Descendants of Vincent Romeril

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Descendants of Vincent Romeril

Romeril of Herupe, St John.

The original home of this branch of the Romeril family was Beaupré, formerly known as Beech Farm, on the east side of the Route de St Jean, within a few yards of the Rue du Feugerel. The lane leads directly to La Fontaine, Ville à L`Evêcque, home of the Romerils of La Fontaine. The fields of the two Romeril families appear to have adjoined one another at the parish boundary, the two houses being situated within a quarter of a mile of each other.

Vincent Romeril (generation 1) had, in his lifetime, kinsmen living in St John, from one of whom, Nicolas Romeril, was descended, there and elsewhere, a distinct Romeril family. Their early genealogy has not, as far as we know, been extracted. Furthermore, one of the Romerils of La Fontaine, Trinity came, in the 17th century, to live among the Romerils of Herupe, as had Jonas Romeril of Sark, at the start of the century. Both left descendants. All the trees must therefore be studied with this in mind.

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  • 1 Vincent Romeril (1470?- ) (St J) m Jeanette Unknown
    • 2 Symon Romeril (1495?-by 1569) (St J) [1] m Daughter of Jourdain Hamon [2] of La Chenee (St J)
      • 3 Nicolas (Collas) Romeril (1525?-by 1587) (St J) m Anne Mallet [3] d of Henry, senr., (St Mt) and Catherine Amy d of Drouet [4] (Gr)
        • 4 Jean Romeril senr. (1571?-1633) fils Collas (Herupe, St J) [5] m Colletter Blampied d of Collas and Marie [6] (Tr)
          • 5 Elizabeth Romeril (1600?- ) eld. d. and h. [7]
          • 5 Marie Romeril m (1617, St J) Jean Gallichan (Tr) [8]
          • 5 Elizabeth Romeril [9] m (1625, St J) Philippe Vaudin ( -by 1633) s of Philippe
          • 5 Collette Romeril m (1624, St J) Jean Baudains senr. [10] s of Edouard s of Pierre (St J)
        • 4 Symon Romeril (1572?- ) [11] fils Collas (St J) m Unknown
          • 5 Nicolas Romeril [12] living 1638 m ?(1637, St J) “[Illegible] of Normandy”
            • 6 Symon Romeril (1641- ) [13] (St J)
          • 5 Philippe Romeril, [14] no issue
          • 5 Collette Romeril m 1 Philippe Romeril (below) s of Philippe; 2 (1644, St J) Philippe Romeril s of Matthieu
        • 4 Matthieu Romeril (1575?-1657) [15] (Herupe, St J) m Perronelle Le Montais ( -1655)
          • 5 Philippe Romeril (Herupe, St J) m (1644, St J) Collette Romeril (above), d of Symon and widow of Philippe Romeril s of Philippe (St J)
            • 6 Philippe Romeril [16]
            • 6 Marie Romeril [17] m (1675, St J) Clement Romeril s of Philippe (Nord, St J)
            • 6 Collette Romeril (1652- ) [18] (St J)
            • 6 Clement Romeril (1656- ) [19] (St J)
            • 6 Matthieu Romeril (1657-1669)
          • 5 Elizabeth Romeril
        • 4 Jean Romeril junr. (1577?- ) (St P) [20] living 1611
        • 4 Jacques Romeril (1580?- 1637) [21] (Herupe, St J) m (1600, St J) Perronelle Hamon d of John
          • 5 Nicolas Romeril (1602?-1676) [22] (St J) m Rauline Grossier
            • 6 Perronelle Romeril (1628-1671) (St J)
            • 6 Jean Romeril (1630- ) (St J) m Unknown
              • 7 Philippe Romeril, living 1749 [23]
            • 6 Philippe Romeril (1633- )
            • 6 Jeanne Romeril (1636- )
          • 5 Jean Romeril (1604- ) m (1631, St J) Rachel Maret (1613- ) [24] only d. and h. of Leonard (St J)
            • 6 Rachel Romeril (1636- ) (St J)
