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Frank Harrison Walker (1943- ) was the first Chief Minister of Jersey from 2005 to 2008 and served as a Deputy and Senator in the States of Jersey from 1990 to 2008.


On leaving Victoria College Frank Walker went to work in the family business, the Jersey Evening Post, the island's only newspaper, which was under the control of his uncle, Arthur Harrison. He worked in a number of departments in a management trainee role, but while working in the advertising department he fell out with Mr Harrison and left to set up his own advertising agency, Walkers Advertising Associates.

In 1973, when there was a possibility that Mr Harrison would sell his share in the newspaper and that control would leave the family and possibly also the island, Mr Walker persuaded a majority of shareholders to support him in taking over control of the newspaper and became managing director. He held this post until 1989, when he became executive chairman.

He expanded the newspaper business by establishing the Guiton Group, leading the company into retail newsagents, convenience stores, commercial print and other interests, eventually also acquiring the Guernsey Press


He was first elected to the States of Jersey on 13 December 1990 as Deputy of St Helier No 3 and was re-elected in 1993. He was elected as Senator in 1996 and re-elected on 12 December 2002. He was elected the island's first Chief Minister in 2005. He served for three years and then retired from politics.

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