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Jersey has virtually no traditional folk music.

In his The Bailiwick of Jersey, historian George Balleine speculates that the arrival of French-speaking Calvinist priests in the wake of the Reformation in the 16th century may be to blame:

"Was it this Calvinist regime, one wonders, which frowned so severely on all superstition, that banished from the Island its folk music? We know that on winter nights the popular form of amusement was to gather in one of the old farm kitchens and spend the evening singing; yet hardly one of the songs has survived. Did a time come when nothing was sung but Marot's Metrical Psalms?"

Whatever the reason, there is further support for the view that there is a virtual complete absence of traditional local music because Raoul Lempriere, in his book Customs, Ceremonies and Traditions of the Channel Islands does not mention the subject at all.

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