            • 6 Jean Romeril (1641- ) (St J)
            • 6 Jeanne Romeril (1644- ) (St J)
            • 6 Marie Romeril (1648- ) (St J)
            • 6 Collas Romeril (1650- ) (St J)
            • 6 Marguerite Romeril (1653- ) (St J)
            • 6 Marie Romeril (1658- ) (St J)
          • 5 Anne Romeril (1607-1609)
          • 5 Helier Romeril (1610- )
          • 5 Philippe Romeril (1612- )
          • 5 Jacques Romeril (1614- )
          • 5 Clement Romeril (1617-1617)
        • 4 Jeanne Romeril, ( -1608) no issue
        • 4 Cecille Romeril ( -1649) [25] m (1599) Jean Vibert (St My)
      • 3 Helier Romeril (1528?-1608) [26] (St J) no issue
      • 3 Clement Romeril (1530?-1582) [27] (St J) m Collette Grossier [28] d of Richard (St J) and Marguerite Mallet d of Laurens (Faldouet, St Mt)
        • 4 Thomas Romeril (1553?-1623) [29] (St J) m (1599, St J) Sara Hamon (St J)
          • 5 Elizabeth Romeril (1600- ) m George Le Brocq
          • 5 Clement Romeril (1604?- ) [30] m 1 Sara Luce ( -1649) d of Jean and Sara Le Couteur (St L); 2 (1656, St J) Jeanne Machon (St Mt)
            • 6 Jean Romeril (1634- ) [31] m 1 (1656, St J) Marie Lempriere (1633-1662) d of Noé, s of Thomas, and Katherine (St J)
              • 7 Clement Romeril (1658- ) (St J) m (1680, St J) Jeanne Chevalier d of Samuel
                • 8 Jeanne Romeril (1681- ) (St J)
                • 8 Clement Romeril (1682- ) [32](St J)
              • 7 Marie Romeril ( -1662)
              • 7 Jean Romeril (1661- ) [33]
            • by the 2nd wife of Jean Romeril, m (1665, St J) Elizabeth Esnouf (St J)
              • 7 Elizabeth Romeril (1666-1670) [34]
            • 6 Clement Romeril (1636- ) [35]
            • 6 Sara Romeril (1642- ) (St J)
          • 5 Thomas Romeril (1608- ) [36] living 1652
          • 5 Collette Romeril (1610- ) m (1632, St J) Raulin Le Montais (St L)
          • 5 Sara Romeril (1612- ) [37]
          • 5 Philippe Romeril (1615- ) living 1652
          • 5 Richard Romeril (1623- )
        • 4 Clement Romeril (1555?-3/1595) (St Mt) [38] m Servaise ( -- )
          • 5 Servaise Romeril (1577?- ) (St Mt) m (1594) Vincent Maret
          • 5 Jean Romeril (1580?-1609) (St Mt) m Gabrielle Poingdestre [39]
          • 5 Clement Romeril (1583?-4/1595)
          • 5 Jeanne Romeril (1586?- ) [40] co-h of her brother m (1606, St Mt) Helier Corbel
        • 4 Jean Romeril (1560?- ) [41]
        • 4 Sara Romeril (1565?-1615) [42] m (1607, St J) Drouet Le Boutillier
        • 4 Philippe Romeril (1570?-1625) [43] (Herupe, St J) m (1614, St J) Jeanne Le Boutillier d of Jean, s of Philippe(Tr); Widow of Jean Romeril, Advocate
          • 5 Philippe Romeril (1616-by 1644) (St J) m Collette Romeril [44] d of Symon
            • 6 Philippe Romeril (1640- ) [45] living 1676
            • 6 Clement Romeril (1641- ) (St J)
          • 5 Jeanne Romeril (1618- ) (St J) m Jean Maret ( -by 1665) s of Symon
          • 5 Thomas Romeril (1620- ) (Herupe, St J) m (1647) Susanne Coutanche d of Symeon (St J)
            • 6 Jeanne Romeril (1648?- ) [46] m (1669, St J) Jacques Le Couteur (St My)
            • 6 Philippe Romeril (1649-1672)
            • 6 Thomas Romeril (1651- ) (St J) m (1689, St L) Susanne Coutanche (St J)
              • 7 Susanne Romeril (1692- )
            • 6 Susanne Romeril (1653- ) [47] (St J)
            • 6 Clement Romeril (1655- )
            • 6 Simeon Romeril (1656- )
            • 6 Marie Romeril (1659-by 1665?)
