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Eulah Country House hotel in Jersey was built in 1906 by Welsh industrialist Ernest Walker. It is thought the house was named Eulah, meaning good listener, after his daughter. The house was then purchased in 1914 by Ethel Pellier. The Pellier family also owned the Pomme d'Or Hotel and Ann Street Brewery.

On Ethel's death she bequeathed the house, also known as St Andrew's Vicarage, to her husband, the Rev Herbert Quarrie, minister at the church.

After his death in about 1976 Eulah was passed on to Mary de Chanval Pellier, Ethel's niece and daughter of Charles de Chanval Pellier, who was a Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Mary later sold Eulah to the building contractors Ernest Farley and Sons in 1977.

In 1978 Eulah was bought by the present owners, the Callaghan family. It was a large family home until 2001, when it was converted into a small luxury hotel.

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