727-1731)
            • by 2nd wife of Pierre Le Geyt m (1730, St H) Ann Priaulx ( -1733)
              • 7 Jean Le Geyt (1733-1733)
            • 3rd wife of Pierre Le Geyt m (6/1733, St H) Elizabeth Anquetil ( -1767) [66]
            • 6 Jean Le Geyt (1701-1757) m (1724, St C) Jeanne Hader ( -1761)
              • 7 Jeanne Le Geyt (1726-1726)
              • 7 Marie Le Geyt (1727- ) m 1 (1751, St C) Helier Trachy ( -1754); m 2 (1766, St H) Jean Le Capelain
              • 7 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1732- )
              • 7 Jean Le Geyt (1734-1766) m 1 (1759, St H) Elizabeth Laurens ( -11/1759) daughter of Hugh (St Mt)
                • 8 Pierre Le Geyt (11/1759- )
                • 8 Jean Le Geyt (11/1759- ) [67]
              • 2nd wife of Jean Le Geyt m (1763, St S) Jeanne Ahier ( -1791) [68]
          • 5 Pierre Le Geyt (1662-by 1723) [69] m (1692, St C) Jeanne Cornet ( -1723)
            • 6 Jeanne Le Geyt (1695-1727) m (1719, St C) Pierre Le Geyt
            • 6 François Le Geyt (1700-1700)
        • 4 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1610-1612)
        • 4 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1612-?1615)
        • 4 Marguerite Le Geyt (1614- )
        • 4 Michel Le Geyt (1616-1619)
        • 4 Abraham Le Geyt (1620- ) [70] m (1642, St S) Genette Le Breton
          • 5 Marie Le Geyt (1643- ) m (1674, St S) Elie Amy
          • 5 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1643- ) twin; m (1673, St H) Abraham Le Brun
          • 5 Jacques Le Geyt (1647-1694) [71] m (1671, St Mt) Marguerite Noel daughter of Michel (St Mt)
            • 6 Jeanne Le Geyt (1671- ) m (1697, St S) Timothé Machon
            • 6 Abraham Le Geyt (1672-1742) [72] m (1701, Tr) Marguerite Nicolle ( -1749)
              • 7 Abraham Le Geyt (1702- )
              • 7 Anne Le Geyt (1705-1765) m (1730, St S) Michel Whittel
              • 7 Jean Le Geyt (1709-1795) m 1 (1727, St H) Elizabeth Jean ( -1761); 2 (1765, St H) Rachel Hubert (Tr)
                • 8 Esther Le Geyt (1766- ) m (1801, St S) Philippe Coulomb (St P)
              • 7 Jacques Le Geyt (1713-by 1756) m Rachel unknown ( -1756)
              • 7 Nicolas Le Geyt (1718-1792) [73] m (1740, St L) Susanne Trachy (St L)
                • 8 Jean Le Geyt (1741-1775) [74]
                • 8 Susanne Le Geyt (1744- )
                • 8 Jeanne Le Geyt (1744-1772 or 1773)
                • 8 Anne Le Geyt (1750?- ) m 1 Raulin Gallie; 2 (1785, St S) Thomas Bertault (St My)
            • 6 Jacques Le Geyt (1674- )
            • 6 Marie Le Geyt (1677-1759) m Pierre Hamon

Notes and References

  1. The genealogy in the first four generations, and the previous two generations Descendants of Raulet Le Geyt - 2, is the published research of the late Jersey genealogist, the Rev J A Messervy (ABSJ V, 230-250). Messervy, in commom with most other early 20th century researchers, regrettably omitted his sources. At this date, prior to many of the earlier surviving church registers and to the start of the Land Registry (Registre Public) in 1602, researchers in Jersey, such as Messervy, used the records of the Cour d`Héritage, Cour de Câtel and the Cour du Samedi, among which will be the sources relating to this and the above Le Geyt tree. A date of birth, without a church record, will have been derived from these court records or the Land Registry, which frequently mention a person having come of age, which in Jersey was at the age of 20. An approximate date of death is derived from a division in court of a person`s real estate, which indicates their death