            • 6 Rachel Romeril (1660-1662) [48]
            • 6 Andrie Romeril (1663- ) [49]
            • 6 Marie Romeril (1/1665- )
            • 6 Sara Romeril (1/1665- ) [50]
      • 3 Jacques Romeril (1535?- ) fils Symon [51] living 1582
      • 3 Katherine Romeril (1540?- ) [52]
      • 3 Jean Romeril (1542?- ) [53] m ( -- ) Arthur, sister of Charles [54] (St My)
    • 2 Katherine Romeril (1497?- ) m Collas Grandin [55]
    • 2 Jean Romeril (1500?- ) fils Vincent [56] m Unknown
      • 3 Servais Romeril (1540?- ) [57] m Katherine Briard d of Jean
    • 2 Anthoine Romeril (1505?-by 1572) (Rondin, Tr) [59] m Unknown
      • 3 Edmond Romeril (1530?-by 1609) (Tr) [60] living 1587 m Katherine d of Jean Poingdestre [61]
        • 4 Philippe Romeril (1560?- ) living 1609 [62]

Notes and references

  1. Living in 1528 Extente; Sergent de St Jean in that year: Cour d`Heritage, June 1528. C.H. May 1582: “Symon Romeril, the said Symon , eldest son of Vincent Romeril and of Jenette, his wife...”
  2. Jourdain Hamon was Centenier of St John in 1508. Symon Romeril`s wife was the sister of Edouard Hamon, Rector of St John, and of Jean Hamon, Constable (Mayor) of that parish
  3. Anne Mallet married firstly, in 1567, Macy Falle of Maufant: C.H. (1587): Jean Nicolle, guardian of the children of Edmond Falle, son of Macy Falle and of Anne, his wife, daughter of Henry Mallet, defendant in an action brought by Clement Romeril, guardian of the children of Collas Romeril and of the said Anne, his wife by her last marriage, for a just part of her inheritance. See also ABSJ, VI, 80
  4. Of Catillon de Bas
  5. R.P. 4/24 (1612): Symon Romeril fils Collas, having legal right of Edmond Falle, son of Macy and of Anne Mallet, his wife, daughter of Henry Mallet, the Elder, and Jean Romeril, son of the said Collas, having right of Jean Romeril (sic) his brother, Symon and Jean brothers, sell to Edouard Dumaresq all of the inheritance falling to them by the death of Anne Mallet, their mother
  6. Collette Blampied`s siblings and their spouses were Denys Blampied, elder son, Katherine Blampied, wife of Helier de Gruchy, Collette Blampied junr.? wife of Jean Maret and Genette Blampied, wife of Jean Giffard: R.P. 3/294 (1612)
  7. R.P. 10/327 (9 April 1636): Elizabeth Romeril, elder daughter [and principal heiress] of Jean Romeril, son of Collas, conveyed to Jean Baudains senr., son of Edouard, the inheritance that had fallen to her upon the death of her said father, for the sum of 7 Quartiers. This property, that of her paternal family, was undoubtedly that now called `Beaupre` and called from the late 19th century, `Beech Farm`, on St John`s main road, in Herupe. The fields named Le Grand Clos, Le Clos and Le Petit Clos de Romeril, being respectively numbered J1038, J1022 and J1023, close to, and south-east of, the house as well as Le Grand Clos de Romeril (J1011) a little to the north-west of it, bear continuing testimony of the family`s presence in the area, as may Le Clos Vincent (J1046) to the south. The purchaser, Jean Baudains, who was also her brother-in-law, had his initials engraved there, with the date 1668: “IBD 1668”—the year of the Extente, when he is recorded as owing the Crown 11 cabots (1 Quartier 3 cabots) annual wheat rente on behalf of Elizabeth. It should be noted that Elizabeth`s lineage, as given in the Extente, covering four generations, features an erroneous Clement Romeril, which is disproved both by contracts and court records
