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Gautier de Weston, Warden of the Isles 1343-47

Gautier de Weston was appointed Warden in 1343 together with Guillaume de Cheyny, but both had previously served in the Channel Islands, possibly as Warden, or as a deputy.

On 3 October 1336 de Weston is recognised as lieutenant for Guillaume de Montagu and Henry de Ferriers. He appears again in 1338 as lieutenant for Thomas de Ferriers, who did not spend much time in the islands during his appointment.

de Weston is certainly Warden in 1343, when he shares the appointment with de Cheney. It is not clear whether one was appointed to Jersey and the other to Guernsey, or whether they shared responsibility for all the Channel Islands. Their appointment read:"R. commisit Willelmo de Cheigny et Waltero de Weston custodiam insularum... habendam quamdiu R. placuerit..."

Gautier de Weston shows in some list of Guernsey officials as sub-Warden from 1343 to 1347. If, however, he was Warden of the Isles throughout this period, it would tie in with the appointment of the next Wardens, Robert Wyvill and Thomas de Clifford in 1348.

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