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Escapee Denis Vibert report on early months of the Occupation

Fuel shortages

The electricity is rationed. Although there is plenty of light no power is allowed. Electricity in Jersey is produced by diesel oil plants and as the diesel oil is being provided by the Germans there is no immediate prospect of any shortage in this respect. The lighting position for people in the country is very difficult as they cannot obtain paraffin or candles. Gas is very severely rationed and is expected to run out shortly. The stock of coal is finished.

Trees may not be cut down except by permission of the States. The wood is rationed by them at the rate of one hundredweight per fortnight and is supplemented occasionally by a little peat which is obtained from St Ouen's Bay and Gorey Marsh. To obtain this ration of wood the States are obliged to fell a great number of trees in the Island.

No clothes for sale

There are no useful clothes left for sale in the shops and shoe leather is running out. Wooden soles are being used instead of leather for repairs. Boots, shoes and clogs of very poor quality are being imported from France.

The States have arranged for the manufacture of a few woollen garments at "Summerlands", khaki wool being obtained from France. There are no socks or silk stockings, and there is no longer any thread for sale. The tailors are busy "taking in" clothes as many people are losing a great deal of weight.

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