  8. R.P. 9/441 (1633): Jean Gallichan, in right of his wife, daughter of Jean Romeril fils Collas, ..together with Elizabeth Romeril, elder daughter of the said Jean Romeril, Elizabeth (sic) Romeril widow of Philippe Vaudin, and Collette Romeril, wife of Jean Baudains..heirs of the body of the said Jean Romeril, their late father...[divide the inheritance
  9. It was not uncommon in 16th and 17th century Jersey to have two children, whether male or female, of the same name. The practice is thought to have stemmed from there being, at the time of the birth of a new child, an ailing child, thought likely to die, within the family. The name of the latter was passed to the new arrival, to comfort the mother. Should the ailing child revive, then the two namesakes were distinguished by the words “senior” and “junior.” An example of this practice, that was rendered largely obsolete in the early 18th century, is furnished above by two siblings named Elizabeth, as shown in the following: R.P. 11/238 (24 September 1636): “Jean Baudains, having right to the part of the inheritance of Elizabeth Romeril, elder daughter and principal heiress of Jean Romeril fils Collas, together with Marie Romeril, 2nd born daughter of the said Jean Romeril and wife of Jean Gallichan; Elizabeth Romeril, 3rd born daughter of the said Jean Romeril, and Collette Romeril, youngest daughter of the said Jean Romeril and wife of Jean Baudains...” [adjusting their respective parts of the inheritance]. Note that the second Elizabeth`s husband was unmentioned. As a widow, she stood in her own right
  10. Purchaser in 1636 (above) of the house and land of this, the senior line of St John Romerils. His Baudains descendants retained the property into the 19th century, when it passed in the female line into the family of the two Jurats Picot
  11. R.P. 4/112 (1613): “Symon Romeril, fils Collas, conveys to Jean Romeril, his elder brother...” . R.P. 4/24 (1612) names Symon`s mother as Anne Mallet, and see R.P. 11/278, below
  12. R.P. 11/278 (1638) Nicolas Romeril son of Jacques, the said Jacques son of Collas, together with Nicolas Romeril son of Symon, the said Symon son of Collas, sell to Jean Gallichan and Jean Baudains, in right of their wives, their respective inheritances derived from the late Helier Romeril, son of Symon, who had died without heirs of his body. Nicolas Romeril may have been livingin St Helier in 1637
  13. Colonist in Massachusetts? The Jersey genealogist, the late Revd. J.A. Messervy, in ABSJ, V, 34, writes that "one of the first colonists in the west of the State of Massachusetts..was..Simon Romeril.. [He] would have come from Jersey about the year 1650". The Christian name Simon was, among the Romerils at this epoch, limited to those of Herupe, and should not be confused with Simeon, of slightly later use. This particular Simon, or Symon, does not appear in Island burial registers and is notable for his apparent absence from Island records. The year 1658 is more likely a date for his migration to Massachusetts. His christening is recorded in St John: Symon Romeril “fils Nicolas, fils Symon”: St John`s Church Register. His godparents were (unfilled in) Romeril, sister of the said Nicolas, and Philippe Romeril son of Philippe, her husband. The godmother was, in fact, Collette Romeril, sister of Nicolas. She would later be widowed and marry again, this time to Philippe Romeril son of Matthieu. There were frequent inter-cousin marriages in Jersey
  14. R.P. 13/119 (1646): “Nicolas Romeril son of Symon, principal heir of Philippe Romeril, his brother, sells...” Real estate passed, by law in Jersey, on the death of a person to their children, in order of seniority. Failing heirs of that person`s own flesh, their elder sibling and, in due course, their issue inherit, as here, with younger siblings receiving a portion
