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Sir Gautier (Walter) Hewet Warden of the Isles 1367-1373

For someone who appears to have been Warden for six years, very little is known about this person.

In 1366 Sir Walter Hewet, William de la More, parson of Eastham, Worcs, and others obtained licence to enlarge their park at Eastham by the addition of 300 acres. Later the advowson and manor were settled by William de la More, parson of Eastham, on Sir William de Wastneys and his wife Alice daughter of Walter Hewet.

This would appear to be the correct Hewet. He was nominated Warden for life by Edward III for an annual farm of 200 livres. On 10 February 1367 the King wrote to islanders :"de intendendo deputatis Walteri Huwet custodis Insularum de Jereseye, etc" mentioning the two lieutenants Huwet had chosen to replace him during his absence serving the King in Brittany from 2 April 1367. They were Guillaume d'Asthorp and Jean Coke. Hewet died in 1373 having frequently been replaced by his lieutenants.

Accounts given for his period of office on 17 and 21 May 1370 show that Huwet was a Knight.

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