  2. St Helier death record found
  3. Godel?
  4. Fils Jean, fils Jean
  5. Richard Le Geyt and his brother Pierre fils Jean, fils Jean had as godparents Noé Godel and Richard Godley (Godel?)
  6. Settled in Trinity. The Land Registry has the following: RP 12/198 (1642) François Le Sueur sells to Philippe Le Geyt, son of Jean, Le Clos du Brun in the parish of Trinity and partly in St Helier, on the Fiefs of Mélèches and Dièlament. Also RP 13/74 (1646) Philippe Bisson, son of Michel, sold to Philippe Le Geyt, son of Jean and of Elizabeth Sarre, his wife, Le Clos de La Messe, indicating foundations of a previous structure, such as a mill, in Trinity, on the Fief des Augrès, for the price of 3 Quartiers, annual wheat rente
  7. Described usually, in records, as "Philippe Rauvet junior", from the surname of this Le Geyt family, used intermittently, Le Geyt dit Rauvet and Rauvet dit Le Geyt
  8. Josué's christening, in 1664, reads "Josué fils Philippe Rauvet", an example of the rather slack clerical use of alias surnames in the 17th century. Le Geyt dit Rauvet, Rauvet dit Le Geyt, or even merely Rauvet, were commonplace and interchangeable
  9. Resettled in St Helier
  10. Jeanne Le Geyt dit Rauvet buried at St Helier, 6 August 1753, was the last mention in official records of this surname linked to Le Geyt
  11. Died without issue: RP 27/67 (1700) Philippe Le Geyt, Jeanne Le Geyt and Elizabeth Le Geyt, authorised by her husband, Jean Le Breton, the said Jeanne and Elizabeth being daughters of the late Nicolas Le Geyt and the said Philippe and Nicolas Le Geyt, being sons of the late Philippe Le Geyt and of the deceased Elizabeth de la Haye, his wife; the said Philippe junior and the said Jeanne and Elizabeth, all three being tenants of the inheritance of Jean Buesnel, son of Clement, sell to Jean Alexandre, son of Jean, the house that belonged to the said Elizabeth de la Haye, in Croiserie, Trinity. A family sale of inherited real estate, such as this, could not exclude Jeanne and Elizabeth`s elder brother, Jean (generation 6), without mentioning the reason, unless he had died by then without issue. Note a) Jeanne would marry, a year afterwards, Hugh Richardson; b) Elizabeth`s husband, Jean Le Breton, is again mentioned as being Jean in R.P.27/68, yet erroneously as "Philippe" Le Breton in R.P. 27/76
  12. Settled in Trinity. The Land Registry has the following: R.P. 14/370 (1651) Me Hugh Lemprière, in right of Elizabeth Le Breton, daughter of Jean, son of Pierre, sells to Thomas Le Geyt, son of Jean, Le Clos de La Messe to the west of the house of Susanne Le Breton, in Trinity, Fief des Augrès. Also, R.P. 15/4 (1652) Susanne Le Breton, wife of Daniel Bisson, sells to Thomas Le Geyt, son of Jean, [further] land. R.P. 20/298 (1673) Collette Le Sueur, daughter of Philippe sells to Thomas Le Geyt, son of Jean, Le Clos de Romeril, in Trinity, on the above fief. Again, R.P. 17/83 (1655) Susanne Le Sueur, wife of Thomas Le Geyt, sells to Philippe Le Boutillier, son of Jean, son of Philippe, rente to be collected on the property of her elder brother. Susannee Le Sueur and her siblings `partage` (divide) their parental inheritance, as recorded in 1652 (R.P. 15/64), her siblings being Matthieu, with Philippe, Mabel (wife of Nicolas Le Quesne) and Elizabeth (wife of Philippe Gallichan)
  13. Godparents: Matthieu Le Sueur and his wife [Marie Beaucamp]
  14. Godparents: "Thomas Le Geyt, grand-père et la femme de Moise Cabot, grande-mère"
  15. His godfather was Elie Le Geyt (his uncle
  16. Cour d`Héritage (16/01/1734): "Grace Le Geyt, fille et seule héritière de feu Elie Le Geyt, qui était fils ainé [dudit] Thomas Le Geyt"
  17. R.P.29/201 (1714) Thomas Le Geyt, son of Thomas, sells to François Le Geyt, his son, his house and land, including Le Clos de Romeril, in Trinity, Fief des Augrès, near the house of Elie Bisson
  18. Veuve