  15. R.P. 2/330 (1608): “Jean Romeril son of Philippe, having right to the part of the inheritance of Jeanne Romeril, in right of her mother, Anne daughter of Henry Mallet the Elder, together with Matthieu Romeril son of Collas and of the said Anne, mother of the said Matthieu (sic), daughter of the said Henry Mallet, sell to Jean Mallet, son of Jacques, the inheritance to which Jean Romeril had right and Matthieu Romeril had inherited from his mother, Anne Maller”
  16. See below
  17. Marie married in 1675 as "Marie Romeril fille Philippe, fils Matthieu, de Herupe." Their son Matthieu, baptized in 1676, had as godparents "Philippe Romeril, fils Philippe, fils Matthieu" and, presumably on his paternal side, Elizabeth Esnouf, wife of Jean Romeril
  18. Godparents: Jean Baudains and Collette, his daughter
  19. Clement Romeril “fils Philippe, fils Matthieu” had as godparents his father`s young 2nd cousin-once-removed, Jean Romeril, fils Clement, and Marie Lempriere, his fancee, who married shortly afterwards
  20. Settled in St Peter: R.P. 3/180 (1611): “Jean Romeril son of Collas, of the parish of St Peter, conveys to Jean Romeril son of Collas, of the parish of St John, any part of the inheritance to which the said Romeril of St Peter would be entitled by the death of Helier Romeril, son of Symon.” The exact relationship of Helier Romeril, son of Symon, to the above two Jean Romerils, is important, as most of their generation`s legal transactions involved their maternal Mallet inheritance. The following provides Helier Romeril, fils Symon`s, exact relationship to the two Jeans, and therefore proof of their grandfather, Helier`s father, being Symon Romeril: R.P. 4/6 (1612): “Jean Romeril junr. fils Nicolas [Romeril] of St John, sells to Jean Romeril, his elder brother,..5 cabots of wheat [annual rente] to be received from the inheritance of the said Jean Romeril junr., as a result of the death of Helier Romeril his uncle.” As seen, Helier Romeril was “fils Symon”, the latter being therefore the grandfather of the two Jeans and of their siblings
  21. R.P. 4/237 (1615): “Jacques Romeril, son of Collas and of Anne, his wife, daughter of Henry Mallet, conveyed to Collas Mallet, son of Richard, his share of the inheritance of the late Anne, his mother.” The 1607 Extente identifies Jacques` wife as the daughter of John Hamon, on whose behalf he owed the Crown 3 cabots of wheat annually. Deeds and St John`s Church Register show her to have been named Perronelle
  22. The 1668 Extente records Nicolas Romeril, son of Jacques, as owing the Crown the above 3 cabots annually, on behalf of John Hamon
  23. The 1749 Extente records "Philip Romeril, son of John, son of Nicolas", as owing the Crown annually, in St John, the above 3 cabots of wheat
  24. The issue, as given here, resulting from this marriage, needs augmenting in due course
  25. R.P. 2/361 (1609). The St Mary Register records the widowed Cecille`s burial, on the east side of the churchyard, as being "50 years after having married"
  26. R.P. 4/44 (1602): Helier Romeril fils Symon sold to Philippe Romeril fils Clement [his nephew] 4 cabots of wheat rente. R.P. 3/98 (1610): Jean Romeril, elder son of Collas Romeril was principal heir to the collateral succession of Helier Romeril, son of Symon, who will have thus died without descendants
  27. C.H. (October 1569): On the part of Germain Hamon..., Edouard Messervy junr. and Jourdain Hamon, and on behalf of Clement Romeril and Collas Romeril..who have agreed to arbitration for part of the [maternal] inheritance
