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This article was first published in the 1959 Annual Bulletin of La Société Jersiaise

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Articles of surrender signed by Major General Heine of the German Forces and Brigadier Snow of the British Forces in HMS Bulldog off St Peter Port Guernsey.

9 May 1945

Terms of unconditional surrender for Channel Islands

'The Commander, German Forces, Channel Islands, hereby announces unconditional surrender of the Forces under his command to the Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force. The Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force, accordingly announces the following Terms of Surrender with which the Commander, German Forces, Channel Islands, undertakes to comply.

1 German Forces have ceased hostilities on land, sea and air; the German Commander has issued instructions to all forces under his command to cease hostilities at 0001 hours DBST on 9 May 1945.
2a All German armed forces and organisations equipped with weapons shall completely disarm themselves at once.
b German forces and all civilians accompanying the German forces will remain in their present position pending further instructions.
All German forces shall be declared prisoners of war.
3 All aircraft shall remain grounded.
4 All German shipping and all shipping of the United Nations at the disposal of the Germans will remain in port. Crews to remain on board pending further instructions.
5a The German Commander will hold intact and maintain in good condition and will hand over to the Allied representative at such time and places as may be prescribed :-
(1) All arms, ammunition, military equipment, stores and supplies, aircraft, naval vessels and merchant shipping and all other war material, together with records pertaining thereto.
(2) All military installations and establishments and all factories, plants and other civil institutions, together with plans and records thereof, as required.
(3) All transportation and communications facilities and equipment, by land, water or air, and records thereof
(4) All livestock. crops, food, wines, spirits, fuel and water supplies under his control.
(5) All submarine cables, telephones and telegraph installations to be handed over in full working order.
h The German Commander shall provide all facilities for movement and land communications of Allied troops and agencies; he will maintain all transportation in good order and repair and will furnish the labour services and plant necessary therefor.
6a The German Commander will release to the Allied representative in accordance with procedure to be laid down, all prisoners of war belonging to the forces of the United Nations, and will furnish full lists of these persons indicating the places of their detention. Pending release of such prisoners of war, the German Commander will protect them in their persons and property and provide them with adequate food, clothing, shelter and medical attention in accordance with their rank or official position.
b The German Commander will likewise provide for and release all other nationals of United Nations who are confined, interned or otherwise under restraint, except any confined for purely civil crimes, unconnected with the war. Records of all such prisoners will be presented to the Allied representative when requested.
c The German Commander will be responsible that no harm of any kind shall be inflicted on inhabitants or their property or possessions.
7a The German Commander shall furnish to the Allied representative full information regarding German armed forces and within twenty-four hours of surrender shall furnish information concerning numbers, locations and dispositions of such forces.
b Similarly, complete and detailed information will be furnished by the German Commander concerning mines and obstacles to movement by land, sea or air; all safety lanes will be kept open and clearly marked; as far as possible all mines and minefields and other dangerous obstacles will be rendered safe, and removed. German unarmed personnel and equipment will be made available subsequently and utilized for the final removal of mines, minefields and other obstacles as directed by the Allied representative.
8 The German Commander will prevent destruction, removal, transfer, concealment or damage to all archives and records except as directed by the Allied representative.
9 All forms of communication including Radar under German control shall cease operation except as directed by the Allied representative.
10 The German Commander will afford all facilities to such advance parties which the Allied representative may send into the Channel Islands to make arrangements for the entry of Allied forces and for other purposes.
11 The German Commander will accept and execute any and all orders which may be issued by the Allied representative for the purpose of furthering the execution of these terms of surrender, of obtaining information, of improving the general situation in the Islands, of facilitating Allied occupation of the Islands, and of aiding in the Allied assumption of control over the Islands and German forces.
12 This Instrument will enter into force and effect immediately upon its acceptance by the Allied representative. In the event of failure on the part of the German forces promptly and completely to fulfil their obligations the Allied representative will take whatever action may be deemed to be appropriate by him under the circumstances.
13 These terms of unconditional surrender are expressedly subject to any Instrument of total surrender which may later be imposed by the United Nations on Germany.
14 These provisions are drawn up in the English and German languages.

The English text is authoritative. In case of any question as to the meaning of the provisions the decision of the Allied representative will prevail.

Signed in HMS Bulldog off St Peter Port this ninth day of May 1945 at 0715

Orders for German TPS as PW

1(a) German troops (except as in (b) and (c) will NOT CROSS bounds of the area to be evacuated by German Forces (except under escort). See marked maps Appendix 'A'.
(b) Liaison HQ Staffs as detailed separately will remain confined to the HQ building.
(c) German troops posted as sentries over stores will NOT leave their Sentry Areas except on orders of a British Officer.
2(a) Any PW attempting to pass the boundaries stated, except under escort, after once being warned and disregarding that warning, are liable to be fired on.
(b) If called to Halt, any PW will halt, raise his hands, and NOT move until further orders.
3 All PW, officers, and OR, will comply with all orders issued by officers, guards, escorts and sentries placed over them.
4(a) Any PW guilty of disobedience to orders or any act prejudicial to safety, good order or discipline, will be punished.
(b) Deliberate disobedience coupled with resistance or apprehended resistance, or other conduct of a mutinous or riotous kind, will, if necessary, be dealt with by force of arms.
5 PW will NOT converse with any person other than another PW, or a British Officer or soldier in the performance of his duty.
6(a) Officer PW will salute all offrs of equal or higher corresponding rank to their own.
(b) OR PW will salute all officers.
7 Personal baggage is limited to one suitcase, or equivalent.
8 PW may retain badges of rank and decorations.
9 No intoxicating liquor may be possessed or consumed.
10 The senior German Officer in each location will be responsible for the strict observance of discipline in each such location.

The articles of surrender were accompanied by a number of detailed orders specifying the information the Germans were required to furnish the British with and the way those German troops remaining in the island would operate.

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