  19. Elie Le Geyt, who was described in 1750, in Volume 36 of the Cour du Câtel as "Elie Le Geyt dit Rauvet, fils François", was a Mariner. His death is thus described (translated) in the Trinity Register (March 1759): "Elie Le Geyt, Jean du Feu son of Benjamin, Clement Jeune jr., Charles Nicolle son of Jean and Thomas Godfray son of Philippe--these last five burials came about as a result of deaths aboard two privateers which were engulfed by the St Aubin`s [Bay] by a great storm ("tempest") which struck during the night of the 9th to the 10th of the said month. They perished [on the rocks] at Elizabeth Castle, where several others perished with them": Trinity Register, 11/03/1759. The St Brelade Burials` Register adds further detail, namely that nearly 60 men perished and that the two vessels were in St Aubin`s Roads ready to sail when the storm struck. They dragged their anchors and were wrecked on the rocks at Elizabeth Castle. The St Brelade dead were named as Moise Dumaresq son of William, Jean Horman son of Jean, Jean de Carteret and Philippe Le Feuvre dit Filliastre son of Jean. These accounts are of particular interest as they indicate how, on a small island, a disaster such as the above would affect the entire community
  20. Le Riolet dit L`Hermitte: an old surname, found in St Saviour in the late 16th century; it has long been extinct in the Island but survives in England, among the descendants of an 18th century Jerseyman, who settled in Middlesex [Burke`s Landed Gentry, (various editions) and Walford`s County Families of the United Kingdom, (1897), 617; inter alia]. Elizabeth was one of the last of her surname in Jersey. It survived, however, as a Christian name. Elizabeth`s grand-daughter, Jeanne Le Geyt, wife of Captain Elias de Gruchy, must have encouraged her own daughter, Lydia Jane de Gruchy, wife of W.J. Ogier, Ecrivain, to pass the name to a son of hers, hence the middle name of the future advocate and German internee, Léonce L`Hermitte Ogier, (q.v.)
  21. Master mariner
  22. Formerly of Alderney; Upholsterer
  23. Mariner, died at Rio de Janeiro: Memorial Inscription, Green Street, St Helier, which records the deaths of others among his siblings
  24. Of Laurel Lands, Maufant; Master Mariner
  25. Master mariner in the employment of Messrs Orange and Briard. Master of `Amicus` (1862-1864) and of the full-rigged 655 ton ship `Fort Regent` (1864-1868)
  26. Master Mariner
  27. OV; of 1, Queen's Rd, St Helier; MRCS, LRCP (London)
  28. Captain, Cheshire Regiment Regiment
  29. OV; of HM Colonial Service, Tanganyika
  30. OV; Commander, RN
  31. OV; no issue
  32. OV; Lieutenant, RN; settled in Esquimalt, British Columbia after WW2, [Turk, Marion, The Quiet Adventurers in Canada, (Detroit: Harlo, 1979), 337. However, he died in 2000 at Bodmin District, Cornwall
  33. Male issue in Canada: 5 sons
  34. Died an infant
  35. OV; died in Truro, Cornwall with no issue
  36. Mariner; died at San Salvador, Brazil
  37. Pilot, Merchant Service. He was, on his death in 1873 aged 85, described in the Chroniques de Jersey as the "doyen of Freemasons in Jersey, 58 years a Freemason"
  38. Master Mariner in the Honduras trade. The latter was a lucrative trade in mahogany, mostly conducted at this date by the Jersey merchant firm, A. de Ste Croix, and by their captains. He was latterly described as having been a "Merchant", at the time of his son Philippe`s marriage (1866)
  39. George Le Geyt took his second wife to sea with him; two of their children were born in the Bay of Honduras. He may therefore also have taken to sea his first wife, Elizabeth Roissier. This could account for the absence of any Jersey burial entry relating to her
  40. R.P. 285/252
  41. Census entries from St Helier tell us that George Henry and his sister, Anne, were born in the "Bay of Honduras". He inherited `Belize House`, 13, Great Union Road, St Helier: R.P.224/91 (1861), which gives an approximate date of death for his father. On the marriage certificate of George Henry`s son Samuel (1888), the father is described as "Independent, deceased". Absent from most censuses and not featuring in local lists of Master Mariners, George Henry was probably employed either ashore, in the Canadian fisheries, or before the mast, as a mariner. His own property was divided between his two sons in 1884, indicating his approximate date of death. His wife, Bertha, was described in the `partage` as being a widow. She was letting furnished apartments in most censuses, which was no doubt the source of her husband having been described as "Independent"
  42. A clerk in 1888 and 1894, he was in 1901 the Licensed Victualler of the British Hotel, in Beaumont, St Peter. He moved to England where he was a commercial clerk in 1911, working for a Fruit and Potato Merchant. He died in the Scunthorpe district, Lincolnshire
  43. Of West End Hotel, Great Union Road, Grocer and Publican