  28. C.H. (1583): Richard Dolbel, in right of his wife, the elder daughter of Jean Grossier, the said Jean the elder son of Richard Grossier and of Marguerite, his wife, daughter of Laurens Mallet, defendant in an action brought by Collette Grossier, widow of Clement Romeril and daughter of the said Richard and his wife. This gives the parentage of Clement Romeril`s wife and shows that he had died by then
  29. R.P. 3/98 (5 May 1610): “Jean Romeril elder son of Collas, in the collateral succession of Helier Romeril fils Symon, representing also his co-heirs, and Thomas Romeril, both for himself and his co-heirs, children of Clement Romeril, in the said Philippe Romeril fils Clement 2 cabots of annual wheat rente , to Jean Romeril fils dudit Clement 2 cabots...”. 1607 Extente: “Thomas Romeril son of Clement of St John, the sonne of Symon”
  30. R.P. 15/27 (1652): Clement Romeril, elder son and principal heir of the late Thomas Romeril and of the late Sara Hamon, his wife, in the presence of Thomas, Philippe and Collette Romeril, wife of Raulin Le Montais, all children of the said Thomas Romeril and Sara, his wife, [divide the inheritance]....”
  31. Christened as “Jean, son of Clement Romeril, son of Thomas, and of Sara, his wife” with godparents Luce, of St Lawrence
  32. The godparents of "Clement fils Clement, fils Jean [de] Herupe" were: "Elizabeth Esnouf, wife of the said Jean" and Samuel Chevalier
  33. Jean`s godparents were Nicolas Lempriere, fils Noé, and Marie Renouf, fille Pierre, his fiancée
  34. Buried as Elizabeth Romeril "fille Jean, fils Clement"
  35. Godfather: Edouard Romeril, son of Martin, of Trinity. This is one of several indicators that the Romerils of La Fontaine, in Trinity, were comparatively close kinsmen
  36. Godfather: Jean Romeril, his uncle
  37. Godparent: Drouet Le Boutillier
  38. Settled in St Martin
  39. Cour du Samedi (1626): "Gabrielle Poingdestre, veuve [de] Jean Romeril, St Martin." There was no issue of this marriage
  40. R.P. 3/180 (1611) [translated]: "Jeanne, wife of Helier Corbel and daughter of Clement Romeril.. of St Martin, the said Jeanne possessed of [her share] in the colateral succession of Jean Romeril, elder son of the said Clement, conveys to Jean Romeril [generation 4, then head of the family] son of Collas..of St John, such part of the family inheritance to which Jean, brother of the said Jeanne, might be entitled, by the death [without issue] of Helier Romeril, son of Symon..." By Jersey law, Jeanne and her brother Jean, could only inherit, as a result of the death without issue of Helier Romeril, son of Symon, if they were themselves descendants of Symon
  41. R.P. 3/98 (1610)
  42. Tentative placement
  43. R.P. 4/44 (1602): “Helier Romeril fils Symon sold to Philippe Romeril fils Clement 4 cabots of annual wheat rente.” R .P. 2/293 (1608): “Philippe Romeril fils Clement of one part and Jean Romeril and Symon Romeril, brothers, of the other part...[regarding] the above 4 cabots of wheat rente...”. R.P. 2/286 (1608): “Pierre Bechervaise, acquirer of 1 Quartier of annual wheat rente from Helier Romeril fils Symon, to be received from [the land of] Jean Romeril fils Philippe*acknowledges that Jean Romeril fils Collas, together with Philippe Romeril and Jean Romeril, brothers, sons of Clement” [have a right to retraite—to reacquire the 1 Quartier, in exchange for the price Bechervaise paid]. *This was Jean Romeril, fils Philippe, fils Leonard, of the La Fontaine family, Trinity
  44. She married secondly, in 1644, Philippe`s 2nd cousin, Philippe Romeril, son of Matthieu
