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Sir Edmund Rose, Warden of the Isles 1372-1374

When Sir Edmund (Edmond) actually took office and whether he just had command of Jersey or all the Channel Islands is in some doubt.

He was Keeper of Mont Orgueil, then known simply as Gorey Castle, in 1373 when the French raided Jersey under the command of Bertrand du Guesclin. The island's government and defenders retreated to the Castle and eventually the siege was broken when reinforcements arrived by sea.

The Warden at the time was William de Asthorp, but he may have been away from the Island and it appears that Rose was appointed in the wake of the siege. He appears to have been given command of the castle for a second time from 1375 to 1376, but who had overall control of the island then is not clear.

On 25 March 1372 the King gave Rose control of Gorey Castle for a year. In letters of 14 August that year he is described as connetable du chateau de Gorey but at the same time he was charged with defending all the Channel Islands. At this time Yvain de Galles was besieging Castle Cornet in Guernsey. It is surmised that Warden Gautier Hewet and his lieutenants were all away from the islands and that it fell to Rose as the senior officer present to take command of all the islands while the French were invading.

On 20 November 1373 he was named Warden of the whole of Jersey while William de Asthorp was in command of the other islands. From 18 April 1375 Rose was given command of Gorey Castle only for a year.

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