  44. Matilda and George Henry filled in the 1911 Census Return that they had been married 10 years, but were without children
  45. Bertha Emma Le Geyt was no doubt named after her grandmother, Bertha Isabella Frederica Le Geyt, née Ogilvie. She might equally have been the daughter, not of George Henry, but of his brother Samuel; the register did not name the parents. However, Samuel`s wife, in the 1911 Census of Crosby, near Scunthorpe, stated that they had had four children, three were living and one dead. These are all accounted for. Bertha Emma died of consumption, aged 1 year 4 1/2 months
  46. Of 11, Colomberie, St Helier; Grocer (Le Geyt Bros.). He served in WW1 in the Royal Jersey Garrison Battalion
  47. Air Hostess in the 1950s. Hers was the last generation of the Le Geyt dit Rauvet family to be born in the Island, that family now being extinct in Jersey
  48. Of 9, Colomberie, Grocer, Tobacconist and Hairdresser; served in WW1 in the Dorset Regiment
  49. Settled in Australia
  50. Anne Le Geyt inherited from her father, Honduras House, Windsor Road: R.P.224/91
  51. Of Guernsey, Jeweller
  52. Of 2, Queen Street, St Helier, Jeweller; unsuccessful candidate in an election for Jurat. Philippe prospered greatly, latterly owning Nos. 2, 4 and 6, Queen Street; Khartoum House, Plaisance Road, a house on St Saviour`s Road, bought by his father (Reg. Pub. 224/91) from Philippe`s uncle, Elie Le Geyt, which he inherited in 1861, and many other properties. His business was continued for a short time by his son-in-law, John Fouracre Cutler. By 1925, however, the Goldsmith`s Alliance was conducting business from 2, Queen Street, which later became Assinder`s. Philippe Le Geyt also bred poultry. His grandson in Australia, Herbert Le Geyt, had a a medal "won by P. Le Geyt", presented by the Aylesbury Food Co. Ltd. and a large silver pitcher presented in 1895 by John Le B. Chevalier, President of the Jersey Poultry and Ornithological Society, presumably to the same P. Le Geyt. Philippe`s Will was dated 24/10/1919
  53. Clarissa inherited in 1921 from her father Nos. 2, 4 and 6, Queen Street and 5, Beach Road
  54. John Fouracre Cutler was a Jeweller and Lieutenant-Colonel, RJM. The couple`s son, Stuart Le Geyt Cutler, a Captain, Royal Flying Corps, was killed on active service in 1917
  55. Inherited from her father Nos. 2, Beach Road and 15, Halkett Place
  56. MRCVS., son of Walter Bertram Godfray of St Laurence. Winifred inherited from her father Khartoum House, St Saviour, Nos. 6, Beach Road and 3, Queen Street, St Helier
  57. Of Le Parcq, Grouville
  58. Inherited 17, Halkett Place and Mannamead, Beach Road. Settled in New South Wales, Australia
  59. Of Dumaresque, (sic), New South Wales
  60. Of Bendemeer, NSW. Issue in NSW
  61. "Soldier". There were three Trinity Jeanne Le Geyts who married at this period. They married Michel Amy (1734, Tr), William Bradshaw (1745, St Mt) and Philippe Le Cronier (1749, Tr). The three Jeanne Le Geyts were baptised (1714, St S), fille Abraham (dit Le Maillier; he being of Tr), (1715, Tr) fille François and (1726, Tr) fille Jean. The first of these Jeannes, on godparent evidence, married Michel Amy. Jeanne, who married Philippe Le Cronier had eleven children, the last baptised in 1772, so could not have been she who was baptised in 1715. The latter therefore married William Bradshaw
  62. "Veuve"
  63. Privateer Captain
  64. Settled in St Helier and died before 1730
  65. Registre Public 75/117; no issue
  66. No issue
  67. These twins died prematurely
  68. No issue
  69. Settled in St Helier
  70. Godfather: Abraham Hérault, a Jurat and former Greffier, after whom this Abraham was evidently named. Hérault was probably a friend of the well-connected Sarre family. Note: The use for three generations in this branch of the Le Geyts dit Rauvet, of the Christian name Abraham, must not lead to their being confused with the bearers of the name Abraham in the Le Geyt dit Le Maillier family. The latter received the Christian name, quite separately, from an early 17th century uncle, Abraham Perrin, (q.v.)
  71. Settled in St Saviour. The St Martin marriage entry for Jacques usefully reads: "29/03/1671 Jacques Le Geyt, fils Abraham et Genette Le Breton, sa femme, de St Helier..."
  72. Settled in St Helier
  73. Lived in St John
  74. Godparents: Jean Le Geyt and his wife, of St Helier; Jean brother of the said Nicolas [the father]
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