  45. The infant Philippe`s godmother enables his father, in the midst of many inter-cousin marriages, to be unambiguously identified. The godmother was Jeanne Le Boutillier, clearly stated as being mother of the baby`s father. In 1676, Philippe, himself, was godfather to Matthieu Romeril, son of his half-sister, Marie Romeril--whose husband was Clement Romeril
  46. ”Daughter of Thomas Romeril of Herupe” : 1668 Marriage entry, St John`s Register
  47. ”Daughter of Thomas Romeril of Herupe”, on christening, with godparents being the daughter (unnamed) of Symeon Coutanche and her brother
  48. The St John`s burial entry is a transcript of the damaged original. The daughter buried, of "Thomas Romeril of Herupe" had a name lost to vermin but ending in "l". Those of her siblings all ended in vowels
  49. Described, on christening, as the ”daughter of Thomas Romeril of Herupe and Susanne Coutanche, his wife”, with Symeon Coutanche and Andrie Vaudin, his wife, as godparents
  50. Godparents: Jean Romeril fils Clement (Jean being the son of her father`s 1st cousin) and Jeanne Romeril, Widow of Jean Maret, son of Symon
  51. C.H. (1564) and (1582)
  52. C.H. Livre 4 (1574), the court sitting in St John: Jean Romeril, acteur, of one part, and Guillaume Messervy, in right of his wife, daughter of Jourdain Hamon, purchaser of the inheritance of Katherine Romeril, of the other part...Although the parentage of Katherine was not given, had she been a daughter of Symon Romeril and of his wife, the daughter of Jourdain Hamon, the sale of maternal land to immediate Hamon relatives would have fulfilled the requirement of Jersey law to retain, within a family, its own land, with the exception, however, of a claim arising from any sibling of hers, as was evidently the case in this instance
  53. See above
  54. C.H. (4/1574) and (1/1576). The 20th century Jersey genealogist, Charles Langton, believed her father`s name was John
  55. C.H. May 1582: A part of the inheritance of Vincent Romeril and of Jeanette, his wife, set aside for Jacques Grandin, elder son of Collas Grandin and of Katherine, his wife, daughter of the said Vincent.... Jacques Grandin`s brother, Francois Grandin, is also mentioned in these proceedings
  56. C.H. May 1582: Jacques Rondel, guardian of the children of John Le Boutillier, who had a legal right to [part of] the inheritance of Symon Romeril, the said Symon eldest son of Vincent Romeril and of Jenette, his wife, being sued by Servais Romeril, son of Jean Romeril, the said Jean [being] the younger son of the said Vincent and of his said wife, regarding the above inheritance
  57. R.P. 1/211 (3rd March 1604): Jean de la Rocque, son of Clement, sold to Servais Romeril, son of Jean, 2 cabots of wheat rente, and to Katherine, his wife
  58. R.P. 5/407 (1621): Jean Romeril fils Servays, and Marie Le Geyt, his wife sell to Philippe Le Geyt, her elder brother....
  59. Mentioned in The Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550, Anthoine Romeril lived in Rondin, Trinity, on the Fief de Dielament: C.H. (1540). He had died by December 1572, see below
  60. C.H. December 1572 and April 1573: A portion..of the inheritance of Vincent Romeril and of his wife granted to Edmond Romeril [by way of inheritance]
  61. C.H. 1584 (St Saviour): “Clement Poingdestre fils Jean, et ledit Jean fils de Jean Poingdestre le Viel et d`Andrie, sa femme” to divide equally the inheritance of the said Jean and Andrie, his wife, in order to provide a just part in favour of Edmond Romeril in right of his wife
  62. R.P.2/360 (1609): [translated] “Philippe Romeril son of Edmond and of Katherine, his wife, daughter of Jean Poingdestre” sells part of her inheritance, in the parish of St Saviour
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